The Importance of Pre-Marriage Counseling

Pre-marriage counseling is an important step for couples who are planning to get married. It is a process of education and guidance that...
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Top 5 Unique Themes and Ideas for Indian weddings

Indian weddings are known for their grandeur, vibrancy, and colorful celebrations. From the Mehndi to the Sangeet to the actual wedding...
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How to Plan a Wedding: A Step-by-Step Guide

Planning a wedding can be a stressful and overwhelming task, but it doesn't have to be. With the right plan in place, you can enjoy the...
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Marriage: Is it Really in Favor of Men?

Marriage is often viewed as an institution that primarily benefits men, but is this really the case? In this blog post, we will take a...
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What are the benefits of marriage for men these days?

I have seen this debate on GAG for more than 5 years. So I thought I would provide some insight on this subject. YES....marriage can...
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Guys never spend a lot of money on a wedding.

Guys, if you are going to get married (BAD IDEAS) Make sure it's you she's in love with and not the party of the wedding. If she not...
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Is humanity really only comprised of two beings, both being broadly distributed among many individual organisms?

Does it seem to be that there are two natures at work in humanity as a whole, and that both are resident in any given individual? Can...
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10 years of bliss

“I don’t need no man telling me what to do”. - Woman ”I don’t want a woman taking my stuff in a divorce.” -Man I see this, and other...
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Have you ever been asked when you’ll get married?

I have. Well, not really, but I remember my step mom saying I’m next getting married when we were at my brother’s wedding. I love her...

Why does it seem like moms are more likely to go crazy ?

It concerns me seeing my mom and my bf’s mom going crazy. It makes me a bit scared of the future. Could it be because of the husbands...

Why women don't maintain themselves after marriage?

My co worker shared that his wife doesn't dress or live neatly as she used to before marriage. He doesn't expect her to get dolled up...

Do you feel it's time to get married? Have you ever had that feeling?

A lot of girls begin looking in their late teens or even before that. I never wanted a husband until this year, because I was so...

Have you ever had an affair with a married person?

I mean, have you ever had an affair with a married person that involved cheating? did his wife/her husband catch you?

Guys What Do you Do If your Wife Yells At you?

guys What Do you Do If your Wife Yells At you?

Should I accept the ring?

My mum offered me my dead grandma’s wedding ring as my wedding ring for when I marry my fiancĂ©. We can’t afford things like that. Should...

Who comes first? Your mother or your wife?

Who's your priority?
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Do you want marriage in 2023?

If so, are you having a hard time finding a spouse? Would you be open to traveling overseas?
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Is marriage a rare thing nowadays?

Why or why not? Do you want marriage?
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Do u think the high rate of bisexualism in females is a result of polygeny?

Polygyny is a man who is married to multiple women. As early as 10k years ago, the average married man had 20 wives
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What should men do if they are seeking a young wife with purity that that will clean and cook, and modern women are not willing to be and do that?

I will be that kind of wife, but I'm an exception. Therefore, even if a man finds one, a lot of other men will be competing for her. In...

Is Kate Bolduan separated? Isn't it weird for a married woman not to wear her wedding ring?

Is Kate Bolduan separated? I saw photos of her a few months ago wearing it. Why would she not have it on for a news broadcast? Isn't it...

She left because she didn't get a proposal. How to get her back?

We dated since 16. She told me she wanted to be married by 28, I was working on making that happen. I wanted it to be perfect. She...

Why did she wave at me?

I smile and wave at the girl I like whenever we see each other before our 5th period class. She'll smile and wave back. I actually do...

What does it mean he wants to catch up?

A couple of moths ago my ex boyfriend broke up with me. At first, I did not hear from him for about 1,5 month. Then he sent me an e-mail...

Is it weird to wear a wife beater in public?

I'm decently muscular already but I'm only wearing it because it's really frickin hot outside. I know most people wear it to show off...
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