Why Bumble is the Best Dating App

Firstly, not paid by Bumble. No vested interest. Just want to share why I think you should switch to Bumble if you're still wasting time...

My experience as the unattractive guy with the great personality

I'd like to start by saying, nice guys don't finish last or at least, guys that are nice don't finish last. What a lot of "nice guys"...

Why most dating advice for men is bullshit - pt. 2

Seeing how my last take garnered a lot of attention and stirred some controversy as expected I decided to make another one, maybe even...

Guys: Why you should pick the average-looking girl over the pretty girl in the room!

If you've hopped into Google or G@G and you've typed "Why do I always get rejected by girls" (or something along those lines)......

How to survive online long-distance dating

About a year ago, I met my boyfriend on this site...very unexpectedly. It was strange, difficult, expensive, and wonderful all at once,...

Sexual assault and consent

I feel it is important for me to create awareness for those who may have not understand the concept of consent in sex. Also for those...

My 1st dating experience and why I'm glad my girlfriend made me dress properly

I will discuss my 1st dating experience and why I'm glad my girlfriend made me dress properly and why I became so attached to girls and...

Can I be pregnant?

Me and my boyfriend had sex without any protection, he came inside me many times and the next morning i got my period. Can i be pregnant?

Guys, the guy i’ve had a thing with did this to me after being mad at me for weeks?

He first kissed me then picked me up while huging me and kissed my neck and smeled my hair lol.. does this mean he’s been missing me or...

What do you think... what is my league out of 10?

I have been approached by really hot girls and some not so hot. So I am little confused about my league.

Do the ladies prefer intense guys or chilled out guys?

Leaving humor and physical appearance aside. Intense as If guys who are always active want to try new things, go for musical events and...

What turns you off from a man?

Girls, what turns you off or kills any sexual attraction in a man personality?

Does she like me?

So there is this girl I like, and she keeps smiling at me, and acting friendly around me, should I just ask her out? How do I know if...

Girls, what's the biggest turn off on a guy?

Feel free to comment, let's start a discussion

I was petty and now I don't know what to do?

The guy I've been seeing its somewhere between a casual thing and a relationship. But I went to see him on Friday as he said he really...

How to get him uninterested?

He sooo clingy and needy. He thinks he my boyfriend and always text me about how much me miss me but I don’t even know the dude. Yes we...

Does she like me or just want to be friends?

So I've been talking to her for 2 years online and we chat everyday. We somewhat flirt but live on opposite of the world so don't go too...

Do you think its a good idea to send a paragraph telling the guy how you felt in the time of knowing him?

I have expressed my feelings before but i want to write one long paragraph saying how i felt and putting him in his place.

Can being nice make up for being ugly?

Simple as the heading really. Guys, can a girl being nice, friendly, fun and sort of smart make up for her being ugly? In other words...

Celebrating Christmas?

Would you be okay with celebrating Christmas with your family and meeting your partner after that in the evening or would you prefer...

Girls, Is she confident or insecure?

What would you guess? Im talking to a girl on a dating profile, she’s pretty and she poses in her pics showing off her body. There’s...

Would you date/marry a girl that’s about 7 or 8 years older than you?

I never liked younger guys but it seems older men don’t seem interested in me or just don’t approach me. I always get approached by...

Girls, would you want a guy who does things for you or with you?

For you - he would do things that you want him to do. With you - he would help you in doing those things but won't completely do it himself.

Would you date someone you can't marry?

There's a girl who is somewhat into me! But we can't marry.