Instead of getting mad at each other for overthinking too much, make your intentions clear from the jump

Sometimes we get angry with each other(especially with the opposite gender) for overthinking, like when people get on here, and say...
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The Conclusions of Climate "Scientists" violate the scientific method.

The scientific method has been the foundation of legitimate scientific research for over 400 years and has served to advance human...
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If you want power, release power

Foreword: my thoughts here are incomplete and drift rapidly. Appreciate it for what it is. Everything we do is interpreted by others as...
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Why I advocate for a Transatlantic pan European alliance to replace the EU and NATO.

The western world (western Europe, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and maybe in the future Russia) is currently in a decline...
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Short Take: What can we can do to reduce gun violence in America?

Banning weapons and restricting their features do nothing toward reducing gun violence. With 350 million privately owned firearms in...
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The power of U. S. Citizens beyond volunteer campaigning and voting. Part 1:Citizen Lobbying

After being on GAG for a little over 2 years I noticed that the society and policy section is pretty active. I see various questions...
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The False Promise of Looks: A Surface Deep Liability

In many online circles of unhappily single men and women, attractiveness is heralded as the barrier to romantic access and relationship...
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Why I believe the over modernization of products is destroying their legacy

In recent times products that you normally would buy at the grocery store seem to change their logos, or what they represent. Many of...
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How do you know if someone is "woke"?

Provided that you mustn't even ask them.

Why did a guy I was talking to from online keep talking on about how he’s being mob stalked?

And saying these guys want his house because it’s worth a million dollars and they wanna kill him to take his identity. He kept telling...

Why are incels stereotyped as right wong when it's mostly left wingers?

All the white knights and simps paying for OnlyFans and stuff, the "nice guys", yeah, they're left wing.

Why do so many men and women have trash role models?

Is the dilemma/issue link to upbringing.

What do you think of the troll that tells people I’m stupid because I only have a bachelors degree from an elite school?

The richest friend I have outside my family or my dads social circle is somebody who never got a any type of college degree and her...

Do you think "gun restrictions only prevent law abidding citizens from owning guns"?

You hear this argument all the time in the USA that "criminals don't obey gun laws so those restrictions only prevent law abiding...

Why is GaG becoming fascist?

Stop deleting my questions or else I'll move on to another platform that respects my speech

Which one are you voting for? Finishing Trump's border wall or to pay the Democrat's "Migrant Tax"?

Biden and the Democrats have already flooded the country with more illegal aliens than the entire population of many countries. And they...
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Who were happier 😊?

Traditional women - that stayed at home, had children and looked after the house. Kept a marriage Modern women - women of today that are...
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Don’t you think gender equality 🟰 is sad?

Now women be getting in easier into top professions based on their gender and how society has manipulated them away from raising family...
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Are Asian guys often seen as ugly?

I've just met an Asian guy as a friend and he told me that there is a common idea that Asian guys are seen as ugly. Do you agree? I...

Do Russian girls have a bad reputation among South Koreans?

I heard this rumor yesterday and couldn't believe it was real. Why would such a thing happen between them? Do you know anything about this?

The USA Is A Patriarchy: True Or False?

First they took away complete control of women’s abortions rights (Legally) I’m just wondering what’s next? You women who think it’s...
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Is being anti-immigrant just racism?

Just come out and admit it. Some here have said they want America to remain white. While I argued against that issue, at least they were...
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Do you agree with Alan Dershowitz, the purpose of the cases against Trump is to get a conviction before the election, even if they lose on appeal?

Of the four cases currently being investigated regarding former President Donald Trump, Alan Dershowitz, a Harvard law school emeritus...

BREAKING: Trump, Giuliani, and others are indicted in a Georgia election probe. Thoughts?

19 people including Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump have been indicted by a Atlanta grad jury for election interference.
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