Societal pressure placed on men to "Take the Lead" in the romantic dating scene is unfair to men

In the United States, 1 out of every 5 boys are sexually abused by the time they reach adulthood. This amounts to 20% of men in American...

Is Your Dating Life Really Just a Geocache Hunt?

The whole dating/courting/flirting/seduction/cat & mouse game seems like a huge geocache hunt. You try to follow all these ambiguous &...

The deleted scene from "Hitch" that would have made the movie GREAT!

For those of you who are fans of HITCH the movie I wanted to share a deleted scene. This Mytake is inspired by a question I just...

The real reason why some women shame men that date younger women

Ever notice when some women shame men that date much younger women, they'll say things like "he's taking advantage of her immaturity",...

Harsh Truth #1: Your personality sucks. That's why no one wants you.

Preface: A lot of things annoy me. I don't like people so it might surprise you to know my entire professional life has been dedicated...

GaG's Female Users: Tips on Love and Dating

GaG's Female Users: Tips on Love and Dating. Thanks to all of the girl's @MzAsh @Sydneysentinel @AmandaYVR @SarahsSummer and especially...

I was either just as horrible as him or I was very dumb, or both.

Something sparked thoughts on my first relationship and it led me to the conclusion that I was actually just as horrible as he was. We...

What Makes A Person Want To Date?

as in 'I should be with someone too (romantically involving)'is there a switch or an age? what's the normal age for having a crush?

Is it normal to think of dating as boring?

I didn't use to think of it that way but now it seems to be hella boring to me. The complications, issues, wrong attachments, drama,...

boyfriend constantely arguing?

With me non stop i can't have a normal conversation. He also picks fights with me and tries to gaslight. Its arguing everywhere basically.

How do you rate this dating profile summary?

Hey! Hows it going? Dominos Lava cakes are a great way to make a first impression. Not necessarily only on me, I'm talking in general....

He assumed that he had lost me already.. what?

I have went out on two dates with a guy i met through a mutual friend, he’s super cute and funny. We text almost all day. Today was an...

Guys, what are some things you would like to get to know about a girl?

When it comes to you guys meeting girls, dating, texting, calling etc. What would you like to talk about? What do you want to know when...

Why do people act surprised when men tie off thier emotions?

Why is it so appalling and bastardized that men can't stay aloof to people, because from the moment we're in school any mushy thing we...

For those that use Tinder, do you always swipe left on any pretty person's pic?

I'm more of a OkCupid guy, and for me i usually end up pressing LEFT which in OkCupid means PASS. Regardless of how hot the person may...

Should I tell my boyfriend about my ex contacting me?

Short story my ex went back to his abusive multi cheating ex like a year ago. He was neglectful to me & went behind my back. He tried...

Very infatuated with older man?

During an internship I did at a bank, I developed a crush on one of the presenters there, I would assumer he's in his late twenties, and...

Is it weird for a 24 year old to date a 31 year old?

24 year old woman dating a 31 year old man OR 24 year old man dating a 31 year old woman

If your partner went to jail for 3 months, would you wait for them? Or would you leave them/ move on with your life?

My ex boyfriend went to jail for 3 months and I waited for him because we love each other and we still do see each other.. he was...

Rate my looks please?

I want honest rating of my looks and about the photo quality but especially about looks Also Wich photo you think is the best one?...

Would you ever leave a partner that has lied to you, potentially cheated on you or is an alcoholic / has been jailedno matter how much you loved them?

And possibly a cocaine user in private? i know a guy who drinks about 7 beers per day and who is rumoured to do cocaine...

Girls 22-26 are single dads on your dating list?

Just wandering how many girls around my age are actually intrested in a relationship being a responsible step mom

Ladies, he never wants to get married or have kids: How how soon should he let you know?

In the comments describe if that is a deal-breaker or makes them seem less attractive.

Would you leave your partner if you found out that (s) he's extremely prejudiced?

Let's say it was somehow a mystery to you beforehand and y'all have been together for a good while... Anyway, say (s) he has an...