Things to do for couples on Valentines Day

I do long for a girl of my own but for right now I am going to take some time to dream of what could have been fun to do with her today....

"Dating" Is It Really Harder To Date These Days? Or Are People Making It Harder Than It Needs To Be?

This is mytake on how I see dating these days and the things I see wrong with how dating is being done. Disclaimer: Now these are my...

Poor Time Management can make You Sexless

Okay peeps, I made a big breakthrough today as I was doing my leg and back workout. I've been reflecting on my life, and specifically on...

Why I wouldn't date a single mother

The above represents my opinion, and mine only, in the subject of men dating or marrying single mothers. I think that I should be best...

One of my biggest problems in dating

People seemed to like my last myTake about autistic dating and I have something new I realized yesterday. I'm finishing my...

Why is our generation so unhappy?

Well, teenagers are perfectly happy until they open their Instagram and see this: After seeing cute couple photos on the internet,...

Should guys always pay?

Okay, so here's another myTake. If you don't like it, it's okay, I understand and I have no problem with that, after all we all think...

Do you like going on coffee dates?

I'm seeing a friend for a coffee date this afternoon as a way to relax and talk about the current going ons. It's not a romantic date,...

GAG has barley any girls now?

So I'm finding this strange like are girls going extinct lol GAG hardly any girls, bars theirs hardly any girls, dating website guys...

He said that all his friends are in relationship but he is alone. Meaning?

I've been lying in bed with a guy I've been seeing for a while. He began to say that all his friends were in a relationship and only he...

What does that mean when he ask me "Are you my happiness"?

Last two times a guy I've been with for a long time has asked me during sex "Are you my happines?" What does that mean?

Curious about it does anyone have answers?

I texted a girl couple of weeks ago whom I have met only once but she knows my ex basically knows everything about me and I don’t know...

Why do guys try so hard to move on?

Why do guys date other girls when they're still not over their ex?

Can vacation flings last?

I usually meet guys when I'm on vacation but it never lasts. It's cute and perfect for 2 weeks then we stop talking. Do you think that a...

Would you date someone with Excoriation Disorder (Skin Picking Or Dermatillomania?

It's something I've done since I was young, and I only recently found out it's an actually disorder. Now I'm getting help to try and...

Would you date someone with a slight facial deformity?

My face doesn’t look bad at all but my jaws are a bit asymmetrical. It has been like that since I was little. I could have it fixed but...

Why do people change for the worse?

Why do some people change for the worse in a long term relationship? I deal with a guy who is emotionally unstable, angry, and careless....

Why men are expected to pay for dates?

Controversial topic here but I would like to create a discussion. I have gone on plenty of dates with women I have met online and I...

Would you forgive you're boyfriend for punching you in the face and cheating?

Let's say you find out that you're boyfriend went out with another women and had sex with her. He also punched you in the face and gave...

Why are some people not capable of finding long term relationships?

I’m 25 and most people In my age range are in long term relationships and have brought someone home to meet their parents. I’ve never...

What are your thoughts on marriage?

My parents are traditional and I’m at that age where they’re pushing me to find a girl and get married. I’ve always wanted to get...

Is the reason why women reject men, cause they like to be the pickers and choosers in the dating world?

Just so they can feel good about being wanted? Is there such thing as a guy picking a woman?

Girls, Guy exactly your height or just an inch taller?

How do you feel about a man who is exactly your height or maybe just an inch taller than you?