How to Make Him Cry and Miss You!

You're probably dating a caring, loving and sweet guy that always makes time for you. And he's a man of his words when it comes to...

Mental health & allowing love into my life

A/n: This will be more for me than other people. I'm kind of feeling down for no reason and needed to write about it in order to calm...

Relearning the "Masculine Love Language": A Guide to Honour Codes

The Love Language is a term I've borrowed from ancient Vedic and Buddhist occult understandings of the Masculine and Feminine. Although...

Promises are just Words: Dating a Bum

This last winter, I started dating a raft guide who works in Alaska in the summer. I was really infatuated with the fact that he had a...

The black pill is not a myth (For debating use not really a discussion for GAG)

People have the misconceptions about the black pill and that the black pill is incorrect saying that personality matters over looks but...

Why you need a Gay Wingman when looking to Smash!

Warning!!! To clear this is not meant to be offensive to the gays but I generally find most gay stereotypes to generally be true....

If We Become Close Friends I Won’t Date You!

I’ve been with a lot of women in my six years of dating and not a single one of them had any close connection to me before meeting them....

Have you ever double dated before?

In this situation, you are in a relationship with someone and you're also in a relationship with another

Am I doing the right thing?

I keep meeting with a girl I like for little coffee shop dates. She knows I like her but we are friends at the moment as she's just come...

Why is she so angry?

my sister hit me in an argument with her fist and pulled out my hair. She also pushed my other sibling down the stairs almost and threw...

Should I trust him?

So the guy I have been seeing called me today. He had made plans for a game night with some buddies of his, one of his buddies...

How would you describe dating life in today's world?

I don't care about my own anymore, But I'd want to hear what other peoples description of it are

She's still lurking on social media after ending things?

Was dating a girl most of this summer and things were going great right up until she started to act to distant out of nowhere. I gave...

A girl from my class has a crush on me?

Im in the first year of highschool and this one girl has a huge crush on me, I don't know what to do, im really overwhelmed, and im a...

What kinds of conversations would interest a disney girl?

I've twice been warned by a girl interested in me that she doesn't get involved in group discussions unless she herself has an interest....

Do you believe that you can look but don’t touch?

When dating/in a relationship with someone, do you believe it’s okay to look but not touch? Why or why not

Is it okay to tell someone you like them via snapchat?

I hardly ever see him in real life and we’re never alone. And tips on how to tell him (either online or irl) are very welcome

Guys, would you ever date a girl who never went to college?

Lets say you meet a beautiful girl, but then you found out she's never went to college, recently lost her job at Wendy's, and relays on...

If your partner cheated once, would you want them to tell you?

If you partner cheated once, and never again, would you want to know? Or remain in blissful ignorance? And would you want to know all...

What are some signs and behaviours of an ex boyfriend wanting to get back together with you?

My ex boyfriend was msging me that he misses me and was begging me to come back to his place to see him... also tells me he still loves...

Have you ever been in or considered being in an ethically non-monogamous, polyamorous, or open relationship?

I've been in ethically non-monogamous/ open relationships before, and no they weren't unhealthy and undedicated relationships....

Which race do you find the most attractive?

I'm aware some of these are ethnicities. Don't be the SJW police. 😐