6 Tips for men (or women) on dating apps, from a girl who has experience

Hey men, From being on dating apps, I have the great urge to give some tips to make your game extra strong. I've been on both Tinder and...

How to drink a cup of tea with your date

I premise this is based on my own experience and is not universal, but since I noticed really positive results in practicing this with...

How To Get Girls If You Aren't Attractive

Even guys who are shouldn't just rely on their looks, but this Take is oriented toward the guys who women generally don't find all that...

Dating with autism is not fun!

I don't wanna whine or get sympathy or anything. But on another question someone wrote about having fun with dating and that made me...

Once a player... Not always a player?

Is a player in the dating scene always a player? My answer is no. First, What is a player? A player is someone who pretends to be in a...

Why Nice Guys Struggle With Women And How Bad Advice From Women Encourages Nice Guy Behaviour

A few people have been talking about the "bad boy" vs "nice guy" thing recently, and I've seen many guys asking how to become more...

Advertising gets Product & People noticed, especially on Social Media and Dating Sites.

I have seen several questions on GAG lately asking how can I find a guy or girl to date, especially on dating sites? Why don't I have...

What unrealistic expectations do men often have about women when it comes to dating?

Let's flip the script here. If you didn't see my last question I will link it below. What unrealistic expectations do women often have...

How much and when is the right time to tell a girl what you're feeling for her?

Hi, I'd like to know, What, how much and when should I tell my crush my feelings for her. I've never been good at expressing myself and...

Relationship Advice?

So I’ve been dating my boyfriend for over a year and lately things really haven’t felt the same. I don’t get the same joy from our...

Will the way I think pose an issue in dating?

My mind seems to make connections in different ways then other people I know. This isn't too big of a deal most of the time, but it...

If a guy notices your mad and he changed is that a good thing?

Me and him are friends we’ve known each other for 2 years, so a few days ago I asked him to go to the movies with me and he pretty much...

How do I get over someone who used me for sex?

We’re both 25. We dated for exactly 1 year, we broke up a few days ago on our 1 year anniversary. He told me he lied to me about a lot...

Does he like me?

This guy I like is a family friend. I always see him when I go out for the holidays. This time recently he was hanging with his friends...

What first thing girl think about a boy?

I literally want to know that what a girl thinks about a boy when they met for the first time. The boy is of average look though

Ismy sister jealous?

She never helpsme outand doesn't care how im doingshehadnt congratulated me for my bday in 4 yearsnow.

Would you date me with my flaw?

Sometimes I take my medication and have currently resumed therapy to be updated with my mental health. I'm doing well and have been able...

What's the most taboo thing that uve done of happened to?

just what is your most taboo thing your into or has happened to you dont be shy

Would you break up with your girlfriend if she lost a leg?

Let's say your girlfriend was One guy who I dated and was close friends with said he would in a heartbeat because he doesn't want a...

Is dating someone for 3 months considered an actual “relationship”?

I don’t know how people date for years on end, I am always single and cannot attract a man to save my life 🙄

Would you be your partner's 'wing-man'?

In this short blip of existence I'm lucky enough to enjoy I've realised you can't let fear hold you back. That being said, anxiety is...

Is parental approval important?

Is it important for your parents to approve of your relationship? I think it is, regardless of your situation. Obviously if you need...