Basic Skincare Essentials You will need in your Life

You can tell someone’s age by sometimes looking at their skin. You can be 20 looking like you’re in your 40s if you don’t take care of your skin or vice versa. Let’s face it, skin texture and appearance is a deal breaker in dating for some. So for those of you who don’t have a skin care routine yet, let’s break down the basic skincare essentials you will need in your daily life.

Basic Skincare Essentials You will need in your Life

1. Facial Cleanser

Depends on your skin type, go with the most hypoallergenic facial cleanser to remove the day’s dirt and grime on your skin. Repeat if need be. Stay away from harsh cleansers that dry up your skin. For acne prone skin, look for cleansers with Salicylic Acid, green tea or witch hazel. Try not using it daily as salicylic acid will dry up your skin causing flaking. Try First Aid Beauty or Cetaphil.

Basic Skincare Essentials You will need in your Life

2. Facial wipes

For those who wear makeup, a good facial wipe is key to gently remove all that junk on your face before washing it off with facial cleanser. I highly recommend Aveeno wipes. They not only remove every trace of makeup but leave your skin with a glowy smooth finish. They are good to carry on the go when you travel and when you have no time or place for washing your face.

Basic Skincare Essentials You will need in your Life

3. Toner

Use this after washing your face. Sometimes, they’re good only to use in the PM as they contain ingredients that are not good under the sun. This is designed to further cleanse your face after the cleanser, acts like a lotion, adds a layer of protection and also minimize the appearance of pores. Depends on your skin type, check with an expert what’s good for your skin. You know you’re using your toner wrong if your skin gets flaky or inflamed or gets oilier.

Basic Skincare Essentials You will need in your Life

4. Day Serum

For someone like me who had acne scars from the past, I needed something to make them fade or disappear. I found OleHenriksen Truth Serum and voila! My acne scars faded in a matter of months and I never knew I needed this in my life but I do now. However, there are cheaper alternatives to this serum. Try The Ordinary line or drug store brands. Vitamin C serums are good for brightening your skin and gently but surely remove your old acne scars and dark spots. When using this one, let the serum sink in your face before applying your creams for better absorption.

Basic Skincare Essentials You will need in your Life

5. Night Serum/Cream

Same as the day serum, but these are only good for the night time. Works best when your skin is at rest. These are your miracle workers while you are asleep. It is good anti aging fighter and works on your skin overnight to make you look refreshed when you wake up.

Basic Skincare Essentials You will need in your Life

6. Eye cream

For puffy eyes, crow’s feet or dark circles under your eyes, in your early 20s start with an eye cream to moisturize your under eye skin which is the most sensitive and thinnest part of the face. We usually don’t pay attention when we’re younger but it does get more pronounced with less sleep and poor diet. Under eyes if not given care, age you quicker. Makes you look tired all the time. I recommend OleHenriksen eye brightening cream, Tarte eye cream or The Ordinary Caffeine Solution. Layer the Caffeine Solution with your favorite eye cream to give your under eye skin all the love it needs.

Basic Skincare Essentials You will need in your Life

7. Moisturizer

A good moisturizer goes a long way. You may not need these serums but this, my friend, you will need for life. This is your skin’s water. With its name moisturizer, its job is to keep your skin moist, glowy, healthy looking 24/7. Use day and night every after cleansing, treatments and serums. Use moisturizers with high SPF during the day to protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun.

Basic Skincare Essentials You will need in your Life

8. Masks

Facial Masks are everywhere in different types, colors and textures. Treat yourself once or twice a week with a spa like treatment at home. Go with what your skin needs most. Not only feels like a treat but a reward to your skin for the week’s craziness.

Basic Skincare Essentials You will need in your Life

9. Lip balms/scrubs

Your lips are not only good for kissing but for eating and dealing with all the BS in life. Take good care of them. No one wants to kiss a dry chappy bleeding lips. NAH uh. Give lots of TLC on those babies with lip balms and a scrub once a week. Your lover will kiss you more. Guys, don’t be scared using them. Throw one in your pocket or in your car and just put it on after brushing your teeth and before going to sleep. Ladies, gift your man if they’re too shy to buy it.

