Body positivity should apply to men just as much as women, if it is to be taken serious!

I was watching this video on postfeminism: And one of the criticisms leveled against it was...

The Democrats Green New Deal Is Insane

Give up meat, give up cars and planes, give up everything that makes life tolerable and move back into caves eating leaves and berries....

Obsession of white skin in India

Nowadays, many people get hatred from their own community. Something, which is not mentioned a lot when discussing racism. For example:...

The Male Suicide Rate (With Context) (Suicidal? don't read, seek help. US: (212) 673-3000, AUS: 131 114, UK: 08457 90 90 90, Ireland: 1850 609090

Contemplating suicide? please do not continue reading this mytake and seek help => I have...

The 7 Most Important Words ever Written is more important than ever and its importance

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for...

How feminism is harming young men. Even if it helps women, and rightfully complains about older men.

So, this just occured to me. Feminism is harming young men today. And I got to thinking, why is it that helping women has to harm men? I...

Feminism: observations of someone born in 1993.

This is what I see as someone born in 1993, who grewup before modern feminism as a kid and later witnessed the boom of modern feminism...

What does it mean Liberalism?

Hi Guys , I am a foreigner and I saw a few questions about liberalism and I wonder what it means "liberalism". If you explain me , I...

Lets talk about this?

What are your views on donald trump and what he has done to America and the world?

Do you think minorities will start abusing White people once they get more power?

Most of the Black community in America openly hates White guys and stuff. They don't have much power as of yet, but White men have...

Do you think boys modesty should be treated as important as girls?

In the world we live in today women's modesty is treated more seriously than mens. For example the gym I went to had female employees...

Why do a lot girls say MGTOW is a sexist movement but feminism isn't?

I mean I am not an MGTOW. I just want to say that both movements are sexist and they don't check their privileges. What about the middle...

What does all this climate protesting do anyway?

my friend said if everyone out there yelling in the streets raging instead would plant a tree or pick up trash it would make a better...

Will getting help for mental illness prevent me from owning a gun in the future?

I've been dealing with issues regarding my mental health, and I think I really need help because it's really starting to affect my...

Is it hypothetical to take pride in your nationality/ethnicity while beefing with your kind?

since it's Hispanic heritage month there's been a lot of random family parties in my neighborhood & even raves out in the city @...

Do you think western world is overly rated?

What do you think? Life in western world isn’t as advertised?

Are You Outraged That Justin Trudeau Enjoys the Hobby of Darkening His Face?

A third instance of Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau wearing "racist makeup" has surfaced. Are people overreacting to this...

Do you think men or women talk more?

The stereotype of women is that they talk too much, but then there's the stereotype of men as not letting people get in a word edgewise....

We all want attention: agree or disagree?

Everyone of us want to draw other people attention, whether it's the way we dress, how we treat others, or even how much we study and...

Should kids be taught to spot propaganda?

In this day and age, we are hyper-stimulated with more information than we can handle. With the luxury of having answers to most...

Does anyone have a problem with this?

Women can't be banned from going topless, according to a Friday ruling by the federal 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. The appeals court...

Do You Agree With This Statement: “Most Women Are Trying To Be The Leader, That’s Why They Can’t Find A Man"?

Here are articles.

Why do climate change delusionists always resort to strawmen?

If someone said "this liquid will turn red when blended together with this other liquid." Then it doesn't when mixed? You might be wrong...

Canadian PM painted his face black. Is it racist?

He was dressed up as Aladdin. Even some Asians like Sikhs think it is not that deep.

Do You Believe That O. J. Simpson Did It?

I watched a very well made Netflix series about this. I learned a lot about that case and it was even a bigger deal than I thought....

Was this girl wrong for saying this to her mother?

Kai is 26 years old. His younger sister Kare is 14. Kai is mute, losing his hearing, and is unemployed. His younger sister is popular,...