The American Bubble: Get Out and Stay Out!

The strange thing about American’s to perhaps some foreigners, is that we may come off as too in your face, to in your business, too...
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"Considering the varying cultural and societal norms regarding modesty, how appropriate is it to wear short clothing in public settings?"

In contemporary times, we observe stringent regulations concerning women's attire in public places like gyms and streets. Historically,...
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What do you think of de Gaulle's portrait of Churchill, in which he pays tribute to this historical giant

"Mr. Churchill had left before the end, ousted from power by the English voters. The day after the Reich's surrender, the national unity...
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What do you think of this text written by a feminist?

It is no longer content with simply reporting assaults; it now "doxes" the alleged aggressors. In doing so, the most radical...
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The wins in Ukraine vs. Russia

Ukraine or Russia, ways to measure who is winning if we use certain methods, to measure who is "winning", that is like the innings in...
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Yes America needs a complete reformation and it's time we stop pretending that America is a free country, when it's actually a dystopia

Hey folks, it's me again. I know I haven't been active as much and the reason is that times have changed, I no longer have time to...
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Raising retirement age

i specify: the topic is not retirement benefits but age! 1, shapiro, known as conservative, spoke about retirement age. people use...
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Was Napoleon a madman driven only by an insatiable desire for conquest? Part 1

Was Napoleon a madman driven only by an insatiable desire for conquest? The relationships, rivalries, and conflicts between states have...
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What is the counterpart for lions symbolically?

You know how lions are masculine and powerful? What would the woman equivalent of that or you know, just the girl version. I try to...

Were you appalled as I with the lack of diversity in NY's ballerina gathering?

Over 300 ballerinas got together in New York to break a record. That's nice, but what's disgusting is the complete lack of diversity. It...

Do ANTItheists ever troll or criticize Islam?

Just for the record I am not okay with people trolling any religion including Islam. But I am really fed up with ANTItheists thinking...

Do you know your being lied to about the climate and CO2?

CO2 is barely a greenhouse gases, and indeed the Earth is currently suffering greatly from a great lack of CO2. Current CO2 levels are...

Is London England the whitest and most conservative city on the planet?

This city barely has diversity. British people in general seem very right wing, and many actually support Donald Trump. I come from...

Does saying you can't be patriotic unless you support a particular party or candidate smack of fascism?

Isn't that right out of the fascism playbook? The leader, his party, and the country are all intertwined into one thing? Patriotism is...
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Are you pro Israel?

SINCE CHRIST, nobody was pro Israel. except maybe julius Caesar. but he was before christ. nowadays if you aren't pro Israel, you're...
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Would you go out in public with someone who had an visible inappropriate tattoo on their body?

By "inappropriate" I mean things like a hate symbol or something sexual/vulgar or something promoting violence/drug use/illegal...
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Would you fake your death for $500 million dollars?

Can't see or speak to anyone you know from your past or you forfeit the money. If you randomly run into someone and they catch you alive...
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High School Student Is Suspended for Using The Term ‘Illegal Alien’ in English Class. Thoughts?
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Would you say honestly that you are emotionally mature?

Who's being honest? 🧐
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Have you ever been stalked?

Have you ever been stalked, in real life, online or otherwise? If you were the stalker, feel free to go anon XD
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What does the American flag mean to YOU?

This is no doubt gonna trigger a lot of Conservatives and nationalists, which is why I'm going annonymous for thid one, but I HATED...

Girls, why do latinas find black guys unattractive? Racist much?

They like to sex with everyone that's a latino. For example I went to a latin club in the bronx where they play rap music and reggaeton...

What’s the way of greeting in your country?

In Georgia we kiss on the cheek and hug, If that’s someone in a professional settings - We just shake hands.
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Are you a feminist or anti-feminist?

I might get a lot of flak for this but I am an anti-feminist and conservative. Despite my love of being independent, I eventually want...
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What is the big deal with the solar eclipse coming on April 8th?

A lot of people are saying we should prepare for whats coming? But whats coming?
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