Ten of my Favorite Wedding Movies

I am mainly just going to list them but a couple of things of importance, Juila Roberts shows up two times :) Steve Martin makes an...
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Let Lovers Live! ... but don’t kid yourself in the meantime... marriage equality and why I don’t believe in it wholeheartedly.

Just to clarify, I cannot stand religious extremists or any other preachy extremists types that do nothing but spew hate into the world....

Why I Don't Believe in Marriage or Long-Term Relationship

Here are 5 reasons why I don't believe in marriage or long-term relationship. If you are curious, open-minded, or interested, I invite...

Relationships.. Plans.. and Weddings

Today, like many people, are getting married today. As for me, today was one of the days the ex wanted to get married (10/10/2020 - if...

One reason rich people have bad marriages

One reason I don’t usually chase guys is because I notice once the high status guy becomes interested in me I lose 90-99% of my interest...

"Wedding Vows" Have people forgotten what they mean?

Wedding Vows are not just supposed to be words spoken during a ceremony.... They are supposed to be a promise a man and woman are making...

What any Woman Who's Interested in Dating Me Should Know

Here are five important things any woman should know before deciding to ask me on a date. 1. Engagement & or Wedding Ring is Worthless...

Marriage preparation courses, what are your views?

Where I am from marriage prep course is mandatory to be completed by couples before we can schedule and register our solemnisation. The...

Is it pointless it to get married if you don't want children?

Like if a man and woman want to be together, but they don't want kids. Should they still get married?

Why aren’t there a lot of African-Americans getting married?

There was this source that says only 29% of African-Americans get married. Is this because not to be racist, but the White man think...

How to deal with this man?

He is my cousin's husband and he doesn't let her talk to any other men (except family members). If a boy or a man merely smiles at my...

Asking for friend: Dating a Doctor and his parents only marry a Doctor and I’m a lawyer which isn’t good enough for them what to do?

Asking for a friend: My boyfriend is a doctor and we cannot get married as he claims his parents won’t accept a girl who isn’t a doctor....

Am I wrong/weird for not wanting a big wedding?

Lately I have been thinking of qualities I would like in a woman since my career is finally lining up and I have a decent shot at...

Wife cheats, Sorry (I'm not even sure) but, tells me?

Alright so, really don't feel like typing this entire story so really short version. Wife cheats. Been together 23 years. Married 6. One...

Aren't we basically engaged at this point? What is engagement really?

My boyfriend frequently speaks of wanting to marry me, verbalizes that he promises he's going to marry me, and even talks about how soon...

Will you choose to get married for financial gain/social status, children, religious/societal expectations, or love?

I am curious why people want to get married, especially since the divorce rate has gotten pretty high. If people settle with someone...

How long you think Blake Shelton and Gwen will stay married?

He cheated on first wife with another country singer , then cheated on her with Gwyn.

How Early Would You Marry Someone?

Comment an explanation as to why!

Would you ever do an arranged marriage to help someone out financially?

My mom wanted me to marry someone poor from Laos to help him out financially. Would you have done it?

Married people?

Do you remember your wedding vows? What were they?

If your current partner proposed to you right now, would you say yes?

I would, but we've also talked about getting married a lot lately.

Are you for or against interracial marriages?

I have a thing for black women. I think a lot of them are super sweet and I have dated some black women. I also just recently married a...