Just an average everyday woman who’s minding her own business yet here you are… 😑

Hi 👋. I’m your friendly neighbour Pinay Ako who’s here to answer questions, give honest no bias advice to whoever’s asking for it, post questions and just being friendly and if you catch me on here coz I’m bored to death 💀. Don’t feel too attached with me coz I’m only here getting temporary solace.

But feel free to DM me anytime if you feel like chatting but PLEASE DO NOT:
Be rude
Be mean
Be nasty
Just be nice AND I will be nice to you.

If you’re horny and wants to get your freak on, please look elsewhere coz you’re knocking on the wrong door. It will not be answered 😂.

Okay thanks for dropping by. Hope you have a good day, afternoon or night. Always remember, someone loves you and it’s not gonna be me.

Toodles 😂

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