What Women Should Not Have on Dating App Profiles

Hello ladies, are you having trouble getting high quality men to swipe right on your dating app profiles? Here are just a few annoying...

If you wouldn't date a man who plays video games you shouldn't date a man who reads novels.

If he only plays competitive shooter games then it's reasonable to not date him. If he plays story-driven singleplayer games that tell...

Unpopular Opinion: Top Reasons In Defense of Dating Exes Again

They Know Your Baggage Being in a relationship is great at first. But at some point you want to be able to have sex with someone free...

Confessions of a Ladies Man: Seeking a "Relationship" was worse than asking for friends with benefits

Love is not impunity it is accountability. For a modern man, dating women is a landmine. Women have all of the advantages of emotional...

The Truth About Why Men Won't Date Single Mothers

They Made Their Bed and Must Lie In It It takes 2 people to have unprotected sex. Often times a baby daddy is the one that is blamed for...

Women Want Attention, Not Love-How Men Can Test Dating Prospects

Men want sex and women want attention. Dating life for men out there is savage. There's a lot of women out there who are not interested...

Confessions of a Ladies Man: What I Learned During Years of Being a Male Bestie

Being a Ladies Man I have spent decades as a man in the “Best Friend” zone. I go to clubs with groups of women. I spend alone time with...

What types of compliments do you like to receive when being messaged on a dating app?

"Words like “beautiful,” “pretty,” and “gorgeous” were among the top words that led to a response, as were words like “handsome,”...

Troubles starting conversations on dating apps?

I'm having trouble starting conversations in dating apps. To give some context I'm trying to talk to women I've already mutually matched...

Is it normal for a woman to not want kids so she can focus on her career?

My girlfriend doesn't want kids so she can focus on becoming a lawyer and making a career out of it. She desires to be a career driven...

Why do girls think guys dislike cuddling?

We love cuddling. We get to hold a hot girl in our arms. There's literally no downside to that.

I Haven't Had A Girlfriend İn 30 Years?

I haven't had a girlfriend in 30 years. I'm tall and my physique is fine but I never had a girlfriend. I'm getting old now, why did this...

Is it wrong to date multiple people if none of the relationships are official?

I've recently started dating on OkCupid and I'm talking to 18 different women. This is the first time I've ever tried dating (I'm 24 by...

Girls, what height of man do you like girls?

I am 5'1 and want to know girl's opinion on my height and if you would date me.

Would you be upset if you were dating someone for a couple of months then they let you know they’re moving away?

Like you were dating them regularly but not in a serious relationship yet but you were thinking it would be headed that way and then...

Did your dating options get worse or better after 30?

I've been doing a lot to improve myself since the pandemic started but it seems like nothing is good enough and it feels like the few...

Which of these girls would you rather date?

Which of these women would you most likely date and why?

What height difference between a man and a woman is possibly the best?

According to your view on this. Of course when you fall in love with someone you don't usually care about height anymore (that is, if...

Which person would you rather date?

If you had the choice between these two people, would you date a carefree but dumb or the intelligent but mean person?