Who should you date; who should you marry?

How many of you actually have a concrete set of criteria for a marriage prospect? I’m talking about criteria that are so specific that...

How and why to make your wife happy

I know that you're propblay thinking:"why should I take a 14yo's advice on marriage?" You shouldn't,but I can guarantee that if you do...

Why many men avoid marriage or simply do not want to get married!

Going anon because i know what's coming 1. If you are a single mom, a lot of us don't want to marry you because we don't want to raise...

Things A High Quality Man Should Look For & Out For When Choosing A Wife!😍

Pay attention ladies! Trigger Warning!!!! 1. Attraction You should be sexually attracted to the woman you will marry, if not you will...

The Wedding Industry is a Scam- If You Let it Be

Weddings were also a social engagement to show off wealth and celebrated the passing of the woman from being her father's property to...

Women's Best Role: "Becoming a Housewife"

😊 The happy housewife 😊 1. You see your children grow up The biggest guilt working women have to face is the lack of time they have to...

The Role of a Good Wife Towards Her Husband in an Eternal Marriage ❤

1. Respect your husband When you respect your husband you reverence him, notice him, regard him, honor him, prefer him, and esteem him....

What do it mean when your boyfriend is looking at rings?

We only been together not even a month and I seen in his messages that he was looking at a ring.

Is there anyone here that will never get married?

Marriage has consequences That's why I'm not getting married

Are you married if yes then how is your married life going?

1. When you get married 👰? 2. How old you was that time?

Wife doesn't enjoy sex as I do?

My wife is sooo romantic, nice, loving... she wants me with her 24/7, but she doesn't care a lot about sex. We been together only two...

Is this a nice engagement ring?

It’s simple. Affordable. I like it. My boyfriend and I looked at engagement rings the other day and I liked this one the most. The...

Marriage and weddings?

Why do most marriage collapse nowadays?

Why would a guy joke about marriage multiple times?

I met this man once one live night, we live in different states. We have been talking through FB everyday for 2 months. He's joked a few...

How do politician's wives meet their husbands?

The upcoming election has me thinking of them during this busy time with their spouses... What do you believe it takes to be one?

In a situation, What if a wife's ex bf's sends some sex videos of her with them to the husband on wedding night therby upsetting and spoiling his day?

What should the wife do after wacthing her husband's upset face and knowing the reason of his upset? How deppressing will the poor...

NOW What the Heck is His problem this Time around here?

My fiance loved the Gifts, His mum loved hers and even Displayed IT with the yellow Rose (IN remembrance of his deceased bro a month...

Are there drawbacks to marrying a rich guy?

I don't want a guy that is insanely rich Cause I don't want the guy to have too much control over me If his net worth is 9x higher...

Which is a better romantic spot?

I'm gonna be visiting my girlfriend this Christmas and I'm gonna purpose to her on her birthday. The question is this, do I purpose on...

Men, do you mind if ur wife makes more money than you?

Let’s say she makes the most income, and u work hard too, u just don’t make enough to support the whole family on ur own. why or why not?

Girls... how important is marriage to you?

If you made it over ten good years and one great kid... Would not being married cause you to think about leaving? I think men worry that...

Why do Muslim men think it is OK to treat their wives like chattel (personal property)?

I am not opposed to polygamy but it should be consensual and voluntary. With Muslim men it is rarely either. Why do you need so many...

Are you happy with your Marriage life?

Unmarried please ignore :)