Do Not Ever Call Me a Hero -From a Frontline Healthcare Worker

Why did it take me a global pandemic for people to start appreciating what my coworkers and I do every day? Do not make me a martyr, I'm...

When the time has come to show your leadership abilities and time and time again, it slips through your small hands

So this is what it has boiled down to. amidst a pandemic, and many people dying. The circus sideshow still goes on. And no other than...

Why I am moving to Canada!

I have been contemplating moving to Canada for a while now. Now, that I have done my research and learned some things. I think that it...

The Strategy Game

Joke in 5 acts: I. The curtain opens: China becomes ill, enters "crisis" and paralyzes its trade. The curtain closes. II. The curtain...

Peak of insanity? More like pee of insanity.

So, I'm sure we've been hearing about this news about how some people in India are drinking the urine of cows to ward off the...

When you really think you are a shining star, but you are nothing but a rusty penny at the bottom of a wishing well. Trump Credits Himself For Cuomo’s Approval...

Modern Day Feminism?

Any thoughts?

Does this mean I am or was a bad person?

My father was abusive and when i was 7he kicked my mum me and my brother out. We shifted around in a lot of crappy rentals borderline...

Did the Covington kid ever win his case against the Media?

I dont support what he did, but the media really crucified him for no real reason. It's like they were given a free pass to say anything...

Why don't more white people speak out against police racial profiling random Latinos and black people that go into white majority areas?

I have known many Latinos and black people that got pulled for no reason as soon as they went into a middle class or wealthy white...

One currency system?

Do you think or believe that there will be globalisation shifting to One currency or the dollar losing its value to another currency?...

Is this the way the world is going?

We've got the government telling people how to wash their hands. Really? People need that explained to them? People are being told if...

TRANSGENDER SUPPORTERS ONLY!!! Are some people taking it too far?

If you’re transphobic, DO NOT COMMENT. Your opinion is too pointless for what I’m looking for and I don’t need negativity. If you are...

Has anyone else become disenchanted with the left?

Back when Trump was elected, I considered myself very much a leftist. I hated Trump and I was paying a lot of attention to the arguments...

Do you get annoyed when people ID you for alcohol?

If you don't look like under 25, you shouldn't be need to show ID. That's just my opinion.

If women want to be treated equally like men, shouldn’t they be insulted as equally too when they step out of line?

Up until very recently many men were been raised to not treat women as harshly as other men when they cross the line (being...

Do you think Bernie Sanders should be ashamed himself for being soo soft on Joe Biden?

He is way soo soft on Biden. He even called Biden his friend. I think Bernie should released ads on Biden's terrible record, his creepy...

Why do the Young Turks want people to stay home because of this virus?

The videos from the Young Turks saying that they want to government to lock up people in their own homes because of the virus. They hate...

Do you think this "lockdown" is a way for the government to take away our human rights: Freedom?

Lockdown because of the Coronavirus pandemic Government of every country is trying to take control over us? And take away our freedom?...

Do you feel like the world will be only worse over time and soon?

Sometimes i feel like things will only get worse soon and the world will be affected in every way and not get rid of this trouble