We're All Just a Submarine: A Journey Through the Mechanics of Social Media

As I was lying in bed this morning, thinking about various things, something occurred to me. You know what we are, here, on the...

Stop kidding yourself, you aren't a social justice warrior!

Do the liberal elites really care about social injustice when there is actually something to lose, or is it all just moral...

The Most Influential Black People in the United States of America (Final Part)

Today, on February 28th, 2021, is the final day of Black History Month in the United States of America. This is the fourth, and final...

How do your countries address school violence/bullying in schools and workplace?

Did you guys have a lot of bullies or bullying scandals in your middle school or high school? If so, what happened and how was it...

The Most Influential Black People in the History of the United States of America (Part 3)

Here in the United States of America, February is Black History Month. This is the third edition of my series. If you want to read the...

Why I supported and still support Donald Trump

This is a random essay I had in my head right now. As a writer, I decided to transfer from brain to fingers to G@G. In 2016, I wasn't a...

Don't worry, sane rational people. We will eventually win the Culture War.

(Warning: This post is long! 17,000 characters.) I just got home, ate a burger, and I feel surprisingly good. You see, yesterday, Disney...

Are there any Gagers who are taking this pandemic seriously?

I'm asking this because I see so many users saying that the virus doesn't exist, that wearing masks is a nonsense and that all...

How does it feel that popular people like Santa claus and jesus was actually not white and we have been white-washed all along?

santa claus was from turkey and he looked like this: this is the white washed version of Santa claus: this is jesus he was from modern...

What do you think is the worst kind of discrimination?

Xenophobia, Homophobia, Racism and all the others, which is the worst in your opinion?

Why is it more acceptable for women to be sexist than it is for a man to be sexist?

“All men are trash” “I hate men” Can all be said online with 0 hate whatsoever. Now lets flip those quotes around the other way. “All...

Why do leftists call other people who don’t agree with them bigots even though most leftists are intolerant of republicans opinions?

I guess it is the same as the word “racist”. They just throw the word out there without knowing what it means the same way they do with...

Do you think having kids is bullshit in this age?

Of course it is bullshit. Look at this terrible place called earth. I can't bring any more slaves to this world.

Why do we keep getting such stupid leaders?

So we (the USA) go from a President who is a narcissistic psycho in his own little reality to one who just isn't very bright. Whatever...

Do you think aliens would look human?

or would they look like a different species?

Did u think Humans are the worst species?

Yes I do. I always think animals are more humans than humans cuz they show love and compassion care at least they don't stab u in the back.

Do you think the world could ever turn into a world like in Handmaid‘s tale?

A novel and now a show by Margaret Atwood, this series is set in Gilead, a totalitarian society in what used to be part of the United...

Do you think there is a toxic femininity? What do you think about toxic femininity?

I think that toxic femininity is one of the biggest problems of modern society. What do you think?

#Metoo is BS. Its about weaponizing victimhood NOT protecting anyone. Being questioned by police this afternoon after this bitch threatened suicide?

I'm not typing out the same back story again. My idiot sexual fling that ruined her life by getting caught cheating tried to kill...

Should all non-addictive drugs be legalized?

Also, should all nonviolent drug offenders be pardoned? FYI the picture is hibiscus.

Since Dr. Seuss books are being cancelled for being racist, should Ibram X. Kendi's books also be cancelled for being racist?

A little background information on Ibram X. Kendi: He advocates for "seeing color" and racial discrimination in the present to atone...

Which country would suit Trump Supporters wanting to leave?

With all the Trump supporters saying they want to leave, where would they go to? It would have to be a right wing country with strong...

Are The Republicans The Weakest Triggered Snowflakes Ever Who Only Care About Stupid Culture Wars?

This is how the Republicans think -OMG, there is a trans woman in the women's restroom -I am soo triggered that trans women are playing...

Is it bad that I do not believe in marriage?

I believe marriage as a societal and especially a legal institution in polygamous or polyamorous ( I am really not that aware of their...