Basic Skincare Essentials You will need in your Life

10. Healthy lifestyle

I’m guilty of not having a very healthy lifestyle but without this practice, all the above don’t mean anything. Drinking lots of H2O, rest/ sleep, a healthy diet and exercise will aide your skincare regimen in looking young, fit and loving life.

Basic Skincare Essentials You will need in your Life

You don’t have to break the bank to get the high end brands to achieve the best results for your skin. Fortunately, there are so many brands out there nowadays to cater to your skin needs. Remember our skin is our largest organ. Over time, when it gets neglected, it does deteriorate and age. So go ahead, love your skin. Couple with confidence, you never know who’s admiring that beautiful skin of yours.

Basic Skincare Essentials You will need in your Life

Thanks for the time reading.

XOs Pinay_Ako

Basic Skincare Essentials You will need in your Life
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Most Helpful Girls

  • smg99

    I completely appreciate this article.
    Some of my personal favorites:

    1. To remove makeup: coconut oil in the shower or cold cream with a foreo micro bristled brush.
    Then follow it by massaging in with your fingers.

    2. I don’t use wipes as it’s a pollutant in landfills. I stopped buying them as I love the fluidity of coconut oil or cold cream in shower.

    3. Most of your skin cleansing takes place in a warm shower.
    Do it properly and I love Clarisonic smart profile.
    Life saver !
    Favorite heads: deep pore clean, sensitive and cashmere cleanse ( especially post laser)

    Cleanse in gentle upward circles and add turbo on the peri- oral / around lip area , lower jaw lines, temple, bridge of nose, forehead and neck upto and behind your ears, including the ears.

    Gentle cleansing: cheeks and eyes , under eyes - preferably with much TLC.

    Salicylic acid: 2%
    For effective anticomedogenic prevention and effect.
    Benzoyl peroxide: 5-10%

    Activated sulphur paste/ ointments:3%
    ( test benzoyl peroxide concentration strength and sulphur for allergic reactions and consult your physician )

    They cause increased sensitivity to uv / sunlight radiation and heat.

    • smg99

      5. Post and immediately after a shower: keep a bottle of witch hazel for spritzing.
      Apply ice roller. Follow immediately with a sunscreen like Neutrogena face shield spf110 .

      Sunscreens offer additive protection. That is you are adding the spf values to totally block damaging UVA& UVB rays.

      7. At day only sunscreen
      8. Night : try this from neutrogena: their new line is impressive all of it : advanced Retinol and complexed vitamin C. Rapid action line. I love the retinol oil.
      Not advised on highly pustular cystic acne or hormonal cause acne.

      Combination skin is ideally suited for retinol oil.

      Otherwise the prep glycolic cleanser is a nightly cleanser.
      Follow with cetaphil anti redness foaming wash in pump.

      Rinse with cold water on the hair too.

      9. Where possible opt for good makeup top brands. I love ❤️ YSL its an amazing divine range esp touché eclat.

      10. That’s a day ritual.
      11. Once you apply the retinol ( otc) creams, serums. Go to bed.

      12. For baggy eyes: use your green tea bags that you have steeped or black tea bags, warm on your eyes.
      13: SLEEP DRINK WATER, green juice and workout well.
      Do not buy microdermabrasion handkits unless you are taught it’s proper method and have not seen redness in 24-48 hours.

      Same for IPL HOME KITS.

      Where desired radical makeovers are desirable please get it done professionally with fractional laser.(6 month for stability of results don’t space too closely)


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    • Pinay_ako

      Thank you I appreciate your feedback. I know it sounds like a lot lol

    • smg99

      No I love such articles that inspire

  • Glue-Sniffer

    I have been applying Nivea creme to my face after I take a shower every morning since I was 13. My skin looks great, no wrinkles, no noticable pores and I only get zits when I am under immense stress, the last time that happened I had to defend my Master's thesis.
    I don't ever use foundation or anything else on my face cuz that shit is nasty. Only sun screen and I'm good to go. I probably have been blessed with good genes in this regard but I think women should start wearing less makeup if they are prone to break outs.

