Does The Male Impress The Female Or Does The Female Impress The Male?

The male of every single species chases the female and has to impress the female. Paying for those who risk giving birth to their...
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My ex finally got arrested for domestic violence on someone else.. I’m upset that justice took so long

In 2014, I was beaten so badly by my ex and he got away with it every time. He beat me for so many years😭😭 we broke up and he was...
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The Term Alpha Male Is A Lie. You Might As Well Believe In Santa Clause.

Before I begin I would like to clear up one thing. I am not here to tear down men that have confidence or look up to this ferry tail to...
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What does he mean and what should I do

During this awkward one-sided 'conversation' we also talked about when to leave. He looked at the time and said like in half an hour or...
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Cynicism: how to deal with utter poverty and dejection

If cynicism were a person, it could say "Before stoicism, I was." Cynicism is a derivative of Socratic/platonic philosophy. It's...
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Men vs. women making mistakes

I don't know if it's only me, but it seems to me that guys get away with making mistakes *early on* more than women do. In the sense of...
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Why Men Keep Being Weak With Women

I saw it again a few weeks ago at a festival. Another guy following around a girl he likes like a puppy. I know this girl. Friendly and...
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Men, Stoicism, and Life's Battles: The Strength of Silent Resilience.

We're in an era where the prevailing sentiment encourages us men to share our feelings, under the pretext that it makes us feel...
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Why Don't Men Ask Women Out Nowadays?

I'm talking about in real life ans over the apps. The apps is literally makes it easy to ask a girl out. Yet, I've found a ton of men...
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How can you tell if a man acting out of jealousy, or protection when he is being territorial over you to other men? Especially if you are not dating?

A coworker (let's call him Levi) and I have confessed feelings toward one another but then shortly after that, he rejected me because he...

Why would a guy unmatch you on a dating app even if you’re considered beautiful and don’t have anything weird in your profile?

I messaged a few guys on bumble and some unmatched me or even before I even sent a message. Im confused because I didn’t say anything...

He asked me to bring him breakfast?

Guy I’m seeing texted me this morning and asked what i was doing then he asked where was i and then asked could i bring him breakfast. Why?

Is man-scaping just another way to feminize men?

I've seeing more and more commercials for men to shave their bodies including their privates. What's wrong with men being hairy? Isn't...
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Would two men be fine with sharing a woman if stuck in an island forever?


Is calling someone “daft” a term of endearment?

If you’re laughing and joking around with someone you’re close to and they call you daft or “daftie”, would that be considered a term of...
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Would a man tell a very pretty girl that she is „sooo cute“?

One guy keeps telling me that when I say something he considers cute. He often compliments my eyes, hair and smile etc. I asked a girl...
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What do you think of men that sits with their legs crossed?

I believe you have to be 50 plus then it doesn't look wrong or weird. What you think?
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When a man says he’s not ready for a relationship because he’s not where he wants to be career wise… is that a lie?

What was the point of meeting just for him to say that… is that a low blow rejection?

I just found out my almost 1.5 year boyfriend has a tinder account. It makes me upset. How to confront?

This makes me think of so many thoughts at the same time. I don't know if he has a fake acc or whatsoever but his gmail is somehow...
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What does the white check mark on Facebook messenger mean?

I sent message almost a week ago. He's been online... We're just friends, so I know he didn't block me. Any other explanation as to why...

Is it true that most latina women are not interested in white guys?

I was talking to a Latino coworker today at my job, about Latin women, and he was telling me that most latinas don't want a white guy,...
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