The Importance of Passions

This is about the importance of expressing one's passions. Not sexual passion, but every other kind of passion - tapping into and...

7.5 Billion Reasons Why You Shouldn't Bet on 2021

Hypothetically, let's say, in December of 2020, all the leading world health organizations announce that there will be a Covid vaccine...

Why the Right Complaining About the Left Wanting to "Re-Write US History" is Blatant Hypocrisy

You hear right wing pundits constantly complaining about how the left wants to portray the US as being based on white supremacy. And you...

Criticise feminists but don't hate feminism!

Ok , ok I know I'm going to get a lot of hate for this , with all of you going to call me a simp but here me out . Feminism by it's...

The truth about Democrats and Republicans, the poison to our country, trigger warning dont read this if you are stupid and sensitive.

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” ~Abraham Lincoln This mytake is not for...

No, the number of COVID-19 cases has not been exaggerated 20x!

This is a remarkably similar case to my earlier take: No, the number of COVID-19 deaths has not been exaggerated 20x! the propaganda...

Königsberg and the revenge of Prussia

Yeah I know, it sounds like the title of a Steven Spielberg movie but in reality it’s a historic fact. The story is centered in a City...

How do you feel about "Make America Great Again"?

This has been something on my mind. I want to know how people feel about "Make America Great Again". Do you support it? Hate it?...

Does anyone actually support Black Lives Matter?

They have a list of demands for white people now 😂. Literally everything spewed from their agenda is comical at this point. Defund...

Why do applications ask for your ethinic background?

If they already going to assume what you are by seeing you and if you check white and you're black you get a head shake at you.

Can you drink water with one hand?

Or do you need two like this pathetic asshole, Donald Trump?

How do feel about someone wrongfully jailed?

I think if the state put you in jail wrongfully, then you should receive a million dollars for every year you stay in jail. People don’t...

If women have the unilateral choice to have an abortion, then men should have the right to choose weather or not to support it, Change my mind?

If women get unilateral decision on weather of not to get an abortion, then men should have unilateral choice on weather or not to...

Why didn't Joe Biden pick a better VP?

There is one thing if someone is targeting you as a primary challenger, but the stuff she said to him? Basically calling him racist......

Conservatives. If the MSM somehow magically favored us the same way they favored liberals, how would you feel?

I notice most (but not all) leftists scoff, laugh or deny that the vast majority of main steam media outlets favor and protect...

Do you think working from home is the new future with or without covid?

Now that a lot of people are experiencing it, do you think we should keep it this way? Personally w traffic, enormous costs of office...

Are any of you livid and sick and tired of so many American politicians getting away with their crimes, thinking they're above the law?

For instance, it pisses me off that there are so MANY concrete evidence of Hunter and Joe Biden getting involved in their scandals with...

Why do you think you feel lonely?

If you feel lonely, why do you think your actual reason is? Poll is just a few options feel free to explain the actual reason.