Most Helpful Guys

  • ChurchOfIron

    95% of what we perceive as aging is the result of collective sun damage over time. If you're careful in the sun, wear sunscreen whenever you'll be out for more than 2 hours, your skin will be fine. And get enough vitamin A.

    Wait... Is lip balm chapstick? Or are you telling me to wear lipstick? o. o But I do have a serious problem with chapped lips. It's very frustrating. They stay chapped *most* of the time, despite my exceedingly healthy lifestyle and diet. The dentist sees I have chapped lips all the time, but hasn't said anything about it. Maybe I should ask him next time, but what's that shit she's rubbing on her lips, and will that help with chapped lips?

    Although. I might look into some of this stuff. Exactly how homosexual will it make me if I do a couple of these?

    • Pinay_ako

      Lip balm is chapstick yes... Using lip scrubs once a week will help scrub off old dead skin off your lips and we forget they need lots of love coz we use them a lot.

    • Cool. Thanks. ^-^

  • MackToday

    90% of it is sun damage, radiation burn basically. Only very dark complected people are immune typically dark skinned blacks everyone else is screwed unless we come up with some treatment in a few decades. Using a good strong sun screen helps a lot.

    • Pinay_ako

      Yes sunscreen with high SPF works

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  • molonski2

    Actually the vast majority of skin care is just a pure waste , If you talk with any independent demonologist , the most effective is Sun screen , but just use straight sun screen all over your face.

    From cosmetic enhances , are just that , more for the mind than anything else.

    • VaIiant

      Yeah... no. Any dermatologist or cosmetologist will agree- eye creams, cleansers and moisturizers are all extremely vital, especially if you have acne or wear makeup

    • Pinay_ako


    • molonski2

      Sorry , used spell check too quickly , dermatologist..
      Its a fact ( and I can't speak for the wonderful US of A or UK , as often they have an incentive via drug / personal care industry ) , completely illegal in Australia , as it should be world wide.
      Literally billions of $$$ is wasted on this rubbish world wide , this is the 1800s snake oil equivalent. The fact of the matter is 80 % of non script creams , the money is simply wasted. Sun Screen , is the very best youth saver and enhancer.
      Visit always an individual that is well qualified , independent of commercial interests , including so called medical junkets , including pens , clocks on the walls holidays etc etc.

      I can assure you , I am not just expressing an opinion , Im well versed with this industry and all of its manipulation , same same as medical. Don't waste your money.

      With regards to acne , note I said 80 % non medical , I have no problem with a GP ( or better ) recommending a deep pore cleanser , external cream , this may assist with pour blockage on some individuals , especially if make up is involved and I well understand make up will be involved , the market leader has many good options as do other brands.

      I'm referring to other " enhances " moreso , oral zinc is also a good cleanser of acne internally , and can be used in many different ways , sun also , salt water , moderation is also an issue. The point was just don't waste money , understand what can be achieved and don't be sucked in by what many of these products try to sell you.

  • tenukitanuki

    Exfoliate, moisturize, maintain. It's not rocket magic. You can just use clean oil to purify if you're a bit wealthy, resourceful and establish a decent baseline. Roman method; just cold pressed oils are $$$ and really are the therapeutic reason for doing it. All you're doing is bonding the filthy oils in your skin with the clean oils you apply, so it's wise to reapply a mild amount.

    The trickiest part of OCM methods are getting the oils or tools into the shower with you. I recommend an industrial kitchen squirt bottle that's dark enough to block light or rigging it so that happens. Light kills oil. Bath mat with some grip to it may be wise for some; it can get wild.

    And if you're into self inflicted pain there's always pore extractors; though I think those flat edged dealies are better for cleaning up stubborn pores.

