How can we figure out a way forward as one nation?

Wow, I have not done a MyTake about a serious topic in a while. But it seems like everyone's anxiety is up because of George Floyd's...

My Understanding of Racism

Man is a mortal being, which means we are destined to die because we are susceptible to death at some point. This is inevitable. Having...

Personal Freedom is being forgotten by too many people

You're worthless, unless.... People generally put a really big emphasis on freedom (in theory) but in practise it looks a lot different....

RIGHTS: Why Education is NOT a right and government tuition programs should be amended

Education (at an institution) is NOT a right. Knowledge/self-education is a right, but not education. You have the right to educate...

Why hate speech is against democracy

According to hate speech proponents, hate speech should be illegal because it comes from hate, rather than love. Is your love for your...

Covid19 how this Prepper was ready for it.

I grew up in a Prepper home and my father tried to prep for most eventualities which came good during some extreme weather and natural...

Men and Women: Two Opposing Worlds 🌕🌑

[Warning: Long take!] I feel like I need to write this because there are so many people that misunderstand the opposite sex on so many...

How do you feel when men cry in front of you?

Personally it makes me very uncomfortable. I believe everyone should cry it's healthy to cry. However, there's a place and a time for...

Why does the media push the false perception that police kill more African Americans?

The recent protests and rioting in the US have been driven by the perception that police kill African Americans at a higher rate than...

What do you think of George Floyd’s cause of death?

His family is hiring their own pathologist because theY don’t trust what they are saying was his cause of death. the statement was that...

What do you think about turkish?

I'm a Turk. I wonder what you think about the Turks. :)

Why are trump supporters so dumb?

I find it kind of hilarious how trump supporters love talking down on the left, when the person they support thinks injecting bleach...

All these protest making anyone else not want to be around blacks?

I don't have any hatred and I don't think little of blacks. It's just that these protests are making me not want to be around them. So...

Do we still need feminism?

I do not just mean in America or any first world countries I mean all over the world

Should we blame the radical left for race riots?

I definitely think so - they should be condemned alongside the lameStream Media!

Who are the Real criminals in the United States?

Who are the Real criminals in the United States?

Is this the apocalypse?

Firstly a huge pandemic is sweeping the world, secondly there are riots and police brutality everywhere. Property is being destroyed and...

Is this the end of US civilization?

The US is chaotic right now other countries are sitting back, eating popcorn, watching & laughing.

Black American women, why do you scream BLM When you oppress your own Black males the most by using the Justice system and The Family Court?

It is so ironic that these women scream BLM when they use the Justice system and Feminism to Oppress their own men. Theyre quick to...