A hypothetical dystopian scenario of a world dominated by radical left wing totalitarianism

Note: This take/article is not about a “conspiracy theory”. I reject the idea that the world’s governments are all planning something...

Veterans Day and what it should mean to you

To many Americans, today is a day we honor those past, present, and future, who served our country and serving our country. We honor...

Myths About Britain I Hate Hearing

So, on my online travels I've met users from around the world, and I always find it interesting to hear what they think about Britain-...

People who make America Great !!!🙏 (Part 1)

Firefighters These first responders litterally run into burning buildings to save lives, they put out forest fires and as Paramedics....

My Experience As A Girl Living In One Of "The Most Dangerous Places" In The UK

I live in one of the most dangerous places in the UK - that's not just out of England, that's Wales, Scotland and Northen Ireland too. I...

How a White Queen can help keep herself safe on the mean streets of Britain !!!👑🥊

There are unfortunately many dangers facing women and girls on the streets of Britain such as rape, gang, rape, assault, stabbings, acid...

The Qandeel Baloch Case: The Story and The Justice

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to tell you about Pakistani social media star Qandeel Baloch. She has been spoken of on this website...

Is it morally right to support the military?

I feel so isolated. I don’t support the military as a whole because I feel that it leads to unnecessary and thus unethical violence. Do...

Are good-looking people supposed not to be depressed?

I got told that by my therapist... I feel like an ungrateful piece of s*** now. Even though it's only her who said i looked good anyway.

Who is the best friend of india?

1. Israel 2. Russia 3. China 4. America

Wonder what people. think of the link below?


How Come We Don't Hear Trump Trying to Illegally Move Money Around to Pay for Border Wall that Mexico Was to Pay For?

Number of crossings down anyway. Trump just lies to try to make it sound like they are stealing jobs hahahahahahahahaha What jobs? Jobs...

Thoughts on Andrew Yangs (2020 Presidential Candidate) $1000 a month proposal?

Yang proposed a bill that would guarantee annual income for starting for adults 18 and older by giving $1000 a month. He states Martin...

Why are whites given a hard time for cultural appropriation?

For starters, this was a white woman arguing for "my people," against "her people," since whites adopting non-white cultural styles is...

America belong to British or native Indians?

What do you think? Native people think that it’s their land and it’s stolen.

I've had a few people call me a traditionalist and I'm wondering what it means to you and if you think it's good or bad?

I never really knew what it meant until I looked it up but I feel like i only agree with it to a certain extent. Was just curious on...

Should we have dropped the bombs back in 1945? Why or why not?

For Veterans' Day, I've got a question involving U. S. history. On August 6th and 9th, 1945 the United States dropped nuclear bombs over...

Do you think the name 'Adolf' was terminally knackered by Hitler?

Although this name was never widespread in the Anglophone world, it (or variants such as Adolphe, Adolfo etc) was once popular in most...

Should school nurses carry Narcan?

Naloxone (Narcan) treats and reverses the effects of opioid overdoses. Nurses in my local school district have stated they are not...

Do you think free college is a bad idea?

In some places, you can go to college for free but it is paid for by taxpayers. Do you think it is morally wrong or a bad idea to have...

Guns in us or nah?

Merica guns for everyone

What race are mulattos in america?

these days mulattos may tick mixed race but according to 1800 -2010 those mulatto would have been considered either Hispanic or black...

Should a president use extortion to gain political power?

President Trump withheld military funds to extort Ukraine to publicly say they were investigating Biden, even though there was no...

What do you think about Steven Crowder?

That's my man, Steven Crowder in a video where he prank calls a place that says they'll house refugees, but doesn't. He pretends to be...

Which of the recent US presidents do you think was the best?

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