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Is going to the strip club considered cheating?

My girlfriend is really interested in such clubs, but does it mean cheating to be interested in such environments? Would you let your girlfriend/boyfriend go such clubs?
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Is it worth re starting a friendship, in hopes to reconnect and start again or should I fully move on?

I used to work at a pub and me and a manager had been flirting on and off for 7 months and when it had gotten to the point where I thought something was going to happen he then got back with his ex. During the time he was...
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Do I ruin my chances to get my ex back by screwing his friend?

Couple days ago I hanged out with my ex-boyfriend’s friend and I got drunk and he sorta raped me. I told him not to tell anybody and did a pinky promise. the next day. He blocked me and told everybody in town that he...
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I accidently friend zoned a very good friend and now he says he made a mistake. What do I do?

I recently became friends with this guy and our friendship has been great. Our friendship is exactly the kind I've been looking for. When we first met I was taking a break from relationships and he knew that. Fortunately...
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What does it mean if a guy smiles at you from a distance?

If a guy who you don’t know/aren’t friends with stares at you from a distance while walking towards you, but then says hi when you are close enough, does it mean he finds you attractive?
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Please help me understand the guy or the issue?

He liked me and followed me around. Always trinv to initiate talk or standing next to me I avoided but once tried to congratulate and he acted like he doesn’t care. The next day he proposed in front of the whole school...
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Why am I not sad after my breakup from a long term relationship?

We've been together just for 2 months but I don't feel sad for our break up. Have you ever felt like that after a break up?
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Guys, Does he like me?

I've been friends with this guy for a few years, but I'd love to be more than friends. The last time we hung out in person, I ended up making the move on him, and we had sex. I think we were both pleasantly surprised...
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Why would a guy still talk to a girl he feels is unstable?

( In the beginning) I pushed him away, I told him I’m a walking red flag and he agreed, I said things that wasn’t logical, I misunderstood things… I ended up getting hurt and rejected in the end and he ended up calling me...
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Why does my ex get so bothered being in my presence?

I literally do not bother him, don’t talk to him, don’t look at him and haven’t for months but we are forced to be in the same place once a week. All he does is talk about me to mutual friends and try to continue this...
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Should I tell my girlfriend I cheated on her?

I feel really bad about it. She doesn't know about it and would 3nev4 know unless I tell her. I want to tell her because she deserves to know the truth, but she'll most likely leave me. I would never do something like...
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How to get over my uni crush?

Hey, so about 3 weeks ago I had this seminar from my university and I kinda got a crush on one of the guys I met there (see my last question). We were assigned in a group of 4 with two other students and my crush and I...
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Why does my wife often tap her boobs like a fidget?

She just walks around and taps both boobs just above and to the side where this girls hand is. Smiling and enjoying herself but made it clear only she is to do this! This seems to be a habit she just got and wants to do...
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Help I like him I don’t know what to do?

So context: We used to sit next to each other in business class and we were very friendly he was super flirtatious - playfighting, teasing longing stares, lovey dovey comments. . I mean this one time I was lowkey annoyed...
So context: We used to sit next to each other in business class and we were very friendly he was super flirtatious - playfighting, teasing longing stares, lovey dovey comments. . I Show More
Text him again
Don’t bother
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How can I fix my relationship with my brother?

My brother hates me so much, can't even look me in the eyes and he's very hostile, his life ain't much, he never dated and no friends, he never stayed in one job more than a few months, he's very anti social and hateful,...
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How to not feel depressed when you can't find a job?

When you are constantly rejected when applying for jobs and you feel like your life is falling apart
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How do I say no?

My boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship for the time being. He likes to fall asleep on the phone with me and have the phone next to him while we sleep. I thought that was cute and all in the beginning but...
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Why did he stop talking if we were just friends?

Why did he suddenly go silent? We only had light chats, just friends. He posts but ignores me. Should I stop bringing him up and move on? We were strictly friends, no romantic interest from either of us.
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What do you think of this guy's behaviour?

So a few months ago I ended my long term relationship, the last year have been very suffocating and heavy and at the moment I don't want anything serious. I have a guy friend who also ended a relationship a year ago with...
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How do I keep up with a guy who moves too fast?

