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Should you stay in shape for your partner?

If yes, are you currently in shape? If you are not, do you feel as if you are failing to live up to your responsibilities as a partner?


Boyfriend slapping my thigh n the presence of other people?

My boyfriend of nearly 2 years has gotten into the habit of slapping my thigh when talking and wanting to emphasize something. This usually...


What's the reason for the increase in mass shootings?

And also, when has an audience member tackled a performer with a knife/gun?


Ok Men how would you like to be approached ?

Since the world made you afraid to women.


Republicans coming after your birth-control?

How do you feel about conservatives working on making all forms of birth control illegal, some even want condoms to be made illegal because stopping sperm from reaching the egg is anti Christian. So is the Republican Party really the party of small...


Do other people find it hard to find genuine friendships?

why is finding genuine friends that won't use you so difficult? I am starting to find friendships pointless since people always want something from. who else has this problem?


How do I confess a crush?

Context: I have liked this guy a while and he has hinted a few times he felt the same. I am a naturally anxious person and more introverted and he on the other hand is outgoing and extroverted. This makes it all the more daunting to say anything....


My fiance's 15 year old daughter slaps and calls me hurtful things to my face, yet he doesn't punish her. How can I approach this situation?

Since I moved into my fiance's house, his 15 yo daughter has been bossing me around, calling me stupid and dumb, and a few times has slapped me across the cheek. I don't get why she should hate me or do any of this, and I've tried to be nice and kind to...


Women aren't actually into "bad boys": My take on dating and narcissism

We have all heard the phrase, "Nice guys finish last", but do you know what it actually means? The phrase was used by Brooklyn Dodgers manager Leo Durocher to describe former New Orleans area basMel Ott and his Giants team when the Giants were mired in...


Can it be dangerous playing with the Ouija board?

I used to play with it during my early college years with a couple friends. We would ask it question but this part totally scare me. The...


Is This The Republicans Wettest Dream?

The Republicans are no different than the Taliban. Both must be wiped out



Do you think psychological warfare has been effectively administraterd to the United States or your particular nation if you have noticed it?

It's a effective psychological strategy to cause a society through manipulation via media and peer pressure to make them feel guilty and ashamed of their culture, vaules, identity, to constantly accuse them of being racist if they try to speak up against...


What are you doing to benefit your community?

It’s been an extra windy year in the southwest United States. I’m seeing so much debris and trash landing in our beautiful parks and native areas....


Why are relationships so hard?

I am just sitting here, mourning my last relationship and every experience I've ever been through. Why does it seem so hard to meet someone you're attracted to, and then for both of you to take the time and effort to learn about each other and what...


Am I the only one here who absolutely hates being called "maam"?

I don't like it. Don't call me that. I automatically think of lonely old spinsters living with 20 or so cats in a draughty old house, whenever I come across that term. This person, on the other hand, insists upon it! :D...



Why are people surprised that most women support Johnny Depp because they see him as the victim?

Why would they support Amber if they think she is the abuser? Isn't it normal to support a man whom you view as a victim?


I told my ex I would never contact her again and it’s been 4 years. But I’m thinking of her lately?

I wrote my ex a final email 4 years ago where I was honest about a lot things I wanted closure on. Told her how I screwed up, told her about how...


Guys, what are some of your biggest turn off?

what are some traits in a female that turn guys off?


Why Do You Think That The U. S. A Has School Shootings Happen So Often?

And when I say so often, I mean in comparison to other countries. Doesn’t happen nearly as much. Also don’t like how anyone isn’t talking about...


How do you manage when broke?

I’m just curious. How does everyone manage to still go out and entertain themselves when broke? I’m not struggling but there are times when I’m low on money and think how the hell can people do this when a lot make less. I don’t save money either as for me...


Why would a guy use tongue for a first kiss?

I have dated this guy for about a month and we didn’t kiss until recently, but it was surprising cause he just went from 0-100 and basically stuck his tongue in my mouth and I wasn’t expecting it! he asked me if he could kiss me but then went full...


What motivates you to follow Johnny-Amber trial?

What is the reason that you follow the news about it?