The 6 Personalities of Men: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Omega, Delta, Sigma

Good evening gentleman, I am making this post to talk about the six different forms of men. The problem with our society is that people...

No woman will ever like me. Why?

I am an Introvert with Epilepsy I am quiet and can fall at anytime. I am still a good liking guy who never smoked and drink. I am scared...

Why A Lot of You Guys On Here Can't Win

First I want to say that this is just a view on this. It's not intended to cause riots, and after I post it I am not debating with...

The 4 seasons and the way each makes me feel

I will be discussing the 4 seasons and what each of them means to me. Winter During this season, the weather is coldest on average and...

To all the guys who got dumped or cheated on!

Society has told us that men usually take longer to move on from heartbreaks. Especially when they're the ones who got dumped or cheated...

Top 5 reasons why you shouldn't date a short man (5'9 and under).

1. Short men are insecure about their height You can see this regularly on GAG where short men are constantly hating on tall men or...

You tell yourself you are getting better

So its been two years, you look back and you remember that it was supposed to be over last November, all of it. You think at how much...

Why is it that it seems like men are always the bad guys?

i know that not all men are bad and i’m not sexist but i was just wondering why the majority of psychopaths have to be men, the majority...

If a boy does not write to a girl does that mean he dont like her?

Im curious when a guy likes a girl will he always write/call her or sometimes they just watch her from afar?

What is his problem?

So I'm friends with this guy and a few days ago I told him about how our other coworker was trying to get at me and how he feels the guy...

Does he like me or being nice?

I have a chrush on one guy. He always give me comliments like I like what you are wearing or when i had a haircut he said I like your...

Guys, What does it mean when a guy sends a selfie of himself out of nowhere without a caption on Snapchat?

I've had a multiple guys do this and I never really know how to respond of even why they are sending it to me.

Why would he ask my friends about me instead of asking me directly?

There’s this one guy I like that I went to college with. Over the course of our program (we were in the same program but he was a year...

Why did he say he regretted it?

So this guy and I ended up hooking up last night. He is actually my first, which he knew. We hadn’t really hung out a lot due to his...

What are the reasons that guys keep texting you without intention of dating you?

Well I am talking about guys who were potential dates here. For the guys who are obviously friends, we can feel it. But I sometimes feel...

Why did he say such a thing?

A month ago, I met up with a guy I got to know online 3months before that. We found out we liked each other, but decided not to be in a...

Do men avoid talking to a girl they like or do they talk to her confidently, compared to how they would talk to others?

That is: Would a guy avoid talking to a girl he likes and act more confidently around others? Would a guy avoid talking to a girl to...

Guys do you think he's looking for more?

Ok so this is my first semester at the college I transferred to, and I'm talking to this guy I met about 3 weeks ago. I'm trying to...

If you end up having kids with your wife and your wife earns more than you , would you be willing to drop your job and become "The housewife" ?

I recently got asked by one of my colleagues that if I had a wife and she earned more than me, would I be willing to quit my job and...

Guys, What would you do if you had the opportunity to accidentally see your best friends attractive wife nude?

Say you're hanging out with your friend and his backyard in the late evening. He goes to grab a couple of beers and a warm up some...

Should I take it as a compliment?

My boyfriend says he thinks of me when he pleasures himself (that’s the politest way to say it). Should I take that as a compliment?

Are you mostly happy or mostly sad in your life?

And what made your life happy, balanced, sad or depressed for long term?

Is this guy abusive?

Kai is 18 years old and mute due to defects in his vocal cords. He recently graduated highschool and works as a teacher who helps kids...

Girls, in one word how do men usually ruin a perfectly fine relationship?

The reason for a breakup you had, maybe? I know it's generalized and not all guy's are guilty of such behaviors. I ask both genders this...

If you are a man would like to receive this jacket as a gift?

I am thinking to get for my boyfriend but I don’t know if is a good style what you think 🤔?

Am I an asshole?

Is it wrong, that i find it repulsive if i can't see a girls ab muscles from at least one angle? I refuse to date a girl who's abs are...