Splitting the bill is amazing!

No one owes anybody anything This is as simple as it gets. I pay for myself and he pays for himself (or we take turns but we'll need to...

My dealbreaker for dating men is what will Never make me want to date you

Hi, is me kate and going to talk about my deal breaker for men that I do dating and started with 1: Age range if a women put age range...

“All the good ones are taken”. Does that mean I’m not one of the good ones?

So this is something I hear all the time. And I’m starting to believe it may be true, especially in my love life. Or I will say lack of....

My Dating Deal Breakers (Part 1)

If anyone is curious about my first five dating deal breakers or open-minded, I invite you to read myTake. 1. No Shared Interest I...

When you reject someone, it's usually best to simply say something like "My heart belongs to someone else".

It's succinct, concise, and a powerfully firm rejection while also being gentle enough to say that neither person is at fault and should...

The Struggle of Being Vulnerable

Age 11 is the earliest time that I can remember being truly vulnerable. There was this girl I really liked in the 6th grade. When I...

Dating with a disability

So I wanted to come on here and post a myTake on dating with a disability. Hear me out! Last night I came across a question on GaG...

Have you ever been stood up for a date?

And have you ever been naughty and stood someone up for a date? Let me know below so I can scold you ha ha ha

Which states have the biggest/ tallest guys?

i find that the 6’4” and above guys to be really rare. Where can I find these types of guys?

Why don't fat women just give up instead of polluting online dating apps?

Why don't fat women just give up instead of polluting online dating apps?

Hi what redflags should I look for when dating girls?

Hi what redflags should i look for when dating girls?

My boyfriend kept telling me he doesn't know me and I blocked him what should I do?

Actually it’s about2 or3 days my boyfriend come and tell me “oh who are u?” “Do i know u?” “Sorry i dont have girlfriend” i know its...

Am I considered successful/a good catch by basic standards?

I’m 26. I’ve completed my masters in computer science and I am currently 2 years into a software engineering career. I take care of...

Why am I invisible to men? If I do get noticed by men, I am just the butt of their jokes?

I am completely invisible to men. Men don’t approach me. I always get friendzoned. If guys do notice me, it is to make a joke or laugh...

How Do You Feel About Inmate Dating Sites?

These are sites where inmates can date each other or date people who are free.

Is this a good message to send to a female best friend?

“Hey, I know we’re friends but I was thinking I’ve really enjoyed spending time with you in the past few months and would love to take...

Men, are you attracted to older women?

Between 5-10 years older

Would you date someone who has a different time schedule than you?

Lets say you two are from different cities, so you meet once a week for 2 whole days on weekends... Would you be with someone who...

What kind of makeup do guys like?

If you're a guy or someone attracted to females please vote below. Also it would be appreciated if you specified what exactly you'd like...

Would you date someone who doesn’t have any social media accounts?

They have a phone number and an email address but that would be the only way of contacting them through technology.

Guys, should women stop analyzing guys texting habits in dating?

Many women obsess over how guys reply and texts... Such as one word answers or even initiating texts... Or not responding flirty.