Online Dating is missing something very important!

So you are out and about with your friends on a Friday night and start to flirt with all kinds of people. This may take anywhere from...

Just because you don’t feel a romantic connection right away with someone, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a chance to develop

Today, with dating apps, there is so much pressure and a lack of patience when it comes to developing a connection with someone within...

More observations on dating: Adding to the brilliant MyTake from DexWest

I just read a very interesting and well-written MyTake by DexWest on dating and it inspired me to put down some of my own observations...

How Much Does Height Matter to Women? How Much Does Being Under Six Feet Tall Hold You Back As A Man?

Does height matter to women? How much does being short matter to women? - Research one:...

Slowly falling for him, him hugging strangers, a really cute letter - date #7

This is about a guy I've known for more than three months now. Here are some of the other takes about him (most recent to least recent);...

Making memories together, him biting but not kissing me yet - date #6

I haven't written about this in a while, but things are getting rather intense and I'm totally having it. Here are some of the other...

Why I Would Never Date A Bad Boy

(Part 2) 5) They play around a lot Not all bad boys cheat. I know that. But if you're just testing waters... Eh. Or you're unsure of...

What would you do if your boyfriend gave you a 5 dollar gift card for your birthday?

Let's say you and your boyfriend have been dating for 3 years. For your birthday he either forgets or buys you a 5 dollar gift card. -...

Have you ever been in a cheesy situation?

I once got to teasing a guy about how I can be his type and he confessed that indeed he liked me more than a friend would. Knocked the...

My mom keeps pressuring me to get married when it is not up to me?

i am 30 years old, my mom keeps pressuring me to get married. if it were that simple, i would of already been married. i told my mom,...

Forgiving someone who has broken your trust?

My boyfriend broke my trust. He is very ashamed and feels horrible. I forgave him. But once someone is forgiven, are they more resistant...

Are men rude to you because you look attractive? Can you truly gain anythgin?

Like do they say things when you say when should we go out like you must be kidding i mean thats just one or if you dont give me nudes...

If women ask out guys that is considered a whore?

Because men are supposed to take the lead.

Is it special if a Guy cries in front of you?

Is it actually special if a guy cries in front of you? I feel like they emphasize it so much, but does it actually mean something?

How do you show love?

What do you think he's after?

So I've been talking with this older guy from Tinder. he's divorced, has split custody of his kids, and says he's just looking to meet...

Would you date someone with opposite political beliefs if they were really hot?

For example, if you are a democrat, would you date a Donald Trump supporter if they were really hot? And vice versa

Girls is it a turn off your date is unemployed?

Say if you go on a date with a guy from online and you find out he’s unemployed but actively searching for a job - is that a red flag...

Girls, when you're deciding whether or not to date/marry a guy, which is more important: emotional or financial stability?

Girls, when you are thinking about dating or marrying a guy, which of these things is more important than the other. Obviously, saying...

Most guys like thin attractive women regardless of ethnicity?

As a dark, slim black woman who recently started this online dating thing. I realized that most guys do not care what color iam, they...

Why am I cursed in love? Does anyone else feel this way?

I’m in my mid twenties and never had a relationship. I’ve never been attracted to a guy that liked me back, the only guys that go after...

Okay girls, hot or smart men?

Looks over books? Who would you go for?