Words Can Be A Dangerous "Weapon". Are You Careful About How You Use Them?

It's not always the words used that are bad words or hurtful words, it's how they're used. People always say words can't hurt, but that...

Sir, you keep your job and I will keep my attitude!

Tears me up every single time! We get this attitude after years of depression, anxiety, bullying, emotional abuse, suicidal thoughts and...

Hating white people is also racist

I am a British Pakistani and even though I am a Pakistani, I am not bias at all. Perhaps, I am the first person to break my silence on...

Education is fundamental and more you know...

So I was reading on some pages that people were confusing a Cuban Flag with a Puerto Rico Flag... Hmm....

Why are 3rd wave feminists destroying what is good?

I'm tired of feminists trying to destroy democracy and social norms. I support womens rights but not female nazism. Could this be the...

The Border Wall is Falling Down

https://www.youtube.com/embed/EL40lQNIVNc The Border Wall is falling down. What does Trump say?

“I’m just doing my job”: A list of authoritarian jobs that have a poor reputation.

Having a well paying job is something we all want and need to live comfortable lives. But certain jobs while offering good pay can cause...

As an African guy living in germanyi have found that most german women dont like us, do you know why?

I've heard they think we are savages and look tp to destroy their country and abuse their welfare system and outbreed them

Why don't people appreciate their privileges?

Everyone's always complaining that such a person has it better. No one appreciates how many people they have it better than. If you have...

Those who are not lovers, how do you live?

So how do you spend time? Have you never been bored? Why are you alone? Don't be asocial loser, meet a society. I'm telling you for your...

Why do some people think drug use is a hobby?

I enjoy a glass of alcohol but I don't list it as a hobby. So why do drug takers do it? Some even put it on job applications. If people...

Girls, How had is the N word?

Im just curious. Words are just words and we as a society created "bad" words. People teach their son penis is a bad word. Vagina is...

What would you get for your first handgun?

I want a revolver. Easy to load and maintain and if it jams, it'll fix itself.

Do we need to have a conversation about White men being sexually attracted to children?

Most child sexual abuse victims are white females. Most famous pedophiles are whites. (Epstein, Fogle, hollyweird people etc)

Burnie bros, is hating Hill dog what unites us?

I'm voting Trump, but if I wasn't... you socialist psychopaths might of had a voter. But I'm wondering why... is it because we really...

To my black brothers and sisters out there (I’m white). Is okay to refer to black people as black as long as its not used via discriminatory context?

Back when I was a kid in the 90s we were taught to say “African American” and not black. Saying “black” back then was literally a step...

Do you think that Trump will called Fox News fake news?

Just look at these polls, I bet that Trump is not very happy at these polls. These are not CNN or MSNBC polls, there are Fox News Polls....

What should be the penalty for a woman who commits paternity fraud?

California did a study that showed approximately 14% of women have knowingly claimed the wrong man as the "father" of their child. The...

Who is your favorite presidential candidate right now?

Ones that have dropped out include: Bennet (DEM), Booker (DEM), Bullock (DEM), Castro (DEM), de Blasio (DEM), Delaney (DEM), Gillibrand...

How would you define being successful in life?

A big topic of debate right here. For me, you are successful in life if you are happy in life in general, and it doesn't matter what...

What is your opinion on this political issue. Why?

Some politicians want to put a lifetime ban on all former Americans (from visiting America and traveling to America.