Confessions of a Ladies Man: Nice Guys are Assholes, Bad Guys are Authentic

The Nice Guy He was a nice guy. He called himself a "feminist". He had a good job and had a good head on his shoulders. He was the type...

Is it all about the Chase? How far will a man go for one night of passion?

I never chase a guy because, let’s face it, if he wants you, let him work for it. He pursued me. I gave in quickly. There was passion,...

Confessions of a Ladies Man: If They Cook for You they are Falling in Love

This past Thanksgiving in 2020 we randomly chose to hang out. I am referring to me and my best friend of 12 years. I asked her out in...

What is like to have a learning disables and did have an experience with on Tinder.

hi, I am Cool Katie and here talk about experience with tinder that I have been using so far . the good & the bad will be on here . I...

Dating in this generation.

Throughout my year short year of dating I’ve learned that you can be categorized in different zones man or woman. Sometimes you can slip...

Honest dating advice through trial and error

Hey! After browsing through GAG for a long time (even when I wasn't a user), I figured I'd share some thoughts on dating. These are...

Dating Principles I Follow Once I am Ready to Date (Part 2)

Here are other principles I follow once I am ready to date. If you enjoyed reading myTake on dating principles or are open-minded, I...

Would you date someone who was always happy, optimist and friendly?

I find such a type both extremely irritating and endearing in some weird way. No matter how many jokes I make at her expense or snide...

Is it easy or hard to find a girlfriend? How about dating? Do you find it hard to meet women?

How difficult did you found it to meet women before covid? For me, I found it extremely difficult and hard to approach women. Is that...

How long is too soon for a S. O. to move in with you?

I've been dating my S. O. for 1 year now and we want to live together..

Was my boyfriend hinting at marriage here?

We both still live at home atm. im going to get my own place but the house I was looking at was a little too expensive so his message...

Can you fall in love with someone less conventionally attractive than your partner?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost a year, and he used to be many things I wanted, he’s good looking, tall, serious and...

What can I do to get my brother’s friend’s attention?

He is South Asian. He is a manager at a restaurant. We often get him to bring us some food from his restaurant. He sleeps around with...

What is your love language?

List them in the comments from highest to lowest priority. e. g: 5, 2, 1, 3, 4

Guys, what would you do if the girl you’re seeing doesn’t meet you for months, on purpose?

For example you keep trying to make a plan but she always flakes on you or says she’s busy, would you dump her even if you like her a lot?

Would you date someone who watches cartoons?

I’m a big fan of cartoons and I was lucky to find someone who liked cartoons as much as me. :) Would you date someone who likes...

Was It stupid to let a ‘very sexy’ woman go?

I know I’m not but what do you think. There’s this Spanish woman that’s so so beautiful that came up to me and hit on me so hard. Crazy....

Are you smarter than your partner?

I wish I could meet a man who is smarter than me but I know it's not possible 😥 (such men don't exist).

Should I gotta her number?

I went to my local burger joint and grab a burger. I couldn't afford the 2 for 5 burger deal but the female employee paid the taxes on...

Why do you think Asian women hate Asian men?

If it weren’t for Asian men Asian women wouldn’t exist so there 😤🤪😠

Guy ghosted me after I picked him up to come to my house?

It was our 3rd date and he had car issues. he asked me to pick him up. we got intimate in a sense of oral and hands only. I told him I...

Is it rare to lose a lot of weight & not get more attention?

I lost 80 + lbs a few years back and have maintained it for the most part. I’m no more than 10 lbs heavier but I do look a bit thicker....