Are my friends jealous? [relationship, money]

On my friends I've mentioned this before and I'll say it again - I don't exactly have the greatest of friends (4 girls). I won't go into...

Splitting the bill is amazing!

No one owes anybody anything This is as simple as it gets. I pay for myself and he pays for himself (or we take turns but we'll need to...

My dealbreaker for dating men is what will Never make me want to date you

Hi, is me kate and going to talk about my deal breaker for men that I do dating and started with 1: Age range if a women put age range...

“All the good ones are taken”. Does that mean I’m not one of the good ones?

So this is something I hear all the time. And I’m starting to believe it may be true, especially in my love life. Or I will say lack of....

My Dating Deal Breakers (Part 1)

If anyone is curious about my first five dating deal breakers or open-minded, I invite you to read myTake. 1. No Shared Interest I...

When you reject someone, it's usually best to simply say something like "My heart belongs to someone else".

It's succinct, concise, and a powerfully firm rejection while also being gentle enough to say that neither person is at fault and should...

The Struggle of Being Vulnerable

Age 11 is the earliest time that I can remember being truly vulnerable. There was this girl I really liked in the 6th grade. When I...

What kind of food should someone offer you to get a date with you?

For me it's a not a food, but more like cigars or chewing tobacco. I'm not really interested in food. What about you?

Do I deserve being blocked?

Broke it off with a guy after a month after i noticed he was talking to other girls on a dating site. Two weeks later i hit him back...

Should you reject a guy who asks you out before you date them?

I've noticed that a lot of guys turn extremely nasty and mean if you reject them or "friendzone" them. One of my best friends asked me...

I feel like I didn’t explain my last question well about if paying 3 times in a row for my bf’s food is too much? Are there still any red flags?

I feel like I didn’t explain things well last time and because of this people assumed a lot of negative things. First of all my...

If you had to rely on one person to set you up an a great blind date who is it and why?

We all have friends and family who give us dating advice but who to you trust the most that knows your relationship needs and will set...

My girlfriend doesn't text me even when she's free?

She live in her college hostel with her friends, she only talk with me just before going to bed at night. Even on weekends, she spend...

Ladies, would you feel bad if your man can’t get turned on/hard when you are making out?

Could it be that he is not into you? Would you just break up with him? Would you stay with him if he finds you unattractive? Would that...

If I admitted I am actually a woman, would you believe it?

Since apparently I am a "reverse catfish" for some people - a woman pretending to be a guy.

I have to wear compression stockings against circulation problems. Girls would that be a problem to date guy like that?

So I have to wear stockings because of circulation from some time now. It makes me self-conscious. I don't have super-manly build...

What’s your experience with dating a girl who has close guy friends?

This is the first time I’ve ever had a girlfriend l with “guy friends”. Anytime I’m seeing a girl and she has guy friends I never let it...

Below deck, white girl battle?

Which one would you fall in love with? Yes, they all date white guys, so have at em.

How often do you seek attention, not necessarily from the opposite sex, but in general in terms of getting people to talk or react to what you did?

I ran out of space, I also wanted to add said to end of the sentence, so getting people to talk or react to what you did or said.

Guys, is asking you to be our boyfriend too cheesy?

Im 21 and am dating a 26 y/o guy and I'm starting to have feelings for him and I know he feels the same way; we're already exclusive but...

Am I the only one bothered by women dating a guy shorter than them?

I have myself on public, I’m not going to chicken out and be anonymous. I am only 5’7 and have attracted decent looking guys but they’re...

Why do good girls like bad guys?

What do you prefer and why?

Would it be wrong for a man to want a woman that's taller than him?

A woman like Many Moore that's 5'10. I'm like "Damn, that's a woman, I want to climb that." I want to conquer her and prove that I can...