Psychology of Color

Psychology of Color Color and Cognition Our brain processes the color we see in a more complicated way then most people actually...

Here's why women seek emotional connection before sex

Women seek emotional connection before sex men rarely do that. There are 3 major reasons behind it. 1. Women have potential of getting...

Ladies, tips so you won’t lose your man (early stages)!

I’ve been approaching women for a long time, and I can tell you that perhaps one of the biggest reasons why girls I lost and why girls...

Dating isn't easy because you're not having fun with it!

[I do not claim to be a dating coach or expert] I'm going to start by making a couple assumptions, which you may not agree with: 1....

Asperger's Syndrome (AS) and Dating: A Problem of Communication

For anyone who doesn't know, I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome (AS) when I was 11. It's a condition that impairs my comprehension...

10 Other Things That Make Her Happy

A few months ago, I wrote something about the 5 little things that make your GF/wife happy. And now I will add 10 more things that will...

When to Go Exclusive

I've been thinking about doing a Take on this topic for quite some time. I've seen some people do everything right - approaching...

How do you make a good profile on dating apps?

how do you guys make a good profile? how to make a good picture and nice descriptions? what do you girls makes you give a "like". I find...

Is a night club as a first date a terrible idea?

im bi and I’ve got a date with this girl. Somehow we decided on this night club that each sometimes go to. I’m trying to hint to go to a...

What would be your opinions of a feminine boy wearing makeup?

He looks fem and has a bob hairstyle, and wears noticeable lipstick and mascara.

Where can I find a shy girl?

I’ve always been shy and more sensitive. Where can I can find a girl who is compassionate and gentle?

Why would he want to keep hanging out with me knowing that we’ll never be just friends cause we like each other?

Me and this guy friend have been attracted to each other for a long time. But he was trying to get back with his ex so nothing happened....

Guy i'm dating being a pain about days to meet up should I just call it quits?

I went on a date with this guy and we had fun. We met on a Friday it worked. I have my kids Monday to Friday and have fri, sat sun night...

When a guy wants to pay for the first date?

It always made me super uncomfortable when a guy wants to pay for everything on the first date. I fully expect to pay for myself, and...

Why girls love these things?

My girlfriend wanted to put things like this, I didn't understand what girls liked

What does it mean when a man told you that he feels something but he s not sure what is it?

The thing is that i'm in love with my friend, we are close, We talk about everything, ... Last time i told him that i m in love with him...

If relationships happen easily for every woman, why am I always alone?

Every woman I know has men falling head over heels for them. And I’m always single. I’ve lost weight and this has not changed the...

Would you date a guy who is a little submissive?

Let's say he's generally a gentle soul. He likes feeding animals, painting flowers and landscapes and he isn't a voient person unless...

Do girls find men more attractive if he's already in a relationship?

"A 2009 study by Melissa Burkley and Jessica Parker found that 59% of women tested were interested in pursuing a relationship with an...

Question for girls?

What is the first thing you notice about guys when you meet them first time?

Ladies and gentlemen, when is a appropriate time to ask out a girl?

I've known this girl for like 6-7 months and I want to ask her out but I don't know if it's to early or to late?

Would someone living in an unsafe or boring place keep you from dating them?

I've never used that as a criterion. Its always been about the person, but it did have an effect on my last relationship (the place was...