Online Dating is missing something very important!

So you are out and about with your friends on a Friday night and start to flirt with all kinds of people. This may take anywhere from...

Slowly falling for him, him hugging strangers, a really cute letter - date #7

This is about a guy I've known for more than three months now. Here are some of the other takes about him (most recent to least recent);...

Making memories together, him biting but not kissing me yet - date #6

I haven't written about this in a while, but things are getting rather intense and I'm totally having it. Here are some of the other...

Why I Would Never Date A Bad Boy

(Part 2) 5) They play around a lot Not all bad boys cheat. I know that. But if you're just testing waters... Eh. Or you're unsure of...

What's the "Common" Key for Navigating Relationships?

Knowing Your Brain On Love Relationships that tend to last are between people with common interests; especially if the sex isn't even...

The Missing Men and what to do about it.

Related subjects: #MeToo #RedPilled #MGTOW Where did all the good men go? Why have so many men given up? Prolouge: This MyTake has been...

Dating 110: The Art of Seduction

(What Really Matters to a Woman) This is not about manipulation or coercion. It's about how to understand them, and yes, influence the...

Do you like receiving cute texts and images?

I used to not really care about them, but nowadays when she sends me all those cutesy images full of hearts and other stuff while she's...

I'm wondering what experiences you guys had as sugar daddy / sugar baby in the past?

I'm wondering what experiences you guys had as sugar daddy / sugar baby in the past?

How to be more affectionate in a relationship?

The guy I have been dating says when we sleep together at night, he doesn’t feel I touch him enough or that I don’t touch him in ways...

Can this be a reason?

Being a teen i was a really introvert person and hardly socialized or liked to meet people and stuff and even wore the most boyish of...

Why don't guys buy girls flowers more?

Do they not realize the magic relationship bettering power that flowers have?

Please may I have some advice as I have no one to ask?

So my boyfriend started work at 6am this morning and then then he sent me a morning message in the morning it’s been well just 12 hours....

Do you believe that being single is like a disease that needs to be cured?

Obviously if you are single there is something wrong with you. Leave a comment below.

Who should pay for a first dinner date?

This has been asked before, but I am asking it slightly differently. THE MAJOR CHANGE IS THAT THE ANSWER "WHOEVER ASKS THE OTHER PERSON...

Why do girls im trying to date ask me what I do for a living so quickly?

It’s like the second damn question they ask after “what’s your name”. seems quite shallow to jump to income so soon i won't ask a girl...

Do you think it’s fair guys under 27 are ignored sexually because women 18+ want older men only?

A lot of girls go for older guys leaving all the younger guys basically spending their youth being blue balled do you think it’s fair?

Is low self esteem and self conscious a turn off?

Would u date that person?

What kind of person, when it comes to occupation, would you try dating?

I wonder if occupation of your partner matters for you?

My “dream girl” treated me wrongly and I dont know if I should forgive or pay it back?

Basically what happen is i was really into her and i think she's perfect. She was into me but i dont know how much. She ended up...