Psychology of Color

Psychology of Color Color and Cognition Our brain processes the color we see in a more complicated way then most people actually...

Here's why women seek emotional connection before sex

Women seek emotional connection before sex men rarely do that. There are 3 major reasons behind it. 1. Women have potential of getting...

Ladies, tips so you won’t lose your man (early stages)!

I’ve been approaching women for a long time, and I can tell you that perhaps one of the biggest reasons why girls I lost and why girls...

Dating isn't easy because you're not having fun with it!

[I do not claim to be a dating coach or expert] I'm going to start by making a couple assumptions, which you may not agree with: 1....

Asperger's Syndrome (AS) and Dating: A Problem of Communication

For anyone who doesn't know, I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome (AS) when I was 11. It's a condition that impairs my comprehension...

10 Other Things That Make Her Happy

A few months ago, I wrote something about the 5 little things that make your GF/wife happy. And now I will add 10 more things that will...

When to Go Exclusive

I've been thinking about doing a Take on this topic for quite some time. I've seen some people do everything right - approaching...

How can I get girls to view me differently in my hometown so I can actually get dates?

considering i've lived here for so long , you think it be easier to find someone to date but i had a lot of problems trying to date...

My crush is heartbroken, what can/should I do?

The situation: She's my friend, and I have a massive crush on her. She was in a relationship until recently where they broke up, and she...

What would you do in this situation?

I've been talking to this guy, i started havjng feelings for him. And today He just told me, he have cancer. How do I react to it? I......

Do I still have a chance?

Talked to this girl on Tinder for a few weeks last summer, we never did meet up even though we talked about it. She gave me her number...

Why does he keep pursuing?

I too told him I’m in love with someone else. Do guys not understand love?

Am I too old for her?

I'm 23. I work with a girl who's 17, turning 18 soon (17 is legal in my state). I don't know her that well yet but i already like her...

Whats your opinion?

Whats the worst turn off about a guy or a girl?

What would be a turn off the first date?

For me personally, it's them being on their phone the whole time. Might as well text me while they're on it.

My friend is dedicated to his ex and refuses any kind of relationship from any girl is this normal?

They have 2 kids and have been broken up years now. She’s had boyfriends and he just won’t give up on her. He’s had some very hot women...

Why ghost someone?

If things are going good, why suddenly start ghosting them?

What are your thoughts on having a sugar daddy?

Ladies- have you or would you ever have a sugar daddy? Why or why not? Fellas- are you a SD? Would you be a SD? Why or why not? How...

Are dating apps a good way to go about meeting people if you’re introverted and have no friends?

I’ve tried a good chunk of them and have had no luck. Is there something wrong with me or are they known to not be helpful?

Which is the most hated interracial couples?

To me I feel like black men and white women get more hate than usual What do you think?

When it comes to dating and wanting a woman who meets a specific criteria, should I be proactive or patient?

I am 25 and never had an actual girlfriend. I seek the following: 1. A woman who is decently attractive 2. A woman that is NOT black 3....

Boyfriends Who Game? Deal Breaker?

Would you girls break up with your boyfriend if he was a gamer? Like games everyday? Or would you encourage him and support him?

Asking to people that tend to dislike them: would you date a weeb?

That's it that's the question. I'm curious since i guess i might be considered one, and i tend to talk a /lot/ about my interests (which...