Law For The Common Man: No-Fault Divorce

[I am a lawyer in Florida and I have a good general knowledge of Florida law. I know something about the law in other US states but I...

Dear Non-Autistic People

Dear non-Autistic people, The topic of Autism has gained popularity. Good, right ? Kinda. It raises education about Autism. But whose...

For those of you who are worried about American society. . .

Here is a letter from some actual Conservatives. . .the Joint Chiefs of Staff. . . MEMORANDUM FOR THE JOINT FORCE SUBJECT: MESSAGE TO...

The US Capitol crisis as told in Spongebob Memes

WARNING ⚠️: The following memes are meant for comedic purposes only. They are not meant to offend or side with any party....

Why I am Very Reluctant to Talk About Politics

In response to the chaos that temporarily interrupted counting of Electoral College votes for the 46th President of the US, I listed...

You wanted it you got it. We are now no better than a 3rd world country with what happened today. THANK YOU

Hey GaGers! It is I... Soo.... The person who you stand by who called the election FAKE how the ELECTION WAS RIGGED.. Yes folks you...

MyTake on Intelligence

You either have it or you don't. You can learn knowledge and education, but most intelligence is instinctual, and much of that is...

Anyone else happy the inauguration is cancelled?

I believe it was necessary to avoid the spread of covid 19. Are you happy Biden inauguration is cancelled?

What do you think of MGTOW?

MGTOW stands for Men going their own way, for anyone that doesn't know. I've never liked it, I thought it was feminism for men. A bunch...

What would happen to the black community of black children were no longer raised by black parents?

Like what if every black child was adopted by Jewish or Asian parents. What would happen?

Do Mexican Americans know they are part native American or some even full?

Or do they think they are just Spanish from Spain Are there many Mexicans with African ancestry

Is WAP female empowerment?

I believe getting more female engineers, doctors, lawyers, etc is female empowerment but that is just me. I believe more females earning...

Do you think this generation is facing a huge identity and communication problems even though social media made it easier to reach people?

I mean it seems to be people are starting to make accounts on twitter, facebook etc even on GAG with an anoymous identity that in my...

Hell Yeah or no?

Would the way we view the world change as we become a truly space fairing civilization? Would we stop quarreling over little things?

I sometimes think of the world as a whole, earth hurdling through space, so many interesting people doing so many interesting things all...

Have you heard of Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps?

His program for getting out of debt and building wealth? If you haven't and you're in debt, you should look it up and work the steps!

Do you find the impeachment of president trump without a proper trial to be unconstitutional?

More and more evidence comes out each day that the attack on the capital was planned and instigated by left wing radical groups that...

Is questioning the election racist?

The districts mentioned in election conspiracies often are predominantly black districts.

Why don't more women divorce rape their husbands?

What a time to be alive as a woman in America! Get married? Awesome! All those phantomic benefits and that marriage certificate paper....