Your phone isn't the enemy; it's YOU

There is an essential aspect of communications that young people overlook because of a horrible assumption that they make. Most young...
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My Dating Red Flags

Here are at least 5 dating red flags I need to pay attention to. If you are open minded or interested in myTake, I invite you to read...
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Additional Dating Deal Breakers

Here is the sequel to 7 Dating Deal Breakers. If you're interested or have an open mind, I invite you to read myTake. 1. Woman with No...
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Seven Dating Deal Breakers

Here are 7 types of women I will never date under any circumstance. If you are open-minded or like myTake, I invite you to read it. 1....
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Dating Tips for Girls from the perspective of Guy

Be yourself Don't try to be someone you're not in order to impress your date. It's important to be authentic and true to yourself....
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If someone admits to cheating during the courting phase, don't see this as them being able to admit such, instead listen to what they say next & leave

A friend of mine was sharing something a girl he's talking to told him. It was weighing on him as to whether he should continue talking...
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The downplay of motherhood- and how it is bound to hurt women

We see this often with the event of new agist feminism which wants to push women out of the household and into the workforce at any...
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Wholesome and open relationships should be normalized. Why aren't they?

Wholesome in this context is: Considerate, sweet, compassionate, thoughtful, generous, and genuine. I feel like in this day and age,...
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What so good about being good looking?

I get that guys are like envious of good looking guys, but it’s not as good as people think it is. Most girls are too shy, or think...

Why is modern dating so hard?

As a guy why is dating so much harder today than ever. More men are single than women by a margin of for every one girl that has a date...

Do hot men fall in love?

Share ur experiences

My friend wants me to try and set him up with my ex because he set me up with someone once, what should I do?

I showed my friend my ex's Facebook pictures one night when we discussed women, and he seemed very interested. I didn't think much of...

What does it mean when a co-worker calls you babe?

co worker who u don't know well

Guys, what you date girls with a little belly?

Do you think it's hot or not? would you like to have such a girlfriend?

Do most relationships happen naturally/without much effort?

28F, I’ve gone this long without ever meeting someone I genuinely like or ever falling in love. I get matches on the dating apps, if I...
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Is this sugar daddy legit?

I met him through tiktok so we were talking on snapchat He wants me to pay 300 dollars in order to get my 5k But that all I have to pay...
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Girls, Do you know men are really not into independent women?

We’re not insecure or intimidated by your success. It’s just disgustingly masculine. Some men have to lie as women fall in love with...

Girls, is having no experience the ultimate dealbreaker?

I’m asking because it sure seems like it is and that most women are turned off by inexperienced men.

If I were to find a woman that has never been in love, would she have that same fiery desire to love like I do?

I seek a decently attractive woman that has never been in love or had a romantic bond with a guy before. Then I start to question, if...
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Do I have to put effort into finding a girlfriend?

I was told to wait naturally when i was 12, but it never happened. I was told it will just happen, without trying.
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How many dates before you kiss?

If you're looking for a relationship with someone and you're taking things kind of slowly...approximately how many dates is appropriate...
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Girl wants to hang out with me but has a boyfriend?

I met this girl from work and we have hit it off pretty well. She asked me to hang out with her. We ended up going to an italian...

Girls, would you date an inexperienced guy?

Inexperienced as either: - never had a girlfriend Or - never been in a long term relationship Or - never had s*x with a female...
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