Law For The Common Man: No-Fault Divorce

[I am a lawyer in Florida and I have a good general knowledge of Florida law. I know something about the law in other US states but I...

RE: What do you hate the most about society and humanity in general?

What do I hate the most about humanity and society? The massive, unrelenting, Betelgeuse-sized, infinite stupidity of humanity....

Why Wales Owns America's Ass!

Since America is in such turmoil I thought I'd write a little mytake on how we welsh are to blame for all your troubles. Warning...

Reality Check: Police Kill African Americans at a Disproportionately Low Rate

As you all have heard, police kill African americans at a disproprotionately high rate, way more than the 13% of the population they...

The immediate fate of a nation: Give me liberty or give me death!

This is not a message for my friends but a message for the Luciferians that are running this planet. I have been crying for many days...

Dear Non-Autistic People

Dear non-Autistic people, The topic of Autism has gained popularity. Good, right ? Kinda. It raises education about Autism. But whose...

For those of you who are worried about American society. . .

Here is a letter from some actual Conservatives. . .the Joint Chiefs of Staff. . . MEMORANDUM FOR THE JOINT FORCE SUBJECT: MESSAGE TO...

Why the hell are antifa and BLM burning down Seattle and Portland again? ?

Guys I’m about ready to suggest that insurance company should not invest at all in Seattle or Portland you should not be allowed to get...

So racial inequality what’s up with that?

As the title would suggest we are talking about racial inequality and what the deal is with that how do you feel would you agree that...

Is Sonia Sotomayor a racist now?

During the swearing in ceremony of Kamala Harris Sony store to my daughter miss pronounced her name. Pronouncing it in the same way...

Do rich people resent poor people happiness or the other way around?

I think that it's nothing worse than a rich person seeing a poor person happy with simple things, and realises that money wasn't the...

How to end terrorism in the world?

in your opinion how can we stop suicide bombers terrorists isis etc... do you think that we should send them to psychics?

Does the Biden Administration mean no more economy, no more freedom, and that Covid deaths/cases will triple?

Trump warned us at that rally, and in that tweet. For the love of God, BRING BACK TRUMP!!

Do you think we will see a massive influx of Trump supporters on this site now that they're boycotting Facebook?

Do you think a lot of them will start coming on here now that they're supposedly boycotting Facebook?

Should the parents of the kids in cages be given visas?

A crime and humanitarian crisis was committed separating children and deporting their parents alone. That gives them the ability to...

Do you think North American women give feminism a bad name?

If you look at feminism anywhere in the world, it's not a bad movement. Then you look at feminism in North America and it makes you want...

Is QAnon dead or will it continue?

Poor bastards seemed so depressed today...

Conservatives and Republicans, would you consider joining a Third Party founded by Trump called the Patriot Party?

Is it bad to never worry about the future?

I'm not too much of a worrier about the future. A lot of people say it's a good thing. On some level though shouldn't everyone worry a...

Who Else Is Piss Off That Israel Has Medicare For All Because of American Tax Dollars But The United States Does Not?

You know that Israel has Medicare For All because of our tax dollars but we do not? What the hell Our Tax Dollars should stay here and...

What You Think About This New Bat Species They Found In Guinea?

Guinea is a western Africa nation where they found this new species in the Nimba Mountains