Why I think I would like to date or be in a relationship with a goofy, awkward, quirky, dork

This will be a fairly short and not very detailed my take. But I like girls like that simply because I feel safe around them. I feel...

Spending the weekend together (unintentionally) - dates #13-15

I spent the weekend with my now-boyfriend and though it wasn't intentional, I had a great time. Here are the last three posts I made...

Born in the wrong generation!

Do you feel like you were born in the wrong generation for dating? I do, I can't help but feel my morals and views on relationships...

Dating and how it screws guys.

Right swipe, right swipe, right swipe, .... Etc. Etc etc. Nothing. Then finally after a few days a match! Then she responds with one or...

Women look like fools going on dating apps trying to look for love.

To understand why men cheat on good women. It is because we are too nice we allow men to act any kind of way. We lack boundaries and...

Holding your tongue

Some lessons are learned the hard way, especially in relationships. So many women ask am I pretty? However, most often they want to know...

Cold weather, all the feels and racism - date #11

I met someone and if you've been following our story for a bit, you'll know that I like to put the last three dates at the beginning of...

I told him I got jealous of his step sister. Did I overreact?

Sooo I was visiting my bfs family for the weekend. His step sister was there (not related by blood and his mother and father are not...

Girls, what are your thoughts on dating a coworker?

We work at the same hospital. I’m a nurse and he’s a respiratory therapist.

Is it bad that I'm 23 and no one has ever shown interest in me?

Will I be forever alone? Is it too late for me to find someone?

Why can't I find decent men that won't be second option?

turn out the age doesn't mean any. just because 25 age of guy are still going to be still on the dating apps. turn out not be a good guy...

Would you find a girl attractive if she had a double chin?

Some girls are at a healthy weight but still have a double chin

Sharing a bed with a friend?

Me and this guy have sleepovers 4-5 times a week. We don't have sex, but sometimes we spoon or cuddle. Then when we wake up we spend the...

Would you date someone with kids?

I like kids, there fun and honestly i wouldn't care if they aren't mind. I do want some of my own ofc

Boyfriends mom and Facebook?

I recently found out that my boyfriends mother, whenever my boyfriend was in a relationship, added the girlfriend on Facebook and used...

Why would a 32 year old woman continuously like my facebook posts but then block me from seeing her timeline?

I am 33 years old. I am single, multi racial, and non religious. There is a girl on facebook who is pretty, 32 years old, and a...

Too ugly for love?

For the past 27 years my love life has been an absolute joke. While I think I’m a smart, funny, and kind person, I feel like I’m...

Girls, A guy exactly your height or maybe an inch taller?

This question is mainly for girls who are the height of around 5'4 to 5'6 or so. What if a guy is exactly your height or at most an inch...

Which do you think would be a better for a first meet? A food place or a movie?

I prefer to meet at food places for a first meet because you can sit a talk. Get to know someone. You really can’t do that at a movie.

Have you ever had a dream about an ex/old crush dating someone else?

Within the past couple months I've had at least two dreams that the last person I had a crush on was dating someone else. I never had...

Do I sound shallow when it comes to dating?

I’m in my mid twenties and have never been in a real relationship. I will say all of my “dating” experiences have come from the apps,...

Girls, do you consider yourself to be a "nerdy, introverted, socially awkward, eccentric weirdo" who doesn't into the mainstream dating scene?

My friend @Physics-Man is a good man and I would like to offer him some hope and encouragement with this post. He recently posted a...