Real Life Suits: The Lawyers We Know

In my country we have a saying: “Law is not a profession of cowards” ~ a true fact. We've all heard exciting stories about the work of a...

Beirut Explosion- history repeats after Oklahoma City bombing

Yesterday, an explosion took place in Beirut. At least, 100 have been confirmed dead and dozens are still injured in the hospitals....

Why President Trump Is America's Last Best Hope

30 years ago when I went back to college after dropping out the first time I took two history classes from a "renowned" Harvard...

Why Covid infection should be criminalized for public safety

Despite the evidence that Covid-19 is a real infection and very dangerous, people still either deny the existence of the disease or how...

IQ disparity between Men and Women

This is definitely a hot button issue and can easily turn contentious. I think if there is actually a disparity it isn't that relevant,...

Generalizations: Are They Any Good?

Generalizations are an important way for people to understand the world they live in. Most generalizations are made with reason and...

Why I won't ever judge someone for aborting or keeping their baby

This is pretty spur of the moment since I just saw a very ignorant question about why abortion is legal but murder isn't. I ask you in...

What do you think of Tomi Lauren’s PSA To Boyish Men rant?

The “Angel” has turned “Devil” yet again with her anti feminist, anti-Democrat followers now as she has published a call to action to...

Does BLM cause more racism?

BLM supporters allege that they're fighting systemic racism and a perceived racial injustice that black people face. A lot of the anger...

How to successfully work from home?

Just last year I ended college. This year I was gonna start a small business, until COVID-19 took over my hometown. After several...

Why are they against science?

You know who I’m talking about. Starts with an R.

Why do all atheists hate Trump?

Never seen any atheist who doesn’t hate Trump lol

Is there a untold code that says you must give a neighbour or someone that lives local money when they ask?

I gave a man a card for Christmas a card with £10 in it. This was money he had given me in £1's over a period of time that I didn't...

If the US is "the worst first-world country" and so awful at everything, then what countries outside of North America are actually better than the US?

I'm so sick of anti-American assholes giving their uninformed opinions on the internet. I realize we have a ton of issues, but you act...

The ungratefulness of western civilization: How you feel about that?

Here in the west we complain because our smartphone screen unlocks 0.0005 seconds slower than another brand. People in the western...

Should Public Nudity Be Legal?

I'm not talking at say only nude beaches. I mean anywhere and everywhere like In Vermont. Before you answer this poll ask yourself the...

Why does Hollywood , Liberals , and Democrats kiss China's ass but riot in America?

Treatment of Gays: China puts them in Prison , Hollywood takes gay love scenes out of movies, protest in US. Treatment of women and...

Death by hanging, should it make a return?

I'd like to see it be the standard for capital punishment as lethal injections are too expensive time consuming, and even if it...

Opinion on Trump signing a series of executive orders to lowering drug cost?

Is he actually doing a decent job or nah?

Who is the biggest hypocrite?

Add why you feel this way or whatever.

Would you accept a forced coronavirus injection?

The year is 2020 the month November, after billions of dollars spent the NIH, CDC and WHO have suddenly stumbled upon a covid-19 vaccine...