Confessions of a Ladies Man: Nice Guys are Assholes, Bad Guys are Authentic

The Nice Guy He was a nice guy. He called himself a "feminist". He had a good job and had a good head on his shoulders. He was the type...

Is it all about the Chase? How far will a man go for one night of passion?

I never chase a guy because, let’s face it, if he wants you, let him work for it. He pursued me. I gave in quickly. There was passion,...

Confessions of a Ladies Man: If They Cook for You they are Falling in Love

This past Thanksgiving in 2020 we randomly chose to hang out. I am referring to me and my best friend of 12 years. I asked her out in...

What is like to have a learning disables and did have an experience with on Tinder.

hi, I am Cool Katie and here talk about experience with tinder that I have been using so far . the good & the bad will be on here . I...

Dating in this generation.

Throughout my year short year of dating I’ve learned that you can be categorized in different zones man or woman. Sometimes you can slip...

Honest dating advice through trial and error

Hey! After browsing through GAG for a long time (even when I wasn't a user), I figured I'd share some thoughts on dating. These are...

Dating Principles I Follow Once I am Ready to Date (Part 2)

Here are other principles I follow once I am ready to date. If you enjoyed reading myTake on dating principles or are open-minded, I...

Would you date someone who was heavily into anime?

I'm pretty meh about it, this girl at the cooperative watches some of those cartoons and has shown me some. As long as she doesn't...

What are some of the most important qualities you look for in a girlfriend?

What qualities/ personality traits do you look for in a girlfriend?

Any one else not having luck on dating?

I'm probably going to get hate for this maybe. I am a goth [ please no negative comments about it]. I get guys that seem like my type,...

Why has this girl I have been talking too a few months started saying she is not good enough too deserve me?

I through random events met her right after moving and we live close enough to see each other on weekends. She was very open at first...

What age is it weird to never have dated before?

For me, I'll be 25 in May. Never had a girlfriend, first kiss or done anything you would associate with having a girlfriend. Is it weird...

Amy advice on where I go next to meet a girl?

So I've tried asking girls out in person and get rejected each time which shot my confidence down obviously. I then tried tinder for 3...

Does anyone here believe “THE ONE” would exist in your life? and why?

It’s a hard question to describe. Just tell me your opinion about this! Thanks🤗

At what point in dating is it a good time to have sex?

I want to stay strong with my boundary. I know because I have little experience with guys that once I have sex, I will be really really...

What is the point in dating within my race?

I don’t see the point. I’m not a spiritual person (in fact, I think spirituality is unintelligent) nor do I care about continuing...

How do you ask a guy where you stand?

Honestly, I see tiktoks, I read memes, I talk to guy friends, I to family members, I talk to girl friends, I talk to friends who are in...

What is your love language?

List them in the comments from highest to lowest priority. e. g: 5, 2, 1, 3, 4

What could the reason be for someone to tell you they love you 2 months into getting to know each other?

We weren't "official" yet but we both were committed to each other and not on any dating sites. He told me he loved me 2 months into knowi

Girls, Have you ever looked at a man and thought he would make a good husband?

From his appearance and behaviour even though you don’t know him well

Would you date someone with dwarfism?

I watched a video on the world’s smallest stripper and thought it was really interesting and would make for a good question. Apparently...

How can I cope with being single for the rest of my life?

I look good and have all my shit together. I’m 25 Where I live there are no Indian girls. I’m left with only white/Arab girls. So...

If a woman has not had much/any dating experience, should she blame herself?

I want to say no, considering a lot of women get approached and asked out by a lot of men without having to put in effort. Especially if...

Why would a guy keep seeing a woman if he’s not in love with her, his folks can’t stand her and she’s an abusive bitchy woman?

THis woman beats up her boyfriend, demands for him to remove people off of his friends list, yells in his parents house, hits him,...