Why Women Love The Alpha Male

The idea that women are universally attracted to "Alpha Males" is a stereotype and doesn't accurately represent the complexities of...
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Bring up kids early in dating... Like the first date!

Okay ladies and gentlemen, I hope this helps somebody. As a bartender for 15 years, and a guy who has been with a lot of women, and a...
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[ 500 Days of Summer ] movie thoughts/ conclusions?

Movie review: Tom is a guy who works for a greeting card company, but has a passion for Architecture. Summer is a girl who wanted...
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Things I’ve always wanted and can’t get

So hard to obtain this from a subjectively attractive man my age
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Reasons men should date military women

1. Strength and resilience: Women in the military undergo intense physical and mental training, making them strong and resilient...
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Why I Prefer Older Women Over Younger

I believe I wrote about this once. But doing it again anyway in 2024 lol, plus a few olders on here have asked me to write this...
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Dating Tips for Women

I've written my dating tips for guys already, so to follow up, here are my tips for women. As I mentioned with the last post, with any...
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If she’s texting you nonstop there’s a 99% chance she likes you bro

If a girl (or guy for that matter) is always texting you and you two are just having a back and forth conversation through text all day...
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Guy I was seeing gave me an STI, and now hasn't talked to me all week?

A guy I've seen about a month texted me on Monday saying he has gonorrhea. It was half my fault, so I can't point fingers or be pissed...

Does this count as friends hanging out or an actual date?

Me and this girl met on a dating app and decided just to stay friends then she said “My fave thing to do is ice cream and going to a...

Would you date a tall girl?

By “tall girl” I mean 177cm / 178cm, 5’9/5’10🫶🏻

Have you dated a narcissistic person?

I've never dated a narcissistic person. I'm just asking the question because it has become popular online to diagnose other people with...
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Do you understand women?

I’m almost 25 and I have no idea. I used to try and look for a secret or a formula to attract women. There just is none. I’ve been...
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Was I too hard on my exe's new boyfriend?

Me and my ex were together for some time, after the death of my girlfriend before her. She kept me comforted and helped me get...
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A women not having a connection to a man just means she doesn't find him attractive. True or false?

The more attractive a woman finds you, the easier things will be for you
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What would you prefer to date?

All girls here are stunning imagine
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[29F] What are your preferences on dating apps & would you consider mine too selective?

*HINGE* I’m a free member in central FL & these are what I have: - Men - Max distance is 99 miles (dealbreaker) - Age 28-38...
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Do you think looks are brutal?

As a guy I think looks are so brutal. I can’t even find love cause of the way I look. There’s no way left I can improve myself. It’s...
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What does it mean if a girl sends you a selfie picture of herself?

I went out with this girl and when I got home she texted me hey, then later when we were texting she sent me a couple pictures of...
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Would you date a man who owns a Gun?

Legally, maybe as a part of his profession
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If you find out your girlfriend had surgery to make her body look better, would that turn you off?

Let’s say she looks good to you and you start dating her, then eventually you will see her naked and you see these small marks that are...
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Are you turned off by women who are quiet on a date or who don't seem to add to the conversation?

I was kind of nervous and quiet on my date.. I awkwardly stared at the menu board… I was nervous to ask questions bc I felt they were...
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