6 Tips for men (or women) on dating apps, from a girl who has experience

Hey men, From being on dating apps, I have the great urge to give some tips to make your game extra strong. I've been on both Tinder and...

Finding the Hidden Alpha: Altered Carbon and the New Face of Dating

So I recently finished reading ‘Altered Carbon’ by Richard K. Morgan that was adapted by Netflix. More precisely, I listened to the...

How to drink a cup of tea with your date

I premise this is based on my own experience and is not universal, but since I noticed really positive results in practicing this with...

How To Get Girls If You Aren't Attractive

Even guys who are shouldn't just rely on their looks, but this Take is oriented toward the guys who women generally don't find all that...

Dating with autism is not fun!

I don't wanna whine or get sympathy or anything. But on another question someone wrote about having fun with dating and that made me...

Once a player... Not always a player?

Is a player in the dating scene always a player? My answer is no. First, What is a player? A player is someone who pretends to be in a...

Why Nice Guys Struggle With Women And How Bad Advice From Women Encourages Nice Guy Behaviour

A few people have been talking about the "bad boy" vs "nice guy" thing recently, and I've seen many guys asking how to become more...

When women say "men have it easy" in dating, who are they referring to?

Most men I meet really aren't "killing" it like women seem the think. Like it feels like when women say they it's usually them wording...

Did I make a complete ass of myself?

So i was drunk last night and my friends with benefits came over... we had sex but something about him triggered me and i told him I...

Isn’t this a bit of a weird situation or am I just imagining things and nothing strange is happening here?

This girl and I know each other for a while now, we get on well in real life but on the internet she would ignore my texts, even though...

Where can I find a true love?

I need a woman who will love me

Does he like me?

So, there is this guy I work with. He sits in a cube next to mine. We often work on projects together. When I get in he will say, “Good...

Why does she know who I am?

So me and this guy hooked up on and off for over two years. I really wanted to date him but he never wanted to date me due to various...

How do you display strength and take charge with all that has and is going on with the male and female relationship today?

I want to show a commanding appearances and I enjoy submitting equally, but I can't seem to close as we both want in a traditional since...

Who should initiate a second date?

Especially if one person (the guy) insisted many times in going out until the first date, offered a drive, offered to pay and things...

Would you believe in a rumor?

They are really detailed with some parts being true.

Thoughts or advice?

So I’m talking to this girl. She told me she use to like girls but now doesn’t and broke up with her last year. Doesn’t see them the...

Do you believe in rumors?

the rumor is really specific with a mix of truth included in it

Girls, Is there any point in looking for a girlfriend anymore?

Every great girl I’ve met is somehow unattainable, (age/relationship etc...) The girls I have met are so different to me, annoying,...

Girls, What hurts more cheating or breaking up?

And why? My girlfriend said cheating would hurt more.

Single/Taken women, do you get approached by men you want to date?

Like I don't know I think I’m okay looking. But men seem to think that I am not good looking. I just want a good man for crying out loud...