Why do women hate me?

I'm a white 27 year old 6'6 kissless touchless virgin and i want a girlfriend but women in my town but women hate me.

they avoid me ignore me give me weird looks and act like im invisible.

i hate this because i see tons of beautiful women in town and loads of couples too while i'm alone, depressed, bitter, lonely and unloved.

i dont want to die a virgin, its absolutely embarassing that i'm nearly 3 decades old and i've never had sex with a woman while teenage boys who are half my age have.

i want to settle down, have a wife and have children, but no woman likes me, they all hate and ignore me.

this makes me feel depressed and suicidal because my genetic line is pretty much a deadend.

i don't want to keep living like this, i want to happy, i just want a girlfriend!

Why do women hate me?
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