Why Women Love The Alpha Male

The idea that women are universally attracted to "Alpha Males" is a stereotype and doesn't accurately represent the complexities of...
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Bring up kids early in dating... Like the first date!

Okay ladies and gentlemen, I hope this helps somebody. As a bartender for 15 years, and a guy who has been with a lot of women, and a...
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[ 500 Days of Summer ] movie thoughts/ conclusions?

Movie review: Tom is a guy who works for a greeting card company, but has a passion for Architecture. Summer is a girl who wanted...
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Things I’ve always wanted and can’t get

So hard to obtain this from a subjectively attractive man my age
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Reasons men should date military women

1. Strength and resilience: Women in the military undergo intense physical and mental training, making them strong and resilient...
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Why I Prefer Older Women Over Younger

I believe I wrote about this once. But doing it again anyway in 2024 lol, plus a few olders on here have asked me to write this...
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Dating Tips for Women

I've written my dating tips for guys already, so to follow up, here are my tips for women. As I mentioned with the last post, with any...
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If she’s texting you nonstop there’s a 99% chance she likes you bro

If a girl (or guy for that matter) is always texting you and you two are just having a back and forth conversation through text all day...
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Staying in touch with my crush?

Hi everyone, I am now friendly with my crush. He saw us at a party and began speaking to us. Now him and I say hi when we pass each...

Why does he want to go to the spa with me?

A guy I’m dating invited me to join him to the spa to go swimming or to the sauna. He goes there alone quite frequently. Is he afraid...

What's the total number of guys you have make love with till now?

For me it's like 25+ and yeah it will be more.

Would this mean I lead him on?

I went out on a breakfast date with a guy co worker. He’s a gentleman, he’s sweet and nice looking. He’s very touchy, but not In a...

Do you have an embarassing crush, love story?

I do. I really really like this girl when i was younger. i was crushing pretty bad that i when i eventually had the courage to ask her...

Are you expectations realistic?

This is what I’m looking for 1) a girl that will belong to me, she accepts she’s 100% mine. 2) Submits to me and lets me have control of...
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Do you agree that in general conventionally good looking men are more successful with women than conventionally normal or bad-looking guys?

I always tell people that the vast majority of good looking guys I know are successful with women and the normal and not so good looking...
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Is a man’s dating prime in his 30s?

I hear this a lot.
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Do you think it's appropriate to date multiple people at once?

To be clear, I do not mean a poly relationship or an open relationship. I mean, the phase of getting to know someone with the...
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Do you like abs on your opposite gender?

I have to admit I do like them. Was scrolling through a friend's Instagram and took notice she developed a good set of abs. I have abs...
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Pay the bill separate or together on a date?

I’m curious what your thoughts are. For me, I want to do separate
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When it comes to dating: Is leading with sex ever a good idea?

Particularly for women, but I guess also for anybody who doesn't want to date "just for fun." Should you NOT lead with sex if you're...
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