Real Masculinity: What Makes A Man A Man, And How It's NOT Toxic (with quotes from real men)

"Toxic masculinity, the idea that there is only one way to “be a man”—strong, tough, unfeeling and aggressive—is a double-edged sword. "...

Some reasons to love yourself if you are alone

1) A time will come, once you've faced the toughest times of your life all alone and you will realize that those times have only made...

A Gentleman Always Wins The Girl

A Gentleman Always Wins The Girl It seems like most men on GaG have No idea how to treat or even act around woman. The few that do are...

The Keys To Attract Women In My Personal Experiences

Introduction: I desire to share tips through my life experiences on the keys to attract women. I see a lot of guys here not knowing how...

I am a "half-man"

I have long been telling everyone that I am "half a man". Not a real man... I've never been such a man. I mean, I love sports: I really...

Involuntarily celibate

If people are free to choose, then some people will be chosen more than others, and some won't be chosen at all. It's not probable for...

From being a boy to becoming a man

I am going to be asking a question to the girls soon, that I thought of today but before I do. I thought I would share my thoughts from...

How do you handle someone who texts and keeps you hanging?

my Friend (guy) and I used to chat, hang out and talk on the phone a lot.. were a little more than friends but we’re not in a...

Why do I receive more attention from guys after I took off my hijab?

I am a Muslim, and will always wear hijab whenever I go out. However, after high school, I got into a Nursing degree in...

Does he like me or not?

This guy I have a huge crush on at work has given hints he likes me, be it through subtle flirting, complimenting or behaviour. He will...

Girls, anyone find it strange the amount of hate the collective of black men have for black women?

As a black woman it's almost something normal to see a black spouting hate for a black woman. I never see white guys go out of their way...

Why do men use women?

Why do men use woman?

I told my crush I liked him and all he said was "I noticed." What does that mean?

I made a new friend in January and I could tell he was into me right away and a few weeks later, he had told me he was talking to...

Should I ignore my boyfriend of a year?

Lately, he's been acting like he doesn't care and whenever I ask what's up, he says "he's in a mood". I suppose it's because we got into...

Am I overreacting for not getting over my unrequited feelings for a guy I like or was he wrong in how he treated me?

Last night, a guy that I have unrequited feelings for suddenly dropped on me that he's seeing another girl. I am obviously not annoyed...

Girls, how attractive do you find guys that work in construction?

How attractive do you find guys that work in construction say, electricians, carpenters, plumbers you know guys that get all dirty from...

Do rude men not expect an insult back?

I am wondering since I did get called ugly and I called the guy a dick. Don't t expect an insult back.

Why are people like this?

In my neighbourhood there was a guy who punched a girl and got beat up really badly Really badly And some people who don't even know...

Is it weird for a guy to be doing this?

So I've been single for 1 year I took a break from guys/relationship all year last year to heal So this year, I do want a relationship...

Do you think he fell asleep or is there something on his mind?

I have been talking to this guy and been seeing him recently. Last night we had a deep conversation about us and second guessing things...

Guys would you still think of a girl after she blocked you or not?

a girl that you don't have feelings for but had moments of lust with her

Does a girls name impact how you see her?

If a girl has a ugly name, does that make you see her a little bit differently opposed to if she had a pretty name?

Straight guy likes the colour pink. What you thinking?

I wear pink, have pink bed sheets, shoes and now even pink hair

Guys, if you've a habit of using swearing do you find yourself cutting back if the women around you are of a "higher"/more respectful quality?

Where I work/live some of the guys have real sailors' mouths. Will swear at the drop of a hat as they say. And where they'll keep up...

Guys, what are you planning to do about your hair, during social distancing?

As unless you happen to have a hairdresser in your household, you won't be getting it done at a barber shop for a while?

Guys, would you be turned off if a girl looked completely different without makeup?

like when you wake up in the morning a "stranger" is laying next to you kinda situation...