What Harvey Weinstein's Case Means for Every Other Woman

The outcome of Harvey Weinstein's case is supposed to be a victory for women in particular who have long since quietly rallied against...

An injustice which took 120 years finally passes the House. But in 2020, it is about party line and taking orders from the "Chosen One"..

Four Lawmakers Vote Against House Bill to Make Lynching Federal Hate Crime, Cite 'Government Overreach' -...

I'm Not a Feminist But...

I want you to imagine you’re living in your dream house. It’s got everything you want. Nice big AC, your personal theatre, lawn,...

Why so serious?

He believes he has two options in front of him: one, to take this world serious and be so "involved" in it and two, to take it easy....

Three pieces of advice for teenage girls from my own personal experience

1. Never share your personal life Maybe, those who sympathise with you also make fun of you in your absence! 2. Don't share your...

Profiles for 2020 Presidential Candidates (US)

Hello There! Elections are close and it's time to share objective information! I've drawn a few graphs showing objective statistics to...

A Student's Opinion On The UK's New Immigration System

Brexit date has passed, we've now entered the transition period, and home secretary Priti Patel has introduced a new points-based...

If security has to remove scantily clad girls, does this make the security personnel vulnerable to sexual harassment accusations?

Whats your thoughts? Like for example in a club, a trouble maker girl has to be removed. In my country there is both male and female...

With Canada and the USA being a place where 1/3 kids get abused. I must ask who knows what abuse is?

With so meny things being infact abuse. Let me do a input poll and ask all of you to (write your idea what emotional, physical, sexual...

Do Survivors Of Abuse Become Toxic?

"don't trust a survivor until you get to know what they did to survive." a writing prompt;thrilling quote.

Should cheating be illegal?

Should cheating on your partner be Illegal? The punishment would be 6 months in prison and for infidelity to go on your records that...

Why doesn’t society like promiscuous women?

By “society” I’m referring to the men and women citizens of the US and perhaps abroad as well. From my observation and knowledge, it...

What has Trump achieved so far?

What has Trump done so far which is so good? Apart from telling a lot of lies to his fanbase?

Do you agree that the Democrats have a tendency to be hypocritical, while the republicans have a tendency to put too much trust in a system?

I’ve noticed Democrats have a tendency to be hypocrites by not practicing what they preach. They claim to be tolerant and against racism...

Which one sounds more humiliating?

Let's say you are around a group of people and someone punches you in the stomach as hard as they can. Which reaction sounds more...

Is money really important to you?

So i know you need money to live and have a happy comfortable life, i definitely get it from that point of view but i feel people put so...

Does your favorite color match with your personality type according to Psychology?

My favorite color is red, and it matches with my personality type according to Psychology very accurately! I'm passionate, fiery, and...

Does Bernie Sanders stand a chance against trump?

It's almost certain it will be Bernie who goes up against trump

Do you use Ecosia as your search engine?

Ecosia donates 80% or more of its profits to nonprofit organizations that focus on reforestation. They also plant a tree in your honor...

Is Michael Bloomberg no different than Donald Trump?

Both are creepy old white billionaires from New York who said both sexist and racist remarks in the past

Do you think men and women are equal?

In some ways yes, but we aren't the same.

Should we promote the stay at home dad and house man?

we're basically force feeding women to every white collar branche of labour (notice that nobody cares for female quota in blue collar...