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Why I Prefer Older Women Over Younger


I believe I wrote about this once. But doing it again anyway in 2024 lol, plus a few olders on here have asked me to write this repeatedly so here we are lol. I know a lot of men want young women, but for me I personally think older women make better partners and are more attractive. Of course you have some young women who are not all bad blah blah blah, and I have young female friends here on GaG that I vibe with. And there are even cons to being with older women sometimes too, but as far as relationships go I feel that olders trump youngers hands down.

Why I Prefer Older Women Over Younger

To keep this Take from being too long, I will just go over why I like older women, and will maybe do follow up Takes on my experiences with younger women, and the ridiculous idea a lot of men have that a woman loses attractiveness as she ages.

Older women have more experience

It sounds like a broken record, but this will always be a given and will always be a large reason why younger guys like myself prefer mature women, it’s just how it is. With experience comes better knowledge of yourself, being better at making decisions, and better able to read situations and other people after having seen enough in your life. It doesn’t mean I still agree with all older women in all of their perspectives, but at least it’s coming from a place of experience and serious reflection.

Younger women don’t

I favor this experience much more than the greenness in an enormous number of younger women in their 20s who are still largely emotionally driven, trying to “find themselves,” and lack an overall life maturity. These are not entirely bad things and they are going to be normal for all young people, but in having a partner that’s not something I think I have the patience for anymore.

Why I Prefer Older Women Over Younger

Older women are generally a lot easier to talk to

And it tends to be such a relief. Not just because they know more things and have more life experience but also because they are more comfortable with themselves and less nervous, as they also don’t take themselves too seriously. You feel more comfortable and feel a lot less judgment from them.

Also in my experience, you can be flirty with older women - if you know how to be good natured about it - and many do not take offense to it. Some are even flattered. And they in turn also tend to be good flirts. They’re also easier to talk to because you feel like you can actually gather something from what they’re saying in a conversation, whether it’s about themselves or about the world. Which is something I also highly favor.

Why I Prefer Older Women Over Younger

Younger women lack talking skills

Although I’ve definitely met some young chicks who you can have a great chat with, it’s still not nearly as common as with older women, because the young ones just don’t have that much experience and aren’t that focused on the deeper things of life. Younger women tend to be more social with people of their own groups or likeness and need a person to be “interesting” in order to regard them as an equal.

As I also mentioned in my last Take, younger chicks have a tendency to make things awkward because they are always misperceiving everything a guy says or does as some kind of move on them. This creates friction and tension and is a reason why a lot of guys feel like they don’t want to talk to girls anymore. Who wants to waste time with a female who overthinks everything and is giving herself too much credit?

Why I Prefer Older Women Over Younger

Older women are more likely to admit they’ve made mistakes

Women are more arrogant by nature, and believe that they’re less at fault for their own fuck-ups in life, but also because we’ve taught them to think this way. However, women do realize later in life that they made mistakes, hurt others, used poor judgment, etc. Even if it is later, at least they realize, and they are more likely to change the way they think after they reflect on themselves.

Younger women do not

Younger females more often are aloof, believing they’re right about everything which is common for young people period, do not apologize, and honestly don’t care if they’re wrong, they just want to be self-justified. Although being this way is a ‘growing pain’ for youth, it’s not the kind of thing a man like me has time for in his life, and not something I would want to put up with in a relationship either.

Why I Prefer Older Women Over Younger

Older women carry a lot of sex appeal and are superior in bed

I honestly cannot understand the popular mindset that women in their 40s and 50s are less attractive and less desirable. This really could not be further from the truth. A very large amount of them are still quite sexy physically, with nice legs, figures, and even big boobs sometimes. And they are still having sex, especially with younger men.

The way they maintain themselves and how they keep their hair nice is often times much more appealing than the looks of younger women who are trying to be hot, with too much makeup and ghetto eyelashes and eagle talons, or aren’t even taking care of themselves. Plus I just think the mature look of an older woman holds more appeal and is very attractive. Don't get me wrong, plenty of young girls are attractive, but at the end of the day they just feel...green.

Why I Prefer Older Women Over Younger

And then the sex with women older than you is much more intense. Not just because of the realization that you’re in bed with a woman who is like your superior, but because they are more passionate about sexual activity and they really appreciate how you make them feel. I think the sexual experience is something that means a lot more to them. They know what they want and they are going to get it.

Younger women are just okay

I think for a lot of younger women - and from my experience with them - sex seems to be more of a thrill for them as something naughty they know they’re doing, like a mental tickle. But with older women they seem to take in all aspects of it, how it feels, how you make them feel, the circumstances, wanting to please you, and really enjoying the moment with you.

Why I Prefer Older Women Over Younger

So that’s my ‘take’ on the matter, and I know there are other men who think younger is better, but…well…I don’t care lol. Cheers to older loves and to the guys who have also had the same experience.

Why I Prefer Older Women Over Younger
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