Don't Be a Mitch!

Don't Be Such a Mitch. Nobody Likes a Mitch aka a Man Bitch. Now, I understand all you Mitchs who read this will be highly offended...

Things I don't understand about certain guys

These are things they do when hitting on a girl or trying to get a girl 1. Call her bae, shorty, hot, etc I hate those terms. A man...

Simple advice for men to live by...

Men I have a piece of advice for you.. 1. Never apologize for your gender, You owe those that want that from you, nothing. It...

Things men do that are sexy

These are things that I PERSONALLY find sexy. They're just the little things I notice that many people may find simple but I'm me so...

30 Creepy Things Most Men Don’t Realize Women Want Them To Stop Doing. JUST STOP. REALLY.

I'm aware of the fact that I am generalizing all the women and hopefully I won't be wrong: 1. Putting their hands on your thigh or back...

Top Ideas on How to Persuade a Girl to Like You

It’s hard to get a woman to like you. Sometimes it can seem like there is no set way for you to get through to them and get their...

Rigid Masculine Gender Role Adherence & The Connection to Violence and Hostility Against Women

A message I received today... "you young lady deserve a thurough raping so you can learn the value of a strong police force. maybe if...

Sexual harrasment?

So I had a guy at work sexually harrasing me and I told my boss who talked to him, but then my boss asked me if I did something to make...

I gave up (please read)?

So, I have basically given up on life and don't do a lot of effort. I do not see the reason to live, but I still live on. I am a dutch...

How often do guys actually think about their crush?

What do they usually think about? Honest opinion appreciated. If there are sexual thoughts, pls don't be afraid to mention it 😉

Am I worth less for not being pretty?

Be honest please, pretty girls are always more respected from what I see. Even by fellow girls.

Girls would you like if a guy did traditional gentlemanly things for you?

Things like holding a door open for you and letting you walk in before he does. Opening car door for you. Standing up when you leave...

Is he looking for a relationship?

Hello! (I'm 17 by the way) Over a month ago, I slid in the DMs of a cute guy from my old job. It started off with me saying he's cute...

Why do men impose "natural beauty" but lust after the women who look the total opposite?

We live in a world in a society where women are judged more than men by looks and appearance and no matter what she does to alter her...

In your country do guys and girls check out other random people if so how often?

In Singapore not many guys check out girls once in a while there will be guys checking girls out. Very few catcalling and degrading comments

Is it normal for someone who says that they are only looking for a good time to text about things other than hooking up?

A little background: I don’t have a ton of experience with a friends with benefits/ just booking up. I’ve basically been a serial...

Guys, do you dislike when your girl has hair on her body?

This is out of curiosity. When i say hair i mean everywhere besides her head

Petite or Athletic Girls?

Just curious if which guys find more attractive: petite woman (Like a kpop girl) or athletic body build girls?

Are men more jaded today about dating frustrations vs 50 years ago?

Hard to say. But even my dad (who is usually optimistic) said they didn’t like what’s going on at all by how women generally treat men...

When your (now ex) boyfriend says he’s falling out of love with you after a long term relationship what do you think the reason is?

The background is that he said he had an important physic competition coming up in a couple months and he had to focus on that. I was...

Guys, is it ever okay for a man to hit a woman?

Is it ever acceptable for a man to hit a woman? Personally, my answer is B. Don't go starting stuff you can't finish, and don't put your...

Should I divorce him?

I’m having an issue lately. I’m having an issue lately. I’m having an issue lately. Well, I married my husband 1 month ago, and...

Do you think this man is femmine?

Milo is 22 years old and deaf. He has long curly hair and he loves to do ballet dances and wear makeup. At first, Milo didn't want to do...

Guys, what do you prefer?

Guys do you prefer Boxers, Briefs, Boxer Briefs, Commando or a combo?

Does it mean he doesn't really like me if I asked him what he use to like about me and he won't tell me?

I've known this guy for awhile and i blocked him because he was being really sexual and he kind of used me and got into a relationship....