Ten of my Favorite Wedding Movies

I am mainly just going to list them but a couple of things of importance, Juila Roberts shows up two times :) Steve Martin makes an...

Rant: Women who "wait for marriage"

Okay, so I have been on social media and as usual its bombarded with some of the most ridiculous posts you can imagine. I don't pay much...
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Let Lovers Live! ... but don’t kid yourself in the meantime... marriage equality and why I don’t believe in it wholeheartedly.

Just to clarify, I cannot stand religious extremists or any other preachy extremists types that do nothing but spew hate into the world....

Why I Don't Believe in Marriage or Long-Term Relationship

Here are 5 reasons why I don't believe in marriage or long-term relationship. If you are curious, open-minded, or interested, I invite...

Relationships.. Plans.. and Weddings

Today, like many people, are getting married today. As for me, today was one of the days the ex wanted to get married (10/10/2020 - if...

One reason rich people have bad marriages

One reason I don’t usually chase guys is because I notice once the high status guy becomes interested in me I lose 90-99% of my interest...

"Wedding Vows" Have people forgotten what they mean?

Wedding Vows are not just supposed to be words spoken during a ceremony.... They are supposed to be a promise a man and woman are making...

Could a mother murder her own children for profit?

I don't have this fear, but I was watching one of those crime dramas and suddenly it put a nail in my head about this. My mother is too...

Can a person really find true love after marrying many times?

or what exactly is what the person finds after being hitched more than once? Or do these people who marries more than one time, may...

What is the reason a person after 50`s get married?

for the 3th time? Company, sex, hates living alone, or what else? Does it make a difference if the person is a woman or a man? I have a...

What happens to guys who get East European mail order brides?

Does it work out, do they get scammed? How many guys do it? Do you know anyone personally?

Is it weird that I'd be okay with an arranged marriage?

If I was single and told I was gonna be in an arranged marriage, I wouldn't be upset about it.

Guys who want housewives, would you be a house husband in return?

Just seems that the guys who want housewives are the same who need their ego coddled and protected

Does marriage ever scare you?

Like you be afriad that you settle for the wrong person and wasted time in a bad marriage without giving it time or that you fear that...

Would you Marry a person you aren't sexually attracted to?

Let's say everything else is ideal, or better than you hoped for. Would you marry a person who doesn't excite you? What if you were the...

What skin colour do you wish to marry?

I am just wondering what skin colour will people wish to get in a deep relationship with and why? Warning please respect all skin...

Do you feel that the notion of marriage is becoming outdated lately?

If the couple doesn't want kids I notice they rarely seek marriage.

If your spouse died and you were still young, mid 30s to mid 40s, would you remarry?

I would not although I probably will be super lonely if he did die.

Men if you were to get married what accessory would you prefer to wear?

I've always ready done my poll for the ladies but I thought it be fun to do one for you men too. Personally I really like bow ties as it...

Ladies if you were to get married which one would you choose as a hair accessory?

I've been secretly planning my future wedding since I was a little girl. I haven't even told my boyfriend this and I have like 4...

For a simple civil court wedding. just my hubby and I? does it look good?

I don’t want to be too over dressed or underdress. I think this one is nice. Which one do you like best

Self-uniting/self-declared/self-solemnization marriage and the severe need for marriage reform?

A marriage license where all you have to do is fill out the paperwork and send it in before you put it in if you get my meaning also...