Alone For Christmas

Here are some tips for being alone during the holidays: Make a plan: Decide how you want to spend your time during the holidays. This...
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Isla's Christmas Story - I wish you peace and happiness in the Christmas Holidays 2023.

Christmas Story This story was written with only one purpose. To share a kind of Christmas spirit in this hectic before-Christmas time....
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Christmas or Hanukkah Onion Sandwiches

James Beard's onion sandwich recipe James Beard took this recipe from his colleagues Irma and Bill Rhode over 60 years ago, but there’s...
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A Christmas Movie Marathon

I was asked what are some of my favorite films to watch around Christmas time. Well, here they are in this mytake below! I know it gets...
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"A Charlie Brown Christmas" is still the best Christmas special almost 60 years later.

Picture the time, It's 1965 and a new Christmas Special is being advertised. However, this special was "special". This was the first...
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Celebrating Christmas Sustainably

Heyyy!!! Now that December is here, I wanted to show you how to celebrate Christmas in an eco-friendly way. Did you know that there is a...
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Movies to Watch on Thanksgiving

Heyy last three days! (btw this date is for America not Kanada) You may not like celebrating Thanksgiving or you may be celebrating it...
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A few things 2022 taught me

You must look at people as who they are, not as who you want them to be That new friend you met or that new crush you fell for, you...
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Today is Dr. Martin Luther King Day. Do you have to go to work today?

I have to work today. To me it is just another Manic Monday.
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Why would a guy randomly tell you he doesn't want to rekindle your friendship?

I have a male friend that I've been friends with for 16 years. We've always been fairly close and helped each other through a lot....

Happy belated new year to all, how has the first couple of weeks of 2024 been treating you?

Hope everyone has been well and have made a start on those new year resolutions!

Did you sing the 12 days of Christmas this year?

On the 12 days of totalitarianism Joe Biden gave to me 12 unvaccinated migrants 111 trump indictments 10 percent 4 the big guy 9 month...

What to do with a situationship with coworker, who’s got his rebound pregnant and feelings for both me and her are still involved?

Hi there, I really need your advice and help in this one, because I’m in dark place right now and feeling like falling apart. This story...

What is the best Gift for a male friend?

My classmate, friend's birthday passed last year in December, but we were in holidays so didn't get the chance to wish him but now...

She flirted with me but have a boyfriend?

There’s this girl at school before holidays vacations she seemed to be into me like she was teasing me/flirting with me, but now today I...


As my last GAG question before quitting this site, what are your Valentine's Day plans?

I for one am merrily almost 30 and am retiring merrily from GAG as I feel I'm too old to still be hanging around with 20s something's...
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How many years would you give your partner to go away during the holidays with their family without you before you can get annoyed?

So my partner and I have been together for over a year and this is the second year where they’ve went away during the holidays. I know...
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Would you be upset if your partner keeps going away for NYE with family and you’re not there?

It’s not the first time he has gone away with his family around NYE and I understand that there might not be much left of the holidays...
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Are you happy to have left 2023?

Or was it a good year for you? Let us know below.
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Wearing black on New Year's Eve, bad luck?

i don't know if it is just a conisidence, but the last new year s eve I wore black. and this year was the unluckiest of my life. is it...
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Do you believe we should "Love Thy Neighbor"?

Do you believe in loving thy neighbor? Maybe only on Christmas? Maybe not at all?
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What do you want for Christmas most of all?

Everyone have a great Christmas, even if you don't get what you want.
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