Being A Loner: The Brighter Side

I dunno why being a loner is mostly seen as a bad thing. I have been a loner for a considerable amount of time (after I was done with...

I have some tricky feelings about my parents... When I was growing up, I told my mum that I would NEVER stop loving her and I was stuck to her...

Do you hate your parents too?

I used to love my mother but i always hated my father. He was abusive. An alcoholic and drug addict, but that's not why he treated me...

Well, here we are

I don't even know how to start. So many things in my life are not okay right now. Number one. My grandpa is sick. He has cancer and my...

The worst day of my life

One of my best friends died on July 31th I've never had anyone significant in my life die before. I have no idea what to do or how to...

Why I Am A Strict Follower of Bros Before Hoes

Here are 5 important reasons why I am a strict bros before hoes follower. 1. Hanging Out With My Bros are Low Risk, High Reward From my...

The Moms Of Incels: How Incels Are Made!

Clever title, right (cause' you know, mom's literally grow babies from scratch--😂😌)? This message is not one to be fucked around with:...

What does it take for you to forgive a friend who has wronged you?

Are there any friends who you haven't forgiven/never will forgive, and why?

My mom is mad I plan on moving out should I stay or leave... I want to live my life?

My mom is so dependent on me but threatens when she’s mad she doesn’t need me. But she does because I’m the keeping the house together,...

My Mother won't let me see my Dad?

My Dad was physically abusive and it's court ordered for him to not have any contact with us. I read the old court documents and it said...

Friend who gets lots of attention from guys?

I have a friend, and she’s pretty. Let’s call her Elena. Short, full lips, big brown eyes, long dark brown hair. Me on the other hand is...

Why do most of you refuse to accept being wrong in an argument even though you've already lost it?

I've been in many arguments offline & online & I held the upper hand with concrete evidence & just stating facts the people in arguing...

Is my friend a spoiled princess/entitled?

The ''story'' I'm going to share is about my friend. Not best friend and not a close friend. We can go a month from seeing each other,...

Is I bonus that animals like me?

Today is the first day I'm a month the a cat allowed me to pet him today was a great day

How do I tell my christian parents that I have a muslim boyfriend?

they are very religious and already warned me several times not to have a muslim boyfriend but they think it might lead to marriage.....

At what age did you move out of your parents house?

When did you finally decide to be a free bird and leave the nest? At what age did you move out of your parents house?

Is having pms a good enoug reason to excuse for bad behaviour?

i have no control over my emotions, sometimes if i forget to track my period i don't even know its happening. sometimes i start crying...

Why would a (former) friend ask for a break without wanting me to leave?

I’ve known this person for almost 2 years now and our friendship hasn’t always been so smooth. We do hangout on a non routine base...

Why do some people think living with your best friend is a bad idea? Do you agree or disagree?

One of my best friends I've known since kindergarten wants to see if we can get a place together and she's dead serious about it. I mean...

Should I always answer?

I usually start the conversation and always reply, so they have to end the chat. Isn't it annoying for them?

How do you spend your weekends?

How do you spend your weekends?

Is self-harming a sign of mental illness, or is it a cry for attention?

I think it’s a sign of mental illness.

Do fathers of adult children like receiving a Father's Day card?

For us in Australia, Father's Day is soon approaching, and I'm yet again wondering whether or not to get my dad a card. I live in...

Is it ok to beat up a bully?

... Or just use self defence, if they attack you? There's a guy who constantly makes fun of me, and it makes me so angry that i want to...

Would you rather deal with your child being bullied or your kid being the bully?

Be honest, what would you rather deal with? If you had to pick one, which would you rather have. My younger teenaged brother has been...

Do you prefer a friend that tells you the truth or lies to not hurt you?

There are times truth hurts and lies can be sweet, what would you prefer, a friend that tells you the truth or someone who lies so that...