How I stay happy single - or how I deal with the need to love someone ❤

it was a long working week for me number... I lost count. it's number over 200 for sure. Love and relationships are according to Maslows...

Sexual assault is never the victim’s fault ever

Sexual assault is NEVER the girl’s fault. (When it happens to a female, likewise with a guy but I’ve seen many boys victim blaming) It...

Why Saying Nice Guys finish Last is the wrong mortally!

A anonymous user posted a my take a few days ago saying Instead of being nice to people you should play dirty and treat people like...

When You're "The Girl" Of The Group

Surely, you've heard of that girl (who's pretty cool) who hangs around with the guys and is "just one of the guys?" Well, that isn't me....

Lessons Learned at 23 About Life

I'm the first to admit that I got a lot to learn but making this list seemed like a fun idea. If not for myself to look back on or for...

Nice Guys Vs Gentlemen

There are confusion between the 2 and honestly, they might sound similar but when you look further, nice guys and gentlemen are...

Self Care For Men

I saw the following link and was inspired: Men Need to Do Self Care More Often Self-care was the trend of 2018, and while more than half...

How often do you talk to/see about your FWB?

In my case its everyday, we text back and forth and he starts the conversations. We don't just talk about sex either... and we haven't...

Diaper addition?

Hello I’m a guy 24 years old but I still like to be in diapers basically it’s been ore than 8 years I’m wearing them and I don’t need...

Why does a guy joke about serious things?

About marriage, moving a job. Everything is a big joke. Why do some people do this,?

If a guy normally ignores you but smiles at you when you talk to another guy is he jealous?

There’s this guy I used to talk to but we haven’t talked in over a year. We never talk except when he stares at me occasionally. I did...

This guy is either a player or a virgin and I can't tell which?

I have this male coworker start a couple months ago who's been very flirty with me. He stared at me pretty boldly in the kitchen during...

Why do some men get jealous?

Why do some men in situationship/fwb/fuck buddies get jealous or suspect you’re seeing other guys? is it because they are non exclusive?

Is he loosing interest or playing hard to get?

So I saw this guy at the gym a lot and he did that double look thing where we make eye contact then look away then he looked back,...

Why do guys find me intimidating?

I'd say I'm a pretty approachable person. I don't ever mean to be rude, and some people have even told me I always look happy or that...

What could be the reason for a guy to stop looking at a girl he used to look over at because he knows she likes him?

Ever since my crush found out about my crush on him he’s been looking over at me a lot but now he doesn’t why is that?

Why do we attract the people we attract?

I'm a thin, attractive, bright introvert, and I seem to ultimately wind up with a guy who has those traits. I was wondering why that is,...

Is it a good sign when your one night stand texts you?

Just in general not as relationship or whatever.

What if your attractive wife was paid $10,000 to do a photoshoot mostly in a bikini with another guy. How would you feel about it?

A talent agent spots your wife shopping and offers her $10,000 for one day of work. The photoshoot is legitimate and basically your wife...

Why do you think my boyfriend said this about my coat?

Originally I purchased the burgundy coat pictured in my gag photo collage but I returned it and purchased the pink coat. I felt that the...

Does this mean anything if he does this?

I met this guy 1 week ago We talk everyday He initiates messages And we talk during the day And then at night he calls me We chat on...

So. . . what kind of urinal do you like?

imagine not manning up. Going to the urinals standing next to the first guy you see, talking to him then wiping him when he's finished...

Is it wrong to have sex with one girl and go on a date with another on the same day?

I've been chatting to a couple of girls in tinder. One wants me to go on a date with her Friday night. The other wants me to have sex...

Guys, I genuinely don’t understand this man.. is he interested or not? Was he ever interested?

I’ve worked at the same company for about 4 years now, and I used to work on the same floor as this man. There was some flirting between...

Guys: are you always nice to the girl you had a crush on?

Would there be exceptions? Bad day, trying hard to get?