For all excuses just to hate China

Trigger warning for sinophobes Of course it would be a lie to say that there's no issues going on in China. There still are many of them...

No, Italian COVID-19 patients aren't being denied ventilators or turned away because they're too old. A statement about public healthcare

I read and hear in American press and media that in Italy patients are being turned away if they're too old and that they're rationing...

WIC has new emergency guidelines that allow more food options

If your children are currently on the WIC program in the U.S your state might have waived the brand specific buying requirements or...

Trump 101: Kiss my feet during a crisis I will help you, you talk very poorly about a crisis I will burn you Trump Rejects New York’s Plea...

Disadvantages of being a guy. A rant

Your attractiveness depends on things you have no or little control over such as height, jawline and hair. Even in the areas you do have...

No, Virginia, there was never a mass campaign by Americans to use smallpox to commit genocide

This is a myth being spread around quite a bit right now. However, many are saying that the first settlers in America did this to wipe...

Corona - How believable are Chinas deathtoll numbers?

With the current panic ongoing while simultaneously China saying they have it all under control, China with this virus is the patient...

How are you using your quarantine time?

Anyone else NOT bored? I’m an introvert so I find this whole social distancing/self isolation thing really easy. It’s also made me have...

Coronivorus will end soon, I beleive this. We will rise together stronger, I believe this. What do you all believe?

I wanted to know the opinions of girls especially regarding this. Guys are welcome too. Please, tell me what your mind thinks and what...

When will men have the same rights as women?

This is disheartening to watch. Just a heads up. Women do have more rights, don't tell me they fucking don't....

Would You Support Reinstating The Death Penalty In The States That Abolished It?

This question sparked by a response by a user with a good head on her shoulders @Daniela1982 To me, abolishing the death penalty...

What people don't understand the whole of he UK is on Lock Down?

the thing it stupid thing to go move a new. I will get a fine. the UK every thing in the UK is on lockdown. so I can' even move out or...

Anyone else sick of the liberal agenda in movies/television?

Literally I think the liberal agenda in media has ruined most of my favorite franchises (i. e. Marvel, Star Wars, etc.). And before...

Why are there no women here that are conservative?

I mean I would love to have a Conservative woman as a friend here to talk about current events and issues. The ones that say they are...

How do you think the Trade & Economical relations countries have with China will be affected after we survive CoViD-19?

The devastating economic impact of the coronavirus crisis is leading businesses to consider the previously unthinkable—decoupling their...

Do women think that feminists of today are fighting for the same thing as the feminists of old?

I live in a city, when in general people openly express themselves, which is totally cool. However I've seen, spoken to, and been late...

Would you date someone with different political views?

Like if you were Republican but she was a Democrat.

Pro-Brexit UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested positive for the coronavirus. Will he be performing his own very personal "Brexit" soon?

God sure is funny sometimes! As usual, I don't accept anonymous replies because you should have the stones to live with the...

Do you generally believe China's number's about COVID 19?

According to official Chinese numbers, roughly 80,000 people tested positive and 3,000 died from COVID 19. In Italy, three times that...

Would you try herbal remedies with regards to Covid-19? Or other chest infections (e. g. general flu)?

I am NOT - I repeat I am NOT - suggesting for anyone to do this. Or think this a cure/prevention against Covid 19. Or any chest...

Was SARS-CoV-2 made in a lab?

With a vaccine 12 to 18 months away what are do except wait.

Should the government shut down meet up apps as they encourage going out and meeting random people?

During the lockdown you shouldn't be going out to meet people for anything not essential. E. g badoo, bumble, tinder, grindr.

Do you agree with AOC that the $1,200 per person payment that's part of the Coronavirus stimulus bill should be extended to illegals?