Observations on Behavior in Dating: A Battle Between the Sexes

This may trigger some people because whether you want to admit it or not, everyone does at least a few of these things when dating. I am...

The Covid-19 scandal is the biggest hoax in history

As juicy as the Biden scandal is (ask in pm for link to the Chinese website that dumped the Hunter Biden laptop material [contains adult...

7.5 Billion Reasons Why You Shouldn't Bet on 2021

Hypothetically, let's say, in December of 2020, all the leading world health organizations announce that there will be a Covid vaccine...

Why a vote for Freedom and Donald J Trump and against Socialism will save America!

WHAT I AM NOT: A Republican or a Democrat WHAT I AM: A Fearless Freedom loving registered Independent American WHO DONALD J TRUMP IS: A...

Why the Right Complaining About the Left Wanting to "Re-Write US History" is Blatant Hypocrisy

You hear right wing pundits constantly complaining about how the left wants to portray the US as being based on white supremacy. And you...

Criticise feminists but don't hate feminism!

Ok , ok I know I'm going to get a lot of hate for this , with all of you going to call me a simp but here me out . Feminism by it's...

The truth about Democrats and Republicans, the poison to our country, trigger warning dont read this if you are stupid and sensitive.

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” ~Abraham Lincoln This mytake is not for...

Why is suicide considered to be so bad?

Life is hard we all know that. Why do we want to Shame & force people to stay that don’t want to?

Do conservative or the right-wing need to become ruthless?

I think that's the option we have now. Who agrees here?

When will republicans realize that no matter hard they try to get rid of Latinos, they will fail since our population will always increase?

Arizona tried to rid of Latinos but guess what? The Latino population is increasing a lot there and is expected to outnumber whites...

How should I feel about turning 30 years old and as a woman?

all I knew was that in my early twenties I hated who I was and how I looked and I would want to go back being 22 again But I don't know...

Why are Americans making such a big deal about Biden groping girls?

Whenever he's mentioned someone makes allegations that he's a bit too touchy-feely in photo shots, particularly with young girls. But...

What are your thoughts of this model announcing she wotn reveal the gender of her/his unborn baby until he/she is 18?

I mean really? Why? Will this baby will alreayd be born unigender? Will he/she be an alien with no female or male genitalia until "IT"...

Should there be a minimum wage?

I personally think it causes unemployment and limits job opportunities for new workers just entering the workforce not to mention raises...

GNP growth was up 33% a new record by Trump , how could you vote for Biden?

To me , there is only one choice for President and that is Trump. He just set an all time record for growth in a quarter. I think anyone...

Does breaking the law in the name of justice make it ok?

For example: I robbed this store to feed my kids. I sold harmful drugs to have a roof above my head. I killed people for my religion etc

When Trump Loses Next Week, Will He Still Be the Republican Party's Cult Leader?

Will Trumpism dominate the Republican Party long after he loses or will a new, incompetent, dishonest jerk take his place as the face of...

Is this the leader of the Republican Party?

Lol, looks like the Republican Party will fall apart if this is the leader. Plus their views are awful and the Democrats are not much...

Alright, as a young adult who hasn’t voted ever who should I vote for?

I’m not into politics that much but I want to actually be involved this time even though i think both candidates are bad options lol....

Do you think racial integration has failed?

Reflecting on 2020, do you think racial integration has failed in the USA and it's time for two peoples to go their own separate ways,...

Was the shooting of Walter Wallace justified?

He had a knife and was approaching police in an aggressive manner. As a result of his death, 30 police officers have been sent to a...