The Day My Brother Almost Died

My dad was driving me to high school as usual. It was an ordinary day, sun was out, nothing of note other than there was a bit of a wait...
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Agree or disagree? Sadness is the mind's way of healing from trauma

I was pretty sad recently....what helped me get over it was recognizing that EVERYONE is dealing with the same problems. Everyone has...
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7 Types of People I Can't Stand in My Life

Here are 7 types of people I dislike in a social setting. If you are open minded or interested, I invite you to read myTake. 1. People...
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Here are the signs that people don't respect you.

1) Constant questions about your personal life. When people are constantly nosing around your personal business and personal life, it...
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Change yourself according to time.

There was a time when There was a time when I burned myself like smoke to give warmth to others. There was a time when I even crossed...
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When was the last time you wrote and received a letter?

HAPPY LETTERS Letter writing and sending used to be the most common way people used to communicate, how it felt receiving a handwritten...
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Ways my life is changing for better

You probably heard the phrase: "life is what you make from it". I somewhat agree with that phrase. Sometimes there's to much going on,...
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When do toddlers calm down?

My friend's toddler is having very nosiy tantrums and the child psychologist said that is normal in his age (3). But it comes to a point...

What would you do if you saw your crazy neighbor drive like a lunatic and doing burnouts in your neighborhood street?

A few minutes ago i saw him flying by my street with his engine roaring and then he turns doing a burnout. He even has a wife and a...

What does it mean if someone thinks Facebook is too invasive and overwhelming for them, and this is why they don't have facebook?

I asked this girl why she doesn't have facebook, she said cause she thinks it's too invasive and overwhelming for her.

Got easily overpowered by my 13 year old little brother.. should an elder sister be happy or sad?

I challenged him to a play fight and he easily pinned me down everytime and teased the hell out of me lol 😭 I'm confused whether I...

If you could save 50% by hiring a sasquatch to babysit your kids, would you do it?

Would you let a sasquatch babysit your current or future children to save money?
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Which gender is it easier for you to become friends with?

Personally I find it easier to relate to girls. However, I do get along fairly well with guys too.
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Is it normal for my older brother to be very overprotective of me and still want to sleep in the same bed as me?

I am 15 M and my older brother is 18 M, We grew up very close and he has always been there for me and looked after me since our parents...
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What do you guys call the children of your cousins?

Does anyone know ''what is my cousin's child to me?'' What do you call the children of your cousin?
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I'm starting to feel weird towards my best friend?

We've been friends for eight years now. We know a lot about each other's lives and been there for each other in tough moments. We don't...

How different are you from your friends?

They say you are who you hang out with, but I was pretty different from my friends. When I started middle school, I was already deemed a...

Who is one person that you can say has changed your life for the better?

Could be someone that you’re still in contact with, a coworker, a health professional, family, a friend, a partner etc, or could be...
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Is a child's name that important?

A court in New Zealand took a couple's child from them because of the name they gave her. She was named Talula Does The Hula From...
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