Guy is just really way too fast. We've been talking for 3 months and he on the first day had been asking a lot of hypothetical questions and kept calling and texting. Lately, we would have already ended up not talking...
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Is unfollowing him a good move?

I unfollowed my work crush today and removed him as a follower because he left me on read since Tuesday and i am not sure if it was a good move or not. He followed me first so i don't know
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How to make my makeup last longer and look smooth all day?

If there’s any makeup artists or enthusiasts here I’d love to get your advice. I have combo skin and noticeable pores, and these are some issues I have with my makeup: 1. even tho I use pore primers and they work...
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During puberty why do 7 most girls have knock knees?

Knock knees is show in the picture above
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My boyfriend liked a picture of a girl in lingerie. What should I do?

hello everyone, anything I type now might sound weird because I’m in a bad place right now. I used to check the accounts of the girls my boyfriend followed on Instagram early in our relationship because I felt insecure...
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My girl cousin is always telling my boyfriend she loves and misses him. Am I insecure?

Me and my cousin are very close and whenever I'm with my boyfriend, wither its in person or on the phone, everything is normal and they call each other family etc. however whenever me and my cousin don't speak for a...
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Is it normal to want long term commitment but also fear it?

I so want that forever man. Loving, caring, supportive, best friend, make eachother laugh, have same sense of responsibility but also spontaneosity and adventure to not let things get dull? I love the beginning of a...
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I’m confused with this girl, what does it mean?

I have worked with this girl for the last 3 months and she has always acknowledged me and made sure we have eye contact and she smiles. I’ve started talking to her a few times and now seems like she ignores me. Although...
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Should I reconsider dating my boyfriend?

I have been dating my boyfriend for 4 months now, and we have had 4 big arguments that almost caused us to break up, and almost every week there is a small fight. I have endured it for a while but I am really starting to...
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How do you stop being in love with someone?

I think I feel in love with a guy, he turned out to be dating another woman. He told me he loved me and would never lie to me and that he was afraid of losing me and I told him he wouldn't because I truly thought that...
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Why does my friend never support me but supports the other girl in the friendship group?

I’m in this friendship group it’s me and this other girl. I have noticed that of the girls in the friendship group always likes and supports my other o friends posts, but she never ever likes anything I post. I see that...
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Why do men stay with women they never intend to marry?

I see this so often. A man makes a woman pop out all his kids, raise his kids, do all his laundry, cook him dinner every night, help him out with the bills, provide sex, wash his underwear, do everything under the sun for...
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Started a new job with great opportunities but my manager has an attitude problem. What to do?

I’ve been unemployed for a couple months so it’s fortunate starting in the medical/office work field. However, my manager is a late 20s to early 30s year old woman with an attitude problem. It’s obvious they made her...
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Is it bad to wash your hair with water everyday?

Does it cause to make your hair more oily?
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My boyfriend said its okay to work late at nights. Do you all agree?

My boyfriend works in the afternoons and i work late at nights from 8pm-4am. And he says nothing is wrong with that. Do you all agree? My sister drives me to work because he nor i have a car.
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Is my boyfriend toxic?

I've been with my boyfriend for 3 years. He's incredibly insecure that I'll cheat on him because his ex did that to him. Whenever I get frustrated because of this, he plays the horrible ex card and says u know I'm...
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I blanked out and froze in front of my crush (adhd person). Is he done with me?

To give context I got a job and met a cute coworker. We've talked once and there was minor flirting. We didn't see each other in a while and one day he came rushing up asking when I get off work. I told him and he said ok...
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I have a crush on a coworker? Help?

Hello, so I saw this guy at work few days ago and i was immediately attracted to him. We only said Hello to each other, but on the next day I added him on social media, he immediately added me back. 2 days later, we...
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Why would a guy always stand near you but ignores you?

This guy from my class is always around me, but I feel like he is avoiding direct eye contact and talking to me. For example today he came randomly just to stand next to me.
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I’m in love with my friend but it’s too late?

I need to get myself together mentally financially in order to even date anybody. Everybody’s so worried about bringing some thing to the table. Well, I’m one of them. I may be worthy of love, but I would like to have...
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Is San Francisco weather generally cool?

