Psychology of Color

Psychology of Color Color and Cognition Our brain processes the color we see in a more complicated way then most people actually...

Here's why women seek emotional connection before sex

Women seek emotional connection before sex men rarely do that. There are 3 major reasons behind it. 1. Women have potential of getting...

Ladies, tips so you won’t lose your man (early stages)!

I’ve been approaching women for a long time, and I can tell you that perhaps one of the biggest reasons why girls I lost and why girls...

Dating isn't easy because you're not having fun with it!

[I do not claim to be a dating coach or expert] I'm going to start by making a couple assumptions, which you may not agree with: 1....

Asperger's Syndrome (AS) and Dating: A Problem of Communication

For anyone who doesn't know, I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome (AS) when I was 11. It's a condition that impairs my comprehension...

10 Other Things That Make Her Happy

A few months ago, I wrote something about the 5 little things that make your GF/wife happy. And now I will add 10 more things that will...

When to Go Exclusive

I've been thinking about doing a Take on this topic for quite some time. I've seen some people do everything right - approaching...

How do you distract yourself from thinking about your crush?

I have to wait 2 weeks for a date with someone I like... a lot. My mind is going crazy. I'm usually a very busy person. I barely allow...

Advice on Friendzone?

Recently I was friendzoned by my crush. I thought we had a thing and a relationship would work out but it was a slap to my face when she...

Why do thicker women say they get less praise, when in reality it's the thinner women who get less praise?

I've seen a lot of men who prefer thicker, fuller body types choose the thicker over the thinner. And to me its interesting to see...

Can you be with someone you’re initially not attracted to?

There’s this guy I like him but I don’t see me doing more with him right now. Should I just cut my losses or do I wait it out and see if...

What would you think about a guy that says he prefers an “age gap relationship”?

I’m talking with a man that i met from Tinder (who is 42 and I’m 25) I just realized in his profile he stated “... an age gap...

Anyone paid for online dating apps? If so what's the best to use?

I know some of them are pricey as hell and the standard free ones you get annoyed

Dating in your 30's?

For anyone dating in your 30's... What are some pros and cons of trying to date now, versus in your 20's. Have you been successful, or...

How come a few kind words are always taken as "that person likes me"?

It's like you can't be nice to someone of the opposite gender without them thinking you're into them. All the more reason men and women...

Is being called sweet a compliment?

I've provided the context in the text message in the image. We've been talking for a few days, but we've talked so much and I've...

Is it normal to compare myself to the girl my boyfriend cheated with and think she had something that I didn’t?

I keep comparing myself to her Especially on looks and think that she had something I didn’t. Is this normal?

Would you date a guy who walked out on his child?

Let's say you meet a guy who's tall, good looking, and recently landed a great paying job. But you find out that he used to hit his...

Would you date Guatemalan woman?

I'll leave some pictures of some Guatemalan girls here❤

Is she trying to get rid of me after 2 years?

I meet up with this girl (through work) that I've been chatting to for 2 years via email. We finally met and she sent me this....

Do you agree with this?

My boyfriend seriously annoyed me today, we've been dating for nearly 8 months and he said Women shouldn't fart because it isn't lady...

Like Gentleman's clubs, should there be women's only clubs?

If yes, what features/activities would they contain?