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Ladies the Answer to the Question is Here at Last! Where Have All the Good Men Gone?

Ladies, you are absolutely beautiful. You are more accomplished than ever before in history. You want something more than just sex. Something profound and meaningful right? It seems the only thing missing in your life is...
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It's Time for Men to Be Just as Hypergamous as Women

For thousands of years a man's worth in the dating market has been his asset value and potential. His power is not in his personality or good looks or his kindness or his loving nature. What has always made women swoon...
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Why Dating is Equivalent to Playing Russian Roulette

1. There are 50% Chance of Dating Ending in Failure First factor that makes dating equal to playing Russian Roulette is that there are 50% chance of dating ending in failure. With 50% chance of dating ending in failure,...
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The RIGHT vs. WRONG to break a date with a guy.

I'm writing this take just as my two cents for how women should properly break a date with a guy. Just yesterday I had girl flake out & ghost me on a date. Just a FYI meeting up was originally her idea too. I did...
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The REAL Reason Why Chivalry is Dead

"You need to open the door for her. Not because she can't, but because she shouldn't have to." This is the kind of thing I've heard quite a bit from people who hold more traditional romantic values (either that, or they...
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How to respond to a woman's "Change of plans" shit test

Many of you have experienced it. You try to set a definite date with a lady with a day and an exact time to meet. Her response is, "Sure, I probably can make it." Or the following scenario: Guy: Where do you want to eat?...
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Type of Woman Who I View as High Maintenance

Here's 6 types of woman I view as High Maintenance. If you're open minded or curious about it, I invite you to read my list. 1. Woman who's a Frugal Spender I view woman who's a frugal spender as cheapskate or at worst,...
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Why I'm Against Feminism (And How This Negatively Impacts Me When It Comes To Dating Men)

For someone who does not support feminism, it is VERY COMPLICATED living in a society where feminism is so prominent and is even getting bigger, especially when it comes to interacting with men. Everybody who actually...
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Gentlemen! Women are sick and tired of fishing/hunting pictures and your generic dating app profiles!

Guys, I am begging you to stand out and be original. Stop being so generic about your hobbies that women are swiping left on you. I am actively talking and planning dates with 12 different women right now. You could be...
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People should not be on Tinder if they're already in a committed relationship.

Seriously. Get off Tinder if you're currently seeing someone. As a man, it feels like a lot of women on there aren't even serious about hookups. It's pretty much an extension of Instagram. It's primary purpose is to lure...
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How Do I Let This Girl Know I Am Not Physically Attracted to Her?

Hey, everybody, I don't post my personal dilemmas very often but I do need help with a really tough situation I've got going on lately. My details were, again, too long for a question, and this time I really was going to...
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It doesn't matter when you sleep with the guy, if he likes you enough he won't care.

So often I think about the different ways I've approached seeing a guy, I've slept with them on the first date, I've waited weeks, I've waited a couple of months...I haven't slept with them at all. And guess what? They've...
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I Solemly Swear to Stop Chasing Basic Bitches

Ok, first I would never actually call a girl a bitch. Not even out of affection and neither should you. I only used that in my title as an attention grabber or click bait if you will. But seriously. Don’t call a woman...
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Girls In Your 20s: Now Is The Time To Make Things Happen

This article is bound to be seen by some women as women-bashing or “older-woman-hating” but it’s neither of those things. It’s my attempt to let women in their 20s know something that many aren’t being taught, and that...
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Nearly Two Months of Quarantine

The first month of this was a breeze for me. I’m an ambivert. Not completely extroverted or introverted. I need my quiet and alone time sometimes, but I also need to be around people and socialize sometimes too. Too much...
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Don't feel insecure about yourself!

Don't feel bad about yourself! There are men/women who love all kinds of partners! For men... Men love tall women, Men love average women, Men love short women, Men love strong women, Men love weak women, Men love chubby...
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A Guy's Guide to Digital Communication: How to Talk to Girls Online

A Male Guide to Digital Dating, Friendships, and Online Communication So I'm not sure if this will seem too basic, maybe so (and if so, I apologize) but I have the feeling, after reading various posts and conversing with...
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Would rather be loved DESPITE my shortness than be loved JUST BECAUSE OF my tallness

I have seen a lot of questions from Swedish girls that like "I am 3cm shorter than average, no guys are interested in me, should i think about leg lengthening surgery and risk to lose my leg + spend tons of money to be...
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3 Reasons Why Dating Is Not A Waste Of Time

** This myTake is probably not applicable to those who are happy being single and don't ever want a relationship. And that's fine as long as you're happy :) ** I was terrified of the thought of dating until I went on a...
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I turned 18 yesterday.

I turned 18 yesterday. I thought I’d be able to keep hope and optimism but ‪It really does set in. I’m 18. I’m 18 and still not thin, still have low self esteem, still have no friends, still haven’t got my hair done the...
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