OnlyFans: A "Simping" Epidemic?

Lonely, desperate, isolated men, are the enablers of this epidemic, which, in turn, is leading to the hyper-sexualisation of women who,...
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The Lunacy of MAGA

Make America Great Again. Again. So it’s not good now. Why? Because the right wing tries to strangle any government progress in its...
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Understanding the actual purpose and studies of critical race theory

Critcal race theory helps to educate how laws in America helped to shape our country today. So let's discuss this. Ok so it is obvious...
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The Semi Collapse of the Patriarchal Society... And Now Men Are Mad!

Since the dawn of most early civilizations, men ruled the world. Period. They made sure everything solely benefited themselves. Who...
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Why I am no longer getting political

Politics has been influencing me really badly, especially on here as well as on Reddit and YouTube. It's come to a point where I've been...
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Suicide. Simply Explained.

Books, articles, self-help, conferences, podcasts, programs and resources in your area, the world wide web, universities, professionals,...
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RE: "Why are you pro-choice?" (The SIXTH Damn Abortion Argument I've Done on Here.)

A response to this post, since the cowardly anon erased it the first time. So now you've made me make this crap. THE QUESTION "Why are...
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The fall of men 21. century edition

Do not be confused by this deliberate thumbnail picture. This is not a men VS women/feminism article nor a shaming topic. No, this is...
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Government demands you must get micro chipped or else you can't buy anything nor sell anything or live in society without being chipped. What you do?

We are moving rapidly towards a cashless society. In Sweden cash is only used 6% of the time. This year Sweden is expected to get rid of...
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Is there such thing as racism in America?🤔?

Explain why My answer: Hell No and I’m black.

What do you think about this topic (sweden or finland)?

Sweden's NATO membership bid, Ankara's Stockholm He is facing an exit as handing over Kurdish activists and blocking rallies attacking...

Why doesn't the left care about the fentanyl crisis?

Fentanyl kills way more people than covid and gun violence so why doesn't the left seem to care about the fentanyl crisis? It's very...

Should we ban feminist protests?

I thought that feminist protests are unnecessary because what are women fighting for? If feminists are fighting for equality then why...

President Trump has made his first campaign appearances for the 2024 election Were you happy to see him?

He looks like he has lost some weight and he addressed a lot of the issues that most Americans care about. He said he is more committed...

Do you think the Internet is a Net positive or Net negative for society?

Net positive - Doing more good than harm Net negative - More harm than good
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Is it strange for a White Slavic guy to be fascinated with South Asian culture?

I know the region has problems and the culture is far from perfect, but the region and culture has always seemed so exotic to me....
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Shouldn’t we disincentivize the poor to procreate?

For economic, criminal and educational reasons?
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Emily ratajkowski or Madison Beer?

Madison Beer Emily ratajkowski
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If you saw to meth heads (100% sure) walk into a retail store and they were acting weird (but not violent) what you do?

Today I saw two very sketchy guys walk into my local Target and I overheard them talking really bizarre gibberish. They walked down an...
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So BLM isn’t a race issue about cops?

No. It’s a race issue about the victims of cops. The Tyre Nichols death scandal shows the culture permeates. They all breath the same...
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Trump is going to build an"Impenetrable Dome" to protect us - who is going to pay for this Dome? Trump Announces Plan To Build ‘Impenetrable Dome’...
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Are most soldiers (of any nacionality) prone to rape civilians?

I mean both professional soldiers and ordinary men who have been mobilized and called into war. Any military force (American, Russian,...
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Can you define woman? Or man?
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