The Imperfections that are Perfect For You

Many years ago, I was using an online dating site to find a guy, but I couldn't take any more than a few days investing in it. It seemed...

Phone Full Of Matches: Tinder Tips For Guys

A woman's attraction / willingness to fuck you over tinder breaks down as follows: 1) High photo quality: 30% This is where you start....

Spending the weekend together (unintentionally) - dates #13-15

I spent the weekend with my now-boyfriend and though it wasn't intentional, I had a great time. Here are the last three posts I made...

Born in the wrong generation!

Do you feel like you were born in the wrong generation for dating? I do, I can't help but feel my morals and views on relationships...

Dating and how it screws guys.

Right swipe, right swipe, right swipe, .... Etc. Etc etc. Nothing. Then finally after a few days a match! Then she responds with one or...

Women look like fools going on dating apps trying to look for love.

To understand why men cheat on good women. It is because we are too nice we allow men to act any kind of way. We lack boundaries and...

Holding your tongue

Some lessons are learned the hard way, especially in relationships. So many women ask am I pretty? However, most often they want to know...

Why do some women feel attracted to broken men? What are your thoughts on a woman's instinct to heal or fix a partner?

I am a survivor of sexual abuse. I was abused by my mother. I recently met this girl on the dating app Bumble who is very odd but...

Does this mean anything when a girl does this?

I noticed a girl was touching her collarbone area/necklace when speaking to me. Does it mean anything?

How do you express love?

Are you an old-school lover who loves to write letters, send cards, gifts, etc or prefer apps such as Tinder, Instagram and Snapchat?...

Should I tell this guy I like him?

I’ve known this guy for 4 years and I’ve had the absolute biggest crush on him. I’m pretty sure the feeling has been reciprocated as...

Girlffriend is a rebound?

WHO IS THE REBOUND GIRL? Our timeline 2014- We met and became friends but he had no attraction towards me no matter how much clevage I...

Why do girls dislike gamers?

Every time I ask a girl to go on a date, thry always says no!

How would someone saying "I like your hair" make you feel?

I say it to girls pretty commonly, not in a flirtatious manner because I have a girlfriend but I do make compliments and I always follow...

*Trigger warning * Would you date a girl with a self-harm scar on her arm?

This is a very personal and emotional post for me so please don’t be disrespectful. When I was 16-18 I struggled with depression and...

Should I continue going on dates with this guy?

Hello! I’ve been on two dates with this guy so far and I really like him. I’ve really enjoyed our conversations and believe that we have...

I'm almost 22, still a virgin, and never been on a date, is that really bad?

People often think of me as a loser because of this, which honestly pisses me off at times. The reason I don't date is that I have too...

Is it inappropriate for your girl to dance with another guy?

My girlfriend went to a house party 2 months ago. One of her friends just posted that party on IG. I saw my girlfriend twerking on a...

How long do you wait before a date?

Meaning, how long do you message someone before you ask them on a date?