Worst things About Being Welsh

Just a fun mytake on the shitty side of living in my tiny country Wales (or whales if your Trump) The language. Contrary to popular...

The Wounded Warriors Of Today

https://www.youtube.com/embed/OJniq9KuDAQ Sometimes life is a lot to bear. There are so many things that we take for granted. Some days...

Unpopular Opinion: people who put a child up for adoption& have/keep kids later on in life should adpot their own child back or pay back child support

If you can make the decision to have consenual sex, then you should accept responsibility for bringing a child into the world. Even if...

Poor people are laughing and disgracing poorer

I'm from Serbia, Eastern Europe. My country is one of the poorest in Europe. We used to be part of Yugoslavia and then comes war and the...

My view on gender culture

Gender culture is a word I am using to describe categories that while is it not completely unique to each gender are some that I find...

Where are people being raised by and where are there manners?

A lot of people are really rude and really lazy, it can get extremely annoying. I sure there are people that try to steal stuff . It’s...

Why are people not able to accept the LGBT community and hate them so much?

I try not to discuss on this topic but when I see struggles and problems of lgbt people... it just break my heart... I was reading some...


Do you ever hear a random, clearly not smart people discussing something and saying someone is stupid, and not realising that they are...

Have you ever been doxxed?

How did you deal with it? Someone threatened to dox me on here last night, even though I don’t believe there’s much to dox since I...

Should we respect women always irrespective of how badly they treat with you?

I have seen many cases where women were wrong but as the so called society we are living in irrespective of any thing the blame is...

Why do these so called pro lifers kill animals if they are against murder?

I mean if abortion is murder, so is killing animals are muder. After all these animals can breath, can feel pain, the hearts pounds. So...

Why is there still a gender gap in society, and why can't we end it completely?

Recently @jjpayne , post a mytake on gender culture and comments make me wonder that we are not able to even diminish the gender gap......

Question for Mexicans what do you think of Santa Anna?

I’m in a Mexican history class and the way the instructors described Santa Anna it seems like he should have never existed what’s your...

Can I be LGBTQ and a Republican?

So I was recently with my democratic friends, and we were talking about Politics. I said I was a Republican and they said "No, you're...

How do you come across as more happy and open to people?

For the longest time, since I was in school, people would always say, "smile." I'm one of those people who look pissed constantly...

Will the pettiness ever end or will this be a never ending cycle just to pacify his minions?


No lie is told with good intentions, change my mind?

I don't believe in white lies, I believe all lies are told in bad faith and telling the hard truth is always better for the other person...

Do you support George Lopez "joking" about being willing to kill President Trump for $40 million?

I hope he enjoys his visit from the Secret Service, who take all threats and comments of this nature very seriously. But what's going on...

Which of these 6 Serial killers/ Mass Murderers vehicles creep you out the most?

Which of these 6 Serial killers/ Mass Murderers vehicles creep you out the most?

What do you think of Aboriginals, black Australians?

Do you think they'd be able to live without white privileged things? Example power clothing

Do you want Trump to be elected for the second time?

If yes... then why? If no... Then why not?

Men and women are enemies, change my mind?

I believe they're incompatible and have nothing in common at all. The only relationship either can genuinely have is a romantic one,...

Is gender equality a fact, or opinion?

I am pretty sure it is an opinion, but I could be wrong.