Who do you think is more BITTER towards the opposite sex, Men or Woman? The Results!

I recently posted a poll question here on GaG asking who Men and Woman thought held more resentment toward one another, and thank you to...

Let's talk about equality between the genders (pls read everything)

Hyy! I recently have seen this subject a lot on the internet. There are so many opinions on this. Please read what i have to say. You...

The ultimate guide to destroying your enemies

Admit it, we all have enemies no matter how nice we are. Whether you're a 15 yo guy who gets bullied at school or a 55 yo politician who...


Recently I've been in flight training to earn my private pilot's license, so everything with me now is aviation metaphors. In the club...

The W. H. O., Asymptomatic Spread, and Why Mask Police Are Wrong

I refuse to vilify people who choose not to wear a mask in public. Leading scientists from the World Health Organization collected the...

Why Last of Us 2 is such an insult.

There's been a lot of nonsense about the Last of Us 2, and most of it is so ridiculous it shouldn't even be accepted as a valid...

7 Ways Shaun King fails history class forever

Warning: This is bound to make someone's blood boil; but it needs to be said. Shaun King, presumed leader of BLM, in his recent tweet,...

Do you hate trump?

I’m curious lol.

Why do black people degrade themselves with the word n (gga?

The word "man" indicates some level of respect. The word n*gga does not. If they want people to see that they can be smart, educated,...

Why are people with guns so skittish?

Even cops dealing with unarmed black men. Little snowflakes with itchy trigger fingers.

Why do black people hate white people so much? Aren’t they more racist? Why blame the Police and discrimination instead of focusing on yourself?

When I say white people are “racist” I don’t mean individual animosity towards like every single black person. Walk your ass out of the...

Why does my stepdad think Jeffrey Epstein was a good guy if he is watching the documentary on Netflix?

My stepdad is quite obsessed with Jeffrey Epstein. While at the dinner table he was watching the documentary on Netflix and everything...

Am I being over dramatic?

So my stepdad just busted into my room without knocking and yelled at me about the fan I was using and took it. I sleep pant less at...

Why do black people have such a collective mindset?

I saw several black people posting, "Don't celebrate the 4th of July! Only celebrate Juneteenth" It's like they think they speak for all...

Why all the hate against Trump?

I don’t understand why Americans don’t like Trump! I just don’t understand the hate! He is the greatest president we have ever had! He...

Are people willfully ignorant or actually ignorant about what "defund the police" means?

So after reading through the hot take/ Pinned question on this I'm legit curious if people actually read about the movement or if they...

I feel that men have better lives. Is it true?

I hate being a woman and I wish I was a man...

Are you glad things are back open after being closed for COVID-19?

I wish things would have stayed closed. The intense rules and regulations everywhere make the places barely functional. In my opinion,...

Should transgender people be allowed in sports for women?

It would be unfair because they are still biologially male and many times they win the competitions. I think they should have their own...

Baby Boomer Vs. Younger Current Generation? Which generation actually has it better?

We say the boomers had it so great and fantastic at our expense and screwed us over, yet how many young people would actually be willing...

Who's more intolerant liberals or conservative?

From personal life and across the media my vote goes for liberals. It's not uncommon for democrats to try to restrict free speech. Like...

Is it possible to think like a white supremacist but not act like one?

So this person believes in white supremacy but doesn’t go around trying to harm or be hostile to non-whites.

Race relations in America will only get worse?

Between white and black.

If you do/did own your own company, would you rather have male or female employees?

Personally if i ran my own company, unless i was running a brothel, I'd never hire women if i could, unless it was low skilled easily...