What Women Should Not Have on Dating App Profiles

Hello ladies, are you having trouble getting high quality men to swipe right on your dating app profiles? Here are just a few annoying...

If you wouldn't date a man who plays video games you shouldn't date a man who reads novels.

If he only plays competitive shooter games then it's reasonable to not date him. If he plays story-driven singleplayer games that tell...

Unpopular Opinion: Top Reasons In Defense of Dating Exes Again

They Know Your Baggage Being in a relationship is great at first. But at some point you want to be able to have sex with someone free...

Confessions of a Ladies Man: Seeking a "Relationship" was worse than asking for friends with benefits

Love is not impunity it is accountability. For a modern man, dating women is a landmine. Women have all of the advantages of emotional...

The Truth About Why Men Won't Date Single Mothers

They Made Their Bed and Must Lie In It It takes 2 people to have unprotected sex. Often times a baby daddy is the one that is blamed for...

Women Want Attention, Not Love-How Men Can Test Dating Prospects

Men want sex and women want attention. Dating life for men out there is savage. There's a lot of women out there who are not interested...

Confessions of a Ladies Man: What I Learned During Years of Being a Male Bestie

Being a Ladies Man I have spent decades as a man in the “Best Friend” zone. I go to clubs with groups of women. I spend alone time with...

If a guy wants to keep things open between us after a breakup, does that mean he still has feelings for me?

We had a disagreement, it wasn’t an argument but we both wouldn’t budge and I had calmly said I think then we should end this and he...

Am I doing anything that deters guys from asking me out or making a move?

Hello everyone! Just wanted to get some hopefully objective/honest feedback on this issue I’ve been having for, like, my whole life lol....

Why do people judge sugar babies so much?

Like I don't get it. She's using her assets to make $$$ and doing it in a way that makes her man happy. What's the issue?

Should I give the new guy a chance?

I don't know if I’m in my head about this or not. I recently got out of a 5 year friends with benefits situation. He ended things...

How do you know if he actually likes you?

So we hooked up a couple of times. It was pretty casual. Now he keeps calling me. Why?

Meeting on Dating sites?

If you met someone on a dating site, how long do you think the online conversation should last before you meet in person?

Should I keep dating this guy or tell him goodbye?

I know it's up to me in the end, but I found myself in that ugly grey zone between dating exclusively and being in a relationship. I've...

Are there some moments where guys are unable to handle a relationship even if they meet a girl they are very into?

Like if they’re in a place in their life that is crucial to their future for their career so their only focus is their career, and they...

Why would a guy you know use a fake profile to try and talk to you ?

There are a couple different guys who have thought me to be kind of naive and I’m not. I’ve disregarded them as they are not even anyone...

Should I add this guys snap if I’m into him?

I’ve been into this guy for a couple months now and he’s in my quick add. He was at my school last year but graduated.. he talks to my...

Is it cheating if you kissed another person while already "seeing" someone?

by seeing someone i mean hanging out together, making out, texting every day, etc., but you two aren't officially together. im seeing...

Is this considered a date?

I was watching the notebook with a female friend

Guys, is it a turn off for a girl to have keratosis pilaris (chicken skin)?

I know guys want to wrap their arms around a girl arms. But a girl having bumpy arms a turn off for you? Yes I wear lots lotion 🧴...

Is it wrong to date multiple people if none of the relationships are official?

I've recently started dating on OkCupid and I'm talking to 18 different women. This is the first time I've ever tried dating (I'm 24 by...