How to survive online long-distance dating

About a year ago, I met my boyfriend on this site...very unexpectedly. It was strange, difficult, expensive, and wonderful all at once,...

Sexual assault and consent

I feel it is important for me to create awareness for those who may have not understand the concept of consent in sex. Also for those...

My 1st dating experience and why I'm glad my girlfriend made me dress properly

I will discuss my 1st dating experience and why I'm glad my girlfriend made me dress properly and why I became so attached to girls and...

Dear crush, you're missed

Dear Crush, I miss you! I want you to come back NOW! You've ruined dating for me, in a good and bad way. Good because I did not have...

Truths from a one-time manipulative player

I often sit with a tumbler of bourbon, reflecting on the young ladies whose lives I hurt about 25 years ago. I was the type of guy who...

Why most dating advice for men is bullshit

I bet you've heard the advice to "just be confident". "Women love confidence!". Well it's all basically crap. I've learned this the...

Why Good Men Pass on Your Profile on Dating Sites

After a long marriage I am back in the dating world. Online dating is the big thing now. I've been single for 4 years now, have dated a...

Does Slow Burn Romance Exist?

Google : " The term refers to fics where the characters of the main pairing start off not being together, and the relationship develop...

Is it possible to never want to date again because a partner was so good or so bad?

I have had some discussions with women about this and they thought that it's actually possible, especially when someone thinks that...

Is he hiding me or is it just not his thing?

So like on social I’ve mentioned that he’s my boyfriend or at least made an effort and all but on his social all he talks about is...

Are there any dating sites that actually work?

I have tried various dating sites with no luck

Does he just want a hook up?

We barely had a conversation before he asked if I wanted to come over and cuddle. Then he asked for my number so we can talk outside of...

Why do I only attract older guy?

seems like I’m only attracting older guys. All these guys want is sex. Why guys my age rarely approach me? What am I doing wrong?

Quick Question?

When do you know when you are no longer interested in your SO?

What is the number of people you are currently interested in?

I have the guy I like right now and the guy I used to like - both in my head. I think its God's will for me to get married but I don't...

Did I seem uninterested?

The guy I have been into for years and I have recently been talking/seeing each other again. I always tell him to let me know if he’s...

How many ladies in their 20s would date a guy in his 30s?

Just wanted to see how many women in their 20s would be willing to date a man in his 30s? Say how you feel about it in the comments.

I find myself drawn to much younger women! Is this normal?

I’m 30 and I find myself more interested in women 10-12 years my junior. It could be a result of never having a childhood. So I tend to...

How many... Will you tell the truth?

You're dating someone that you really like and he/she asks a crucial question. How many people have you slept with... You know that...

Do you tip on take out orders from a restaurant?

My girlfriend has given me crap for when we order take out from Chili's or outback, I don't tip. To me, it's take out, we weren't served...