The Top 7 Traits to Look for in a Truly Good Man

We all know that finding an ideal guy can be tough. Whether you’re navigating the treacherous waters of online dating or simply trying...
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Why do so many older men with nothing going for them think they’re automatically desirable to young women?

I often hear, “She’s used up any nobody wants an older woman. Older men are very desirable though!” When I really don’t see that being...
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The continuing weird discussion about masculinity. . .

Years ago, when I first joined GaG, I wanted to talk about relationships. I had hopes this was a place where I could find meaningful...
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Nice Guys Are Not Actually Nice!

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How men can start taking control of their life!

Men these days, I’m sorry to say are being inhibited by all these different groups claiming that masculinity is toxic. I am a firm...
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If a man doesn’t want to pay for dates, he doesn’t get to complain about “modern women”

A lot of men complain about “modern women”. how promiscuous they are, how much better than them they think they are, how masculine they...
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15 Ways A Woman Wants To Be Treated

1. Be present in all your interactions 2. Ask about her Day 3. Always check up on her 4. Tell her the things you are passionate about 5....
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If you're a guy and your name is this, this is probably your personality (REDUX).

This is my 100th MyTake! So I'm going to go back to an old MyTake and update a little bit for 2023. If this is your name, this is...
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How do shy guys react to a girl complimenting them?( what if this guy never got a compliment and did so for the first time?)?

okay ik i shouldn't be saying this but like this guy isn't even good looking but i find him hella attractive. when i told my friends,...

Is it cheating if I tell a guy he's cute on snap?

u snap a guy video of u walking with a cute skirt and said i think ur cute and then a pretty selfie of u. But u have a man

My boyfriend says his ex is prettier than me, and I'm the "4th hottest girl he's slept with". Should I be mad?

For context, I am the one that started this conversation. My boyfriend was telling me about how he has never been more attracted to...

What do shy guys think when a girl compliments them?(they dont know this girl. she really likes the guy and went up to him)?

okay so i really like this guy. when i have crushes, i usually move on but with him, its soo difficult. he's a shy introverted guy so i...

Why don't men embrace satchels/messenger bags more?

It's basically the male equivalent to a purse, it's kinda interesting how much stuff guys shove in their pockets rather than having some...

Why do men act weird and compete with eachother for my attention?

I've been alone my entire life. Outcast, bullied and all that crap. Bullied well into adulthood. Well so many years later things are...

Is it normal for a guy to shake hands with his female partner after intimacy?

I mean you have just had the most intimate moment together. What is a handshake for?
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Guys, if a girl you only liked as a friend asked you out, would/could things go back to how they were before she asked?

Or would you never be able to be her friend in the same way because you’d question every action?
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Do you think hitting woman is normal?

My boyfriend said his ex attacked him His mom used to hit him, he was beaten by bullies and got into lots of fights I've never been in...
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Red Nail Theory - do you believe it is true?

Apparently, it comes from Tik Tok (I personally don't use this social media but this time I feel like they are onto something). Red Nail...
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Am I sedentary?

My physique is really good and getting better because I train hard for up to an hour a day. I also do 30mins of walking. BUT I’m sitting...
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Do you think men would have been better if they also had smooth face?

If men also had naturally smooth skinned face (and body), just the way you women do? If men never grew coarse thick dense facial hair ever.
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What does a long phone call mean?

I know this guy likes me and he knows I like him but normally he doesn't call me, we just text. When I say long I mean hour long...
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Do guys like girls that work out?

Do guys like girls that work out or do you think it something just for guys?
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Why would a guy jokingly say he wants to fight me?

I'm a girl by the way. He teases me about stuff all the time. He's a family friend & I came into the room he was in & he randomly was...

Why are some guys into thick women?

I know that some men prefer chubby woman. But do you know what are the things they find attractive on a curvier woman?

What does it mean when a guy calls you his "Queen"?

What does it mean when a guy calls you his queen?
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