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The skin will look very young, this is how to use Rice Water Ice Cube

Rice Water Ice Cube: Women use a variety of beauty products to make their skin look young and beautiful. But you can also take care of your face with the help of many home remedies. You can use ice cubes made with rice...
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Uncomfortable wires, band riding up, straps falling down - if you've ever experienced these bra woes, this MyTake is for you!

90% of women wear the wrong bra size, so if you're reading this, you're probably in that 90%. There are many reasons for this, and the first part of this MyTake will delve into two of these reasons. The second part will...
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Here are the top 5 beauty hacks of 2022

01. Soap Brows This DIY version of brow lamination is what will keep your dream of shiny, bold brows alive. Rub a wet mascara brush on a bar of soap, and brush the eyebrow hairs upwards to set them in place. This hack...
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Indian beauty standards for men

1. Height It is seen as the most important factor that determines how handsome a man is considered in India.The ideal height is 6 feet. 2. Body A fit muscular body is deemed more attractive. 3. Skin The ideal skin is...
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Indian beauty standards for women

I am going to keep it concise and simple with suitable examples. 1. Skin Peachy or creamy skin as opposed to darker or porcelain white skin is considered desirable.It should be free from blemishes, hair, and freckles. 2....
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Bra Types That Every Women Should Know About

T-shirt Bra: This bra, which fully wraps your breasts with its pattern, can sometimes be supported and sometimes unsupported. You can use it without it squeezing or bothering you. Sports Bra: If you are going to...
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Strict parents 101: How to secretly wear clothes you want to wear

Strict parents, gotta love 'em right? So, before I moved out and made my life my own, I used to live with my very strict West-Asian parents. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate them, but they caused me so much stress. That...
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Mixed people are the pinnacle of beauty

It is without a doubt that most mixed people are going to be considered more beautiful than those who belong to one ethnicity. Previous, small scale, studies have suggested that people of mixed race are perceived as being...
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The most beautiful hair in the entire world confirmed by science and sex appeal

Cherub decently thick curly locks: Curl pattern: Type 2A(straight while short(4 inches + a slight wave when longer) + Curly large s\oft luscious locks appearing in random places(when the hair is a lot longer) The...
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Full Lips: Is It Attractive, Exotic or Unappealing?

As a woman of color in the states, I would always stand out, even within my own race. The differences in my appearance would always make people wonder, especially those that belong to the European (White) race. My traits...
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Beauty is pretty much all about winning the genetic lottery

Some women are just not blessed with an hourglass skeletal structure. Yesterday an aunt was showing photos of her niece when they were young (in their mid - late twenties) and she thought her niece was so pretty but we...
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Makeup & The History Of Makeup

The first written evidence of makeup can be found in Egypt's 1st Dynasty. By the middle of the first century AD, Roman women wore cosmetics. Lead paint was employed to brighten the face during the Italian Renaissance....
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Pageants vs Modelling. Which one should you choose?

Hello fellow beautiful humans, I am here with another take that will most likely only get a few opinions but hey , who cares right? Even if one of you enjoy this, it is worth the effort and time. Today's topic is pageants...
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The Hidden Secrets & Science Behind Women’s Fashion

Humans have changed a lot over thousands of years. We’ve embraced new technology, changed hairstyles, and have modernized our wardrobe. However, most people don’t realize that we still have a lot in common with our...
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11 Mistakes We’re All Making In Our Winter Skin Care Routine

Wishing you all Happy Winters! The cold weather is indeed the best season of all four but do your skin like winters too? Well, the odds are not in favor! You may follow a skincare routine religiously. But when the...
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A Glimpse Behind the Scenes at Funeral Home Challenges. It's Not Always Funerial.

We are here to serve families in time of need. One thing about the funeral home business: we have to get it right the first time. It’s not like a restaurant where we can comp you your dessert to make up for overcooking...
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Prominent Features: Ugly or Beautiful?

*Caution* (If you are judgmental person and you have nothing nice to say, keep it to yourself and do not comment on this post. Your comment will be reported. Thank you!) "Beauty Standards" have affected women for many...
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When Did Being Naked Become The New Formal?

After a year of cancellations and lack luster attendance due to Covid, Hollywood seems to be roaring back with The Emmy's, VMA's, and Met Gala just recently happening and with that, came all the red carpet fashions we...
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BEAUTY - The theory of subjectivity vs The theory of Objectivity (Objectivity wins?)

You needn't ask anyone if beauty is objective or subjective. What is true from the male perspective is true from the female perspective , even if it were not, beauty encompasses all genders. In other words, only 1 case...
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My Visual Height-Association Chart

Does anyone ever picture a specific kind of human being when a certain height is brought up? No? Just me? Well, okay, whatever. Here's what I think of when someone mentions a certain height to me, and the person who must...
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