10 Reasons and More to Not Become an Early Childhood Educator (Childcare, Daycare teacher, Etc.)

1. Professors lie and tell you its the greatest job ever. You get your first job and you love it. Next few years past and you start to...

How to Turn Old Ideas into New Ideas

A cliché about creativity is that everything has to be always new. New ideas, new solutions, new products. No one who sticks to the old...

Why I suppose the Merriam Webster Dictionary is the Worst Thing to Happen to Modern English

I’ll start with admitting my predisposition, many words this dictionary decides to alter are borrowed from French and changing from...

Pros and Cons of Lyft Driving

This year I had to make some extra money and because my work/commute schedule takes up most of my weekdays, I had to find another source...

10 Impressive Questions to Ask in a Job Interview

The job interview... you hated doing it. you hate doing it but it has to be done in order to get that position you want so well.....

Science: What Is It Good For?

This one will be short, I'm sorry. I'm on a time crunch today. But this one is on science in general. What is science good for? Well,...

What An Existential Crisis Feels Like

Hi G@G, An Existential Crisis Feels Confusing that's what. Am I mad? Am I alone? Am I too deep you've lost me through the cracks of...

What is the upside for locals of Amazon opening a big new office in NYC?

Any really talented person in tech can already find a job in NYC. What this will do is jack up rents, cause more crowding everywhere...

Is it okay to become a mercenary or can you even become one?

I want to become a mercenary, you know... the "they call, I act" type of job. Can I become one somehow? Or is it even allowed?

How to get job in mnc company?

Guys please guide me... I want to get job in MNC company... Or in abroad...

What is the difference between indermediate value theorem and mean value theorem?

I still confuse those two, and I don't know which one I should use at some questions.

How to answer attention to detail interview question?

What does attention to detail mean? Please give examples?

Has anyone taken the GMAT exam? Advice?

I'll be taking the GMAT in two months and I have this much time to prepare for it. I took a practice test and my results were...

How do I get people in my classes to stop being rude and leave me alone?

I'm mostly quiet in class, take notes, and try to learn the material. I don't ask questions or make comments in class. I just sit there...

What does it when my interviewer says this?

I went in for an interview, first with HR and then with the employer. The employer told me I’m short listed and that my final shot is...

How to deal with being a female in a predominantly male field?

I'm a CS and math major. I feel like it's really rough

What is the BEST education a kid could have (read ALL options before voting)?

For me, if I have enough money I would hire a private teacher to school my kids at home to make sure they get the best possible...

Would you rather work a job that you hate and get paid a lot or?

work a job that you love and get paid a little?

Do You Like Your Job?

Or your school if you're in high school or college. Guessing all the minors are gonna say no though lmao. I actually like my current...

Do you think manners and respect should be taught in school?

I think so because some parents fail to teach their children the importance of respect and being well-mannered.

What's the most useless university degree?

Vote Which one is the most useless? Or feel free to mention any i may have missed out.

Can long hair on men be professional?

Just because I have long black hair doesn't make me a rock star, metal head, goth, emo or punk. As long as I keep it clean.

Is Psychology a useless degree?

I know it is not necessarily useless per say but it sounds hard to find a job in solely with a Bachelors degree.

In a job, what do you prefer? Better working conditions or a higher salary?

Would you rather prefer healthy working conditions with good relations between your co workers and a nice office etc or a good salary?