We're All Just a Submarine: A Journey Through the Mechanics of Social Media

As I was lying in bed this morning, thinking about various things, something occurred to me. You know what we are, here, on the...

The Most Influential Women in United States of America History (Part 1)

Here in the United States of America(USA), March is Women's History Month. There have been many powerful, and influential women. To this...

Stop kidding yourself, you aren't a social justice warrior!

Do the liberal elites really care about social injustice when there is actually something to lose, or is it all just moral...

The Most Influential Black People in the United States of America (Final Part)

Today, on February 28th, 2021, is the final day of Black History Month in the United States of America. This is the fourth, and final...

How do your countries address school violence/bullying in schools and workplace?

Did you guys have a lot of bullies or bullying scandals in your middle school or high school? If so, what happened and how was it...

The Most Influential Black People in the History of the United States of America (Part 3)

Here in the United States of America, February is Black History Month. This is the third edition of my series. If you want to read the...

Why I supported and still support Donald Trump

This is a random essay I had in my head right now. As a writer, I decided to transfer from brain to fingers to G@G. In 2016, I wasn't a...

Should adultery be a prosecutable offense with laws properly enforced?

Many may not know that in many US states, there are still laws on the books against adultery, some very strict as well, but are never...

If we could get rid of the school system, what do you think would be a good replacement for it?

Personally I don't have a problem with school it self, however school is suppose to be gender neutraled, a place of learning, along with...

For the disabled: How do you feel about strangers offering you help, when out and about, should some small problem arise?

I've been meaning to ask this for a while. There have been times when I was out and about - one time walking down a busy street in the...

Are people who fraud their looks a genetic threat to society?

Both women who use makeup extensively and men who get jaw and face surgery What's the best way to deal with those genetic threats....

What do you do when work is slow?

The economy sucks because of that republican president. They always find ways to ruin the economy.

When will the US divide and collapse entirely?

When will it lose it's power entirely?

Is it racist to be afraid of black guys and how do I stop?

I don't dislike black people at all, but I'm extremely intimidated by black guys. Especially the ones from my town. There is a group of...

Do you think there is a toxic femininity? What do you think about toxic femininity?

I think that toxic femininity is one of the biggest problems of modern society. What do you think?

Are Republicans Neanderthals?

Yeah, I see it. They’re burning masks in Idaho. And once Covid starts spiking in GOP states where they’re ending mandates, they’ll beg...

Can you tell the difference between a black child amd a mixed race child in America?

As most Of you know due to the one drop Rule mixed race people were previously classified as black due to the American one drop Rule...

Are you a loser in life?

Of course I am a loser piece of pig shit. Why? Because: Born into a strict islamist family and been oppressed a lotToo much father and...

Do you go to Jail for shooting someone in self defense?

If someone breaks into your home & You shoot them, as you should. Do you still go to jail? Even if you warn the person, they threaten...

Is anyone else here Centrist or apathetic to politics?

I feel like I'm one of the only people out there that is Centrist and abide by the idea that 99.9% of politicians are scum, no matter...

Politics aside.. are you fed up, tired of mask wearing and this pandemic?

I am. We got vaccines and yet some people still are acting like we did a year ago.

Say it gets worse and American faces one of two extremes-which do you chose and why?

What if America becomes even MORE polarized? What if each side became what the other accuses it of being and these are the only 2...