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My decision in going back to college in my 30s

"Life always offers you a second chance, it's called tomorrow" - Stephen King When I graduated High School in 2009, I enrolled at East...
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The Fake Feminist

Rant : I failed the university exams. Funny. And I've passed all the subjects. It's just that during regular exams, I gave all the...
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My experience working in a restaurant as a kitchen staff member

College students usually find jobs in retails as they complete their studies as the these jobs tend to be not as physically strenuous...
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Commanding Thy self

Just blogging something I learnt today. Conscientiousness is four things hard work decision making perfectionism planning Hard work, Im...
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Why Good Job Opportunity Isn't Worth Moving Away From My Family & Friends

Here are 4 important reasons why I am willing to refuse a good job opportunity. If you are open-minded, I invite you to read my take. 1....
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K to 12 Education

If we as a society are going to tax to finance K-12 education, the checks she go the parents or guardian of each and every school child....
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Working Remotely & Internationally

Sometimes very tiny misunderstandings can set you up for failure. This is a Mytake accounting 3 aspects of my experiences working remote...
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Can you write a paragraph of 30 lines on how humans destroyed earth 100 years in future?

I m writing a story , but it has word limit. I already used 200 words, 100 words are left.. Can you make interesting short paragraph...

Can u explain all earth nature in a small single paragraph of 30 words?

I m writting a story which is held on Mars , martians are being taught about earth nature. I have word limit. Please help me.

I want to jobs?

I am 27 year old and My mom doesn't want me to even get a job because of my mental illness.

Are you careful not to make spelling or grammatical errors when writing?

I am very careful to not make these kinds of errors because I am concerned that others might think they indicate sloth on my part, or...

I'm 28 yo, want to be a personal trainer, is that possible?

I'm bored with my current job, and my body getting out of shape, I don't have time to get fit again.. fyi I eat homemade foods, but...

Is it normal to have a crisis over the fact that my looks are fading?

My mom says if I lose weight I will look better but I am not so sure about that.

Is firefighting a dangerous profession?

My boyfriend wants to be a firefighter, but I've read many dangers about this job online. It is said to be among the most dangerous...

How do you think about Pythagoras?

About math kill.

Do you still think there are jobs for girls and jobs for guys?

Or do you know anyone who thinks that way? I just met parents who are trying to persuade their daughter not to work in science because...
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Do you care what school people go to?

Like if a guy goes to an Ivy League, automatic romantic interest from me, if he goes to Waterloo, automatic respect, Queens, automatic...
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Are you good in mathematics?

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If you're pretty new at a workplace and you work with someone younger than you?

Do you think it's rude if they don't say hi/bye to you
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Can anyone offer me some job advice? Which one should I choose?

I don’t like phones. But the pay for the first one sucks.
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Higher Studies?

Where should i move for my higher studies?
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Who’s ready for work tomorrow?

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