Ridiculous Things Everyone Assumes If You're Single

ridiculous things people assume if you're single: no intro needed, we all have been there and heard that. you're unattractive: where did...

A Man's Timely Apology and Why It is So Sexy in Early Dating

This my take is about apologies in early stages of dating. Early on it is important for men to appear bold and confident in the initial...

My Take on How Payment Should Be Done on a First Date

Two things to consider as you read this: 1) This has no reference to how much money you make or spend. (An inexpensive date can be even...

The reasons why some men may not like it when women make the first move

There is a new[not really] talking point on the block! Perhaps not a big one, but it is one I personally feel particularly involved in,...

Why I'm attracted to the bad guys

So yes, I'm one of those girls... Why I'm attracted to the bad guys: 1. He lives. he's exciting, lives on the edge, is more adventurous,...

Accepting that I'm not relationship material, a Narcissist's Perspective.

This is going to be a bit like a journal, but I just want to write it all out. I don't know if I'm actually a narcissist, in the...

A Sensual Conversation Guide for Date Night: How to get past the small talk and connect on a discreet intimate level.

I recommend most of these questions on a first date.... If you were to die and someone had to clear out your home-what are the most...

How do you play hard to get without getting them to lose interest?

What sort of things can you do to play hard to get, without getting them to lose interest?

What's the best way to find the same qualities?

So the hard part is I'm looking for something really specific, now that I know what I want it's kinda hard to find. I met someone on a...

This guy said he doesn’t wanna see me anymore because of the crorona should I feel offended?

So far this whole time we have been chilling during the corona but today when I asked him if he wanted to chill he said he doesn’t want...

Usually guys get at least a couple matches on tinder if he’s not able does it mean he has no personality?

Like yeah I can’t get any matches I don’t drink smoke or party am I just to boring for girls

I'm only good at face to face conversations, rather than texting?

I'm only good at face to face conversations, rather than texting. And with Quarantine, I seem to have disconnected with a few people and...

Do you think a 24 yo woman should be with a 58 yo man?

I am 24 y. o. black woman and there’s a man at work (architecture firm) who seems to really like me, but he is 58 y. o. white man. He...

Is it okay to not respond to a gf/bf texts sometimes? and for how long with no response is "unreasonable" to you?

so me and my boyfriend are pretty good rn, strong, and getting on the right track. Sometimes he does this thing where I'll text him, and...

Should I ask about boundaries, etc?

My boyfriend asked me out right before spring break (we’re in college) and we had only been friends at that point (hadn’t even hugged)....

Does this sound desperate if someone said to you on a dating site: "when are we getting married"?

I mean you’ve already spoken briefly before but then they random pop up saying : “when are we getting married?”

My boyfriend said I’m not allowed to break up with him. is that something to be concerned about?

So my boyfriend and I have a pretty good relationship. He’s not abusive, he’s nice, and he talks about me a lot to his friends and...

Do I have the right to be shattered / angry / mad Etc?

Back in February I beleive it was either jan or February... I was interviewed at sonic and then he said I was hired well the next day I...

How many potential lovers or potential sex partners are you messaging with right now?

This question is for people who want a relationship or just want sex. Doesn't matter. Right now I am talking to 7 different women that...

Age Gaps? How much is too much?

10 years? 20? 30😳😬 ? does it matter which gender is older ( typically the Male; but things are a changing) ! Any been there - done...

Age, is it a issue?

Would you ever date someone younger than you and how younger?

If a woman doesn’t get attention from guys, should she be under the impression that she’s unattractive?

Cuz I’m 25, super duper single & cannot recall the last time I was approached in person. And when I am noticed, the guy is not good...

Should I give up?

Just done with dealing with a lot

Are you happy in life?

I’m not. I have everything you could dream of yet I get crazy thoughts in my head that I can’t control and have nothing to do with me. I...