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How to get out of a rut!

Not going to waste time here. Follow these Instructions. First, get up out of bed. Shower with the best soap and wash your hair with the special shampoo. Shave legs, face, anywhere else you need to. And get clean. Change...
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D-cup Does NOT Mean Big: Getting a Properly Fitted Bra, and Bra Reviews!!

I want to make it very clear that as I write this myTake I am writing about bras as a *** FUNCTIONAL*** piece of garment first and foremost. For such an important piece of garment, it is ridiculous that 80% of women...
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The History of Men's Underwear

Men's underwear has come a long way over the centuries, from simple loincloths to the wide variety of styles available today. As fashion trends continue to evolve, it will be interesting to see what new innovations and...
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The differences between professional standards of clothing between men and women are sexist to women.

Men and women wear different things, that's expected. But in the office, these expectations turn into requirements. During my internship in a conservative industry, I realized how unfair these differences were for women....
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Thin lips look better than big lips.

I am so sick and tired of this media created trend of girls wanting bigger lips. I love thin lips and how they look and I find that big lips look ugly on all men and most women. Few things infuriate me more than when I...
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Looks matter a lot more than women are willing to admit

Now keep in mind i never said that women say looks don't matter at all because women will say they do matter. But a lot of men feel like they matter more than women are willing to say and personal experiences tell these...
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To All My Oversized Girls <3

To all my oversized girlies, Have you ever felt that you were too large to be pretty? The society we live in usually portrays the equation thin=attractive. And then there are men, boys who call themselves men because they...
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Tale of the 1970s Fashion Apocalypse

Okay, this upcoming August we are having theme renewal wedding and its going to be a 1970s them party. So I started doing research on late 1960s and 1970s fashion. Why? because its a theme party/wedding. Now you're going...
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Dressing for the Office... Men vs Women

Have you ever wondered why men and women dress differently for the office? In particular, women tend to wear dresses while men wear shirt and pants, sometimes with a jacket. Here's a typical woman dressed for the office...
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What if humans never wore clothes?

So, the human race is considered an exception because humans have brains smarter than animals. One more classification of humans is that, we humans wear clothes, which probably no animal or any mobile living thing does !...
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The skin will look very young, this is how to use Rice Water Ice Cube

Rice Water Ice Cube: Women use a variety of beauty products to make their skin look young and beautiful. But you can also take care of your face with the help of many home remedies. You can use ice cubes made with rice...
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Uncomfortable wires, band riding up, straps falling down - if you've ever experienced these bra woes, this MyTake is for you!

90% of women wear the wrong bra size, so if you're reading this, you're probably in that 90%. There are many reasons for this, and the first part of this MyTake will delve into two of these reasons. The second part will...
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Here are the top 5 beauty hacks of 2022

01. Soap Brows This DIY version of brow lamination is what will keep your dream of shiny, bold brows alive. Rub a wet mascara brush on a bar of soap, and brush the eyebrow hairs upwards to set them in place. This hack...
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Indian beauty standards for men

1. Height It is seen as the most important factor that determines how handsome a man is considered in India.The ideal height is 6 feet. 2. Body A fit muscular body is deemed more attractive. 3. Skin The ideal skin is...
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Indian beauty standards for women

I am going to keep it concise and simple with suitable examples. 1. Skin Peachy or creamy skin as opposed to darker or porcelain white skin is considered desirable.It should be free from blemishes, hair, and freckles. 2....
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Bra Types That Every Women Should Know About

T-shirt Bra: This bra, which fully wraps your breasts with its pattern, can sometimes be supported and sometimes unsupported. You can use it without it squeezing or bothering you. Sports Bra: If you are going to...
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Strict parents 101: How to secretly wear clothes you want to wear

Strict parents, gotta love 'em right? So, before I moved out and made my life my own, I used to live with my very strict West-Asian parents. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate them, but they caused me so much stress. That...
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Mixed people are the pinnacle of beauty

It is without a doubt that most mixed people are going to be considered more beautiful than those who belong to one ethnicity. Previous, small scale, studies have suggested that people of mixed race are perceived as being...
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The most beautiful hair in the entire world confirmed by science and sex appeal

Cherub decently thick curly locks: Curl pattern: Type 2A(straight while short(4 inches + a slight wave when longer) + Curly large s\oft luscious locks appearing in random places(when the hair is a lot longer) The...
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Full Lips: Is It Attractive, Exotic or Unappealing?

As a woman of color in the states, I would always stand out, even within my own race. The differences in my appearance would always make people wonder, especially those that belong to the European (White) race. My traits...
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