Does 11.11 Singles' Day meant to disrespect Remembrance Day?

11.11 Singles’ Day 11.11 Single’s Day is started in China, it “is a shopping holiday popular among young Chinese people that celebrate...

Three Faces: The Lie, The Truth, The Thought

Are you who you say you are? The Japanese believe that you have three faces. The first face is the one you show to the world. The second...

Egalitarianism is NOT equality

In ancient Sparta the Spartans were called 'Homoioi'. This means 'equals'. They were called that way because they only received Spartan...

"I'm afraid I can't explain myself, sir. Because I am not myself, you see?"-Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland.

Am I mad? Are you mad? We must be mad! All of us! This man is supposed to be mentally ill but...

The Right and the truth about their feelings on black men

I know the Right-wing script like the back of my hand, and all of the lies and tactics they use. The same tired transparent lies my 6yo...

10 Things That I Am Grateful For

1. I am alive. I am very grateful that the forces of nature have made me conscious in this body. My consciousness allows me to move...

Why Trump should let the US Navy build a new modern Battleship in 2020?

Its been 75 years since the last battleship was built, large, fast, thick armored with multiple long range radar controlled 12-18 inch...

Do you think white people are more materialistic than any other race people?

All of my white friends are like that. They want rich woman rich man.

Did the impeachment hearings change your mind about whether or not Trump should be removed from office?

The impeachment hearings are done for now. The senate now conducts a trial based on the findings of the hearings, and decides whether or...

When will Liberals talk seriously about real issues like the unacceptable high suicide rates aming men?

Why not talk about how your ideology is failing your societies, how Neoliberalism is still harming people's prospects in life, how your...

Why can't some people seem to be able to admit that Trump lies like everyone else?

I don't know anyone on the planet who does not lie at least occasionally. Call it white lies, call it actual hurtful lying, but lying...

What do you think of the impeachment hearings so far?

Even my bff is a little worried and she's a huge Trump supporter

Teacher hits kid twice for beating a dog and refusing to stop when asked. Who is to blame?

So this case was on the news in my country. A kid was beating a dog and a male teacher asked him to stop. The kid didn't stop and...

Who would win if such a war broke out?

I hope it will never happen and I dont think it will gonna happen but i just want to ask. answer with logic not emotions please

Should Trump be impeached?

Why should/shouldn’t he

Impeachment hearings. Did anybody watch The Ambassador Gordon Sondland testimony today 11/20/19?

Gordon Sondland is a wealthy hotel chain owner from Oregon. His parents emigrated here to escape the holocaust, he was born in the US,...

Do you try to convert others to your political beliefs?

This can be done by posting on social media like Facebook, doing MyTakes on GAG or even answering questions on GAG.