Crawled out from poverty into the normal life - how long did it take for you?

So me was penniless since elementary school. I would have loved it so much to eat Pretzels and drink chocolate milk or capri-sun for...

Should women have the final say in abortions?

In my opinion abortions are NEEDED. Imagine a 13 year old girl being pregnant, she would be way to young and weak to push out a whole...
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ShaTTered Discussions: On The Problems With Blind Loyalty

Let me just preface this by saying that these are MY opinions. I understand that other people will have different ones and that is...

Boy Is The New Girl: Why The World Is On Fire

A boy and a girl are born to a couple In the age of gynocentrism, the boy is assumed to be broken As such, the broken child gets little...

Homosexual marriage has been mandated, so what's next? Here's what's next!

In Obergefell v. Hodges, 576 U.S. 644 (2015), the US Supreme Court ruled, by a vote of 5-4, that the right of homosexuals to enter into...

The Most Influential Women in United States of America History (Part 4-Final Part)

First of all, I completely forgot to publish this list when I was going to do as such, which was March 31st, 2021! Sorry about that!...

What do you think is the crime people use most emotions in when deciding on the punishment rather than harm?

I think it's rape in most cases, and violence towards women and children definitely.

What's your opinion on the Adam Toledo shooting?

I think it's a horrible outcome that took place due to a few factors, the first being that he took two actions in one motion, throwing...

Which country is very nationalist?

I think this country Turkey. While the west of the country leads a Western lifestyle, the Eastern Region doesn’t. Usually for this...

Why can't brainwashed CNN cultists admit propaganda was used to defame and boot trump out of office when the CNN director himself admitted it?

fake news propaganda was used the entire 4 years. lie after lie after lie and the brainwashed gullible left ate it all up. every last...

Swedish Pro-Refugee Green Party Politician who fought for Open Borders is beheaded in the Democratic Republic of the Congo? Thoughts?

What's your financial position and How old are you?

Recycling a question here but let's see who's willing to get personal ;) 1. How much money do you have saved? 2. How old are you? 3....

Should we applaud Maxine Waters?

Go ahead Congresswonan and you think Trump incited a riot. She just gave the cop and appeal. My God words matter? Your thoughts.

Minnesota Cop Guilty on all charges?

He might kill himself. He has to stay in jail for 8 weeks before he gets sentenced.

Who is more mature?

Forget your nonsense about "it depends" everyone knows that, so interpret the question however you like and say whichever answer you...

Do you hate people or things that are super popular? conversely do you dislike people or things that try to hard to be different?

Sometimes people hate things just because they are popular. they might otherwise be ok or even good, but their popularity just sours...

If a hot chick rips you off out of a small amount of money are you more or less pissed off?

I got ripped off in the same way by two different people , one situation pissed me off and the other didn’t and I realized it was just...

Do you think the younger generations (up to 22) are a lot nicer than the older?

I noticed this when I went back to college with 18-22 year olds. I’ve heard high school teachers say these newer generation of kids are...

Do you support Student Loan forgiveness?

I believe people should take personal responsibility for their choices. If you agreed to pay the loan and you knew the risks, it is not...

Is the "Great Replacement" merely a conspiracy theory or a legitimate concern?

Great Replacement states that, with the complicity or cooperation of Global and Liberal "replacist" Elites and their advancement of...