Things to do for couples on Valentines Day

I do long for a girl of my own but for right now I am going to take some time to dream of what could have been fun to do with her today....

"Dating" Is It Really Harder To Date These Days? Or Are People Making It Harder Than It Needs To Be?

This is mytake on how I see dating these days and the things I see wrong with how dating is being done. Disclaimer: Now these are my...

Poor Time Management can make You Sexless

Okay peeps, I made a big breakthrough today as I was doing my leg and back workout. I've been reflecting on my life, and specifically on...

Why I wouldn't date a single mother

The above represents my opinion, and mine only, in the subject of men dating or marrying single mothers. I think that I should be best...

One of my biggest problems in dating

People seemed to like my last myTake about autistic dating and I have something new I realized yesterday. I'm finishing my...

Why is our generation so unhappy?

Well, teenagers are perfectly happy until they open their Instagram and see this: After seeing cute couple photos on the internet,...

Should guys always pay?

Okay, so here's another myTake. If you don't like it, it's okay, I understand and I have no problem with that, after all we all think...

If a guy is dating somebody and refuses to meet her parents or talk with them on the phone is he using her for sex? About a lady in my circle?

If he didn't have something to hide - he would not be afraid to talk to her parents over the phone or meet them It happened to a girl...

Should we do friends with benefits?

So me and my ex broke up like 2 weeks ago over something stupid. We both want to get back together and everybody is thinking we should...

Blondes or brunettes?

Which would you date blonde or brunette?

Serious question: Do you think that men and women have the same opportunities in dating, sexuality, relationship?

Think about a woman and a man suchlike: -A short person (just a little not with dwarfism) -A person who lives with his parents without...

Going out with your sister n law?

If your ex left you and wants nothing to do with you. Is it wrong to date her sister? She doesn't want u right?

What do you think this dream means?

lol ok, I have to provide a bit of context. There's someone I liked in a class, but it didn't happen. We never connected. I wasn't...

How can I approach a girl in public that I find attractive without coming across as creepy?

How can I approach girls in public that I find attractive without coming across as creepy? I see girls giving me eyes in public but I...

Do you like beards on men?

This includes all aspects of life (relationships too).

When a guy says he does not know what he wants, does that mean he only wants to hook up?

Anytime a guy says that, I’m under the impression he just wants something casual

Would girls be more into guy with shaven skin instead of hair on skin?

Are girls more attracted to guys who have much less hair or preferably shaven skin or they'd be absolutely okay if a guy is this way?

How would you react if your partner asked to sleep with you?

Me and my girlfriend have talked about sleeping together when she comes to visit me this summer, hopefully. We have discussed having...