How to make a guy fall in love with you!

Are you looking for a guy to date and a make him a boyfriend? Well here are steps to make a guy fall in love with you head over heels...

First Date: Date vs. Interview vs. Autobiography

I think the BIGGEST mistake that can be made on a first date is to screw up the communication. Obviously when you are going on a first...

Mental health & allowing love into my life

A/n: This will be more for me than other people. I'm kind of feeling down for no reason and needed to write about it in order to calm...

Relearning the "Masculine Love Language": A Guide to Honour Codes

The Love Language is a term I've borrowed from ancient Vedic and Buddhist occult understandings of the Masculine and Feminine. Although...

How to Make Him Cry and Miss You!

You're probably dating a caring, loving and sweet guy that always makes time for you. And he's a man of his words when it comes to...

Promises are just Words: Dating a Bum

This last winter, I started dating a raft guide who works in Alaska in the summer. I was really infatuated with the fact that he had a...

The black pill is not a myth (For debating use not really a discussion for GAG)

People have the misconceptions about the black pill and that the black pill is incorrect saying that personality matters over looks but...

Do You Like To Be Wooed?

like courted and pursued.

Boys, do you feel the urge to text your partner whenever you're online or is texting not really a way of showing that you care?

I always get frustrated when my boyfriend does not text for awhile or is online but not very talkative and it makes me feel like maybe...

What kind of girl/boy do you like?

Bad girl /bad boy? Good girl/good boy? Etc...

Just a little bit confused?

Hey! I’m just starting in my dating journey. I have pursued/asked almost 10 girls by being genuinely interested in what they like and...

More men need to acknowledge they value women's beauty a little more than her brains?

It's time for me to call out my fellow men for our bullshit. Sure we like brains on a woman but truth be hold you want a pretty lady....

Is she a rebound?

So, we are coworkers - Her, him and I. He recently got out of a like 5 year relationship with someone else. Almost immediately, they...

Guys, tinder question?

so i made a tinder not to long ago but not to recently and i got somewhere around 45 if not 50 matches and a lot of my friends are...

Can I force a crush?

I've been going on dates but honestly haven't fallen for a girl or even had a crush on one in a long while, i really do miss the feeling.

Would you date someone who has been divorced?

Pros and cons of dating a divorcee: Pros 1. Time – divorce is often the result of a relationship where people rushed in too quickly and...

Pick one: A hot sorority girl or all the women above 28?

the sorority girl is 10 out of 10.

Does it seem like I'm falling for this guy, or just a musician thing?

As a musician, sometimes I get confused about whether I'm attracted to someone romantically/sexually or if they simply inspire me and/or...

Guys, Would you date a girl who's hair was thinning and were supplemental hair to cover it up?

If she's attractive and you otherwise are interested in her.

What are you and why?

Pick one and if your single and got cheated on or dumped share your stories or if you need advice.

Am I slutty for doing this?

i had dry sex with my boyfriend of almost 7 months now and.. I don't know was it too early? I mean its not like he pressured me into...

Is it easier to initiate sex than it is to ask someone out?

Is it easier initiating sex versus a relationship or do more people just only want sex so that's why they only want to do that and not date?


1) kill a dragon and offer it's head to her, bitches love dragon heads 2) offer the father 3 pigs in exchange for her no less and no...

Ladies, you show up for a date with dating app guy but he's 2 inches shorter than you. What are his chances?

If you responded to the poll. What advice do you have ladies and gents to a guy who is shorter on a date? Full disclosure , last night...