Words Can Be A Dangerous "Weapon". Are You Careful About How You Use Them?

It's not always the words used that are bad words or hurtful words, it's how they're used. People always say words can't hurt, but that...

Everything you should know about the Most highly classified Air Force facility in the United States.

After a request was filed through the Freedom of Information Act in 2005, the CIA finally acknowledged the base after eight years....

The Dark Side of LGBT

The LBGT community has become, well a community, rather than a cause. This cause was created to fight for freedoms, much like the cause...

The World's Funniest G-Rated Humor

SENIORS SPEED TOO A Florida senior citizen drove his brand new Corvette convertible out of the dealership. Taking off down the road, he...

Sir, you keep your job and I will keep my attitude!

Tears me up every single time! We get this attitude after years of depression, anxiety, bullying, emotional abuse, suicidal thoughts and...

Hating white people is also racist

I am a British Pakistani and even though I am a Pakistani, I am not bias at all. Perhaps, I am the first person to break my silence on...

Education is fundamental and more you know...

So I was reading on some pages that people were confusing a Cuban Flag with a Puerto Rico Flag... Hmm....

Do you think it is fair for the punishments for murder to be different in different states? Why?

Do you think it is fair for the punishments for murder to be different in different states? why?

Americans are swearing a lot. Why aren't they kind?

Even when they speak, they use the words f *ck, shit a lot. I also saw someone saying bastard to his buddy.

East Asian Community Is Facing Racism Due To The Cornavirus?

Around the world, East Asian people are facing racism due to the cornavirus. I'm saying East Asian because while Chinese communities in...

What do you think about Turkish peoples?

About cultures, behaviors, countries, nature and history?

Why are women so adamantly against mandatory paternity testing of newborn children?

I can't think of any legitimate argument against paternity testing when a test cost less than $30 and is 99.99999 percent accurate. What...

That mean a lawyer protect the opponent ?

The prosecutor rejected my case. My lawyer dont puted all the important evidences in my statement i mean in my lawsuit. while i gave her...

Do you think Bernie can beat Trump?

One thing is for sure, there’s going to be a lot of arm flailing and hand gestures this fall.

With Russia trying to mess with the elections in the us for 2020 what do you think could happen?

after choosing say what you think on the subject it can be any thing or choose from the list to comment on

Should poor people feel bad about being needy and needing help from others?

When I was 18 I got pretty sick to the point where I could barely talk, and I felt pretty bad for going to the hospital because I was on...

Is it ok for leaders to bash others?

I haven't seen "Parasite", but from what I've seen, I agree with Trump bashing the Awards show in general.. and that we don't have great...

Moral dilemma Holocaust Survivor's daughter is killed in a car accidentbygerman diplomat in Washington D. C, they can't charge himdiplomat immunity?

Is the man justified in murdering said diplomat for his hit and run. This situation is based off the book,only in the book there is no...