Men, your mindset is encouraging female privilege!

Hey guys. So I was watching a very interesting video about 50 female privileges in society (still watching it) and one of them has...

Infallibility, those that think they have it but really never earned it, or never strived for it. The purpose of this Take is to discuss the merits of personal fitness and self...

Dear Feminists, Men & Women are not the same

Mentally, physically, emotionally,... men and women differ Mentally: - I know some women hate to hear this, but men generally are more...

"White" Privilege Part 2. The weirdness of racism and racists

Back in the day I created a take on "White" privilege. Understanding "White" Privilege: What is so Hard to Understand? Of course, I came...

No, the number of COVID-19 deaths has not been exaggerated 20x!

Since the beginning of September, Trump and the Republican party has been pushing the idea that the CDC has suddenly noticed that only...

September 11th 2020 - 19 YEARS - WE REMEMBER - WE WILL NOT FORGET

My beautiful city. Prior to 2001. What a beautiful sight! But this is what people on my island witnessed that day.... This is what the...

I hate my height more than anything else but I'm ready to stop caring about it.

I despise being considered small, weak, and tiny compared to everyone because I was meant for so much more than that, but I'm finally...

Why all the vitriol against recently deceased Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

Please don’t answer with ad hominem attacks. I would like to know in specific detail what it is that people think she did that was so...

On a bus route in state what age child may walk byself?

who has kids and they walk alone by them self up the road about 30 feet from bus stop do I have to walk children age 7?

What should a sign outside your door or property say?

Mine: If you do not appreciate good music (alternative music like Radiohead), beware. You will not be happy here. There are no kids or...

Should men simply abandon women and focus on themselves?

Women dont care about men. They only see us as disposable they see us as bank machines they nag us for spending time on our hobbies the...

Should I expose a lying pro-lifer for the abortion they encouraged?

An older male I know persuaded his ex wife to have not one but two abortions, yet he has swept it under the rug and identifies boldly as...

I hate Marxists, don’t you?

they never want anyone to vote.

Are Incels a threat to Western culture and civilization?

I hear many of them join islam and the Muslim way of life. If nowadays more and and more people are becoming incels and if they also...

Why don't you support BLM?

Black people are CONSTATLY explaining what we mean by black lives matter, yet people still don't support it. Why is that? We say black...

What part of the constitution do democrats not understand?

The constitution says the President shall appoint a Supreme Court nominee and the Senate shall hear it. The President is President for...

Do you think those who identify as liberal can be racist?

Though I am not conservative as I disagree with pretty much everything they support. I haven't come across more than 3 conservative...

If I have guns, that means I am a conservative?

If you ask the conservatives, they think liberals are communist nuts who want to banned guns lol Silly conservatives, I bet you do not...

Who do you plan to vote for in the November USA Election?

Just saying, I attend the same school Trump brags about, Wharton. Peeps aren't really supportive of him their either. It's mainly...

Do you agree or disagree with me when I say I'm calling it that Trump will win?

I'm calling it. I actually think Trump will win. I know it looks like Joe Biden will win on paper but it looked like Hilary was going to...

Do you wish death on politicians you don’t like?

For the record I disliked Ruth Bader Ginsberg BUT I respected her as a hard worker and fighter even though I disliked what she was...

After having a surgery Have you had doctors/surgeons compliment you like that?

I got a surgery. My surgeon was a female in her 40-50s (and her younger team members were both men and women). She was dressed in a...

Would you date a homeless guy?

Let's say you meet a 21 year old man who was kicked out of his mother's house after getting into a fight with his mother's boyfriend....

If looks are a factor in a relationship it shouldn't exist, true?

If someone is not great enough you'd date them regardless of how they looked it's not worth it, makes sense?

How do you win a court case?

im thinking of sueing the governent for treason because they dont got UBI

Trump plans to make Judge Amy Barrett next Supreme Court Justice before election , good or bad?

Three reasons we need Trump to get another Justice on court 1) There could be a problem with elections that we will need 9 justices. 2)...

Do you think all schools should have transgender toilets?

Do you think they should? Or are there bigger problems out there at the moment?