Why Evil Is Actually Good

1. Racism We all like to think that we are non-racist and perfectly tolerant of each other. But the reality is, we are all evil racists....

I love how the Right continues to prove everything we say about them without fail.

When dealing with envious, dull-witted, insecure people of no morals, you know exactly how they'll react to being confronted with...

A Time of Uproar

Unrest If you guys notice, there's been a lot of political unrest, uproars, and chaos. The world has gotten a lot louder than it usually...

To Block or Not to Block: That Is The Question

In a land where we believe in freedom of speech, should individuals be "allowed" to block other people from exercising their right to...

The problem with American tipping culture; the absolute entitlement that comes with it.

The concept of paying someone extra for a service you've already paid for is disturbing. I used to think the American tipping culture...

The World is Now Bat-Shit Crazy

The world is literally insane. Stupid. Oblivious. And batshit crazy. And once you realize this, life gets easier to deal with. Don't...

So you want to save the planet, here's some ways

All the talk of global warming, and fossil fuels and such...just works us all into a tizzy and makes us point the finger at someone...

How do you define “head of the house hold”?

I find interesting, in the current climate, that it rarely if ever, has to do with directly taking care of anything IN The house.. when...

Would you feel embarrased if you are known as a stingy person?

Like even your best pal buddy of life and other friends know that trait of you but it seems you dont care about being stingy. So you...

Why do people hate president Trump so much?

He is doing so much for this country and he is trying his best. Remember that he isn't the only one in charge. He isn't thr only one...

How huge is this endorsement for Elizabeth Warren?

https://www.yahoo.com/sports/megan-rapinoe-endorses-elizabeth-warren-trump-out-of-white-house-182720893.html Not Obama, but next best thing.

Do you think the world is becoming less or more diverse? Do you think it's a bad thing?

I think the world is becoming less diverse because with social media and the entertainment industry and general globalization culture is...

Does America have an issue with race?

I dont experience it often, but in lush, suburban areas like where I am from, people are secretive about it. But when I pay attention I...

Is America the last bastion of white people worldwide?

Canada is out of bounds (Justin Trudeau made the entire country unrecognizable in like a year or two lol). Australia's getting infested,...

Does Donald Trump discredit the media so no one will believe them when they report negative things about him?

Chris Wallace, from Fox News, which many people claim is biased in favor of Donald Trump and Republicans, recently stated that he...

Can you be too old to vote?

E. g. over 65. Simply because it's not your future.

Impeachment of president trump?

Do you think trump should be impeached

Is ignorance bliss? People lie to themselves the most. ?

Usually we see the glaring lies, but we make up so many to ourselves we are just plain confused and ignorant. So why turn a blind eye....

Does anyone Feel this was Right of Her?

****My fiance just Confessed to me when he had First told his EX about me this Year and that I was a Trump Lover (Maybe have went down...

Would Africa as a whole be progressive and western if the European powers still rule Africa?

Most African countries are run by conservative religious nuts who think women should be treated as second class citizens, people in the...

Were African countries more liberal or more conservative when the European powers ruled Africa?

European powers such as Belgium, Portugal, Germany, France, the UK, etc ruled Africa I am wondering if Africa as whole were more...

Should poachers should be beaten up?

Poachers should be beaten up and torture. They are evil human beings who have zero respect for the environment

Which of these Early/Mid 1900s Mobsters/Gangster cars are your favorite?

Which of these Early/Mid 1900s Mobsters/Gangster cars are your favorite?Which of these Early/Mid 1900s Mobsters/Gangster cars would you...

Should Boris Johnson be impeached?

Might as well try I guess.