The deleted scene from "Hitch" that would have made the movie GREAT!

For those of you who are fans of HITCH the movie I wanted to share a deleted scene. This Mytake is inspired by a question I just...

Is Your Dating Life Really Just a Geocache Hunt?

The whole dating/courting/flirting/seduction/cat & mouse game seems like a huge geocache hunt. You try to follow all these ambiguous &...

The real reason why some women shame men that date younger women

Ever notice when some women shame men that date much younger women, they'll say things like "he's taking advantage of her immaturity",...

Harsh Truth #1: Your personality sucks. That's why no one wants you.

Preface: A lot of things annoy me. I don't like people so it might surprise you to know my entire professional life has been dedicated...

GaG's Female Users: Tips on Love and Dating

GaG's Female Users: Tips on Love and Dating. Thanks to all of the girl's @MzAsh @Sydneysentinel @AmandaYVR @SarahsSummer and especially...

I was either just as horrible as him or I was very dumb, or both.

Something sparked thoughts on my first relationship and it led me to the conclusion that I was actually just as horrible as he was. We...

Why Guys Can't (WONT) Get A Girl Anymore

This is kind of response to my friend @Wowgirl30q 's article Why Guys Can't Get a Girl Anymore After I wrote this, i realized how long...

Men what’s a good outfit for a first date for woman? and woman what’s a good first date outfit for a man?

men what’s a good outfit for a first date for woman? and woman what’s a good first date outfit for a man? What would impress you and...

Is anyone else extremely embarrassed about the kinks they have?

Everyone has kinks but I don’t wanna shared mine because I feel as if they will be looked at as really weird, anyone else feel this way?

How to Kno I'm being played with?

There's a lot of things that my exes said today his kind of messed with my head we spent almost seven years together and I feel like I...

How can I shoot my shot but not really shooting my shot?

So I like this boy but we go to the same high school but I barely get to see him because I do the college program where I go to two high...

Guys.. Do you like women who own reptiles?

Would her pet lizard or snake be a dealbreaker for you? Or does it make her even more attractive?

What dating website do you use?

do you use dating website? Which one?

Is it worth chasing a girl who has too many guy friends? She likes to talk to everyone and she's super friendly with everyone?

Its really hard to deal with all of this emotionally. Im thinking of giving up on this one. She also doesn't make the some effort to...

Guy keeps asking me if I'm dating he asks my times why?

guy keeps asking if I'm dating or I'm in a relationship all the time we'll be randgs it up he's in a relationship so I don't understand...

Is it illegal for a job coach to date an autistic client?

Asking for a disability-job employment service :) I'm 19 and this girl I like is 24

Girlfriend hasn't texted me back in over 2 days. Should I be worried?

We've been dating for over 6 months now, I don't remember. She's schizophrenic and we're both kind of insecure. We've had similar road...

Do I sound normal?

- I have no friends. I literally only speak to someone online on a somewhat regular basis - I have no dating experience. I have never...

If a woman is only approached by ugly guys then doesn’t that mean she’s ugly too?

I see it in movies and girls IRL talk about guys approaching them. Even without showing interest/putting in effort. I’m told I’m pretty,...