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Confessions of a Ladies Man: Why You are a Man and Single (Stop Being a Loser!)

As a "ladies man" I have spoken to a lot of women over the years. While I am done a mytake called "Why Women Are Single" I have been holding my breath and tongue for awhile about you men out there. I have had women come...
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Getting over someone by getting under someone else - why rebounds can be a good thing

As I'm getting out my post vaccine fever, I found myself re-thinking about some discussions and talks I've had over the years, I started thinking about rebound relationships. Rebound relationships get a bad rep, but...
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Paying Your Own Bill: Why It's Better and Why I'll Never Date Any Other Way

I know that the pandemic is still going strong in many parts of the world and some are still in some hardcore lockdowns, however I'm bringing this up in the hopes it will build some anticipation to go out again, and I'm...
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Crumbled Illusions:Dating Economics in the Contemporary Period

The Media and Expectations Those who grew up watching the television and movies of our time came into the dating world with a set of expectations formed by the culture that surrounded us in our formative years. As...
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Confessions of a Ladies Man: Women Play Mind Games in Dating Because They are Bored and Without Hobbies

Sometimes that woman is playing games with you on dating apps or in real life because women are simply bored. They don't have any hobbies. They don't really have any life. She literally has nothing going on in her life...
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Men: A Really Easy Way To Figure Out When To Make A Move

A lot of guys seem to be talking about how they fucked up with a girl because they were too afraid to make a move, in particular going for the first kiss, because they weren’t sure whether or not she’d want to. Many will...
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If you wouldn't date a man who plays video games you shouldn't date a man who reads novels.

If he only plays competitive shooter games then it's reasonable to not date him. If he plays story-driven singleplayer games that tell stories, develop characters, have lore and backstores, etc. then he is literally...
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Unpopular Opinion: Top Reasons In Defense of Dating Exes Again

They Know Your Baggage Being in a relationship is great at first. But at some point you want to be able to have sex with someone free from judgment later down the line. Why not shag with someone who already knows your...
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Confessions of a Ladies Man: Seeking a "Relationship" was worse than asking for friends with benefits

Love is not impunity it is accountability. For a modern man, dating women is a landmine. Women have all of the advantages of emotional validation, free meals, free drinks...without the accountability. I used online dating...
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What Women Should Not Have on Dating App Profiles

Hello ladies, are you having trouble getting high quality men to swipe right on your dating app profiles? Here are just a few annoying things that you are doing WRONG. Thicker Than a Snicker Any mention of your weight...
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The Truth About Why Men Won't Date Single Mothers

They Made Their Bed and Must Lie In It It takes 2 people to have unprotected sex. Often times a baby daddy is the one that is blamed for doing this. It is said that baby daddy must 'step up' responsibility. The reality is...
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Women Want Attention, Not Love-How Men Can Test Dating Prospects

Men want sex and women want attention. Dating life for men out there is savage. There's a lot of women out there who are not interested in finding love. They are interested in ATTENTION. Not ALL women are like this....
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Confessions of a Ladies Man: What I Learned During Years of Being a Male Bestie

Being a Ladies Man I have spent decades as a man in the “Best Friend” zone. I go to clubs with groups of women. I spend alone time with women. They share with me their deepest darkest thoughts, secrets, stories. I have...
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Three Rules For First Date!

Three 1st Date Rules Some thumb rules to have a good interpersonal impression on other : For the sake of understanding, imagine you're on a date with me. ;) (1) keep the information flow limited ... People often ask here...
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Lessons of Getting an Ex Girlfriend Back: Week 1 Don't Beg

It is my hope that following this progression will serve useful in learning how to navigate issues you might have yourself. 2/28/21: I miss my ex at this point so I agree to meet with her. I give her a feelings...
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Lessons of Getting an Ex-Girlfriend Back: Week 0 The Confession

I broke with her twice over some stupid miscommunications and misunderstandings. It seemed like fate really. I phone v. Andriod phone missed text messages. Voicemails not discovered. horcruxes of information that seemed...
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Confessions of a Ladies Man: When should a woman have sex with a new guy?

The answer to this question is whenever your feel comfortable and horny enough to want it. The problem with this question The problem with this question is that women seem to be using the timing of sex as a way of...
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Confessions of a Ladies Man: Don't worry about what a man or woman says. Judge their actions!

This girl I have been dating for 3 months says she is "confused" and "unsure" about dating me. Over and over again she says she isn't ready to date me yet. All because I broke up with her a couple of times over some...
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Confessions of a ladies man: Dont put up with the Covid19 Excuse!

I was on Tinder the other day talking to a woman we hit it off well. I asked her out on a date...but then.. Im really being careful about Covid19. Im fully vaccinated but I really want to get to know you first before...
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Are my friends jealous? [relationship, money]

On my friends I've mentioned this before and I'll say it again - I don't exactly have the greatest of friends (4 girls). I won't go into details, but just know that we only really talk when I initiate a conversation....
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