Law For The Common Man: No-Fault Divorce

[I am a lawyer in Florida and I have a good general knowledge of Florida law. I know something about the law in other US states but I...

Revisiting our childhood: A mind is a terrible thing to waste.. And here is why...

Hey Right Wing GaGers.. This.. DID NOT WORK.. Sorry..Not Sorry.. He is YOUR PRESIDENT.. Again. Sorry..Not Sorry.. But I digress.. The...

Covid killing molecules

So as some of you know, I sometimes do these mytake to combat misinformation I just come across a new one today. Apparently it's...

RE: What do you hate the most about society and humanity in general?

What do I hate the most about humanity and society? The massive, unrelenting, Betelgeuse-sized, infinite stupidity of humanity....

Why Wales Owns America's Ass!

Since America is in such turmoil I thought I'd write a little mytake on how we welsh are to blame for all your troubles. Warning...

Reality Check: Police Kill African Americans at a Disproportionately Low Rate

As you all have heard, police kill African americans at a disproprotionately high rate, way more than the 13% of the population they...

The immediate fate of a nation: Give me liberty or give me death!

This is not a message for my friends but a message for the Luciferians that are running this planet. I have been crying for many days...

So how many kids did Joe Biden have to sniff before you decided to vote for him?

Obviously you would have to be mentally ill to vote for that sicko.

Do people actually think what Biden did was fair or right?

What Biden did was very demeaning imagine serving your country and then having to sleep on a cold garage floor in the middle of...

Why are Leftist SJWs trying to hard to wipe out all non-White cultures?

I mean, think about it: According to leftist SJW's, and their identity politics, it’s only culturally acceptable/PC for a non...

Do you think Americans should provide healthcare for all, for the entire world?

The first wave is coming, and then there will be as second wave and a third... I believe in healthcare for all legal Americans, but we...

Why do white Anglos always need to have an enemy?

Americans: Blacks, Mexicans, Muslims, Chinese Canadians: Indigienous, Asians Austrailians: Asians British: Muslims ?

Should I remove this girl from my follower/friends list?

Her name is Whitney. She is sexy as shit. Nice sweatpants, yoga pants, jeans, etc. She is from Tennessee. She had broken up with her...

Would this article be a good reason as to why I should never make acquaintances with liberals and avoid them like the plague?

It seems like no matter how nice you are to the leftists, they'll still stab you in the back by throwing you under the bus if you dare...

Am I wrong for thinking this about suicide?

Nowadays people are selfish, self-centered, and lack a great deal of empathy. We tell people be strong and things get better but as soon...

If Biden does a good job will you vote for him next election?

This is open to any political party affiliation you may have as long as you can vote in US elections

Crazy Joe Biden signed an executive order to withhold federal funds from schools which ban trans females from playing on school sports team. Fair?

Doesn't allowing people who were born with male bodies to play on female sports teams defeat the purpose of having previously mandated...

If your loved one turned into a zombie and you were placed in a situation where they would certainly kill you, would you be able to kill them?

Would you knowing that they were your formerly your loved ones prevent you from going through with it and killing then first?