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Is it true men’s feeling don’t really matter?

I think it’s true. Society in general doesn’t really care about men.
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Do you like cream cheese frosting?

Today is a cream cheese frosting kinda day at work. I'm basically covered in a layer of it 😬
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Do you think beauty is subjective?

I don’t. It’s always the same few guys that get all the attention from women
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Public Affection: How Far Will You Go?

Please answer based on what you ACTUALLY do not what you'd theoretically be okay with doing. Me and Raine are comfortable with the "Kiss and Hug" level. That's about as far as we're planning to go in public.
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How long before you throw away your underwear?

When you decide not to wash them anymore and toss them out
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Why am I not “perfect “ enough to be with…?

I’m very insecure… 3 guys I talked to said “you’re perfect “ “you’re perfect as you are” but they don’t want to be with me.. and what makes it worse is that they went on to get married and left me shattered because I...
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How do I ask to spend time with her again?

Been seeing this girl since Valentine's day. Until the first week of May, we saw each other every week at least once. For context, we've become very close, and have gotten as far as possible without sex/sexual things (and...
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Why do boys stop wearing briefs?

I think I stopped wearing them when I was 8 because only my mom started getting us boxer briefs. It seems like thats what most guys my age wear now. Do they not make briefs in bigger sizes?
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What made the world become such thin skin namby pambi's?

Three people blocked me on here today 2 because they couldn't handle the truth and facts I presented about how many people are attacked and killed by dogs therefore showing in my opinion dogs are not our best friends...
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Why men love mean girls?

With strong attitude
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If Donald Trump wins the election in November, do you think there would be a civil war started by leftists against MAGA?

Leftists threaten CIVIL WAR, if Trump is elected, vow to HUNT MAGA down, UNHINGED posts on Reddit -
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Why don't Americans like places like Texas and Kansas?

Why don't Americans like places like Texas and Kansas?
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Completely blew up on my boyfriend after everything, thinking of ending the relationship, any advice?

I don’t know where to begin… my boyfriend and i have been together for a year. At first, everything was going great, nothing to doubt about him, and no fights. A couple of months half past when he told me that he would...
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Why did he make me feel bad by lying to me rather than just being honest with me?

I hit it off well with a guy. We talked often and had good conversation for two months. He was gentle, patient, kind a overall gentleman. We went on a date. We often went on walks/strolls in nice park areas with nice...
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I have a gut feeling?

So lately I been having this gut feeling my girlfriend is cheating on me with other guys, when we go out she walks fast and leaves me behind, I also caught her checking other guys out a couple of times and told her about...
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I don't know if I can handle being pregnant, is there any comforting words you can offer?

I'm 9 weeks and 3 days. One month before conception I said I wasn't ready despite our conversation initially where I said due to age if it happens. But that didn't mean not use protection we did. So it seems on his...
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Fellas, go on Netflix and watch "Lucifer" Have you seen it?

I'm not in any way advocating for the devil or his son, but this guy is the guy I've been talking about on this site. He has zero fear. I have tons of fear, but this isn't about me. Fear is your biggest enemy. It's all of...
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Why does my boyfriend send me pictures of flowers when I tell him I’m upset about something?

I would confront him about something hurtful he told me and he would just ignore it and send me pretty pictures of sunsets or roses from his garden. Why? Does he even like me still?
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SO calling me 'retarded'?

This isn't the first time. We've been together 15 years and in general he is very kind to me. of course we will get in arguments as any couple will. At times he will call me 'stupid' or 'retarded' and has told me to 'shut...
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Should I tell my crush I like him even though I don't want to go out with him, so as to not look rude distant and aloof while trying to heal?

As much as I'm pretty sure he doesn't like me back, I still worry about offending him if I seem like I'm trying to avoid talking to him or spending time with him without explanation. As much as I've tried to create a...
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Are you a good swimmer?

Would you say you are a good swimmer cause I believe I'm alright, I'll survive, worst case I'll know how to float 😆
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How to become Happy again? if nothing seems to be getting better in your life?

It just seems my World has come crashing down on me for the past year and a half now , Every day has been nothing but stress and negative shit occurring to me , Yes there is still some positive don’t get Me wrong , but...
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In terms of appearance, which is more true from your perspective?

1. If a number of attractive/cute people (deemed by society at least) feel that you are attractive/cute, your probably at least decent/slightly better than average looking 2. Nice clothes often times elevate someone...
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Have you ever cheated?

Have you ever cheated on your spouse or fiancé? If so, why?
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What does he mean when he says he wants me for more then just sex?

I’ve been speaking to this guy long distance. His been very forward with letting me know that he wants to take me seriously. He also mentioned that he wants more than just sex from me. Should I believe him?
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How many people have you ever loved? What happened?

I can honestly say one that I truly loved and that's my current boyfriend. There was one more I thought I was in love with but it turned out he wasn't at all who I thought he was.
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How much do you make a year? And what do you do for a living?

I make $36.5k a year. I know pitiful for a Librarian but that's just what I make here in South Carolina. Though there is this Adult Services Librarian job that I'm going for that makes up to $58k a year. I'm praying...
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Do YOU like sardines? I been reading about the health benefits of eating them so i may start adding them to my diet. have you had them?
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Can any guy get a girlfriend/wife?

Excluding extreme circumstances where a guy is like disabled/impaired.
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Women don’t actually want equality because they wouldn’t be able to handle it. True or false?

What they mean by equality is “I want the same societal privileges men have, but not the same responsibilities and consequences.
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If Trump gets NO jail time what will it look like from liberal media? From Democrats? From GOP? From intl media? Will poll numbers change? UP or down?

Will any particular media personality meltdown completely? Who would you like to see break down and cry on air? Is there any particular Democrat politician that you are also looking forward to a crying meltdown? Do you...
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Why do so many older women hate their bodies?

I keep seeing it all the time and I don’t understand it. Maybe it’s because I’m only 30 but I regularly have conversations with women 40+ about how they want to lose weight, how they’re working on their skin, etc. my mom...
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Is it possible to have a traditional marriage without having children?

For simplicity sake husband works and provides for the wife and the wife handles domestic chores. Is it still traditional without children?
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Do girls seek perfection 👀?

This happens a lot to me. I match with a girl on a dating app, follow her she won’t return the follow. She’ll ghost me, then you look at people she follows and it’s all these perfect guys. The bar set for men is...
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Girls, is age preference an individual thing?

I'm friends with a woman 12 years younger than me, and we get along well. Yet when she talked about someone she found disgusting (because of sleeping around), one of the things she said was "ew, just think of the age...
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Can I dm him over instagram?

there's a guy i always see at uni. He is in the same year as me and i often see him in lecture hall. We iften have eye contact and i think he is intrested too. I found out his name by a list from uni and i also found his...
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Would YOU be upset if your partner bought stuff that makes the toilet water blue? I dunno ladies I can’t help but think she went about this the wrong way… but ill let you be the judge
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