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My First Time Meeting An Online Girl

No, this isnt her
No, this isn't her

I had been interacting with this girl on Facebook for a while. Unlike other online girls I've talked to in the past, this girl went to my old high school and had class with my old science teacher, so I at least knew she was legit and not a catfish. We both ended up interacting with each other through his Facebook posts.

In terms of physical appearance, style, taste and interests/hobbies, this girl did not seem like my type at all. To say she suffered from a severe case of Resting Bitch Syndrome is an understatement. But, she did seem smarter than she gave herself credit for. After all, I don't know very Americans who can name the capital of any random country. In addition to geography, we also had similar tastes in music and her Facebook posts were funny, so she gave off a very easy going vibe despite her tough bad girl look. But, as I would come to find out, it's difficult to gague someone's true personality and appearance online.

So fast forward a little bit. I was in Uni and she was now attending the local community college not too far away. That particular semester, I happened to have a four hour break in between classes, with no one to hang out with and nothing to do. So, me and Online Girl decided to meet up during one of my breaks. I had made it a point to emphasize that if you aren't having with ME, then there's something wrong with you. I guess there was something wrong with her.

I will first address the fact, that I've always had this idea that I wouldn't easily recognize a person I had been talking to online, in real life. Needless to say, I knew it was her when I saw her at the crosswalk. If she looked ugly online, you should've seen her in real life. Under normal circumstances, I would never be caught dead with a girl like this. I instantly regretted doing this, but it was too late to back out. I could only pray that no one who knew me closely, would see me with this girl.

Our day started with a visit to a Mexican restaurant, and it was here that she informed me that she didn't bring any money with her, so guess who had to pay for her nachos. I tried to make small talk, but it wasn't going anywhere. Her vibe and energy in real life didn't even remotely mimic what I'd seen online, and needless to say, our meal was a very quiet one.

After lunch, I invited her to the local museum, and of course I had to pay for her again. She enjoyed the Robin Hood exhibit, but not much else, and once again there was mostly awkward silence.

After the museum, we hit the town again and browsed some of the local shops, hoping that our mutual taste in music would finally break the ice. Needless to say, no ice was broken. If things weren't awkward enough already, I had completely forgotten that my state had just raised the legal smoking age to 21 and we accidentally found ourselves in a place she wasn't allowed to be. Ooooops! I was at least thankful that she didn't decide to purchase something in one of the shops and make ME pay for it.

Unfortunately, my break was still far from over, so I invited her to this nearby park, that had a small pond, hoping that maybe we would connect through nature. The one mile hike was once again plagued with awkward silence, aside from her occasional complaining that she has short legs and I walk too fast.

We arrived at the park, myself a little faster than her and once again sat in the grass in awkward silence. Surely any of the numerous college girls I saw in the park, would have made much better company than her.

The walk back to town consisted of the same awkward silence. I couldn't wait for my break to be over and I finally stopped caring that she was lagging behind, as at this point any chivalry on my part would have made no difference whatsoever. We eventually made it to her car and gave each other the most awkward "good-bye" ever as I walked towards class trying to process what I had just done.

Our conversations online from that point on, didn't feel the same. Yet, I half-jokingly brought up the idea of hanging out again. I know. I know. Partly, it was out of boredom and loneliness and partly it was to see if I could redeem myself and have things go differently, as I did feel partially responsible for our lousy day. Understandably, she didn't take me seriously which was probably a good thing. Our interactions online were never the same again and we gradually eased out of interacting with each other.

I was genuinely ashamed of myself and only told one person in real life, who I trusted. God forbid, if my mom ever found out about this. I now wonder if Online Girl talked the same shit about me.

This just goes to show how difficult it is to gague someone's true personality through text. Would I do something like this again, certainly, but probably not without truly getting close with the person, and maybe even a video chat or phone call.

So that MY story. Let me know in the comments below, if you've ever had a meeting with an internet liason go wrong.

My First Time Meeting An Online Girl
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