Men are men for a reason, women humble yourself and know your place.

This might ruffle feathers and cause quite a controversy, I might even be hated after this and that's ok. Everyone is entitled to thier...
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Do you question authority?

Our parents are our biggest influence-teachers and guides.. Our teachers also are our teachers-our mentors sometimes a trusted friend....
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Best Advice: Learn to Read

Not just learning how, which most of us luckily are taught. But learning to LIKE reading. Exhibit A: The people of Germany could have...
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Why I am not a fan of Franklin Roosevelt

I did a top 10 presidents list (one that I will update some time in the future), and there was probably something very interesting about...
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Political Smackdown Redux!!!

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Welcome to 21st Century Where Privacy and Absolute Freedom of Speech Don't Exist

Some people are clearly under the illusion that they have privacy or freedom of speech in the 21st century. That ship has sailed long...
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A North Carolina lawmaker wants to invite Disney to move Disney World to North Carolina.

A Guilford County, NC lawmaker wants to invite Disney to come to North Carolina. Governor Ron Desantis of Florida wants to end the...
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If Pro Choice People Are Feeling Unheard Right Now, Here’s 10 Changes To The Argument To Be Understood In A Time When Abortion Is Under Attack

1. Stop calling it a women’s issue. Everyone with two eyes and a brain knows that there’s plenty of women that don’t support it. It just...
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What does Memorial Day mean to you personally? How do you honor and remember the sacrifices of those who served?

Do you think this special day keeps its significance or is it slowly losing its meaning?

I am so sad 😞we lose the election last night?

─░gnorant islamic fanatics won the elections, now I don't want to live this country anymore. How can I get rid of this country and how...

How do you feel about people who flaunt their wealth?

I don't like it one bit! I think of them as arrogant. Sub question: Why do you think a lot of people are arrogant? !

Can a person really redeem themselves?

Can someone really make up for their past wrongs? Say for instance a teenager that stabbed someone then ended up turning their lives and...
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Do you think more biological women will vote Republican in 2024 regardless of who the nominee will be because of transgenders?

Transgender activists protest at women’s rally with ‘arm trans kids’ poster -
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Should the US be held to account for the Pandemic?

The 1918 Pandemic…called Spanish Flu…though it was born in Kansas and transported to Europe by US soldiers in WW1. Funny how history...
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Should night shifts be illegal?

Night shifts can really mess people up physically and mentally. Unless it’s a hospital or some other type of vital human need, I don’t...
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What show do you consider the downfall of society?

she’s not wrong. Maybe survivor.
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Has there been a war in your country during your lifetime?

We had 2 wars with Russia in the last 30 years. I was alive during the 2nd one, it was 2008, summer, I was 11 years old and spent summer...

Does your employer accept ChatGPT and generative AI usage?

As a writer and content creator, there are two companies I work with on the regular in the last several months. Both have embraced...

Would this situation be considered domestic violence?

My friend who is a guy let his best friend of 10 years and her kid live with him. She was going through a difficult time and he felt...
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