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Curly haired Gaggers!

Hey all! So today I learned about the answer to my frizzy, wavy, gross hair! I wanted to share with anyone else with the same problem! I think this method will work with any type curls and texture. I myself have fine hair...
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Cup Sizing and Sister Sizing

There is something that has often annoyed me when men and women alike talk about breasts, and that is that they just refer to cup sizes. “Oh, I’m a D cup” “I’m only an A cup” etc etc. What people don’t seem to realize is...
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Models with Hip Dips: A Women's Curse?

It's no secret that wide hips are the one of the most desirable part of a woman's body, they often subconsciously indicate fertility and are known to drive men crazy. They also tend to be associated with femininity But...
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Simple, affordable and effective toiletry products

People fork over tons of cash looking for the best beauty products each year, but do you need to? Some things are worth the price, but others aren't. Here are some things that are affordable and effective: basic but good....
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Examples of Curvy Women I've Found Online

About two years ago, I did one of these lists, and I'm proud to update you all with a new lists of women I personally find sexy. Keep in mind, I realize that most of these women(if not all of them) have had some type of...
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Bikini styles for different body types

Ok, so this is just my opinion on what I have seen so far. Bikini styles for different body types If your boobs are far apart You should avoid plunge, t-shirt or triangle bras, they will cover your boobs and draw...
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Stop telling curvier women their clothes are inappropriate. SERIOUSLY.

To start off, nooooo, this is not body shaming, and yesssss, this may come across bitter because at 22 I'm just figuring out that "oh, well, i have curvy features, not my fault". I just don't understand why the rules are...
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The magnificent footwear of women and why each shoe style is outstanding with my opinion of their confidence level wearing them

I will display boots, high heels, sandals, tennis shoes and jelly shoes and why I like each one. I will explain why each style in cool and what confidence level I see in women wearing them. Boots Plenty of women like to...
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Why modesty is sexy (in my opinion)

First of all, I am not saying by any means that women shouldn’t wear revealing clothing if they want to. It’s their body so it’s their choice. However, as a guy, I find that women that are modest with confidence can...
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Fashion with Character: Cartoon and Pop Culture inspired looks for your wardrobe.

I did a series of Mytakes on this topic in the past couple years. However there are a lot of updated looks so let's take a look at some. There will be more to come at a later time! What do you think of...
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All The Information I Have To Share About Stretched Ears

*Disclaimer* I'd like to congratulate anyone who is going to take time out of their day to say something negative about stretched ears and the people who have them ahead of time. You have your opinion, good for you. Take...
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10 Beautiful Carnival Costumes of all Colours

I Have been thinking about becoming a Carnvial girl for either this year or next years Notting Hill Carnival Parade in August. I've been to a few others in past with my family and had a few relatives be involved some way....
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Back pockets are for dudes and girls who don't have great asses

So this thought occurred to me the other day and I thought I'd write about it here to get the opinions of the good people of GAG. Basically it's a fashion observation. Most jeans (and in fact pants of all kinds) have...
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Contact Lenses Vs. Eyeglasses

Hello my dear G@Gers I am back again with another remarkable Topic that concerns most of us. IT’S ALL ABOUT YOUR EYES Don’t forget, that your eyes are one of the most treasured organs of your body, so we need to...
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A little bit of leather

This is a mytake about leather or at least leather appearing clothing. The first image I posted is fun because it is a strapless top yet has a fun floppy bottom. Let's move on forward. This batch basically follows...
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The Battle of the Blouses

This is one piece of clothing that is a small part that can get over looked but makes a big difference. It's like the one feminine step above a male shirt but it can either be subtle or pop out in a big way. This first...
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Easy and Simple ways to go with fashion

Some simple and easy tips to follow to help you choose the right outfit. Sometimes when we feel like dressing up it can be difficult to choose the perfect outfit and by the time we do actually find something worth...
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The Ever Changing Fashion

Just some fashion ideas! Fashion is constantly changing and new trends are always popping up, although recently it seems that old fashion trends have reemerged. Here are a few fashion ideas to add to your wardrobe!...
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My guide to healthy hair

Good hair care is very important no matter what the texture of your hair is. Nutrition is the most important part of good hair care❗Without the right nutrition your hair will fall and lack shine. Globally, anaemia affects...
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Flair for Fashion!

It is always fun to try out new makeup looks and find different ways to enhance our beauty. Here are a few different idea that you can try in your everyday life, you can expand or minimize on any of these looks and borrow...
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