Social Justice Warrior (SJW) Good or Bad? It’s time to embrace the Warrior!

SJW Social justice Warrior. when this term first came to light it was full of positivity. It was a name for someone who stood up for...
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Does Anyone Think That Prison Re-habilitates Anyone?

Prison is a nasty place where no one wants to go, yet where some deserve to be. However, there is no rehabilitation there, and it is...
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New York Draft Riots is a Perfect Metaphor for our Southern Border today

Four days in July 1863, New York was under mob rule after one of the first army drafts were initiated. Ironically, the South was the...
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Fires, Floods, and how it should be handled

(Pipes should be upgraded): Better Water/ Pipe systems should be implemented and prioritized Pipes that would run all throughout the...
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Cyberbullying Needs to stop - do we need an internet police?

Hi guys it's dennis, I know that you have heard about me a lot, if not. I know that some or a lot of you guys find me unattractive...
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I hate when people automatically assume I am something because of my gender./How to make the world a better place

I hate when people assume I am things. Such as: (*Bullshit train*) Excessively afraid of sa, Afraid of men, Afraid of bugs, Weaker...
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Why I think the Dems will lose in the upcoming mid terms and why more people who never voted Republican before will and should.

Decline of White Majority In 2000,...
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What do the other countries really think of President Biden?

Just curious on how the other countries really feel about the current US President. Be truthful and please do not criticize others...

Did you know Hitler consider himself a christian nationalist?

Adolf Hitler on Christianity: Quotes (learnreligions. com)

Whta your most offensive opinion?

Mine is that I believe just because someone is a conservative, that doesn’t mean they are racist. It’s also okay to be conservative. The...

Should ESA animals be allowed everywhere?

Do you think that people are taking advantage of the new laws?

Now that Roe v. Wade has finally been struck down, should the birth control pill be made illegal?

Making the contraceptive pill illegal would bring many benefits to the population, such as reducing female promiscuity.

California senior inflation relief checks will go out starting tomorrow, Friday, Oct. 7th. Will you be getting one?

If you want more details, just Google "when will California seniors receive their inflation relief check?".

Do you think there is anyone alive today who met someone who was alive in the 1700s?

There are people alive today over 100 years old and in the early 1900s there were people who were over 100 years old. The oldest...

Is Miami crap or not?

I heard there are superficial dumb girls and men who suffer from toxic masculinity.

If Presidential elections were held today, who would you vote for?

Now that the world sees us as loosers, our economy is in the bumps and wokeness is destroying everything else.
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Do you support Biden pardoning thousands of inmates imprisoned for marijuana possession? ?
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Whose economy will collapse first , England, Germany, or France?

Europe leaders are socialists and are destroying their countries. England had to be bailed out. I think England or Germany will be the...
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Are you for Biden pardoning marijuana convicts?

Seems rare to issue pardons before the end of a term. But even if it’s a campaign thing it’s still good.
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Redirecting ad honestly as possible, how attractive is kindness for you in relationships 1-10?

For me it’s a sheer 10 it will trump pretty much any other trait. I get used to people being abut sh! tty or like wheee they are tying...
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Do you trust Joe Biden?

I personally don't
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Do you think Trump is a good politician?

Better than Biden?
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Do you like Andrew Tate?

Is he telling the truth?
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If you could designate where the taxes you pay would be used, where would it go?

Ever wish you were able to choose where your tax dollars were spent? Where would you want your money to go to?
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How do you feel about people who leave gender pronouns in their email signatures/online bios?

I am seeing more and more of this crap at my job and side work (which is online). At first it was mostly leftist biological women...
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Do you believe that a person should face jail time because something they said offended someone?

In the video below a man was arrested for saying the words "dick head".. Thank God I live where this kind of action by the police would...