Things to do for couples on Valentines Day

I do long for a girl of my own but for right now I am going to take some time to dream of what could have been fun to do with her today....

"Dating" Is It Really Harder To Date These Days? Or Are People Making It Harder Than It Needs To Be?

This is mytake on how I see dating these days and the things I see wrong with how dating is being done. Disclaimer: Now these are my...

Poor Time Management can make You Sexless

Okay peeps, I made a big breakthrough today as I was doing my leg and back workout. I've been reflecting on my life, and specifically on...

Why I wouldn't date a single mother

The above represents my opinion, and mine only, in the subject of men dating or marrying single mothers. I think that I should be best...

One of my biggest problems in dating

People seemed to like my last myTake about autistic dating and I have something new I realized yesterday. I'm finishing my...

Why is our generation so unhappy?

Well, teenagers are perfectly happy until they open their Instagram and see this: After seeing cute couple photos on the internet,...

Should guys always pay?

Okay, so here's another myTake. If you don't like it, it's okay, I understand and I have no problem with that, after all we all think...

How can I gain my self esteem after being rejected for an older woman?

I know that some peoples like apples others like oranges, but it still bug me. This guy is 31, he’s handsome, extremely sexy, and...

My boyfriend is sarcastic and rude with me, but then blames me for getting my feelings hurt?

Tonight my boyfriend and I went out to dinner. Everything was great. We were just talking back and forth, really. Then I asked, just out...

Guys, how do you feel about your girlfriend sitting on your lower back when giving you a massage?

Is that something you like or is it just annoying? Does it ever feel uncomfortable if your girlfriend straddles you to massage you that way?

Why do I like fighting w my bf?

My boyfriend is very good to me but for some reason I feel hatred towards him and want to start kinda meaningless fights. It’s usually...

Why does he do this if he “likes” me?

Why would he push me away if he actually likes me? (he told me he likes me). He told me he dates woman he doesn’t see a future with......

Am I not good looking?

Please be honest , am I good looking or average , or ugly?

I need a Soul mate , are you the one?

I'm single Who travel around the world, am nice and caring who never ask from a lade.

Would you date someone with trust issues?

For example: - you recently met a beautiful woman/handsome man - get along well - keep seeing each other and getting to know each other...

Parents live with me. Deal breaker?

Rather than live with random roommates, I have opted to split living expenses (rent, utilities, food) with my parents. It makes...

Would it be shallow to not date a guy because he's a lot older than me but a really good guy?

I mean he can't control his age so wouldn't it be shallow? I don't want to date him because I'm not comfortable being with someone older...

Is the cinema a bad date idea?

First of all, I don’t really have any experience in dating, but for me, it just seems a bit un-interactive between the two people if you...

What percentage of human population (female/girls preferably) thinks using first principles (physics approach)?

It's a bit difficult to write this, I generally consider myself to be a pretty rational human bieng but its a bit difficult to...

Men and women , a smart person with average looks, or a not very smart person with great looks?

Men and women, would you rather be with a person who was very smart and had average looks, or one who was not very smart and had great...

Would you rather date for Looks or Personality?

Would you prefer dating for looks (body size, handsome, beauty, muscles, etc) or would you rather date for personality (funny, creative,...

Do you like beards on men?

This includes all aspects of life (relationships too).