Forget happiness; find joy and share it!

In all spectrums of life, people encounter days of good and of bad. Each day results from the decisions of a person's life choices,...

My adventurous, adrenaline-craving parents

Given the recent comments on the take where I outlined some pros and cons of me travelling on my own, I've decided that I need to tell...

The importance of safe spaces and loving environments.

I hope that for most of you, this Take sounds stupid and like common sense. But I know that for some of you, this will come as a...

What makes a good friend

I have many friends but none that really match the kind of friends that make up a true friend. Not that any friend is perfect but those...

Verbal judo, the art of roasting!

Also known as "verbal aikido". It's not exactly a sport. It's often applied in formal or informal debates or arguments whether you're in...

Why I'm Happy My Grandfather Might Have Cancer.

*Fair warning. This deals with difficult topics like death and cancer.* Earlier today, my mother called me and informed me that my...

Words using each of the 26 alphabets with cool sayings

India honor of my 26th MyTake, I'm going to list a popular thing that start with each letter of the alphabet and discuss it. A (apple)...

Friend asking for a loan. What should I do?

My childhood friend whom I haven't seen in 15 years but kept contact with is asking for a loan. I live in another country and have seen...

Am I overreacting?

(Sorry in advance for the excessive cussing I’m just really mad and expressing myself) Okay so my brother was upset right now searching...

My best friend canceled on me on my birthday last year and now this year she’s trying to celebrate. ?

Our birthday is 2 days apart and at first she told me that she was going on a date with this girl so she couldn’t come out and...

What should I do if a friend who I thought was my bff blocks me without any explanation?

I feel lost. I am not sure what i did. I tried to support her and be there for her but she blocked me. From sc, GAG and IG. What do I do?

Am I the only one that finds this odd?

I was told recently by a friend that they engage in lip kissing with parents and family and that it is even a custom to kiss a bride on...

My best friend and I are growing apart?

I felt smothered by my best friend as of late. I am in my final year of college but I have known this friend since I was a child. We...

If today is last day of your life what would you do?

it is just to see what is more important in your life

Would you be offended if the person you're somewhat obsessed with does t care about you or anything you have to say?

If the person you're obsessed with or intrigued by doesn't care one bit about you or your well being? Even going as far to NEVER...

Why does my mom treat me like a rapist?

I’m tired of it She doesn’t like me around people unless she’s around, Women specifically. My cousin comes over a lot & I end up...

Do you wish you could hear what people say about you?

if you could, would you like it if you could hear what people say about you when you’re not there?

Can guys and girls be just friends?

I have debating with my friend about this topic and decided I want input from other people. I believe guys and girls can be just...

Would you rather be hated by your mother in law or by his/her best friends?

Honestly the old hag can hate me if I don't like her either.

Do unanswered texts bother you and if so, how do you help yourself get past it?

Do unanswered texts bother you? If so, what do you do to help the situation? Please explain after voting. Here's what I do if the text...