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How do I stop thinking about her?

I can't stop thinking about her. I've had a crush on her since I was a freshman. I just graduated highschool and she recently started talking to...


Are the gas shortages affecting you?

How so? Are you worried? According to The Washington Postgas shortages are spiking in the eastern US, with millions unable to get gas.


I am bored and wouldn't mind some conversation?

Hi, I have a lot of time on my hands and wouldn't mind some conversation. If anyone wants to talk about anything you can message me!


Do you go half and half on rent with your partner? say apartment rent?

My boyfriend has 12k and I have about 2,700 and I still have to pay back to the IRS and I’m scared I’ll have absolutely no money to fall on. My...


Would most guys take advantage of an unconscious/drunk woman sexually? Even if they are her friends?

A guy friend told me to never drink a lot while im around guy friends cuz, i cite his words "they will take advantage of it, trust me"


Men, what do you think of men who paint their nails?

This is ridiculous to me. They say a man painting his nails is a form of self expression, but my question is what expression? That you're gay? bi? I don't know you tell me. I see it as them trying to push this narrative that men can be women and women can...



Hows your world on Wednesday night tonight?

Its a cool 62 degress in Dallas really nice tonight. How your area?


Do the Pro-Life people even recognized if you make abortion illegal; it does not stop women from having abortions and even creates more abortions?

Just look at El Salvador. They ban all types of abortions, but there are tens of thousands of illegal abortions every year. " Indeed, the rate...


After how many dates should you start asking relationship questions?

We both know we want to eventually date as a couple but I am unsure when do I ask. Every time I've wanted to bring it up, I keep remembering how...


If you were to reveal publicly the worst thing you've ever done in your life do you feel people would judge you harshly for it?

Just think about the absolute worst thing you've ever done in your entire life. if it were revealed publicly to you think people would judge you harshly for it?


How can you get a second date?

I've had many first dates (most from tinder or facebook) they ware all walk around a park/city type of date. What can I do to get a second date?


If a rape victim sends the incorrect guy to prison, is that still unforgivable?

I once read a case like that. The woman that really did get raped. However, she made a mistake and the incorrect man was sent to prison. The guy...



Money really isn’t everything?

Billion dollar Split Bill Gates and Melinda Gates are done after 10 years. This man makes billions of dollars and can’t keep her happy so that just leads you to believe it isn’t just about money. What do you think?


What are you dream jobs? Make a list?

Mine would be - hospital technician - hospital fundraiser - brain surgeon - psychoanalyst - musician - record label producer - graphic designer - marketing specialist - psychotherapist - produce garden manager - screen writer - talk show host - florist -...


What's more shallow a woman that won't date a man because of his height of a man that won't date a woman based on her weight?

You see men and women are born with the DNA 🧬 of what your height is going to be, you can't change it or modify it but you can change weight and...


As a woman is it wrong to work on yourself before getting in a relationship?

Why do women get such a bad rap for taking care of her self. I mean going to college, career paying for her own things. Such as car, house, utilities and Taking her self on trips. What I call “normal”. Doing these things before she turns 30 makes her...


What do guys do with their girlfriend’s panties?

If a guy wants his girlfriend’s panties, why would he be asking in the first place? I gave them to him and, obviously they didn’t smell like perfume. Do guys like the natural scent?


Who rocks boxers better?

Do you think they look better on yourself or the opposite sex? #FashionFun #FeelFreeToList


Is it ever appropriate for a Man at work to ask a Woman customer for her phone number to talk to her on the phone?

This is really stupid, but it's an honest problem. I never know how it's appropriate to ask a woman her phone number and I only seem to meet the most interesting women in the most awkward moments, such as while I'm at work. Yesterday there was this Asian...