"just do things you enjoy and you'll meet people" = Most out of touch dating advice

As stated in the title that advice is garbage. If your goal is to meet people naturally away from work then its always better to place...
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In dating is it bullshit when they break it off and say it is due to you making assumptions. Or was it just some game play to test you?

I always say never make assumptions. Never assume the worst, but never assume the best. By and large this is good advice, but is it?...
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My First Time Meeting An Online Girl

I had been interacting with this girl on Facebook for a while. Unlike other online girls I've talked to in the past, this girl went to...
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Guys... why it's important to SMELL GOOD on a FIRST DATE.

This is a short myTake, prompted by this YouTube short ... https://www.youtube.com/embed/YNJaivSdi8M The most important thing for a guy...
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In Dating There Is No Such Thing As "Mixed Signals"

People often find themselves confused about whether the person they're attracted to, talking to, or dating reciprocates their feelings....
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Online Dating: Time waisters

So I am on a run again, and here we go....! People turn to online dating for a variety of reasons. They are lonely. They are recently...
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Dating is hard, getting a date can be hard, try not to be hard on yourself

Some people get discouraged when they get rejected, or they feel like people just don't find them attractive, well, it's hard. You could...
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Fun First Date Ice Breakers

Recently a member of GaG asked in a Question what sorts of things would be interesting coming from the opposite sex, especially in the...
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Do bodies recognize good genetic matches before we consciously realise attraction?

It happened, but only once in my life, where I was standing by someone and my body felt like it was lighting up like a switchboard....

Is this guy a I’m talking to playing me?

I’ve been talking to this guy for a month now we went on a couple dates and hooked up. We speak in person more than texting. We’ve had...

Feeling very low after being ghosted …. (Sorry my first question got deleted )?

I have no idea why I can’t shake it off.. I blame myself everyday for being slow, weird , ugly, unattractive … I texted him about 3...

Girls, would you be impressed if a guy picked you up in one of these cars?

I know girls may say, why would I care about the car he drives, it's about his personality and this and that. But let's be honest...

Is tongue necessary for a good kiss?

I am seeing a guy for the first time. I really like him. He keeps saying how he can't wait to kiss me. I dont know how to use tongue....

My bestfriend dating my ex?

How do I feel if my bestfriend starts dating my ex? I feel betrayed right now

Do women actually love men?

Their husbands compared to their own children In a good relationship
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My boyfriend said drunkenly he doesn’t know why he wants to hate me. Then ended up saying it may be because I won’t tell my body count. Weird?

He feels my number is worse than he thinks. When it isn’t and I’ve told him that. I don’t understand why he is so bothered by knowing my...
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Do Asian women appeal to white guys and black guys?

which group of Asian women do you find attractive
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Why do men complain that women have "high standards"?

while men only want to date women under 30, pretty, young, thin? do you ever see a man chasing a chubby woman 10 years older? NO! Just...
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Are you more into shy or bold people?

Tbh I don't care, but shy (and awkward) guys are charming in my opinion 😊 That's lowkey how my ex pulled me, I was crushing hard...
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Would you date a black woman?

Studies show that black women are the least desirable. Why is that?
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