Why Guys Can't (WONT) Get A Girl Anymore

This is kind of response to my friend @Wowgirl30q 's article Why Guys Can't Get a Girl Anymore After I wrote this, i realized how long...

I was either just as horrible as him or I was very dumb, or both.

Something sparked thoughts on my first relationship and it led me to the conclusion that I was actually just as horrible as he was. We...

How to Spot a Player: A Few Signs to Watch for

Throughout my dating life, I've been a magnet to players. I attracted different types of guys, true, but the players are always out...

5 Reasons You Do Not Have A Boyfriend Yet! (From A Geek's Perspective)

Here is my version of the why you don't have a partner yet take inspired by this one. Since the other one is aimed at men ill aim this...

Breaking out the Friend Zone

I wanted to share a quick story about Bob and how we broke him out of the Friend Zone. WARNING: Kid's don't try this at home! So his...

Don't Wait to Make Your Move. You Must Kiss or Have Sex on the FIRST Date.

Since the breakup of a two year long relationship, I have been a Vagabond of sorts in the dating scene. I am an above average looking...

As a black guy, I feel embarrassed and guilty for dating a white girl (and dating interracially in general)

It's not even necessarily because people from my community and hers will judge me, it mainly comes from the historical precedent of the...

I need some guys opinions please?

What's one thing guys look for in a girls personality that they dont find that often?

Is it a justifiable excuse to stay single because women wouldn’t understand me?

Is it a justifiable excuse to stay single cause women wouldn’t understand me Ok so I was watching a video on YouTube and it put some...

Online dating after a divorce?

How do I decipher a guy on an online dating site's true intentions quickly? Any tips on spotting liars quicker then I already know?

Who noticed rings men or women?

I am just wondering. It any jelewle I just put rings to be more simple.

A fling from college that I recently saw out. Do I initiate that I'm interested?

5 years ago when I attended college, there was a guy in one of my lectures and we almost had this immediate attraction but barely ever...

Why are overweight girls uninterested in dating overweight guys?

I have an overweight friend and an overweight cousin who I'm close to, and both are perpetually single. I've tried to fix both of them...

Do you ever forget to reply to a text if you're really busy?

Or plan to respond later, then it gets buried in your conversations and you completely forget? Or think you already responded? Curious...

Is it normal to find my family more?

Important then my boyfriend?

Girls, Which would be most satisfying?

Like what would give you the most orgasms?

Would you post pictures and put a relationship status on Facebook if you weren’t serious about the person you were dating?

I know a guy who’s dating a girl who he isn’t serious about yet he has a relationship status and the girl posts photos of them all the...

People and dating?

Would you ever cheat on any one?

When both people are busy and work a lot, are a few messages a day enough?

My boyfriend got a new job that he's still in training for. He apologized for not being able to text all day because he needs to focus...

Was I wrong to do this?

Hey everyone. I am proud to have my life together. I don't have debt and I'm a home owner. Last night I was talking to a man and he...

Which is your preferred type?

If you could ‘build a man.’