We're All Just a Submarine: A Journey Through the Mechanics of Social Media

As I was lying in bed this morning, thinking about various things, something occurred to me. You know what we are, here, on the...

Stop kidding yourself, you aren't a social justice warrior!

Do the liberal elites really care about social injustice when there is actually something to lose, or is it all just moral...

The Most Influential Black People in the United States of America (Final Part)

Today, on February 28th, 2021, is the final day of Black History Month in the United States of America. This is the fourth, and final...

How do your countries address school violence/bullying in schools and workplace?

Did you guys have a lot of bullies or bullying scandals in your middle school or high school? If so, what happened and how was it...

The Most Influential Black People in the History of the United States of America (Part 3)

Here in the United States of America, February is Black History Month. This is the third edition of my series. If you want to read the...

Why I supported and still support Donald Trump

This is a random essay I had in my head right now. As a writer, I decided to transfer from brain to fingers to G@G. In 2016, I wasn't a...

Don't worry, sane rational people. We will eventually win the Culture War.

(Warning: This post is long! 17,000 characters.) I just got home, ate a burger, and I feel surprisingly good. You see, yesterday, Disney...

Are there any Gagers who are taking this pandemic seriously?

I'm asking this because I see so many users saying that the virus doesn't exist, that wearing masks is a nonsense and that all...

Why do we have to wear a mask after getting vaccinated?

It makes 0 sense to me. If you still have to wear a mask because you can still get covid, what's the point of the vaccine? Can...

LGBT: When do we drown in labels?

Guilani’s daughter just came out as pansexual, which the definition sounds as vague as shit. No offense, lgbt, but we’re drowning in labels.

What was your high schools scandal?

I feel like every high school had a scandal so what was yours?

Is Generation Z already starting and going to be a damn bunch of whiny little freaks that we will have to put in strict check about their moaning?

A generation Z marshmallow desires to cancel Eminem lyrics about a song, which I do agree the lyric line is disgusting and sends a very...

Is this all you say to crying liberals talking about a wealth tax and other high taxes?

This is the best answer just to give them when their crying about how you don't need all that money and to give it to them.

Man called police on himself yesterday in attempt to spark a George Floyd incident. What are your thoughts, comments and opinions on this?

Source below. Seems to be people wanting attention? A chance to be a martyr? Would you do this if you had the chance for half the...

Do you use torent?

What have you used it for? Spelling is wrong but I hope you get the word.

Do you think there is a toxic femininity? What do you think about toxic femininity?

I think that toxic femininity is one of the biggest problems of modern society. What do you think?

Are you taking, or have taken, the COVID-19 vaccine? Why or why not?

I’ve been officially offered the vaccine in the current USA phase of vaccination due to being an education worker, & so many thoughts...

What will end up destroying the US?

Which one? The US will not survive as a functioning country much longer. When US fails this will cause others countries to fail and we...

Why is Cuomo being raked over to coals but the Former Occupant of the White House wasn't?

https://news.yahoo.com/happens-gov-andrew-cuomo-resigns-165715927.html What happens if Gov. Andrew Cuomo resigns from office or is...

Who should be banned next?

they are all extremely racist in their own subliminal way. no one will ever hoe truly racist they are but trust THEY ARE...

Is this picture racist?

UFO Sombrero I like the concept of it. I'm asking because that actually gave me a logo idea. But the thing is, it might be...

#Metoo is BS. Its about weaponizing victimhood NOT protecting anyone. Being questioned by police this afternoon after this bitch threatened suicide?

I'm not typing out the same back story again. My idiot sexual fling that ruined her life by getting caught cheating tried to kill...