It's right on the Pacific coast, right? All those sea breezes...
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Why does my friend want me to find a boyfriend so bad?

i'm not looking for a relationship and i've said it million times. i have one friend in class, she's a girl, and ever since she found a boyfriend, we don't get along that well. she started to be fake and almost stopped...
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My coworker offered me to drop but I refused to go to my place then he asked if I have a date why?

Your co worker wanted to drop you off at your place but instead you told him to drop you off somewhere. He then asked you if you have a date with a guy near the market just because you refused him to drop you off at your...
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Am I in love with my best guy friend?

We are friends for so long.. I recently realized that I think I am thinking more about what I will wear when I am going to meet him.. also when he brings her girlfriend (they recently started) I don't like it, it kills my...
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What does it mean when a woman let you touch her butt?

I have been knowing this woman for about two (2) weeks now, and one day she ask me to walk with her to the convenience store to get something to drink. As we were walking, she was walking in front of me, so I said what...
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Girls, how do you feel in this situation and why?

I step out onto my front porch one day and see you moving in next door but you're all by yourself so, I walk over and offer to help. You accept. We get all your stuff loaded in. We're alone in your new place and I've been...
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Is my guy friend still trying to date me?

My guy friend and I have been friends for at least 15 years or more (we’re both 32 years old). We both like or are interested in each other and have been for many years now and have expressed that to each other on...
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My (ex) boyfriend trying to play me?

So me and this guy know each other for like 3years. We started off as friends with benefits but then were boyfriend abd girlfriend. In April we got into a big fight that escalated. And didn't see each other for 3weeks. We...
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My boyfriend thinks I'm still in love with my ex - what should I do?

My boyfriend is with me for 2 years and till now he thinks I'm still in love with my ex of 2 years also,I'm getting tired and sick of him accusing me of that. Is the problem with me or with him? What should I do to...
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Help! How to lose weight?

Hi everyone =) I am 26 (F) struggling with my weight for the past couple of years. I have been on diet but failed every single time. My current weight is 89.8kg and my height is 173cm, I am the heaviest I have ever been....
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My boyfriend accuses me of not loving him enough because I'm not naturally very affectionate?

This is more of a rant than a question lol. I've never been an overly affectionate person unlike my boyfriend. He constantly interrupts me randomly to say "I love you", which kinda irritates me but I don't say anything....
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Which is the better way of getting into a healthy relationship that is from real life dating or from online dating?

Which is the better way of getting into a healthy relationship and not getting into another toxic relationship? I'm a woman with learning disabilities been in some previous relationships that were bad and one was toxic. I...
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Was she flirting with me?

So basically me and some of my friends were hanging out in a group. The topic of our convo was cars or motorcycles. A girl said she prefered motorcycles because she likes bikers and all of them are usually hot lol. I said...
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My girlfriend receives flowers from another guy, what should I do?

My girlfriend had surgery last week and before and after the surgery her male coworker (as far as I know they are not close friends or anything) sent her flowers. I didn't mind it at all but he sent another flower this...
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My boyfriend is obsessed with kissing me, how to tell him to stop it?

He keeps kissing me which is cute but at some point it starts to irritates me and I don't want his physical intimacy anymore. I don't want him to think that I don't want him or anything like that, It's just he does it...
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Spending the summer with my boyfriend’s kids?

My boyfriend moved out of town for work. He would like for my son, myself & his 2 kids to come visit for the summer. Everyone gets along well for the most part :) The boys are 5-10 years old so they fight over kids stuff...
My boyfriend moved out of town for work. He would like for my son, myself & his 2 kids to come visit for the summer. Everyone gets along well for the most part :) The boys are 5-10 Show More
Go! It’ll be an adventure!
Don’t go!
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Why do women show me more attention in person, rather than online?

I am 24 year old male who is decently attractive, however in person I have noticed that women will go out there way to be nice to me, speak to me even if I don’t know them and a lot girls in the past have approached but I...
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Is Texting Speed a Good Litmus Test for a Girl's Interest Level?

so i started talking to this girl near the end of the semester, and she seemed to be a slow mover just like me. i started showing more interest and sitting with her 1-1 more and more often, talking to her on sm and...
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Why doesn’t he text me?

This guy I’m talking to never texts me that much when he gets home … I was texting him and he said I’m running to the car I will text you 20 min When he’s at work he texts me or he responds whenever he gets time but I...
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I got rejected and it hurts?

