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How fugly men can live a great life!

This post may not be relatable for the 90% of men in this platform. Why? Cause you are probably blessed with good genetics to get women. By good genetics I mean good looking facial features (i.e. defined jawline,...
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How to play the dating game - a woman's guide

INTRO As women and when we enter the dating realm, we tend to let our emotions guide us rather than our logic. It's perfectly normal to do that, but it's also vital to master how to 'play the game' and stick to it so...
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Confessions of A Ladies Man: 3 Dating Profile Signs That She's Not "Long Term" Relationship Material

Im Back! 1. She Likes to Travel A Lot That's right. A woman that likes to travel a lot is a HUGE red flag. Nothing wrong with that. But not a woman you want to settle down with. This is someone that wants to lock down a...
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Life Hacks to Get Matches on Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, & Other Dating Apps

Here are a few ways to make yourself popular on big-name dating apps like Tinder, especially in big cities. Here are a few (unwritten!) rules in exact ascending (beginning) order: Photofeeler Use Photofeeler . If you...
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Women aren't actually into "bad boys": My take on dating and narcissism

We have all heard the phrase, "Nice guys finish last", but do you know what it actually means? The phrase was used by Brooklyn Dodgers manager Leo Durocher to describe former New Orleans area basMel Ott and his Giants...
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This is general female dating/mating strategy

Usually a large woman at her physical best will give her best years to the top 20% of males and try to secure a relationship with them. Women will often offer up sex very fast for these men and readily make an effort to...
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Girls, Why a guy gets nervous with some women.

I have met plenty of women. All types, shapes, colours, sizes, personalities... Sometimes their unique beauty really makes their aura stand out to me and that can cause a subconscious nervous thing to happen. I am a very...
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How I, the avoidant 'I hate love' 20 something year old girl, caught feelings within a week

I've said this and I'll say it again: when it comes to women, we don't care too much about looks. We fall for what we hear and what we feel. And if you read on, you'll know exactly why. A case study: a little bit about me...
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The Myth of High Value Males, Leagues and Alphas... Debunked

The term high value man/Alpha Male as it is perpetuated in social media is by no means a positive thing. Don't be fooled. These are umbrella terms people hide under to feel like they belong. Yes, for each person the...
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Why bad photos are good for you

This is a myTake more with those seeking long-term relationships in mind. Ever heard of an Instagram baddie? Well, maybe this Take will help you to be a real-life baddie. Forgot social instagram. 19:05 in the video is a...
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My attraction tips for men and woman

I remember going online and seeing this gorgeous photo of a guy who was slim and had a French nose and trendy hair, thought he was a solid 9 out of 10 and years later saw him after he went through massive body building...
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If they were into you, they would... not date you

"If they were into you, they would make the time to meet up with you." This might be true in most cases, but I think what most people mean when they say this is something more along the lines of "if they were choosing to...
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Bursting Bubbles: The 80/20-rule

So I've been on GaG for over 4 years now and something that keeps showing up are these conflicts between either men and women generally or just between these two camps of people where one is 'redpilled' and the other is...
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Girls, Dating has become so frustrating!

It's frustrating because I don't have much luck when I approach women I'm attracted to. Sometimes if it's someone I see regularly things get awkward and I'm feel embarrassed and frustrated with myself! I'm a greeter at...
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Guys, here's how you get girls to take you more seriously on dating apps and social media

In the first photo, you see that this man posed with confidence. He is flexing his biceps but not pushing too hard; he is also showing his strength in a subtle way. He is not showing himself off with six-pack abs or a...
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My Dating Tips for Woman

1. Your a Princess, Not an Acrobat Men like natural and calm woman so don’t go alpha trying to upgrade your performance and success to get a guy, that will get him to run for the hills, succeed for yourself and your...
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A PSA to Women: Don't Confuse your Sexual Value for your Relationship Value!

A lot of younger, inexperienced women need to realize: your sexual market value isn't your relationship value. Note: if you already know this or are in a relationship, this doesn't apply to you. This mytake was inspired...
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Why girls should wait for the right guy rather than chase the right guy

When I was 19, I was extremely immature and selfish and egotistic, was foolish and irrational and crazy and there was one guy that treated me like I was a Diamond ring simply because he liked my vulnerability and he had a...
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Why complaining about racist dating preferences is dumb!

So I stumbled upon an article that discusses the issues of racism and online dating, and I wanted to give my opinion on the matter (I am black by the way) A lot of you may or may not already know this, but there's a...
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What God taught me about love today

Today I was chatting with a woman in a zoom group and she said she had a new man in her life, they met because she had a PhD in botany and he was a professional honey maker, maple syrup maker, wood cutter and hunter. She...
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