Why I think I would like to date or be in a relationship with a goofy, awkward, quirky, dork

This will be a fairly short and not very detailed my take. But I like girls like that simply because I feel safe around them. I feel...

Phone Full Of Matches: Tinder Tips For Guys

A woman's attraction / willingness to fuck you over tinder breaks down as follows: 1) High photo quality: 30% This is where you start....

Spending the weekend together (unintentionally) - dates #13-15

I spent the weekend with my now-boyfriend and though it wasn't intentional, I had a great time. Here are the last three posts I made...

Born in the wrong generation!

Do you feel like you were born in the wrong generation for dating? I do, I can't help but feel my morals and views on relationships...

Dating and how it screws guys.

Right swipe, right swipe, right swipe, .... Etc. Etc etc. Nothing. Then finally after a few days a match! Then she responds with one or...

Women look like fools going on dating apps trying to look for love.

To understand why men cheat on good women. It is because we are too nice we allow men to act any kind of way. We lack boundaries and...

Holding your tongue

Some lessons are learned the hard way, especially in relationships. So many women ask am I pretty? However, most often they want to know...

I’m really afraid and need to contact I guy I used to be into (he has a girlfriend). What is the best thing I could say?

I just want him To tell me I’m gonna be okay and that he believes I will find someone too. I know it’s not him, but we were friends and...

What should you do if you’ve fallen for someone in your hobby group & you told yourself you’d never date anyone in the group?

The hobby group is a big part of your social life and most of your friends are in it.

Should I make it official, wait or leave?

This is a silly question. I have recently healed from a bad break up with my last very manipulative ex boyfriend. I have started talking...

What would you recommend a guy to put in his dating profile?

For example, what kind of pictures, what's important to mention in his bio, what to avoid...

Do I tell my parents the truth about sleeping over my boyfriends house?

i’ve been talking to this guy for like 8 months and we have officially been dating for 2 months. throughout the 8months I've slept over...

I want to ask why she hasn’t been responding to me, but I don’t want to be rude about it?

I have been talking to this girl I met on a dating site for about a month, she kept cancelling plans because she was nervous about...

Girls, Would I make a great partner?

I'm gonna list my quailties and weakness. Qualties Loyal Kind Generous Poilte Good with Kids and animals 2 Animal Care Degress Good...

Girls, if a guy you liked but assumed he didn’t like you back as he never made a move asked you out 3 months later, would you say yes?

If you’ve been hanging out alone every weekend for 3 months and he’s always making prolonged eye contact with you.

Guys, Would it bother you if your girlfriend made money than you do?

She has more money than you, better car, and other expensive stuff. Would it bother you?

Is that ok if I'm only interested in dating other virgin?

I'm a virgin (by choice) and only interested in dating other virgin, I feel like I can trust them more and I'm more comfortable around...

Is it ok if the guy pays during every date?

I am okay with it and he too. He always pays and I never questioned.

How bad is it for your dating prospects to have no friends?

I’m 27 and like the title implies, I unfortunately have no friends. Its not like I’ve never had any friends, I used to a majority of it...