I Don't Need To Wear High Heels To Do My Job

Obviously in recent times, we've heard a lot more about the injustices done to women and some men in work environments due to sexism and...

Computer illiteracy is no longer acceptable in the workplace.

Unless you are committed to a life of manual labor, you should read this and heed my words. I'm shocked and a bit appalled at the lack...

Finding a career: An essay on neurotic egotism

When I was a young child, the future of my world was open as the sky. With my life having just begun, I believed I could do anything I...

Georgia School Tries to Silence Teen Who Exposed Covid Health Risks

A Georgia teen recently went viral after she published a photo on social media of her classmates shoulder to shoulder shuffling to their...

The role of phlebotomists during the pandemic

Phlebotomythe surgical opening or puncture of a vein in order to withdraw blood, to introduce a fluid, or (historically) when letting...

The Problem of Being Uneducated Or Anti-Academia

I’m Chinese and I’ve always had conflicts with uneducated people A thin and rich millionaire’s wife I used to talk to flunked out of...

How To Fight Abuse At Work

We are all aware of the possibility of sexual harassment at work ~ for both women and men. Few of us know or realize the existence of...

Have you managed to go back to work during this pandemic or not yet?

I still have a job but haven't been working for the past 7 months mostly because I'm stuck in a different country and haven't had the...

Is this the death of traditional higher education?

Ok, so by traditional higher education I mean physical universities. Unis were struggling even before COVID. My uni were already...

What is a good job for a transsexual woman?

I was at my last job 7 months before they found out and it was in a factory full of men so when people did find out they were...

Do you think it's a dick move to not show up to work after they tell me to try my best to get there?

We are currently short staffed at the restaurant. I don't go in till this afternoon. But the road near my house is flooded bad and so is...

How do you get your mind to focus back on school?

I took a one year gap after high school, I was a very bright student and now I find it hard to get back my focus on school. I can't read...

I keep messing up in exams even though I understand the topic well and I can't forgive myself. What do I do?

I've recently changed schools and i keep getting bad grades in exams. I know the topic well and after I get my exam, I know how to solve...

What did you always want to be when you grew up?

When you were a kid what was the career you wanted to do? Did you actually get into it in the present, or is it just something you said...

Is it weird to say next or next person as a technician?

I work in a pharmacy and my boss didn't like how I used the word "next" if there was a long line and people weren't moving when clearly...

What do you usually do on your work breaks?

For my first 15 min, I just piss and text, then wash my hands, sanitize my phone, and find something to snack on 🤣 For my 30 min lunch,...

Which job sounds best to you?

I have some job offers I'm looking at. All of these are real, and each has their own pros and cons, but I can't decide which job is...

Anyone else hate online school?

My professor really dont want me to do anything else besides sleep and do school work with all these assignments

Did you go to college?

I have not and I don’t plan on it

Am I weak and worthless loser with no purpose of living if I fail out of college and have no where else to go for a job or career?

Honestly, I see everyone else somehow still having such a good life in this shitty year while I'm over here suffering so much struggling...

Are call centers in reality dead-end jobs?

I'm just an average phone translator. It's still a call center with back-to-back call like usual, has no promise of getting promoted,...

Which language should I learn as second forign language?

ps: my native language is Turkish

Have you ever played video games while studying and reviewing for a school course exam simultaneously?

If so, did doing that affected your test performance in any way?