How to respond to a woman's "Change of plans" shit test

Many of you have experienced it. You try to set a definite date with a lady with a day and an exact time to meet. Her response is,...

It's Time for Men to Be Just as Hypergamous as Women

For thousands of years a man's worth in the dating market has been his asset value and potential. His power is not in his personality or...

Why Dating is Equivalent to Playing Russian Roulette

1. There are 50% Chance of Dating Ending in Failure First factor that makes dating equal to playing Russian Roulette is that there are...

The RIGHT vs. WRONG to break a date with a guy.

I'm writing this take just as my two cents for how women should properly break a date with a guy. Just yesterday I had girl flake out...

The REAL Reason Why Chivalry is Dead

"You need to open the door for her. Not because she can't, but because she shouldn't have to." This is the kind of thing I've heard...

Type of Woman Who I View as High Maintenance

Here's 6 types of woman I view as High Maintenance. If you're open minded or curious about it, I invite you to read my list. 1. Woman...

Why I'm Against Feminism (And How This Negatively Impacts Me When It Comes To Dating Men)

For someone who does not support feminism, it is VERY COMPLICATED living in a society where feminism is so prominent and is even getting...

Would you date someone to "humble" them down?

This question comes from an interesting discussion I had with a g@ger here. They stated it's a positive thing, especially if the person...

A guys tinder bio?

What kinds of things do you like to see in a guys bio on tinder? Mine is solid, just taking suggestions. For a friend.

What Piano Song to Learn for her?

My girlfriend wants me to learn a song for her so I can play it for her. I'm not a very skilled Pianist but I know my way around enough...

Accept or reject the former bully?

Hey y'all, so I went on a dating site and a former bully of mine popped up. He found my profile and liked a pic of mine to show...

Is my boyfriend playing me?

He's my first I've gone all the way with... At the beginning of the relationship he was like very sexual and always wanted to do...

Having different opinion than someone; still want a relationship with them?

If you casually date someone and you discover you have many mutual things but... there are some things you don't quite agree on and they...

For those of you who prefer not to date black people, is it their actual color that you don't like, or is it their personalities?

So, I've seen many people saying that they don't find black people as desirable to date as other races. But I'm wondering whether that...

Why are women so obsessed with height and a man has to be taller than a woman, women are the most superficial creatures in the world?

Men don't have height standards to consider a woman attractive, it's so unfair. What should short men do, shoot themselves, sacrifice...

Guys, Is he gone forever?

I need a guy's opinion on this one... There's a guy who I've been talking to for close to 6 months now. He's quite a few years older...

Does the amount of time to text back really matter?

If someone sometimes takes 2, 3, 4 or even 6 or 7 days to respond to a text does it really mean someone isn’t interested or isn’t a...

Don’t you hate how everyone is into white people?

Even myself. I even find Middle Eastern people attractive that look a bit European (have white features). It sucks. Like white is the...

Don’t you think love island is stupid?

They literally make irrelevant losers relevant. It’s unfair as these people are nobodies and it should stay that way. They get all...

Don’t you hate how all girls want that ‘rare’ guy?

By all I mean most. I am that ‘very rare’ guy. Very tall, handsome, very rich, highly educated. Good guy, intelligent. But the girls...

Would you date a girl who is overweight?

Would it be a turn-off?

For the people that have success on dating apps: is it generally because they’re proactive?

I’m a woman and I don’t make the first move to ever approach guys. And it never goes anywhere when the guy makes the first move with me....

What is worse - Being a poor but good looking man or being a poor but beautiful woman?

In regards to finding a boyfriend/girlfriend. I think the answer is obvious but I want to know what y'all think and your reasoning.

Bumble or Tinder?

Which do you like more?

Am I being too picky with dating?

Does anyone else feel this frustration? It never fails. I can’t attract a man that I want, I swear it’s bad luck. If the guy ls I’m...