Law For The Common Man: No-Fault Divorce

[I am a lawyer in Florida and I have a good general knowledge of Florida law. I know something about the law in other US states but I...

Revisiting our childhood: A mind is a terrible thing to waste.. And here is why...

Hey Right Wing GaGers.. This.. DID NOT WORK.. Sorry..Not Sorry.. He is YOUR PRESIDENT.. Again. Sorry..Not Sorry.. But I digress.. The...

Covid killing molecules

So as some of you know, I sometimes do these mytake to combat misinformation I just come across a new one today. Apparently it's...

RE: What do you hate the most about society and humanity in general?

What do I hate the most about humanity and society? The massive, unrelenting, Betelgeuse-sized, infinite stupidity of humanity....

Why Wales Owns America's Ass!

Since America is in such turmoil I thought I'd write a little mytake on how we welsh are to blame for all your troubles. Warning...

Reality Check: Police Kill African Americans at a Disproportionately Low Rate

As you all have heard, police kill African americans at a disproprotionately high rate, way more than the 13% of the population they...

The immediate fate of a nation: Give me liberty or give me death!

This is not a message for my friends but a message for the Luciferians that are running this planet. I have been crying for many days...

Who is making less than $15 an hour anyway?

I live on the east coast and here, even retail workers and fast food workers are starting new hires out at around $15 a hour. And...

Is this site pure communism?

keeps deleting my Biden/communist post. they are catering to you nazis. America is now a hell hole communsit state.

Worried about my sister coming to the USA?

I tell her it’s not safe for women. It’s basically a second world country. Too much crime, too many sick people.

Why won't people admit trump was a good president?

Like I didn't vote for trump becuase I dont like the shit that comes out of his month but I do strongly belive we haven't had a...

Why is the media ignoring that Jacob Blake had a knife?

He got in a fight with the police after having warrants out for disorderly conduct, and sexual assault. He’s now admitted that in the...

Do people usually get indians and Hispanic people confused?

Because i am hispanic and sometimes people be thinking that I am from Pakistan.

How many languages do you speak?

With formal greeting from my motherland.

Why Republicans Who Claim To Be Pro American, Pro Freedom, and Pro Free Speech Want To Make Flag Burning Illegal?

You can't be pro freedom, pro free speech, pro American views, etc if you want to throw people behind bars for burning the flag. This is...

Would you say it's the person or the job why someone has to take marijuana (legal here) before going to work?

I never had to use marijuana till about 6 months ago when boss/HR turned into very nasty individuals that I had to put complaints to...

Why is politics so easy?

When all you have to do is believe what the media tells you and love the people in power. Bevause they wants whats best for me...

Can sometimes oppression be good?

Like during the current pandemic lockdown, we are all being massively oppressed. I live in Los Angeles and I can't throw a party or go...

Men, Are You Apart Of The Manosphere?

If you are why? Manosphere is a collection of websites, blogs, and online forums promoting some forms of masculinity, hostility towards...