Alone For Christmas

Here are some tips for being alone during the holidays: Make a plan: Decide how you want to spend your time during the holidays. This...
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A few things 2022 taught me

You must look at people as who they are, not as who you want them to be That new friend you met or that new crush you fell for, you...
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A resolution for the New Year?

I have to say I was never into making pledges or resolutions for the New Year. I can't think of a single year in my 50+ years on this...
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2022 summary & future plans! Plus rant 😂

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A Christmas Story: How to go from hero to zero on Christmas Eve as a teenager

My funniest Christmas story happened when I was 17. It involved a funeral, a boy about eight years old, and a morbidly obese Santa. I...
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Seasons Greetings/December GAG Contest 2022!!!

Hi Gaggers!!! It's the most festive time of year, holiday season! For this months GAG contest, we would like to know what your...
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5 ways to celebrate Thanksgiving this year

I wanted to see if I could come up with any decent ways to celebrate Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving. If you have your own unique...
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"The Thanksgiving Table": A Thanksgiving poem by me

The cherry oak table is all adorned with a leaf pattern tablecloth. White crystal goblets sit at the head of fine China plates. A...
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Men, when you ask a woman out on a date for next week and you haven't texted that woman happy new year or followed up in 4 days what does that mean?

would it make me look bad or that I am being too masculine if I text him to follow up? How I see it is, if a guy wants to get in touch...

Now that the Holidays are over, how did you fare through it all?

After reading about all the cancelled flights, blizzard deaths, no electricity, etc. can you share how you made out. Seems to me all...

What are some good events for fundraisers?

My work has asked me to organize some sort of fundraiser to give some of the locals a better start to their year. So far I've planned...

How did you start your New Year?

Hopefully you started the New Year the way you wanted! For me I wanted to make sure I could help other have a happy start to their New...

If I'm a monarchist, would I enjoy Northern Ireland for a future holiday there?

Particularly Belfast of other major cities of northern Ireland. I am pro-monarchy, after all, I come from a shared monarchy country...


Will you celebrate New Years?

I used to love new years a kid. Staying up late, fireworks, as much sugar as I wanted and we could have champagne 🥂😂 But now it is...
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Do you know how many sirens you heard this new years eve?

Personally, I heard about 5. Lotta mofos that night not being careful that night.
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Have you peed outside on New Year's Eve?

If you have, tell us about it!
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Do you normally feel?

Please explain.
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Yes or no to fireworks? Can you explain why?

Personally I m selfish because I do like fireworks. But I don't like how some idiots fire fireworks two weeks in a row or more in...
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Favourite New years tradition?

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Merry Christmas to GaG?

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