5 Biggest Challenges I Faced While Dating

1) Figuring out why I was dating! I know, sounds strange, doesn’t it? “First started dating” is a social rite of passage for teenagers....

My take on Involuntary Celibacy

So this idea and term seems to have gone off in many different ways. But I am here to simply address the term in the way that I see it....

How Should I Interact With This Girl?

I don't usually post question-type Takes like this but I needed to get into some detail in order to help everybody get the picture and...

Is honesty still the best policy?

I have been dating online for nearly 6 years now. I've had some good dates, some bad dates, and some "meh" in between. I have enjoyed...

Some of my most interesting dates/dating experiences (good and bad)

This my take is honestly more like a diary for me or a reminder but i've had some i suppose interesting experiences with guys and i...

How to be Successful on Dating Apps!

Dating apps get a bad reputation for only being for people who want sleazy hookups and not a serious relationship but I've heard of many...

Is It Really Harder To Date These Days? Or Are People Making It Harder Than It Needs To Be?

This is mytake on how I see dating these days and the things I see wrong with how dating is being done. Disclaimer: Now these are my...

What do you think is the right age group for me to date?

I’m 24 and guys younger than me come across very immature. I can’t have a serious conversation with them and they constantly tell me...

How would you feel about a pretty girl as a tomboy?

For example, she looks like a hot bombshell with makeup, but she is cute and pretty without makeup. But she typically dresses a bit like...


It seems like I’m setting the pace of the relationship. I talk about my ex and other guys but he knows he can’t because then I’ll leave....

What is your speciality to attract guy/girls?

For example boobs, ass, abs, biceps and attitude

Why is she acting one way in a group and another way alone?

There is a cute girl at work. What troubles me is that whenever we are in a group of other coworkers or even if there is one more...

What should I do?

My boyfriend of over 2 years had j told me he has liked other girls while we have been dating..

When would you have the relationship talk?

I told the guy we can discuss about making things official after a month of going on dates

Girl's do you think this is a good date?

Bowling and going to Texas Roadhouse? it's with a ex and I truly care for her and I do want her back truly, please comment below

Guys would you date a girl who's under 5 feet?

For example a girl who's like 4"11, 4"10 or do you prefer tall girls more?

Would you prefer a girlfriend that is honest or a girlfriend that tells you what you want to hear?

I come on this site a lot but never actually made an account. So I guess this is my first questionnnnn! 🥰🤗 Thoughts?

Does it make sense for successful men to prefer dating businesswomen instead of dating the "less ambitious" women?

Let's consider, that by BUSINESSWOMEN in this particular question I refer to the successful (ambitious/career) women, who occupy high...

Does this guy no longer sound interested?

I was communicating with a guy through snap chat on and off this week. We met through a dating app and our communication on snap was...

He is stupid for wanting his ex back?

I was seeing this guy who is from Ireland and I’m American. He has been here for about 5 years. We broke up but was hoping we’d get back...

What is most important?

You can have a partner with only one of these features to share.