Reasons men should date military women

1. Strength and resilience: Women in the military undergo intense physical and mental training, making them strong and resilient...
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[ 500 Days of Summer ] movie thoughts/ conclusions?

Movie review: Tom is a guy who works for a greeting card company, but has a passion for Architecture. Summer is a girl who wanted...
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Things I’ve always wanted and can’t get

So hard to obtain this from a subjectively attractive man my age
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Why I Prefer Older Women Over Younger

I believe I wrote about this once. But doing it again anyway in 2024 lol, plus a few olders on here have asked me to write this...
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Dating Tips for Women

I've written my dating tips for guys already, so to follow up, here are my tips for women. As I mentioned with the last post, with any...
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If she’s texting you nonstop there’s a 99% chance she likes you bro

If a girl (or guy for that matter) is always texting you and you two are just having a back and forth conversation through text all day...
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Dating Tips For Guys

I can feel the eye rolls from here, a blah, but with any advice, take it or leave it, but listening to...
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"just do things you enjoy and you'll meet people" = Most out of touch dating advice

As stated in the title that advice is garbage. If your goal is to meet people naturally away from work then its always better to place...
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Does my crush really like me?

We first saw each other in October last year. We started talking on January 1st and met for the 2nd time on Saturday. During the meeting...

What should I do? Do I move on? Does he like me or not?

summary: i have a gym crush and we have a mutal friend. he told my friend i was cute and i wanted to talk to him so i followed him on ig...

Boyfriend said he wants to split up becuase I didn’t put distance between me and a male friend?

I have a male friend at work. He sometimes calls me after work about unrelated topics. My boyfriend didn’t like this and asked me if I...

Guys, Biggest regret with a love interest?

With a relationship or one that could have developed?

What does it mean when a man starts calling you pet names?

Cutie, Love, Baby - He started calling me these after 2 months.

My boyfriend and his close friend kissed?

we were out drinking and everything was fine, once we got drunk I saw them kiss for too long and more than once I asked him tomorrow...

Whay should I do about ableism that happens on dating and hook up apps?

There are a lot of ableist guys and many guys who don’t accept a woman on hook up and dating apps. Me being high functioning autistic I...

What you want in your life right now?

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Do you think love isn’t real in dating?

It’s basically convenience and a tick box exercise ☑️ Men are basically valued on how handsome they are, their status, how tall, how...
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Isn’t it true that people just wanna date their own race?

Like where o live I’ve been rejected for the girl to date a shorter less attractive white dude. It’s literally just cause he’s white
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Have you ever ran into anyone that dates based on astrology signs?

That's pretty crazy no lie 😂

Are men scared of rejection?

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Are ghostings getting out of control?

these days it seems like everyone is getting ghosted over like nothing , like i though a ghosting was for like serious unresolvable...
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Why do very tall men go for short girls?

I am dating 6 ft 3 man while I am just 5 ft 2 and he loves that I am so petite. Our height difference is almost identical as Jason Momoa...
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