Are You Dating a Psychopath?

Do you ever feel like you're stepping on eggs constantly in your relationship?Do you have a persistent feeling that something's not...

What I Like About Black Men

In case you don't remember my old account, this is the post of my preference for white men: Why I'm So Obsessed With White Men If you've...

Anyone else find smartphones make true dating near impossible?

Not dating apps, competition, etc., but smartphones themselves... I don't want to date a modern woman because, many men, but more so...

Why You Shouldn't Date Your Type

Fall in love with someone who makes you glad to be different. They say “opposites attract” but most people tend to date someone with...

How I Know a Woman Is Out of My League (Part 1)

Here are 6 signs that a woman who is out of my league: 1. She Has Different Hobbies Having no common hobbies would make it hard to form...
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The Irony of The Classic Idea MEN Should Pay For A Woman's Meal On A Date Always.

Feminists make such a huge hoopla about indepence and that women should be this that and the other thing. But its just amazing how many...

Unpopular but true: Looks matter MOST

Intelligence matters and so does personality. But looks matter most. It's from my personal experience and my observation of the people...

For girls if it's so easy to find someone why there are so many beautiful single girls?

A girl opens a Tinder account or any online dating app, website account intantly get matched with hundreds of tall, handsome men and she...

What do you think a 40+ yr old man who exclusively only dates girls 18-20?

your 19 yr old daughter comes home and tells you that her boyfriend is 40 years old and that he only dates girls as young as her.

Date a friend of your Ex?

We decided to end our relationship on friendly terms a few months ago. As we have a group of common friends we are still nice to each...

Are disabilities a turn off?

I've seen people with disabilities in relationships so it obviously doesn't bother everyone. In my experience, when I mention my...

I think my boyfriend is ignoring me?

my boyfriend didn't talk to me since Saturday and it's breaking my heart I keep sending him texts but he doesn't answer me... Before...

Should I start dating if I'm self-conscious about my body?

I'm a little over weight and I hate my body. I'm trying to diet and exercise and stay healthy but I want to start dating. There is just...

If you were a top student at a top school would you date somebody who was not a very good student?

This is assuming neither one of you has a disability or health issue or family crises that could affect grades

Some scenarios for asking women out and some approaches (educational purpose)?

You are a beautiful girl and you know this, not because you're conceited, but because you are reminded by others often, perhaps even...

Would you date a bipolar?

Keep in mind that they are sticking to their meds and therapy. Please be honest.

Which girl would you rather date?

so this poll is just for fun lol. basically going off of vibes/looks, which girl would you rather date? a dark, emo and edgy one or a...

Would you rather upgrade your next partner in terms of looks or career more?

Recently, I've been seeing and talking to this guy I met years ago We were good friends but lost contact when I got into a relationship...

Masculine men or feminine men?

I love Harry Styles but masculine men are better

If you are from an extremely wealthy family, would you only date others from wealthy families?

... to eliminate the possibility that they only want you for your money? ... or you wouldn't care? I asked a similar question last year...

How much attention does the perfect guy give you? (poll)?

Poll key: 1 meaning the smallest amount 10 meaning the largest amount

When your date starts to talk about their flaws or vulnerabilities is that a good sign of connection or a red flag that they are crazy?

I am talking about depression or things that were bad that happened to that person in the past.