The Importance of Passions

This is about the importance of expressing one's passions. Not sexual passion, but every other kind of passion - tapping into and...

Why the Right Complaining About the Left Wanting to "Re-Write US History" is Blatant Hypocrisy

You hear right wing pundits constantly complaining about how the left wants to portray the US as being based on white supremacy. And you...

Criticise feminists but don't hate feminism!

Ok , ok I know I'm going to get a lot of hate for this , with all of you going to call me a simp but here me out . Feminism by it's...

The truth about Democrats and Republicans, the poison to our country, trigger warning dont read this if you are stupid and sensitive.

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” ~Abraham Lincoln This mytake is not for...

No, the number of COVID-19 cases has not been exaggerated 20x!

This is a remarkably similar case to my earlier take: No, the number of COVID-19 deaths has not been exaggerated 20x! the propaganda...

Königsberg and the revenge of Prussia

Yeah I know, it sounds like the title of a Steven Spielberg movie but in reality it’s a historic fact. The story is centered in a City...

Why I Can Relate To (And Sympathize With) Joe Biden

I haven’t written a My Take in a while simply because there just hasn’t been anything I’ve been passionate about until now. I’m not on...

Why doesn’t the people get to elect the president?

For example in 2016 majority of people wanted Hillary as their president but Trump won more electoral votes... this doesn’t make sense...

What stocks should I invest in?

I’m interested in getting some. I have 20k in savings. How much of my money should I divert and to where? Hopefully more people will...

Who’s over this virus?

I don’t think people realize the ramifications of isolating people, taking away their jobs, and shutting down an entire economy. So my...

How do we make sure the Democrats don't steal this election?

President Trump is doing a phenomenal job, and they're going to try to use these phony fraudulent ballots to steal the election....

Did Obama spy on Trump’s campaign?

I think they did, him and Crocked Hilary!

Are there any languages you hate listening to or find annoying?

And no, it's not "racist" to dislike certain languages, before anyone makes that stupid claim. I personally HATE Mexican Spanish more...

What would you do if you saw a man hit a women?

Let's say you are out in public somewhere and you see a deaf couple aruging. The girl turns and takes his phone. Then he hits her and...

Would you consider Democrats American?

Are Democrats American patriots who love their country? From what I have seen, they hate America, they teach it in the schools. AMERICA...

How confident are you that "your" candidate will win the US presidential election?

Supporting a candidate does not mean that you MUST think they will win. Only one candidate will win the election and roughly one half of...

Will you vote for Joe Biden?

Now after proof of Joe Biden being corrupt coming to light will you be voting for him, and if so why?

Covid: Herd Immunity vs Mask?

Herd immunity could only be achieved after hundreds of thousands of deaths.

As a black women, I'm I wrong for not protesting or being on the front lines?

I've been hearing about a lot of protests lately and I hear a lot of people say that black women who aren't protesting or being in the...

Was Trump religious before getting into politics?

Was he religious at all before getting in? Or is he just trying to buy votes?

Do you have hope for the future generations of this planet?

Like technology Cars Houses Electricity Garbage The environment and global warming Poverty Crime Education How healthy everyone is...

What percentage of voters will vote , but not for Biden or Trump?

Just because there is higher early voter turnout doesn't me Biden is getting many votes. Most younger voters will just skip on voting...

Coronavirus caused by deforestation?

I hear a lot of people sometimes blame Coronavirus on wet markets. I don't think this is the most accurate explanation. Wet markets have...

Would you let Sasha Grey (adult actress) read to children at a school your kids go to?

This happened in 2011. Sasha Grey was reading to first grade kids at an elementery school in California, when the parents of the...