I real liked a guy who wasn’t all that interested in me, I guess I was only a booty call for him. He didn’t even try to hold me back when I suggested we stop seeing each other from now own. I expected an answer at least,...
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He's autistic, leave him alone.
Press him to join in social activities.
Other ideas?
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Girls, Is this considered flirting?

I’m on my college baseball team and one of my female classmates who I’m pretty good friends with came to my game. after the game, she texted me “I noticed you adjusting your cup quite a bit, nice bulge ;)”
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Is he just using me or does he have feelings of any sort?

I (F36) recently ended a long-term relationship of 14 years with my boyfriend and one of the causes has been the crush that I have been feeling for the guitarist of my band (N), who I have been knowing for the last 2...
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Should I message her or wait?

I know maybe its stupid, but so i met this girl on facebook. I was looking for another person with similar name and i sent request to this girl and forgot about it. Few days later she accepts my request and i message her...
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How do women heal or move on from abusive relationships?

I understand there are a lot of bad men out there and they do hurt really good women. It pains me to see so many women hurt by bad men where women have given up on love or everything. So how long does it take for women to...
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Should I be annoyed my boyfriend did this?

He had a job interview today and got the job, he felt super drained after because of a bad sleep and the interview itself. I wanted to call him and celebrate the fact he got the job aswell as make plans for tomorrow,...
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Should I reach out to him?

Okay please I need a guys or girls perspective on this. So about a month ago I met this guy online and we started talking it was so nice at first we had nice conversations but about a few days into talking we had a...
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First relationship advice for a 33 year old?

I've never been in a relationship and I thought something like that wasn't for me but at the start of March this year I met a girl offline we started talking whole day this went for a few days and for the first time I...
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What to eat after food poisoning?

I was food-poisoned yesterday and my bowel and stomach are still very weird. What kind of things are good to eat during this time?
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My ex-boyfriend texts me using fake numbers he got from a text app. He is currently dating someone else. What could this mean?

We broke up about six months ago. That was the last time we spoke. Back then, he told me that while he still cared deeply about me, he just didn't love me anymore. His new girlfriend is my ex-best friend. He left me for...
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How long should I ghost a guy before replying back?

Me and this guy have been talking for a month, we went on a trip with our friends, suddenly during the trip he decided to act like he doesn't know me and when we came back home he didn't reply to my previous messages I...
Me and this guy have been talking for a month, we went on a trip with our friends, suddenly during the trip he decided to act like he doesn't know me and when we came back home he Show More
3 days
2/3 weeks
Never reply to him
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Why you guys act like this?

I've been getting to know this Korean guy online for a while now. He's 25 and works in a military capacity as an officer. We've been chatting since the end of January and even had a few phone calls. It's been going pretty...
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Why did he kiss me goodbye after I broke up with him?

My boyfriend and I just broke up, so I guess he is my ex. we mainly broke up because the timing was off, we are both in college and just super busy. anyway, as I was ending the relationship, he kept kissing my forehead...
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Is she just nervous?

There is a girl I have been seeing around my apartment complex for a few months now. We both are constantly making eye contact with each other from far away but have not spoken yet. Whenever I get close to her she looks...
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Should I just gave up and be more realistic :(?

So, I've had a crush on this guy since college. It's been a year since I graduated, and I don't run into him much, but I know he hangs out at this specific library because every time I go there, he's there too. The thing...
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Why was this girl weird with me?

I was a resident assistant in college. I had a supervisor who was pretty cool at first, but changed towards me ever since I didn’t want her to take me to the store on day because I already had a ride lined up with my...
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Why does my friend defend her toxic boyfriend no matter what?

One of my best friends is in a toxic relationship. I know it's none of my business, but she calls me crying ever so often telling me he hit her or confiscated her phone. So she makes it my business. Her boyfriend has...
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How to make my boyfriend feel loved?

He says that he doesn't feel special. I think I do everything to make him feel loved. I spend time with him, listen to him, cook for him. What else should I do?
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If a guy tells you this would you take it as a good thing and feel special? or feel as though he’s gassing you?

If you get along well with a guy. The two of you converse well. The vibe/energy is natural and not forced. You guys can talk as if you’ve known one another for years. The two of you have been out on a date but he...
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