Moral Dilemma: Who Deserves Your Seat?

In case you've never been on a city bus, in most cities the busses have signage above the first couple of rows of seats or seats that...
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My rant about anti anti vaxxers

Please note whatever I say should not be taken offensively or used as genuine facts - im a 15 year old gal what do I know after all?...

Should We Have Lock Down Drills For Children?

On April 20, 1999, I was a high school student who watched as Columbine happened on the news in front of me. Two high school students...

Thoughts on How Men Are Now More Likely to Be Single Than Women. It's Not a Good Sign!

I find it interesting that according to an article written by Belinda Luscombe, almost a third of adult single men live with a parent....

I told you, I'm light-skinned but not ✨Lightskinned✨!!

Before we get into it...I owe a back story. I'm from an Island in The West Indies. For my privacy, I'm going Anon. My mother is White...

4 reasons on why I am opposed to the transgender movement.

1. Biology is not up for debate and people trying to dispute the science of biology without legitimate evidence to back it up are either...

Why FSU's use of the Seminole Nation's name and image is NOT racist!

I received my BS degree from FSU in 1975 and my law degree from FSU in 1986. I love my alma mater and I am quite proud to have two...

People with life experience question: would you consider getting older a bad thing because your youth is over, or a good thing?

Would you consider getting older a bad thing because your youth is over , or a good thing because you are more wise even though you are...

What are your thoughts about the past Roe v. Wade America?

Now that Roe v. Wade is all but history, what are your thoughts and feelings?

Why would g@g want to hide this information about internment camps?

"The poll also reportedly says it answers just how far Democrats are willing to go to punish those refusing to get the vaccine....

Why shouldn’t our society demand the Jab?

If you don’t want the vaxx, stay home.

The news showed Biden behind the podium saying he wouldn't answer any questions about the war with Russia because he might start a real war. Would he?

If Biden, the President of the United States, is held back from answering questions about Russia because he might say the wrong thing...

Why do conservarives try to make everything about politics?

The weather, police behavior, common decency, health care.. no matter what it is conservatives have to throw the conversation into the...

How can a person stop being racist?

I don’t say racist things, but I sometimes think them.

Whats are your thoughts on Trump and Biden?

I wanna see a fight, a war even, in the comments. The comment section should be drenched in the blood you people shed

Do most Trump supporters believe the earth is flat?

Do they really? They also believe blm stormed capitol hill, the election was stolen etc. So I wouldn't be surprised

Which state would you like to see leave union?

The winner is California. It is a 3rd world shit hole state and needs to go

Do you think people should be proud of their race?

I don't mean in extremist Hitler sense.

Has the response to Covid turned you into a shittier human being?

It has to me. My morals and respect for people isn’t what it used to be

WTF!!! Did anyone Hear of the New Sister Covid Sub-Variant?

***The UK Health Security Agency Today put out News of a Sister Variant of the Usual BA. The UK has 53 Cases of this. 1 Type Omicron...

Is the United states of America a dying nation?

Is the USA a dying nation and if so what would you consider the problems that are the cause of it's down fall?

Think Pro-Vaxxers need a better marketing strategy?

I think a massive TV/social media blitz of photos like these could work. Every other TikTok you see, an ad plays with this.