OnlyFans: A "Simping" Epidemic?

Lonely, desperate, isolated men, are the enablers of this epidemic, which, in turn, is leading to the hyper-sexualisation of women who,...
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The Lunacy of MAGA

Make America Great Again. Again. So it’s not good now. Why? Because the right wing tries to strangle any government progress in its...
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Understanding the actual purpose and studies of critical race theory

Critcal race theory helps to educate how laws in America helped to shape our country today. So let's discuss this. Ok so it is obvious...
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The Semi Collapse of the Patriarchal Society... And Now Men Are Mad!

Since the dawn of most early civilizations, men ruled the world. Period. They made sure everything solely benefited themselves. Who...
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Why I am no longer getting political

Politics has been influencing me really badly, especially on here as well as on Reddit and YouTube. It's come to a point where I've been...
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Suicide. Simply Explained.

Books, articles, self-help, conferences, podcasts, programs and resources in your area, the world wide web, universities, professionals,...
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A Shift in Crime: Why are recent crime rates dramatically rising?

I figured I'd make a quick essay talking about a handful of events all at once under one major one- the collapse of civilization.I think...
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RE: "Why are you pro-choice?" (The SIXTH Damn Abortion Argument I've Done on Here.)

A response to this post, since the cowardly anon erased it the first time. So now you've made me make this crap. THE QUESTION "Why are...
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Are things becoming unaffordable in 2023?

So I don't know pretty much anything when it comes to real estate, finances, or anything in between. So is it true that the world is...
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Who is Punxsutawney Phil?

Today is Groundhog Day

If Batman was real, she would be lynched on Twitter, do you think I'm right?

If batman was real, she would be lynched on Twitter, do you think I'm right?

Syndrome from Incredibles said that "When everyone is super, no one will be." Is that true?

If everyone on Earth had technology that simulated superpowers like he wanted, would that really make the people born with superpowers...

What is the manosphere?

I’m curious I was wanting a documentary on this murderer called Elliot and they mentioned things about the manosphere and incel culture...

Why it doesn't feel like 2010's anymore?

Those years were really good times. Now its more like darkness's taken over

My parents think the only way to end racism is by not talking about racism. Do you agree with their approach?

I live in a household where racism is considered a taboo subject and they almost never talk to my little brother (he is 11) or even to...
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Do you believe in the right to privacy?

VOTE BELOW. Hunter Biden's legal team went on the offensive Wednesday, demanding state and federal investigations into the...
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This murderer identifies as a baby. But is she a hero?

A murderer who decided in prison to identify as a woman is now insisting that she identifies as a baby....
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Can't we just say no guns in public areas?

No Shoes No Shirt GUNS No Service
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Are females privileged?

My last post got deleted by gag for being mean. So I'll be nice like modern Mike Tyson. In my experience, my sister got a free car, free...
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Do you think Russia will capture Kiev in 2023?

The war has been going on for almost a year. What do you think?
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