"I'll let you know"

If you ask a girl to go do something with you, like going to a sports game or bowling or whatever, and she says "I'll let you know" is she just letting you down gently? I told this girl to let me know in two days and she repeated "two days" but from her tone and body language, I'm not sure if she's seriously considering it.

Actually, guys, it turned out that she eventually said "yes" in two days. Maybe she was just old-fashioned and needed to check with her parents or something. Or maybe she really had to think about it.


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  • She's not interested. If she had been interested, it wouldn't have seemed to you like she wasn't. She'd have made it known to you that she really was considering it, there wouldn't be any room for question. If you're not sure, I wouldn't continue to pursue her. If she's interested, she'll come to you. Don't remind her that she has to tell you soon, just assume she's not going, then if she contacts you and tells you that she does want to go, it'll be a great surprise. But don't even text her until after the day you were going to the sports game/bowling/etc. It'll get her thinking as to why you didn't text her asking for an answer. That could possibly lead her to bring it up.

    • Okay, so should I just not ask her in two days about her decision? Just let it go and don't mention it?

    • Yeah, I'd say just let it go, if she wants to go, she'll let you know. But if she doesn't mention it, she's not interested. I think that you not bringing it up will probably catch her attention, she's going to be like.. why hasn't he mentioned it? does he still want to go with me? etc. etc. So just hold in there and hopefully she'll text you telling you that she can go, but if not, I wouldn't ask her to go anywhere else as anything but friends :/

    • That's exactly what happened. I didn't mention it at all and she texted me saying she could go.

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  • Oh no, she's not into you. "I'll let you know" is defo letting you down gently. Its like when a guy says "I'll call you but never does". So just don't mention going to a game/bowlng/whatever to her and don't text/call cos she just ain't into you sorry! But you kinda kno she's not into you anyway so this won't be big shock tya anyway. If she had liked you, she would've asked "oh when do you want to go/what time etc?"

  • Yeah I'm really sorry to say that but I agree with above posters.

    Good luck ext time though!


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  • She's not. This is a normal sign that she's just not attracted to you, even if she considers you a good friend.

    Romantic relationships require certain "stages" - the first being ATTRACTION, the second being RAPPORT, and the third being INTIMACY.

    If you skipped the attraction stage, or have no idea how to create it, then go google it. Or read my blog.

    Better luck next time dude, and don't wait around hoping she'll change her mind. Attraction requires you take action, so waiting around doesn't help.

    ~ Robby

    My Blog ( Full of Hate and Ready to Date: link )

    • Maybe I somehow Attracted her without realizing it.

    • Being "passive" rarely works. It's like winning the lottery... it'll never happen if you're not buying tickets.

      Take action by dating other women. She might suddenly see your value then.

      Best of luck man!

  • just happened to me today , I knew what it meant just had to make sure lol id prefer a straight answer though :)


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