Wholesome and open relationships should be normalized. Why aren't they?

Wholesome in this context is: Considerate, sweet, compassionate, thoughtful, generous, and genuine. I feel like in this day and age,...
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If someone admits to cheating during the courting phase, don't see this as them being able to admit such, instead listen to what they say next & leave

A friend of mine was sharing something a girl he's talking to told him. It was weighing on him as to whether he should continue talking...
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The downplay of motherhood- and how it is bound to hurt women

We see this often with the event of new agist feminism which wants to push women out of the household and into the workforce at any...
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Part 2: Nice Guys Aren't Actually Nice

So keep in mind, this is the same exact "nice guy" that you all completely roasted my ass about while victimizing him in the last take....
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We Don’t Get Attracted To The Person Who Agrees With Us All The Time

Women don’t get attracted to men who agrees with them all the time. And believe it or not we as men also don’t get attracted to women...
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The Great Debate: Feminine VS Masculine women (From An Ex-Alpha Male)

We all know of the "How to be a High-value woman" or "Boundaries to set as a high-value woman." This myTake has been on my mind for...
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Dating apps make you undateable

I do computer programming. I always recommend people to stop trying to date online, and to try in real life. Here's why: dating apps...
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What is a special relationship?

SPECIAL RELATIONSHIPS What purely comes into your mind when you hear"I have a special relationship with him or her. "Relationships are...
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Do you really think there is someone out there for you?

So am i dont think i found somebody i know i am only 17 but i can't stop thinking when ever i am attracted to a guy or admire them that...
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At 28, how can I make myself irresistable to teens and young 20s?

I know I need to shed weight. Anything else?

Did I do too much in this situation or is he just not the guy for me?

So I have been seeing this guy for awhile now. Well on and off. It’s on and off because in my opinion he is not a good communicator. He...

Fake profiles on tinder , catfish?

How do some fakes make it look so real? Last girl texting me had 4 pics of her that looked exactly like her and normal and distance away...

Is this a good idea: instead of dudes paying on the first date or going Dutch or whatever just take her out to dine and dash?

I did this to a girl once and now we have a kid it was freaking hilarious but I brought my wallet just in case she was faster NGL you...

What is the likelihood of me finding a legit country girl in phoenix Az?

Just your opinion. No stats
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Girls, do you like a guy who is a chatterbox?

Usually its girls who are the talkers in my experience lol. But I noticed lately I became more of a chatterbox these days. Do you like a...

Is it weird to stare at and kiss picture of boyfriend sometimes?

Sometimes when I miss him I look at his picture and kiss him (not make out but just peck kiss) is that weird? Why is it weird?
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You’ve met the love of your life but they struggle with constant hair lice. Could you deal with that?

They do get treatment but it’s not curable. It comes and goes.
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She called me “my king.” Does she like me?

This girl just called me “my king” What does that mean ladies? Long story short, this girl once saw me as a potential boyfriend. She...

Would you date a college dropout?

Let's say the person is overall attractive, inside and out, to you. But they dropped out of college. They are very intelligent and...
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What should I say when a guy asks "Do you get freaky?"

I've been dating this guy for like 3 wks. And he texted me that.

Why do country boys like city girls?

When city girls visit country they are always in the centre of attention and all guys chase after them, why?

Why don't Girls like Nerds?

Girls will claim that they like nerdy guys all day long, but the nerds they have in mind are guys that like comic books, gaming, and...
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I love him, but he keeps pushing me away and tortures me emotionally is he making me end our relashionship first? why doesn't he just say its over?

I am tired of forgiving him every time he hurts me , he ghosted me , stood me up with no apologie , being rude , i don't know what to...
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