Men, your mindset is encouraging female privilege!

Hey guys. So I was watching a very interesting video about 50 female privileges in society (still watching it) and one of them has...

The difference between sex and gender identity.

I saw an argument about transgenders identity on here and felt it would be a good idea to explain the difference about changing your sex...

Why the Threat of "Cancel Culture" is Just Reactionary Fear-Mongering

Many on the right have argued that cancel culture is a form of censorship being imposed by the censorious left. But the problem with...

Infallibility, those that think they have it but really never earned it, or never strived for it. The purpose of this Take is to discuss the merits of personal fitness and self...

Dear Feminists, Men & Women are not the same

Mentally, physically, emotionally,... men and women differ Mentally: - I know some women hate to hear this, but men generally are more...

"White" Privilege Part 2. The weirdness of racism and racists

Back in the day I created a take on "White" privilege. Understanding "White" Privilege: What is so Hard to Understand? Of course, I came...

No, the number of COVID-19 deaths has not been exaggerated 20x!

Since the beginning of September, Trump and the Republican party has been pushing the idea that the CDC has suddenly noticed that only...

Why do black peoiple continue to blame whites for all of their problems?

You get free earned income credit and free education and you still complain. You don't teach work ethics to your children, so 60% to...

Are some people going overboard with equal rights?

Personally, I think equal rights should be for good reasons and not ridiculous posters about ''the rights to walk topless like men,...

Do you ever think about all the young men who died in wars?

I hate watching war movies because afterwards i get really sad and think really deep about all them brave young men. It gets me so mad...

How will the democrats in our country react to Trump winning the election?

I’m going to assume mass riots and violence will flood the streets.

There are advocates for private medicine, and public, or socialized medicine. Why not have both? Is there a reason that isn't laughable?

The high cost of health care is due to inefficient administration and greed. Period. Does anyone have a reason that isn't complete B. S....

Why do Democratic voters believe that soft on crime is a good thing?

Lets say... An illegal immigrant abducts your little 12 year old girl and rapes her, he gets caught but is released because the paper...

What do you make of the global tension with China?

Many countries are currently unhappy with China. India and China have even had deadly skirmishes recently. Many people (especially...

What is something you find embarrassing about your country's people?

As an American, these are mine (don't get triggered I am still proud to be American): 1. Gun-obsession and the belief that they are...

Do you think more advanced civilizations will be democratic?

There are lots of flaws in the democratic system.

Cancel Netflix because of child abuse?

Just take a moment to let that sink in.. and then express to me down below how you feel about it. Really let me know what you guys...

What type of K9 do you think is the most common type in law enforcement?

Dual-purpose dogs exist, but I did not include them in this poll.

Should the Nobel Peace Prize be retired if Trump doesn't win it due to his peace efforts across the Middle East and East Europe? "He negotiated the release...

Is Trump a Russian Agent?

“I faced great pressure because of Russia. That’s taken off.”

What’s your opinion on catfishing?

This is in the context of women wearing makeup and being called a catfish. You can probably tell my opinion from the poll. Feel free...

Is President Donald Trump to blame for the COVID-19's outbreak in the United States of America?

Back in 2014, ebola had an outbreak. But Barack Obama, then-president of the US, knew what to do. He deployed troops to Africa and had...

Do you do you think the USA is heading towards a civil war?

I personally don't think so. People don't care enough, our living conditions would have to be completely untenable to motivate the...

Do you think that suicide is selfish?

I don't think it is. Sometimes the world will be better off without you.