The History of Abortion and Why I Support It

Throughout history, the termination of a pregnancy has always been present. Whether a shushed occurence or a widely spoken act, it has...

Saving The Libraries: Round 5

Hi everyone, so I was meant to meet up with the people involved in the library campaign last week, but I was sick so I didn't go then,...

Libraries!!! Why we shouldn't save them.

Some people these days are advocating for libraries to be saved for various reasons, often though do not use them themselves. Here's why...

Germans are terrible at small talk

First off this is my first myShare Today we were talking about small talk in school and came to the conclusion that Germans are terrible...

The Problem with feminism: Reductio Ad Absurdum.

Question: why is it that feminists today have not spoken up or have been vehemently against the patriarchal society of the Middle East?...

Why I don't watch the news and keep away from potential negative media outlets

I will explain why I am no longer watching the news and have not since 2013. There are 3 main areas I will focus on. Murder/Suicide All...

Ever Wonder Why Men Are Approaching Women Less?

Who watched democratic debates?

Andrew yang value added tax and no wealth tax was the best! 160/193 countries already have a VAT

Will you be supporting corporations that support Trump?

And the Republican Party

What’s with all the leftism?

Why are most the presidential candidates so far to the left? I’ve been watch all the democratic debates and I’m astonished by the level...

No work and no health insurance , how does it work out?

people who don't have work are the people who are most in need of health care , but you have to have a work and income to buy health...

Why do women expect strange men to protect them at dangerous times?

if something happens to a woman all the women start asking why didn't the men do anything? where were the men? what are those men,...

Why does everyone hate trump so much? He is a great president?

He legit doing good for this country. And most of y’all are too blind to see it. I’ll admit he does have his flaws, just like any other...

Question for girls?

Do you like turning guys on? Like you attract them but also make him want you in an intimate way... do you ever tease him and do you...

Would you steal an expensive and in-demand prescription drug for your sickly spouse?

Think about it from a moral and/or lawful standpoint. Factors to take in: other families, consequences, benefits, resources (money,...

Should special needs children be sent to a special needs school or public school?

Where do you believe that the mentally handicapped children should go? By special needs, I am referring to children with down syndrome...

When it comes to abortion how important is the reason?

I'll be brief, I'm begrudgingly pro choice because i know there are some cases where it just can't be helped. My issue comes from women...

How many genders are there?

I'm a firm believer that there are only two, his many do you believe there are?

White nationalists VS antifa?

Can we at least agree they’re not equivalent? We’re not afraid of going to Walmart because of antifa.

Guys, why do you think most people refer to the female sex as chicks and is it derogatory or offensive?

Please explain if you use the 'chick' vernacular when discussing women and if this is offensive to use. I really am unaware of slangs in...

Do assumptions make an ass out of you and me?

an old saying as I understand, there is a similar one in my part of the world with the exact same meaning