How to be Successful on Dating Apps!

Dating apps get a bad reputation for only being for people who want sleazy hookups and not a serious relationship but I've heard of many...

Is honesty still the best policy?

I have been dating online for nearly 6 years now. I've had some good dates, some bad dates, and some "meh" in between. I have enjoyed...

Some of my most interesting dates/dating experiences (good and bad)

This my take is honestly more like a diary for me or a reminder but i've had some i suppose interesting experiences with guys and i...

Is It Really Harder To Date These Days? Or Are People Making It Harder Than It Needs To Be?

This is mytake on how I see dating these days and the things I see wrong with how dating is being done. Disclaimer: Now these are my...

Poor Time Management can make You Sexless

Okay peeps, I made a big breakthrough today as I was doing my leg and back workout. I've been reflecting on my life, and specifically on...

Why I wouldn't date a single mother

The above represents my opinion, and mine only, in the subject of men dating or marrying single mothers. I think that I should be best...

One of my biggest problems in dating

People seemed to like my last myTake about autistic dating and I have something new I realized yesterday. I'm finishing my...

He asked me to be exclusive after three weeks of dating. Should I be worried?

I really like him and I like where things are headed so I said yes. I’m just scared this is going to be some whirlwind thing and he’s...

Why do women cheat?

I met a girl on Hinge and started talking to her. Something was off though because she would not meet me, I figured out she had a...

Is it weird that boyfriend avoids taking me out?

So he is an introverted shy guy and likes more of the quiet things and less crowds. We’ve been a couple for 5 months and we have only...

How to take a revenge from my boyfriend for calling me a clingy person?

So my boyfriend called me clingy and I want to take some type of revenge from him. Nothing too serious but something that would show him...

Girls make me miserable?

I have no luck with women. I try and setup dates, but they never want to go and then I find out it's because some other guy usually has...

How to ask a guys name without it being awkward?

At any location for any reason at all how should I do it?

Boyfriend fought friend, is this normal?

My boyfriend have been together three years and we live together. We’ve been fighting lately and on the verge of breaking up. He has...

Are all good-looking boys a jerk?

I've never personally met a good-looking guy around my age being in a nice committed relationship or even just having a decent...

Death clock when is late to late?

Say you know your approximate time of death to within 2 or 3 months. When is it to late to bother stating a relationship. Should you...

What is one thing you miss about being single?

For me it's not having an empty pocket all the time. But then again I'm also fine with that, I still think it's worth it

I overheard my crush tell his friend that he think I’m the sweetest girl? does he like me?

We don’t talk much but I really like him. I overheard him talking about me with his friend and he called me the sweetest girl so I’m...

Is it wrong to purposefully go after women with lower self esteem?

I don't want a confident woman whos aware of her value. I want a woman whos insecure and maybe a bit self loathing.

What would you rather date, a 10/10 personality or a 10/10 lover?

Imagine you have to choose between 2 people, you find both of them equally attractive in terms of looks. One has a 7/10 personality, but...

You are interested in a W/oMan. S/he asks you out before you get to ask her/ him? Do you say yes or are they disqualified bc they didn’t wait?

This is a Person you were interested right up to the point he / she asked you out. There is no question about that. The question is...

Does "settling down" ALWAYS mean that you slept around in the past?

I'm turning 26 and thinking about "settling down" but I've always seen that term used when someone fucked off in their past and now want...

This girl on pof ghosted me why?

I always get ghosted on pof guys 😞

Guys Awnser honestly:)?

Would you rather wait for the girl who wants to wait till after the third date, or would you go to the girl who's willing to fuck right away