OnlyFans: A "Simping" Epidemic?

Lonely, desperate, isolated men, are the enablers of this epidemic, which, in turn, is leading to the hyper-sexualisation of women who,...
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The life of Ruby Bridges

To me, what might be as important of a figure in black American history nobody stands out more to me than Ruby Bridges. Her bravery...
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The Lunacy of MAGA

Make America Great Again. Again. So it’s not good now. Why? Because the right wing tries to strangle any government progress in its...
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Understanding the actual purpose and studies of critical race theory

Critcal race theory helps to educate how laws in America helped to shape our country today. So let's discuss this. Ok so it is obvious...
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The Semi Collapse of the Patriarchal Society... And Now Men Are Mad!

Since the dawn of most early civilizations, men ruled the world. Period. They made sure everything solely benefited themselves. Who...
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Why I am no longer getting political

Politics has been influencing me really badly, especially on here as well as on Reddit and YouTube. It's come to a point where I've been...
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Suicide. Simply Explained.

Books, articles, self-help, conferences, podcasts, programs and resources in your area, the world wide web, universities, professionals,...
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A Shift in Crime: Why are recent crime rates dramatically rising?

I figured I'd make a quick essay talking about a handful of events all at once under one major one- the collapse of civilization.I think...
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How far would the Wokester mentality go?

Given the deep hatred brainwashed Wokesters have for Trump, MAGA and conservatives, do you think Wokesters would execute them like the...

Evolutionarily, women don't want to be friends with other women that sleep around, but men don't care if their male friends do? Thoughts?

Does decriminalizing drugs work?

Do you think decriminalizing drugs will work? In an attempt to stem its opioid crisis, British Columbia Canada is testing something that...

Why does EVERYONE hate me?

I can't describe the situation without people saying I'm cocky or what not. It's not like that AT ALL. Because when I'm high people want...

The term woke is cringy?

Like honestly every time I here someone comment that’s woke or you’re woke I think to myself do you have anything actually constructive...

Should we have a male version of Valentine’s Day?

The Valentine’s Day is all about the female.
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What is freedom? Are you free?

Basic Definition: the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. doesn't mean that’s the only...
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Who is better? Men or Women?

This questions is only asked for people's personal opinions. Do not take it personally.
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Do you have extremist views?

Would you know if you did?
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Should the federal age of consent be decreased?

Over here it's 18 (the USA, though some states have it at 16 or 17)
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Why do people think I’m 50 and older?

I’m 38 but I’ve been getting called ma’am a lot and people treat me as if I’m a senior citizen.
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Russia vs Britain social media arrests! What are your thoughts? This is what happens when you don't respect free speech..
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