Real Life Suits: The Lawyers We Know

In my country we have a saying: “Law is not a profession of cowards” ~ a true fact. We've all heard exciting stories about the work of a...

International relations. Everybody gets their turn.

You can not look at citizens of a country and judge them based on who their president is. You can't do that while having sensibility or...

NPC: The Ultimate Irony

INTRO I am not a big fan of meme's. I think most are dumb. And when the NPC meme came out, I quickly realized this one was actually...

Men don't benefit from females having birth control, and half of all taxpayers are male... tax money shouldn't cover contraception

Half of all taxpayers in this country are men, and yet, birth control, which only benefits women, is funded by tax money? This is an...

Beirut Explosion- history repeats after Oklahoma City bombing

Yesterday, an explosion took place in Beirut. At least, 100 have been confirmed dead and dozens are still injured in the hospitals....

Why President Trump Is America's Last Best Hope

30 years ago when I went back to college after dropping out the first time I took two history classes from a "renowned" Harvard...

Why Covid infection should be criminalized for public safety

Despite the evidence that Covid-19 is a real infection and very dangerous, people still either deny the existence of the disease or how...

Why do people complain about wearing masks?

Especially in the US, Europe, and Africa. Asia doesn’t seem to have a problem with it.

What do you think about Biden choosing Kamala Harris as his running mate for vice president?

As a woman I thought it was a good thing. As a woman of color it seemed like a good thing. But looking into her background. She doesn’t...

If the Confederacy won the Civil War but then abolished slavery anyway, would it still be a racist society?

A lot of historians think that even if the Confederacy didn’t lose the Civil War, it would’ve abolished slavery anyway because of...

The history of Gun control is deeply rooted in racism with "the black codes". So by supporting anti gun laws are you not supporting racist ideas?

For those unfamiliar the black codes made it illegal for freed slaves to own firearms and was a means to subject African Americans to...

Why can't political ads be more positive and at least practice good sportsmanship towards the other candidates?

Like why can't they be like : vote for Trump, but if you vote Biden then thats Ok too. Because he has a nice haircut.

Men, what types of women have you been with and/or attracted? Any commonalities among race, ethnicity, political affiliation, and more?

I’ve almost never attracted Asian women. One Middle Eastern or Indian woman (not sure which was her) Most have been white &...

How in the hell can anyone even fathom being a pedophile or even have those thoughts?

I don't understand it myself. My Facebook news feed is filled with posts about save the children and news on human trafficking rings and...

Thoughts on Joe Biden picking Kamala Harris for a VP?

info about Joe info about kamala

What do you do when you're stressed, when you seek solitude?

Exercise and chess, and quite a lot more chess than exercise. The simple life.

Joe Biden picks Kamala Harris as his VP running mate. Thoughts?

Does this influence your decision on who you vote for? Could he have picked someone better?

Dunning kruger effect?

Do you think most scientists these days are influenced by the dunning kruger effect when they defend their scientific knowledge? I...

If you had to choose between your human rights and death, what would you do?

There really isn't any gain in this situation and both choices are bleak, but it's one that's repeated itself throughout history. So...

Is PlayStation an American product or Japanese product?

The brand is produced by Sony Interactive Entertainment, a division of Sony, with the first console releasing as the PlayStation in...

Should Obama run for Vice President and then take over for President when Biden goes to padded walls?

The law states a any person 35 or older can run for President twice. Obama would be running for Vice President which he has never been....

Do you think Tomi Lahren is sexist towards men?

I thought conservative woman need to ass kiss men as one of their conservative women duties lol

If limiting protests and freedom of speech makes the world a better place, is it okay to curb them?

Generally, people believe in the right to free speech and protest. However, in April in my state of California, protests were banned at...

True or false? You can’t reason with the unreasonable?

I’ve tried reasoning with liberals before but I’ve since given up because what’s become apparent is that they are easily manipulated...

Is the stereotype 'Karen' meant to be a Trump supporter?

When people use that name is it usually to refer to someone who supports Trump?

Should there be a law where the United States is only allowed to fight in wars if someone else attacks the country?

We always get us in wars that cost soo much money and cost soo much deaths for no damn reasonable reason