Instead of getting mad at each other for overthinking too much, make your intentions clear from the jump

Sometimes we get angry with each other(especially with the opposite gender) for overthinking, like when people get on here, and say...
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The common motivation behind capitalism and communism

Background Capitalism originated in Europe during the Middle Ages and Renaissance, gaining prominence in the 18th and 19th centuries...
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Pan-racial alliances, during colonialism

at a time, now, when people are spreading false propaganda, it falls on me to expose their lies and emphasize the relevant parts of...
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Holidays in December where there is NO WAR ON Christmas

Its that time of year again folks. When the dreaded "WAR ON Christmas" begins. How did this all start.... Thanks to this person who...
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How to survive a dictatorship: Part 1

Surviving a dictatorship is a daily struggle. You need to maintain a low profile, weather you're a foreigner or a national. Living at...
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What do you think of Napoleon's statements about England?

I am more far-sighted than other sovereigns, and I want to take this opportunity to settle this old quarrel with England. Such...
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The Complicated Relationships of the American States

Before the Civil War of 1861-1865 people would say "The United States are.". After the war they would say "The United States Is." This...
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The Wickedness of Cancel Culture

I need to make something clear: I am not a Republican, I don’t support Trump, and attacking “wokeness” isn’t a goal for me. I have to...
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What is your opinion on the temporary cease fire and the freeing of hostages?

What is your opinion on the temporary cease fire and the freeing of hostages? Do you feel hopeful that the majority or all still in...

Guys, is the following propaganda true?

is this true: Save human LIVES punish abortion staff for medical unnecessary abortions

When and how did the okay hand gesture become a racist or white supremacist thing?

Seriously i want to know this cause i got called racist when someone asked if i was alright but my mouth was full of food and i used it.

Onlyfans models should be paying taxes, agree?

Only fair, rght?

Did 2023 feel like it went by fast?

I swear every month felt like a week, then it was over like tf 😭😂

Women Aren’t Allowed To Age In The USA. True Or False?

I’ve seen guys only of course say men with wrinkles are ok but a woman having wrinkles drops her “value”
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What do you think of adding these 22 words to oaths of office?

The 22 words are: “That I will promptly report all instances of crime and/or corruption by government officials and employees of which I...
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Is doing things for attention always bad?

Would you generally say doing things just for the attention is bad? Can you think of instances where its ok?
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Do you think the media should favor one presidential candidate over the other in the upcoming presidential election?

This its how its done: Let say candidate X says something bad/stupid/wrong. The media makes it a headline for several days. Then...
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Do you believe OnlyFan models should not pay taxes?

I swear that Einstein was not wrong when he said that human stupidity is infinity but I just can't stop wondering why are we noticing...
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Could all this fuss about the “me too” movement have prevented many good relationships from starting?

I'm referring to cases where the man wants to ask the woman out and feels intimidated, as she may consider this sexual harassment

What makes a woman today?

What is the definition by the internet and today's society of a woman? What makes me a girl? It's not biological, not society cause they...
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Is a 135 iq regarded as high iq score even though I sometimes feel inadequate despite being among the most intellectually capable individuals?

I've often wondered about the complexities of self-perception and how intelligence doesn't always align with feelings of competence or...

Do men oppress women?

Do you think that men oppress women? And how are they doing it?
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