I Don't Need To Wear High Heels To Do My Job

Obviously in recent times, we've heard a lot more about the injustices done to women and some men in work environments due to sexism and...

The Journey to reinvention of my professional profile to improve your personal circumstances.

Good day GAG Community. Recently I decided that I need to make a change in the Quality Personal life as well as my retirement plan,...

English class is boring to me!!

So, at my age I have decided to go back to college to further my education and career. In that I have to retake subjects that I do not...

Is it selfish to be rich, retired at a young age and chose to be single for life?

This sure is quite long for a question and I've exceeded the characters limitation in this. So I'm just gonna turn this into a "myTake...

How to Make the Best out of any Given Day!

"Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts." -- Winston S. Churchill A person's life is...

Computer illiteracy is no longer acceptable in the workplace.

Unless you are committed to a life of manual labor, you should read this and heed my words. I'm shocked and a bit appalled at the lack...

Finding a career: An essay on neurotic egotism

When I was a young child, the future of my world was open as the sky. With my life having just begun, I believed I could do anything I...

Are there any direct ways to earn money online?

I mean simple online jobs which any students or housewifes can do to earn little income.

How do you avoid procrastination caused by anxiety?

I recently came across something on social media that resonated with me. I've struggled with procrastination since high school. The...

Why was I placed in ESL if my first and only language is English?

Alright this may seem random and weird... But i’m looking for some enlightenment from anyone (teachers and education administers as...

Do you ever feel lost after reaching your goals?

For around 8 months or so my goal had been to come up with a book outline Now that I have 24 book outlines it’s like I’ve stopped being...

Is 35k in New York enough?

How do people survive with less that 30k and have family

What do you think are the chances I got the position?

I interviewed for a full time management position for a company I currently work for. I’ve been an employee there for a year and my...

Do guys actually get turned on if a cute nurse walks in?

So I’m in nursing school. I take people’s blood, get vitals, and all that jazz. I had a man tell me the other day that I was a sexy...

Why did the online teaher didn't replied to my doubt but replied to the doubt of every student?

It's an online course where we can access the videos at anytime. There's a discussion session where students ask doubts. They all are...

Is the dress code in schools sexist?

I mean like it’s really though. The only time I saw a dress code for a guy was when his pants had holes in them and my super old math...

Do you prefer to work from home or office?

I prefer home and alone But I can't find an online job.

What's the meaning of success for you?

Is it mostly about making money or getting famous?

Did I Make The Right Decision?

Hello, everyone! I'm 18 and joining the air force as enlisted. I already have done 2 years of college and my weighted GPA is a 3.8. Not...

I am an English teacher in Turkey but Would I have a better life if I move to Usa?

I am English teacher in Turkey. I make 70k turkish liras a year. I can pay rent, electricity, internet and all utilities. I can put food...