The general explanation on what it means be a "real" M or W.

I wish it were that fair but it isn't. Nothing is 50/50 in the universe. And certainly not between men and women. Just like the...
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What is the Green Cult really up to?

The Green Cult, aka Climate Changers/Warmists want to severely reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, calling carbon a "pollutant",...
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Time for my rant. The sexism based towards girls from age 5.

So, growing up as a girl in the early 2010s, as soon as I started school I noticed something, the girls' dress code was WAY more strict...
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Ain’t No Anthem At Burning Man

Mindhunter is a good show (and book) about profiling people. Some do it based on political beliefs, called typology. Research shows...
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Will Vigilante Justice Supplant Corrupt Criminal Justice?

The US Constitution is our pact of civilized behavior. From it we've derived a system of institutionalized justice, which we call our...
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Ultimate insanity. Now "Black" males have superior genes to "Whites" making them more masculine? Who is being irrational here?

Here is is the quote of a popular GaGer. "only the absolute hottest of white men are popular and celebrated. average white men are...
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What if the Philippines was as important as Taiwan?

A few weeks ago , Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. visited President Xi Jinping in China, where they agreed to cooperate in...
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My top 10 favorite presidents

Keeping in mind that these are my takes and that I may value some things over others and that those things I value I might not agree...
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Trump expects to be arrested Tuesday/tomorrow. Do you believe he will be arrested?

Please keep this thread clean and no Trump bashing. Just answer the question please. This is serious.

Has Trump been arrested yet?

Updates please? I want to start Drinking 🍸

Do you know about the charges against Trump?

Well here is 1 minute of it being explained in an actually honest manner....

Why do people say this to me?

I am half Venezuelan and half German but was born in Germany. I look full Venezuelan but when people ask what my ethnicity is and I tell...

When you hear 'drag show' do you automatically assume its sexual?

Just wanna see a show of hands on this one basically. not gonna elaborate or argue. ill leave my opinion out of this one.
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Is that meme true?

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Was the Iraq War a terrible mistake?

Not really a mistake since it was intentional, but a terrible thing to do?
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Should countries which have traded/imported Black slaves be made to pay their fair share of reparations money to be given to Black slave descendants?

Reference article 1: Reference article 2:...
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I’m a poc in the United States but I don’t want white people to become a minority so I don’t date white women for that reason. Do I have a point?

White people account for less than 10% of the world’s population and are starting to become minorities in their own countries. I’m a poc...
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‘Chur’ has made it to the Oxford dictionary! You’re welcome guys 🥰. Will You use this word gifted from my people?

Ah Chur 🥰. Such an amazing word embodying a vibe of coolness 😎, friendliness, acceptance and a secret code of intrinsic‘I got you...

What questions bother you in public?

I mean, are there any specific questions that particularly bother you when asked in public?
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Why do some people switch their instagram account from public to private repeatedly?

For example someone would have their account private for some time period then switch it to public for another time period then back...

Is it OK for someone that is in a relationship to dance with someone of the opposite sex while at the club?

Let's say the boyfriend or girlfriend ends up going out with their friends to the club just to unwind and have some fun. Is it OK for...
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What does it mean when a guy sits next to you at a table rather than across?

My friend and I (both females) and our guy friend all went out for dinner and she and I say down first so he had a choice as to who to...

If a dog bit you, would you want it to go to the pound?

My sister brought her dogs here since November because they are homeless. Today my housemate was trying to break up a fight between her...
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