The Way of The Strong Man

The Way of The Strong Man I wrote a Mytake about the two types of men in the world today Strong and Weak. There's Really Only Two Types...

The life Of An Incel

Like all things in life, there's an ebb and flow, a cycle to the mind of an Incel. In the beginning, when we're young, the rhythmic...

How to attract women with your appearance and how not to

Hello dear friends! I'm posting this because I've seen so many anonymous guys asking "Ladies, how do I attract women?" Well let me help...

3 Things guys do that melt us ladies' hearts

There are so many little things I've seen guys do that just seal the deal for me, but I've chosen three things that most definitely make...

Bitter Incel Rage

Bitter Incel Rage Incels Today The Incels exist today primarily as an online subculture. They are full of Bitter Incel Rage, espousing...

Irritable Male Syndrome

Irritable Male Syndrome Stressed out? Grumpy? Moody? If you're a guy and these words describe your mental state, you may be suffering...

Why I'm proud to be a sensitive guy.

Hi guys, so in this Take there will not be much relevance to other myTakes that are popular but I just wanna share to you why I'm not...

Do guys get baby fever too?

I want a family I want to get my future girlfriend/wife pregnant and do all that cute pregnant couple stuff but I guess is it normal

Why do guys like for girls to wear their clothes?

This guy I’m dating is ALWAYS give me his clothes for me to keep whether it be a jacket or a pair of sweats. Just recently I had went to...

Can a guy be truly in love with a girl but still be awe struck over another girl’s beauty?

I don’t know much about guys but are guys like this? I’m not saying like that they will necessarily cheat on the girl with that girl but...

What is He wanting?

We are both 44. We've known eachother since school. We've ran into eachother every few years. Or so. 6 years ago we msged eachother for...

What does it mean when a guy says “you owe me a hug”?

I’m good friends with this one guy and honestly I’m not sure if I want to be more than friends or not but I’m not sure if he’s...

Whats wrong with men, seriously? Men answer this too?

This man at work kept pushing me to exchange numbers and go on a date at a restaurant. I would act like I don't know what he's talking...

If you ask a guy to hang out and he Doesn’t respond within the day Should I just give up?

So I asked him to hang out this morning or when we’ll see each other and he hasn’t responded all day so maybe he still mad at me.

Does he want to use me for sex?

so I met this guy off tinder. I was pretty sceptical about going out on a date with him because I’ve had bad experiences in the past...

Is it normal that my boyfriend gets too drunk once in a week?

Well, we've been dating for seven months already, and the last time I noticed that he has a pattern. He gets horribly drunk on Fridays...

What group of signs are the best signs in your opinion?

Drop your signs , fuck the ophiuchus ⛎ I said what I said 💅🏽

Your girlfriends sister asks if you have fantasised about her?

Your out with a group of your girlfriends friends including her sister who is even more attractive than your girlfriend. Gour...

Do men prefer girly girls or tomboys?

Obviously every guys opinion is different on this one, but what’s yours? Disclaimer: this doesn’t apply to the tomboy girls that full...

Do you find dark skinned women attractive?

i've seen a lot of videos on YouTube recently of dark skinned women ranting about how black men dont find them attractive and they feel...

Pretty for a dark skin girl?

If a guy says that for a dark skinned girl you are beautiful, is that a inslut or just him being friendly? ( Let's say he's dark skinned...

Is he interested or not?

there's this guy that I have feelings for We have "dated" for few months but never worked out and never was that serious So we do have...

What would you do in this situation, what do you think about what I did?

So anyone who knows me, knows that I typically avoid drama like the plague. But this guy is trying is best to drag me into it with...

Guys, do the majority of men enjoy power and taking charge in all parts of their life?

I am asking this because in the past lots of men wanted this I personally think most men don't these day but we will see