Psychology of Color

Psychology of Color Color and Cognition Our brain processes the color we see in a more complicated way then most people actually...

Here's why women seek emotional connection before sex

Women seek emotional connection before sex men rarely do that. There are 3 major reasons behind it. 1. Women have potential of getting...

Ladies, tips so you won’t lose your man (early stages)!

I’ve been approaching women for a long time, and I can tell you that perhaps one of the biggest reasons why girls I lost and why girls...

Dating isn't easy because you're not having fun with it!

[I do not claim to be a dating coach or expert] I'm going to start by making a couple assumptions, which you may not agree with: 1....

Asperger's Syndrome (AS) and Dating: A Problem of Communication

For anyone who doesn't know, I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome (AS) when I was 11. It's a condition that impairs my comprehension...

10 Other Things That Make Her Happy

A few months ago, I wrote something about the 5 little things that make your GF/wife happy. And now I will add 10 more things that will...

When to Go Exclusive

I've been thinking about doing a Take on this topic for quite some time. I've seen some people do everything right - approaching...

Is it normal for my boyfriend to be talking about other girls to his friends?

So basically my boyfriend and I had been dating for almost a year and one day I was on his phone (lol big mistake) as one of his friends...

The "what are we" talk?

Okay so I liked one of my guy friends and I told him, he feels the same way but neither of us were ready to get in a relationship (this...

Relationship anxiety?

I’ve been seeing this girl for about 2 months now and for about the past month we’ve been taking a bit serious. At the start it was only...

Giving the guy who hurt you a letter, yes or no?

We were never in a relationship but we almost got there, anyway he hurt me with some of his actions. He knows this, and I've brought it...

How long is acceptable to wait to send a text to the one you're dating?

I've been dating this guy for about a month now. Before we actually started dating, he'd respond to texts super fast, and seemed super...

Should I be ashamed?

Due to my inability to attract women and act like a normal charming guy instead of an awkward weird shy nervous wreck who's probably...

Guys, Why does he stop liking me when I finally start to like him?

Everytime a guy is flirting with me or asking me out im not very interested at first usually and it kind of takes time for me, but...

Guys, what is the best way to act around a guy I like, to make him not get tired of me?

Everytime i like a guy i get kind of clingy i guess, i want to be with the person all the time usually i start to chase the guy and it...

Would you prefer a booty call or a committed relantionship?

For me, I'll wait for a committed relationship 💯 Comment why?

Have you ever been in a relationship where you weren't physically attracted at first?

Just say you met someone that you weren't physically attracted to But then started seeing each other more.. And then suddenly you're...

Guys: Would you not date a girl because she's blonde?

If you normally prefer brunettes, redheads, or women of color, would you ever turn down a (white) blonde woman because of her hair...

Would you date a girl that is as skinny as the girls in the pictures?

I struggle to put on weight and it seems like guys ignore us skinny girls..

I get shy and smile a lot around my crush especially when we're close.. is it a turn off?

I have a huge problem with my crush.. When the guy I have a crush on comes close to me I tend to get really shy and smile like an idiot...

How much money are you willing to spend on the first date?

In total, including what you're willing to pay for your date too

Is it normal to compare myself to the girl my boyfriend cheated with and think she had something that I didn’t?

I keep comparing myself to her Especially on looks and think that she had something I didn’t. Is this normal?

If a guy usually has a shirtless pic on his dating profile, doesn’t that mean he wants something casual?

I think it is, he’s giving women a sneak peak of his “assets”