    OH and zinc. Eating more oatmeal will help you get both more zinc and magnesium (necessary to absorb zinc) and not only fortify your immune functions but tends to shrink pores over time. Cool huh? You may be able to swap out other super healthy whole oats or grains.

  • themomo84

    I disagree about knowing someone's age from looking at their face or their skin. As for as skin care products go, I think people tend to stick with what they know. I like to experiment until I find the right combination.

    • Pinay_ako

      I did say sometimes... not always.

  • slatyb

    You forgot the most important thing -- protecting your skin from the skin. Wear sunscreen or makeup with a high SPF. Premature aging is mostly caused by sun damage or tobacco.

  • DianaWest

    "skin care" you say? wow. all that titanium dioxide and sodium laureth sulfate and carcinogens sound appealing. ever thought that the 200 pounds of "anti-aging" cream is making you look 10 years. . . older? same with the 50 pounds of makeup most women like to wear these days. my skin care? I wash my face twice daily with a soap made out of camomile and honey and mostly natural ingredients. i seem to be doing pretty well. considering that i'm 20 and look 14

    • emmily2396

      The sun is carcinogen too. Also, as far as i know, some brands use those with molecules too big to be absorbed, so no threat to you

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    • Titanium dioxide is used in spf... that was what i was saying.. and the poibt was that the molecules are usually too bid to be absorbed, some manufacturesrs actually pay attention to thay

    • SexyAshh

      @dianawest exactly! Great comment!

  • Alpha09

    Sure if the products your using have natural ingredients. But if you're just applying chemicals than it's counterproductive. Our skin absorbes everything. Sun damage is a huge problem, so a moisturizing sunscreen is just enough for some people. Personally I do use a lot of the products mentioned, yes some I don't think are absolutely necessary but I still use them because I get the desired result.

  • humanearth

    People really go though all of that. Wow sounds like a big pain in the ass and a hassle.

    • Pinay_ako

      lol it is and a lot of money... but use what works best for you.

  • monkeynutts

    Thanks for the tips I'm getting older, and should start to protect my skin.

    • Pinay_ako

      You're welcome. I used to be just the soap and water kind of girl. But UV rays from the sun does hurt our skin and it will show as we age

    • DianaWest

      my grandparents are 80 and have few wrinkles and they never used "moisturizing cream."

  • andreasderjuengere

    I partly disagree: All through my life I have been outdoors and active. No cosmetics used other than sunscreen (sometimes) - and I frequently hear comments that I look clearly younger than my actual age. What say you now, with all your chemicals around?

  • YHL6965

    I don't see how burying your skin under so many products can not be harmful for your skin at some point. I noticed a lot of women who use a lot of make up regularly tend to look like shit without it, while most men look fine without make up (obviously).

  • John_Doesnt

    I strongly prefer simple collagen masks and facial cleansers opposed to using all that stuff. Too much product will irritate your face.

  • SentientBrick

    I'm sure some of these might help but I'd guess a good 75% of the above are just snake oil and smoke.

  • hisokadb

    No matter what u need ab this if u smoke do drugs or alchool they will make look bad on skin

  • Sevenpointfive

    i'm pretty sure it's genetics, age and what you put into your body.

  • lsjr16

    Right now my Nivea men face wash and lotion. Also you can’t tell someone age by looking at them. Example I am 26 but people think I am 19 - 22 cause I look young

    • Pinay_ako

      I did say sometimes their skin shows their age... The wrinkly you are, the older your age.

  • l don't need any l am very handsome looking l was born that way its the genes

  • pizzalovershouse

    ok there's also natural skin things we all keep in the house like baking soda

  • Logorithim

    Very good advice

  • Grobmate

    Meh, I'll grow old disgracefully.

  • Secretgardenblood

    Good take

  • Thrifty

    That's Jamie from Summer Heights High 😂

  • AwesomeLadaaay

    Wow. Too much stuff for me lol

  • CarpetDenim

    Or just never go outside lol

  • LuWe22

    All I need is water and soap.

  • Tina84


  • randomgurll1

    Thumbs uppp