Ridiculous Things Everyone Assumes If You're Single

ridiculous things people assume if you're single: no intro needed, we all have been there and heard that. you're unattractive: where did...

A Man's Timely Apology and Why It is So Sexy in Early Dating

This my take is about apologies in early stages of dating. Early on it is important for men to appear bold and confident in the initial...

My Take on How Payment Should Be Done on a First Date

Two things to consider as you read this: 1) This has no reference to how much money you make or spend. (An inexpensive date can be even...

The reasons why some men may not like it when women make the first move

There is a new[not really] talking point on the block! Perhaps not a big one, but it is one I personally feel particularly involved in,...

Why I'm attracted to the bad guys

So yes, I'm one of those girls... Why I'm attracted to the bad guys: 1. He lives. he's exciting, lives on the edge, is more adventurous,...

Accepting that I'm not relationship material, a Narcissist's Perspective.

This is going to be a bit like a journal, but I just want to write it all out. I don't know if I'm actually a narcissist, in the...

A Sensual Conversation Guide for Date Night: How to get past the small talk and connect on a discreet intimate level.

I recommend most of these questions on a first date.... If you were to die and someone had to clear out your home-what are the most...

I think my old friend from High School wants to ask me out? How do I politely declined?

I meet him again at work. Since they are hiring tons of people in Amazon right now. He ask me for my number. I gave it to him and then...

I love women but there not for me?

My question is how can i get women to see me as a ghost or invisible to them so i can live my live and be happy?

Is there anything more romantic that a random guy here asking you to marry him?

I mean I was crying with joy. That's the moment I was waiting for all my life.😂

Young guy asking out older lady?

Im a younger guy ( 23 ) im wondering what would be a good way to go up to a lady that is older then me? I've always had a little trouble...

I had a tinder match and I feel I was good looking than the girl she enjoyed chat with me for a day and next day she unmatched why?

after i showed her my second pic which was a taken in a temple anyways it doesn't matter where you take the pic but i want to know the...

Girls, what in a guy makes you want hookup with for a one night stand?

I mean, what in his behavior would make you want to date him as one night thing? And what would make you want stuff to be more serious?

When you go out and date do you give the nerdy guy/girl a chance?

I been trying to go date's but I guess no one likes me because I'm a nerd? Also, I have a babyface.

How to get him wanting me again?

this guy owns the business next to my work. We have been friends for a year. he eventually treated me like a girlfriend. He would take...

Would you be okay if the person you're dating has a best friend of the opposite gender?

If your boyfriend has a girl best friend If your girlfriend has a guy best friend

Do you pay on the first date?

Always.. OR Most of the time..

Love letters: Cheesy or Romantic?

I've written my girlfriend a couple of love letters, one through typing that was a decent amount in length, and one in handwriting that...

Girls, Does it bother you when your boyfriend likes a hot girl's photos on instagram?

So this is probably silly. My boyfriend likes this really every one of these hot girl's photos on insta -- and I can't seem to shake it.

Would you date someone who is a virgin?

Why or why not? I've been seeing this guy whos 1 year younger than me Im 24 he's 23 He was in a 2 year relationship he's done...

Do girls like country boys anymore?

Do girls truly like genuine country boys anymore?

Girls, Will you date a 24 year old guy who never had a relationship?

This scares women out. I will be suck at kissing maybe 😔, never had anyone for love.

Is GAG causing a global brain cell die off?

Like... endless friends with benefits questions, "what does this message mean after hooking up with this drunk guy in a bar", endless...