Friend break ups are the worst

In the past year, I have ended two relationships with two very good friends. One was a toxic relationship. The other was made worse by...

When You're The Older Sibling

In terms of siblings I have one younger brother who is almost 13. It's just me and him, and if you haven't worked it out by now, I'm the...

Asian Parenting, what's the deal?

Helloo G@G-ers! It's me again and I'm finally back with an interesting topic I've been wanting to share with all of you~ Asian parents,...

10 Reasons Why I Hate Living At Home

So before I get started I just want to tell all the bootlickers to fuck off as if I could move out I would but I can't 😑. Let's begin...

I learned a ton about men from my younger brother

It may seem weird but a lot of my understanding of male behavior came from long talks with my younger brother. He passed on when he was...

Rolling Through Life. What Roles Do You Play?

As the years pass I become painstakingly aware of certain things. It just so happens that this is what has recently became clear to me....

Why a woman doesn't want her male family members choosing her boyfriend

OK, it may seem obvious to you that a woman wouldn't want that, but a 31 year old native-born American woman recently wondered aloud...

How do I “prepare” for my moms death from cancer?

My mom has had throat cancer for 5 years it’s progressively gotten worse with chemo and she had to stop working. Idek who she is anymore...

Do you think people are disrespectful if they want to keep you at arm's length?

Something i noticed about this girl that i know, si that she is purposefully disrespectful towards me when we're chatting about...

What do you personally think of someone who doesn't care if nobody likes them but gets agitated when provoked?

since most people feel hurt if rejected but what about someone who genuinely doesn't care about whether people like him or not but does...

Why would someone who's mediocre at everything make a whole ton of enemies?

I've always been mediocre in everything from sports, school, online gaming,& even in all my jobs by mediocre I mean a 5.5-6/10 it's...

What would you think or feel if your son or daughter were a loser?

Let's say your kid was a loser, whatever that means to you. What would you think or feel?

Is this really that bad?

So, lately my best friend started smoking weed, then slowly I started meeting her " crew " who she smokes with, and ever since then, I...

Is it bad of me to not want to do initiation for my section in band?

We're having a section party, and we're doing initiation for all of the members who haven't been initiated yet, which includes me. I...

What should I do?

I'm trapped in my father's house and I'm 20, he won't let me go and get a job to rent, he threatened me and told me he would chop me up...

I cut people off - is this bad?

My roommate was treating me badly and I realized that I didn’t have an issue ending the friendship even though we’ve been friends for...

Should I break up this friendship?

I have known this person and been friends for 2 years. He has been upset with me when he sees enough missed calls or texts from me over...

Are your parents idiots?

Looking at my parents in the past and today I can tell they both have always been such complete idiots and they still are. The things...

Which one do you think is harder: the death of a parent or the death of a child?

All we know (most people) is the world with our parents in it, they stand by us for most of our life and one day they are no more, while...

Friends is Life?

A true friend in need as a friend indeed. Do you agree?

What causes the most fights?

What causes the most fights with your husband or wife?

Would you make fun of your friend for using food stamps?

Let's say your friend lost their job and is now on food stamps looking for a job and they get government health insurance. - would you...

Have you ever answered to your friend with happy stickers/smiles when it wasn't true?

Just imagine you're very, upset, andry or sad - not inna mood totally. Same moment your friend is sending to you something funny or...

Do u have a bestfriend?

My definition is u can text them at 2am and it wouldn't be weird. Personally, I've got about 3.

Guys, how long does it typically take for you to get ready before leaving the house to meet up with your friends?

I'm not going into stupid scenarios like you're showering or not fully dressed and that sort of stuff or important phone calls. I'm...