Why Bumble is the Best Dating App

Firstly, not paid by Bumble. No vested interest. Just want to share why I think you should switch to Bumble if you're still wasting time...

Advertising gets Product & People noticed, especially on Social Media and Dating Sites.

I have seen several questions on GAG lately asking how can I find a guy or girl to date, especially on dating sites? Why don't I have...

My experience as the unattractive guy with the great personality

I'd like to start by saying, nice guys don't finish last or at least, guys that are nice don't finish last. What a lot of "nice guys"...

Why most dating advice for men is bullshit - pt. 2

Seeing how my last take garnered a lot of attention and stirred some controversy as expected I decided to make another one, maybe even...

Guys: Why you should pick the average-looking girl over the pretty girl in the room!

If you've hopped into Google or G@G and you've typed "Why do I always get rejected by girls" (or something along those lines)......

How to survive online long-distance dating

About a year ago, I met my boyfriend on this site...very unexpectedly. It was strange, difficult, expensive, and wonderful all at once,...

Sexual assault and consent

I feel it is important for me to create awareness for those who may have not understand the concept of consent in sex. Also for those...

25M Never a girlfriend or kissed still a virgin never a date I'm fat ugly short and poor. No hot blonde brown-eyed women like me. Can I get help?

I'm 25. I'm fat ugly amd short. never a girlfriend or kissed still a virgin and no attractive women like me. I have a horrible life...

What type of woman do men like best?

What is the type of girl that guys would want as their partner the most?

How to convince my boyfriend to learn English?

it's hard to talk to him because of language barrier. :/

Trust in relationship?

I was dating a girl since last 4 years but due to long distance we never met in real, we couldn't meet, tried to meet but failed. It was...

Guy stopped texting back?

I’m currently talking to a guy who is used to being sexually active with a girl soon after they start talking. I expressed to him...

What would you guys think in her place?

Did this summer a language stay and need to do one again next year. I'm thinking now about going to the same family again next year, but...

Are snapgirls attractive to you? F19?

Just a single girl with a bunch of questions

Do people actually pay for tinder?

a lot of people talk about tinder and hookups through tinder... do these people actually pay for it?

Why do millennials have such a hard time accepting the fact that your past, age, how you dress and act, will all dictate the type of partner you will attract?

If you're a 35 year old ex party girl with a cell phone full of ex-boyfriends and hook-ups; you dress half naked and you have a nasty...

Your views on petite guys?

What's your views and opinions on guys who are short slim petite built?

Is it a woman’s world these days?

It used to be a man’s world right? Things have change d a lot!!! In todays world everything is run by women. Getting a job is easier...

Has dating gotten WORSE in the last 10 years?

Seemed like when I was in high school I could find a girl that actually wanted a relationship, nowadays I don't see as many women who...

Are you going to stay single forever?

I think I’m becoming a incel. I thought I was good looking but I just get very few matches on dating apps from ugly girls. No replied...

Do you think I can still be attractive?

I’ve on a dating site. I send messages and I see that the girl has checked out my profile but absolutely nothing happens!!! My profile...

Girls, Does anyone actually like academically intelligent guys anymore?

Guys who are into studies and have creative hobbies like writing (stories , poetry ), building science stuffs , storytelling... Mostly I...

When do I really become his girlfriend?

So because times have change and online dating has become very popular, sometimes meeting a person skips certain steps. So here is the...

Rate my Bumble profile?

I live in between two college campuses, Eastern Michigan and University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. There are plenty of people around here...

Have you ever went back to someone after they cheated on you?

I have went back to someone who has cheated because I wanted to give them another chance. (Didn’t work out)