Think of the positive side of the COVID-19 pandemic!

If you are still staying at home, unemployed, and reading this, then your head may already be filled with so many negative thoughts....

Norwegian woman claim to be born as a cat?

What the hell is wrong with humans or apparently cats these days? *20-Year-Old Woman Claims She Is A Cat Born In The Wrong Body* First...

Election Time- Time to decide

It is sad when the President of the United States is first putting doubt on the election. Saying that the only way it is not rigged is...

Why I'm pro choice and you should be too.

I saw a YouTube video of the cutest little baby boy drinking milk from his bottle. He was adorable, but it seemed like no matter how...

Halloween Reality myTake - Why I believe Joe Biden may have unwittingly succumb to the dark side and is actually a real life Vampire!

First I totally love "VAMPIRE DIARIES"! ...OMG!! I have never gotten so entrenched in a horror or vampire series like this one ever...

Government Regulations in Medical Transactions: A Side Effect of the Treatment for the Sickness (With a WAY Better Alternative).

OK, anyone can tell that there's something very wrong with our healthcare system. The US has 17% of its' GDP going to healthcare costs...

Strangers block you because you harass them on the internet? Cope.

Cope. I was going to ask this as a question, but decided to turn it into a MyTake because when thinking about it I just answered my own...

What Do YOU SEE: A "Baby" Or "Just A Fetus?

This question sparked in response to some of the replies to this post:

Trump won the debate - agree?

I think he resoundingly defeated sleepy Joe

What has Joe Biden done for America in the 47 years he's been in office?

I'd like to know what people really know about joe and what he's been going the past 47 years while in office. And like what are your...

I'm a conservative and people claim I'm evil and a racist, right?

The picture shows one of the largest things conservatives as a whole absolutely stand against but democats support. We're racist?

Is there a nation you admire?

Do you love your nation? What are the differences between being nationalist and being racist? ◇‿◇ Respect is nice..

This must've been asked a million times but what did you actually think of the debate?

The debate between Trump and Biden. I thought it was messy. It was exactly what I expected from Donald Trump but not what I expected...

Anyone else think trump did horrible in the date?

Trump did horrible in the debate and not in the way media is pushing it, The constant interrupting was annoying he won’t let joe Biden...

Those of you who watched the presidential debate Tuesday night: Was your voting position affected at all, whether positively or negatively?

Sorry for using same picture as my “ did you want the debate” question. It was in hand easy access 😊 Thank You 🙏

Who was DISAPPOINTED in the Debates last Night?

*****I wish I could Have HEARD more of the Lingo. They kept Talking over One another. lol!!! xx

Who Won the U. S. Presidential Debate?

This is not a poll asking who you support! It is asking who you thought was the most convincing during the debate. I’m very interested...

Who thinks first Debate was a wash?

Both missed chances of scoring points. Both interrupted the other. Biden called Trump names like a little kid. Trump personally attacked...

Do face masks prevent spread of covid? Visit the snopes article on this subject if you...

Are you Currently watching (OR did you previously watch) the Trump/Biden debate Tuesday 9 pm - 11 pm : Thoughts 💭 ?

I do not want to influence answers, so I’m just going to ask. No comment. Thank You 🙏