Men, your mindset is encouraging female privilege!

Hey guys. So I was watching a very interesting video about 50 female privileges in society (still watching it) and one of them has...

If you know someone, or somebody you know who has been affected, or know someone who is affected who died from Covid, then it is somebody...

Do you know someone, or have you known someone who was a victim of Covid ? Mother Father Sister Brother Cousin Wife Husband Co-Worker.....

The difference between sex and gender identity.

I saw an argument about transgenders identity on here and felt it would be a good idea to explain the difference about changing your sex...

Why the Threat of "Cancel Culture" is Just Reactionary Fear-Mongering

Many on the right have argued that cancel culture is a form of censorship being imposed by the censorious left. But the problem with...

Infallibility, those that think they have it but really never earned it, or never strived for it. The purpose of this Take is to discuss the merits of personal fitness and self...

Dear Feminists, Men & Women are not the same

Mentally, physically, emotionally,... men and women differ Mentally: - I know some women hate to hear this, but men generally are more...

"White" Privilege Part 2. The weirdness of racism and racists

Back in the day I created a take on "White" privilege. Understanding "White" Privilege: What is so Hard to Understand? Of course, I came...

What do you think about abortion?

An abortion is a procedure to end a pregnancy. It uses medicine or surgery to remove the embryo or fetus and placenta from the uterus....

I love to observe real life cases and do some analysis , so here is my question? Have you observed that more stricter the parents more?

the child commits things or stuff which he/she should not for example: If a family is too conservative and premarital sex is a big thing...

Do you think Adolf Hitler's idea could erase racism?

Adolf Hitler wanted to terminated all the races that are undesirable. If it was done then the entire world population would never face...

What if Russia was still a communist country?

Or if the Soviet Union still exists?

Do you think pedophiles and rapists deserve the death penalty?

Myself and my colleagues at work today were discussing the death penalty and if it is warranted. I personally think it is for cold...

Are you a Trump supporter? And why yes or no?

I don't even live in the US, but no i am not. In my opinion that man should never be president again :)) Stay respectful!

What did Obama do for civil rights?

I keep hearing about how Obama helped black people, but what did he really do? I feel JFK and his administration did a lot more for...

Why are you Vegan or Vegetarian?

I am a big meat eater and have never understood why people decide to be Vegan/Vegetarian. I have heard two arguments for it one being...

Are women the superior sex or men?

I believe that women are superior than men. Women are better survivors than men in every way (of which there are many), they are...

Is a company giving hiring preferances to people of colour racist?

I just saw a government job listed and down the bottom it said they will be giving hiring preferance to qualified aboriginal or...

"Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart." Do you agree with this quote from Anne Frank?

That people, no matter how evil, are actually ultimately good, but are influenced by other factors?

How important are politics and religion in a relationship?

Are politics and religion important in a relationship, why or why not?

Is covid magically going to go away after the election?

I'll give you a pass for buying into it the first month or two, but if you're not at least somewhat skeptical at this point I feel sorry...

Why do you hate feminism?

Also, do all feminist’s have to adhere to the same beliefs? It’s just equality, right?

Trump vs Biden, who should have the nuke codes?

A president should be stable, calm and work to better everyone’s life. Trump doesn’t do any of that shit. Biden is a senile old man who...

Was there justice for Breonna Taylor after the grand jury decision ? Is there a right decision here?

A grand jury didn’t charge any officers with shooting Ms. Taylor in her Louisville apartment. A former officer, accused of firing...

Do you shame people who still support Democrats and Republicans?

If you still think that the Democrats and the Republicans are heroes who will save this country, you need mental help asap Both the...