How to have Success with Women if you're Shy and Insecure

Background: I write this as a formerly shy and insecure guy who had no skill or confidence around girls. If any of this sounds familiar...

Taller Women For the Win

Tall Women. The goddesses of Earth. This is a Mytake for all of the girls who wonder if men like tall women or are self conscious about...

5 Dating site profile texts to avoid for girls

So you just joined tinder and are thinking about texts to put in your description or you are on there and wondering why you're faced...

Why rejection has nothing to do with you most of the time

In a day and age where finding people to date on apps or on social media such as instagram is the norm, it has become incredibly easy...

Girls-- GUYS ARE NOT "INTIMIDATED" BY YOU. Stop lying to yourselves if you want to help yourselves and no longer be single.

This shouldn't take too long. Something that I overheard at a bar last night was a lonnnnnnng conversation between a group of friends at...

What I Would Value if I'm Ready To Date a Woman

Here's my updated traits I would Value if I Decided To Date a Woman 1. Emotional Stability Over Intelligence I value emotional stability...

Back to Dating!

2016 Three years ago I was hot. Metaphorically speaking, I was on fire. I was going on dates every other week. Every month I had a...

Do you prefer to make the first move to kiss a person you're dating?

Or do you prefer your date to make the first move, when it comes to your first kiss with them?

Is my co-worker flirting or just being friendly?

So there's this guy who recently started at my workplace, who I think is cute. We've had a few conversations, but I can't tell if he's...

He's ignoring me - should I still try to talk to him?

My ex and I started talking again recently, hung out once and I felt like it went so, so well. In the week following that, I was feeling...

Guys, Can I have quick answers?

I have told this guy very clearly tht i have a boyfriend nd i m only looking to flirt initially he was ok.. But i dont know wht happened...

How would you react to someone that's been in a mental health institute?

You're dating this person and then find out they have been in a mental health institute for years; ages 10-16. However, they were...

Does he sound a bit rude?

So I am supposed to be going on a first date with a guy. We spoke on video call yesterday and he was asking a lot about my dating...

White guys with yellow fever, listen up?

I'm sick to death of you stealing my women. Asian girls BELONG to Asian men. Stop stealing our women.

Talking to girls?

I just moved to as new town and I'm not sure what to do to meet girls. I'm think on going to the bar but I dont really dont know what to...

How's in spanish?

How's in Spanish to say to girl : Let's get a drink, tomorrow 8pm. I pick you up at 4:05

Commitment phobes: what made you finally commit?

Curious as to know what makes you finally commit to someone?

Would you date someone 10 years older than you?

Not based on these pictures! So dont talk about them please lol

Would you date your college roommate?

So I just found out my college roommate who I am close friends with has feelings for me. I am not sure if it is wise to date her. I also...

How to chat with a girl who gets lot of dm ( a a lot of message from friends )?

Any strategy or idea. She is very busy girl ( job ) n i have asked her out for hangout... she said Ill let you know I'm very busy

Dating apps, which is better?

So I have lost a large amount of weight and I have a lot more free time now that I am on summer vacation so I thought trying again...

How Do You Ask Your Partner For Personal Space?

taken or single, we've all met this one guy (or girl) that's fucking clingy and is annoyed when you try to put distance between them and...

White girls who have never dated outside of your race, if you had to date a non white guy, what race would you choose and why?

Even if you're not attracted to anything other than white, if you had to choose one, which race would you choose? And state your reason...

Guys, Would you rather make the first move or have the girl make the first move?

When you go out with a girl would you rather make the first move ex: hold hands, kiss etc. Or would you rather have her make the first move?

Love triangle: Who would you choose?

Who would you choose? If you chose someone and get rejected or don't like what you got you cannot go to the other. Its a due or die...

Guys, which past can you handle better?

You meet a sweet girl and really like her. Then you find out she has a past but claims to have reformed. Which one would you be able to...