Words Can Be A Dangerous "Weapon". Are You Careful About How You Use Them?

It's not always the words used that are bad words or hurtful words, it's how they're used. People always say words can't hurt, but that...

Profiles for 2020 Presidential Candidates (US)

Hello There! Elections are close and it's time to share objective information! I've drawn a few graphs showing objective statistics to...

A Student's Opinion On The UK's New Immigration System

Brexit date has passed, we've now entered the transition period, and home secretary Priti Patel has introduced a new points-based...

Everything you should know about the Most highly classified Air Force facility in the United States.

After a request was filed through the Freedom of Information Act in 2005, the CIA finally acknowledged the base after eight years....

The Dark Side of LGBT

The LBGT community has become, well a community, rather than a cause. This cause was created to fight for freedoms, much like the cause...

The World's Funniest G-Rated Humor

SENIORS SPEED TOO A Florida senior citizen drove his brand new Corvette convertible out of the dealership. Taking off down the road, he...

Sir, you keep your job and I will keep my attitude!

Tears me up every single time! We get this attitude after years of depression, anxiety, bullying, emotional abuse, suicidal thoughts and...

Do you think it is fair for the punishments for murder to be different in different states? Why?

Do you think it is fair for the punishments for murder to be different in different states? why?

What is your opinion on the MGTOW movement?

Also known as Men Going Their Own Way?

Do you know what the phrase “canary in a coal mine” means?

Have you ever used someone or something for that purpose?

Ok I'm aware of all the unfounded Hatred that is shown to our DULLY ELECTED President. Let's get a debate going, What do you TRULY KNOW?

If you debate you have to be willing to back your debate with scientific, historic, empirical data, and common sense. You will have to...

Why do African-American males commit sexual crimes towards minors?

Why do African-American males want to sexually abused Black boys, but find child molestation not okay? Should they find both sexual...

Is a nation's treatment of animals an indicator of morality?

There's a classic quote along the lines of 'if you want to see what a man is like, see how he treats his inferiors'. I think, but may be...

Why the heck has everyone latched onto the *heartbeat* in the abortion debate?

I mean cows and pigs have heartbeats, and yet we eat them. Dick Cheney doesn't have a heartbeat, he has an artificial heart that pumps...

Does Trump represent New York City?

He is the Manhattan man!

Do you think Onision is innocent or guilty?

Okay let’s lay out a few rules since this is a controversial topic -no name calling in replies to opinions, it’s unneeded and...

Would it be justifiable if a Japanese-American President interned (for one day) those who still try to justify the Japanese-American internment?

Imagine a hypothetical scenario in the near future where a Japanese-American gets elected as president. Among the first things he does...

Should we try to passed laws to limit religious people rights?

I dislike religion, but I do not think religion should be illegal. These laws would just be the counterparts to the laws that religious...

Do you believe in an all-white ethnostate?

And would you like to live there?

Is the ideology of having to choose labels like either being right or left wing toxic?

I think most people have some agreements on both sides of the left or the rights ideology but using labels further divides people by...

Do you think blocking someone is an admission of defeat?

I just got blocked by someone who admitted Trump was lying about universal health care.

Do you think men or women are nicer people?

i know depends on individual but overall.

Do you think this guy's comeback too me was lame?

A guy said to me "She probably thinks the same thing about you" after I told him I think this other girl is not pretty behind her back.

Do you believe that babies can be born evil?

Now TRUST ME, THIS question is not coming from me, but out of a conversation I had that truly hurt me!! For the record I DO NOT think...

Love of money is the root of many evils, agree?

How have you seen evil due to love of money? How do you reconcile that with the good, necessity to have money?

What would you do if you were homeless and had strong urges to cry in public?

Let's say you are homeless, have no friends or family to help you, and you have nightmares every night about being abused as a child....