Splitting the bill is amazing!

No one owes anybody anything This is as simple as it gets. I pay for myself and he pays for himself (or we take turns but we'll need to...

My dealbreaker for dating men is what will Never make me want to date you

Hi, is me kate and going to talk about my deal breaker for men that I do dating and started with 1: Age range if a women put age range...

“All the good ones are taken”. Does that mean I’m not one of the good ones?

So this is something I hear all the time. And I’m starting to believe it may be true, especially in my love life. Or I will say lack of....

My Dating Deal Breakers (Part 1)

If anyone is curious about my first five dating deal breakers or open-minded, I invite you to read myTake. 1. No Shared Interest I...

When you reject someone, it's usually best to simply say something like "My heart belongs to someone else".

It's succinct, concise, and a powerfully firm rejection while also being gentle enough to say that neither person is at fault and should...

The Struggle of Being Vulnerable

Age 11 is the earliest time that I can remember being truly vulnerable. There was this girl I really liked in the 6th grade. When I...

Dating with a disability

So I wanted to come on here and post a myTake on dating with a disability. Hear me out! Last night I came across a question on GaG...

How can I higher my standards?

My standards are so low I’ve been hitting on older women.. Last week I tried getting with this woman who’s 60 Years old. Today some...

Its been 1 month and I still cry thinking about her why do women get in relationship than immediately block?

why do women get in relationship for almost half a year than just block suddenly?

Is food a sensitive topic?

So let’s say for example you start chatting with somebody and they start asking what did you eat today or just your preference in food...

Why do some guys prefer not to date their female friends?

I’m a little curious as for why some guys has this rule where they’d never date their female friends even if they have feelings for them...

Is me liking a guy who is younger than me normal?

I like a guy who is 19 years old and i’m 21 turning soon to 22 is this normal and ok?

What's the story of your best kiss?

I think mine would be my first kiss because it will be with love. I know all the other kisses will be from the same man but the...

What is something you can’t take eyes of when you talk to a girl/guy?

What is something (maybe a physical future or personality wise or in their outfit that distracts you in a good way?

What makes you feel beautiful for someone you like?

It can be how do you feel about yourself, what you do or how you prepare yourself...

My boyfriend follows so many girls and p0rn actresses?

i just can’t handle this anymore he follows these kind of girls almost daily, it’s just too much for me. is this even normal? like he...

True or False. Low value or Unattractive people resort to dating exes after a breakup?

These are people who are desperate and cannot attract new partners on dating apps. So they get so desperate that they call up ex...

Do you believe some people are just not meant for life?

I am 26 years old, severely depressed, never had a real relationship before, haven't been intimate with a girl in over 6 years, obese,...

Girls, Girls could you date a guy who wore makeup?

Nothing crazy but just to hide acne or wrinkles and stuff? And let’s say you like his personality.

Guy came over and didn’t kiss me but says he likes me?

I invited a guy over for our first meeting. (risky i know) but we talked and facetimed before meeting. he came over and we just...

What is ur ideal couple height?

So apart from what society calls ideal and call good what is ur and only ur preference of having a partner in terms of height? what...