Friendzone: Why you are in it and what you should do about it!

So I recently wrote a MyTake on "How to approach girls". A lot of guys messaged me that they did not want to be friends with a girl...

Do you commit any of these 5 mistakes with your Online Dating?

For better or worse, online dating is here and it is NOT going away any time soon. Tinder, Bumble, OurTime, OKCupid,

My Major Turn Offs in Dating

Here are my 3 major turn offs in dating. 1. Playing Mind Games I don't woman that plays mind games with me because they're not being...

Five Women Men Should Definitely NOT Date and How It All Ends If You Do

1. The Gold Digger Tag Lines: "I would go out with you tonight, but someone hasn't paid my phone bill yet." "With this body, you should...

First Date Advice

I think the most awful first date has got to be the "let's just stare at each other over a plate of expensive food and try not to get...

Smelling your way to a better mate?

When it comes to the wonder of online dating, I think of it like this... one of the greatest of patent attempts...the automated ass...

Question traditions. My Idea on gender equality and dating!

Hey, because i always get these kind questions here i wanna write about what i think is the real problem behind this. Ok, so the base...

Do you have RBF (resting b**** face)? Would it be hard to date someone with RBF?

I have chubby cheeks so that rules me out, I think. The Science of Resting Bitch Face and How to Prevent It

What does it feel like when you meet your soulmate?

Describe it as detailed as you can, I want to see something.

Ladies, Would you marry someone who's same height or just an inch taller than you?

I'm 5'7 and I asked out a lot of girls under my height, they rejected me and told me even though they're short, they want someone who's...

She got excited, does this mean anything?

My friend was tellin me how when he was talkin to this girl, he asked her if she knew me and when he said my name she lit up and had...

My friend cheated on her boyfriend, so I tell him?

so basically this friend I’ve had has always been such a good and loyal friend. I was with her one night and saw her cheat on her...

Does he want a relationship?

People are always asking if me and my guy friend are dating, or a thing. Whenever we talk and he gets up and leaves, my friends always...

Is it a turnoff if a girl doesn't use social media?

It seems like with every happy couple I see, the girl always loves to take lots of photos of them together and post them to Instagram...

If a guy ignores your text but then text you a couple days later does that mean he’s playing you?

This man ignores my text but then tries to text at a later time. I feel like he’s a waste of time if he doesn’t want to talk to me. Then...

Do the majority of white people ( caucasian or of European descent) only like dating within their race?

I’ve never been approached in that way by a white male. So I’m just wondering.

Would you ever date a High School Ex?

So you run in to an ex from high school ten years later, they look great and they have the same personality that attracted you to them...

Ladies, does height matter to you in dating?

I'm 5'7 inches and I'm facing rejections because of my height. I live in US.

Is finding a woman with no romantic past too out of reach for me (I am 24)?

Is finding a pretty woman who has never had her first love too out of reach for me? This means no previous romantic bonds, whether they...

If a woman in her twenties doesn’t enjoy sex, should she stay single?

Should she put herself out there to date or will most guys not tolerate a woman with no sex drive?

Is it normal to have everything remind you of the person you’re dating?

like everything reminds me of him. EVERYTHING.

Girls, Ladies, quick poll eh?

Which guy in my profile pic is attractive?

What anime dere type would your ideal partner be most like?

Only going by the descriptions. I tend to like the kuudere.😊

Is it better to be single?

Honestly, if you think about it really good. You’ll find out that being single has more pros and less cons than being in a relationship has.

Domme Sub searching?

Im a Switch currently seeking for a Domme close By Any Takers?