5 Biggest Challenges I Faced While Dating

1) Figuring out why I was dating! I know, sounds strange, doesn’t it? “First started dating” is a social rite of passage for teenagers....

My take on Involuntary Celibacy

So this idea and term seems to have gone off in many different ways. But I am here to simply address the term in the way that I see it....

How Should I Interact With This Girl?

I don't usually post question-type Takes like this but I needed to get into some detail in order to help everybody get the picture and...

Is honesty still the best policy?

I have been dating online for nearly 6 years now. I've had some good dates, some bad dates, and some "meh" in between. I have enjoyed...

Some of my most interesting dates/dating experiences (good and bad)

This my take is honestly more like a diary for me or a reminder but i've had some i suppose interesting experiences with guys and i...

How to be Successful on Dating Apps!

Dating apps get a bad reputation for only being for people who want sleazy hookups and not a serious relationship but I've heard of many...

Is It Really Harder To Date These Days? Or Are People Making It Harder Than It Needs To Be?

This is mytake on how I see dating these days and the things I see wrong with how dating is being done. Disclaimer: Now these are my...

My ex wants a break with her boyfriend and wants to make out?

Asking for a friend: (male) So my ex had just told me recently that she made out with 18 people before which is something i didn't know...

Guys, do you like bad girls (bitchy) or good girls (simple)?

These are two examples I have used just to give a sort of visual example. I do understand those personality types can come in many...

What are some clues his indirectly asking you out on a date?

I am the most oblivious person ever 😂 GUYS! What are some ways you indirectly ask a girl out on a date? Especially if his shy

Guys, what do you think when you see girls who believe the man should be the one pursuing in the relationship?

You know what i mean, they expect you to put all the effort in initiating things, even after you 2 get comfortable to a degree. I had...

Do you think this is true about men?

From years of dating and observing others I’ve learned the following: If a man is not chasing, texting you or making plans with you,...

When a guy hits you with this message, do you trust him or is he lying?

I texted around a few times with a guy. Last time I texted him, he responded in 2 days saying "Sorry, just saw this" is this bullshit in...

When would you have the relationship talk?

I told the guy we can discuss about making things official after a month of going on dates

What is most important?

You can have a partner with only one of these features to share.

My girlfriends male friends?

My girlfriend has a couple of male friends that she’s known since high school that like to come over to her apartment to hang out...

Is it possible to love someone and marry them even if you aren't physically attracted to them?

I've been dating this w ok man and I love her and her personality. I feel she is good for me and I love talking with her but I just dont...

Would you date someone that has been engaged before?

Just say you met someone And you like each other But then tell you they were in a long term relationship with their ex And was engaged...

Guys, would you cheat on your gf/wife because of lack of sex and because she is ugly?

I personally think that there is no reason to cheat on your partner. If you can't control yourself and 'feel like cheating', then leave...

Maturity Vs coolness?

Do girls like mature boys or cool dude type boys?