Men Need to Do Self Care More Often

Self-care was the trend of 2018, and while more than half of millennial women made it their priority, many men have yet to embrace it....

The Grooming Gang Issue In Britain: Another Take

So, I have learnt a lot about this issue with being on G@G and actually, and I feel like learning about issues as such is actually...

Why You Should Date, Marry and Reproduce With People Within or Above Your "League" In Terms Of Physical Beauty?

Introduction: Growing up I would often hear my mom speak about physical beauty and appearance and why it was important as she taught my...

How to prevent a home invasion: Warning signs, precautions and castle doctrine tactics

Note: Unfortunately there are politically biased folks who are adamant in trying to infringe on our rights and liberties as law abiding...

Royal Visit to Pakistan

I am a British Pakistani and I am so happy. Pakistan is very happy and did a great job to welcome the Royal couple. I wish they would...

Rep. Elijah Cummings: Loss of a great leader, and civil rights icon

It deeply sadden me to see this on the news this morning about US Rep. Elijah Cummings....

Who's At Fault For Biologically Reversed Gender Roles In Our Time: Men or Women

This is actually based on the question that coachTanthony recently asked as well as a reply I saw on it that happens to be very true,...

My teacher called me out for being pro-Trump? Is it right for a teacher to do this?

He literally said in my class "I had a student mention how she favored trump in her paper" he then proceeded to talk about how Trump is...

Do even white people use Code-Switching, if so do they know what it is?

White people, some of them code switch. I just don’t think they know what it is. I used to “code switch” all the time before I knew...

People who walk dogs off leash and act like you’re the problem when they approach your on leash dog, what’s you opinion?

Look, I’m not a saint in this area because on remote running trails I either have my dog off leash or on a very thin leash that drags....

What keeps you going?

I have nothing

What do you when someone says to you, "Everybody's not you." How should I respond?

What do you when someone says to you, "Everybody's not you." I'm often faced with being accused of thinking that everyone thinks like...

What would you rather?

Would you rather be; Sniffing cocaine or eating junk food?; both leading to depression, and many other side effects!

What you think Trump coming to Pittsburgh PA USA , 20-30 Miles South where I live , All the streets shut down and Schools being shut down?

President Trump's visit to Pittsburgh on Wednesday open to public. They are worried about the Protest too they have closed 12 Schools...

For those of you that have been to or live in L. A. in California how would you describe the city?

I would seriously love to live in L. A. at one point but I can't leave my family behind. 😕 #LACali

What's wrong with being a selfish bastard?

This is a message to the natalist freaks. If you are not a natalist, then this message does not address you: Why y'all so butthurt and...

Why are feminists degrading men and then expect them to join their movement?

It's a big illogical turn of reality. What do you think, folks?

How come in patriarchies, women still outlive men?

I just can not understand how you can have more rights, more freedom even more control, and still die before the ones that are viewed as...

Canadians, why do so many still stand with Justin Trudeau?

I'm not Canadian, but I can't figure out why this racist is so popular with Canadians? Also, why is it that everyone other than Trudeau...

Do you agree that "the End justifies the Means"?

I'm aware that no one can't know the results of one certain act ahead of time. And it's difficult to assess whether a morally right...

Does this guy have anger issues?

Kai is 23 years old. He is a nice, sweet, and gentle person but sometimes when he gets mad at people he can picture them stabbed to...

Is Japan 97 % connsisted out of japanese people?

I mean that people of other ethnicities only consist the 3 % of the population?

How do you feel about the NRA?

I support them and have started a membership to be a supporter, what's your views on them?

Who are more against sexual assault democrats or republicans?

I think republicans are more against it and find it a more serious offense.