A woman's perspective on the nuisances of online dating

I recently posted my question about what women do that is annoying on dating sites and received some terrific responses. So now I get to...

Successful Friend with Benefits

So a friends with benefits is a touchy subject. there's the stereotype of someone always catching feelings and ruining it. This has lead...

Calculating Male value on the S€xual Marketplace (Trigger warning) REVERSED from the previous take

Okay, so this is the reverse of the take Calculating Female value on the S€xual Marketplace for Marriage (Trigger warning) posted by...

Calculating Female value on the S€xual Marketplace for Marriage (Trigger warning)

Women Age: 16-20= 30 points 20-25= 25 points 25-30= 20 points 30-35= 10 points 35-40= 5 points 40+ = 0 points Height:...

I once had a woman contact me through a matchmaking agency and was eventually rejected by them, and now I'm just thinking what even happened that day.

TL;DR: A woman through a matchmaking service initiated interest in me, then stopped pursuing interest and I'm confused about what...

How I Express Lack of Interest Politely After The First Date (So He Doesn't Think I'm Using Him and... Just Out of Politeness and Understanding)

I see A LOT on here from guys about how it's a method for women using them and more of a financial thing, and it's kind of...

Caution!! The Biggest Mistake I See Women Make Early in a Relationship

I see questions all the time asking if she should text him, reach out to him, tell him she wants more. In a word, the general answer is...

Do you wait a while into dating before giving someone a weekend date?

I have been on several dates with this guy but he never gives me a Friday or a Saturday lots of plans with friends and I go out with...

Worst first date story?

One time I went on a date with this guy who was like obviously very muscular, fit, seemed to spend a lot of time in the gym. He spent...

Guys need more rights?

I feel it’s cruel for guys to be masculine all the time. I wish society allow guys to express their feelings rather than keeping it to...

Gentleman, what kind of stability do you need to have/feel before proposing to her?

Guys, what are the kinds of stability you need before feeling ready to get into marriage?

Does body type really matter to you?

No. The man I fell in love with is the exact opposite of all my teenage dreams. I wanted someone tall and really fit and on and on but I...

We are usually happy, not all sad?

I thought I would make a separate post to let people know we are usually very happy! I am very much in love he can just be quite...

What kind of people write super long dating profiles?

I’m on a dating website and have come across some profiles that look like an introduction to someone's autobiography. Thoughts?

Back off or Tell her how I feel?

The girl I've been dating has been perfect, 2 months of bliss, i guess her roommate had been fighting with her a lot bc she's terrified...

Do you think more girly/feminine women attract higher quality men?

I just notice that most of the time the girls with more desirable boyfriends (not just talking about looks here so men who treat them...

Men, which women sounds better?

Lol I asked this question before and the responses kinda pissed me off. ;/

Is the "Bumble" dating app sexist?

I've never used it but I've heard mixed things, and I know that only females are allowed to message males and not the other way around.

What would be your reasons for wanting/not wanting to date a loner?

I like that most Loners dont care what the majority thinks, so they often think for themselves. I also like that they often hang alone...

Are you open to dating someone of a different race?

Even these days racism is rampant and it might actually be increasing, our efforts to reduce racism are backfiring because we did not...

Should women cook for their men?

I think a real women will cook and clean for her man everyday.

Guys, how do you feel about 'the friendzone', or being left in purgatory, wondering how the girl feels about you, or if she'll ever return feelings?

Well, guys, I'm giving you an opportunity to vent here. I know this is a common problem. You, most often, have to do the approaching, if...