From being a boy to becoming a man

I am going to be asking a question to the girls soon, that I thought of today but before I do. I thought I would share my thoughts from...

Involuntarily celibate

If people are free to choose, then some people will be chosen more than others, and some won't be chosen at all. It's not probable for...

Why men must approach women

For a long time I thought that it wasn't necessary but now I know why men must approach women. Many arguments exist. Hunter gatherer...

MEN 101: Why men are quiet and do not easily reveal what they are thinking or feeling.

Why is it hard for men to show their emotions or what they are feeling? Women are often confused by men's lack of communication as is...

Reason why men chase you when you don't give a f***.

Men like it if you ignore them and ghost them. They will swoon over you and they will go fight over you if you do this....

For Guys, How to Know If You're Handsome

Before I begin, I would like to tell you that since this myTake is from a guy's perspective, some signs shown by girls may be...

You Young Men Here Are SIMPS - Pay Attention

This vid pretty well sums up what's wrong with you young men that whine about your dating performance and how you interface with women....

Why do socially awkward men confuse a smile with flirting?

I smile at kids , animals, everyone. How if this confusing? Isn't it common sense that's not flirting it's just smiling?

Guys, Why would a guy ignore the girl he likes?

So there is a guy who used to stare at me and with time he attracted me so I started making eye contact too ! I thought he was shy or...

Guys, Your ex girlfriend gets with a rich foreign mafia boss how do you feel?

Just wondering how most guys would feel if they knew that their ex was now seriously dating a millionaire mafia boss who was handsome...

Why do guys lose interest after some time?

I need advice I've been talking to this guy for a couple of days and I like him and I think he does too. I know it's too soon to tell...

Why would an ex call me a toxic person when he really was the bad one?

He sent me a long email today saying how toxic I was. But he tried to get me to record girls in the locker room which is against he law

What his behavior means?

There is a guy that came to me and kiss me in the cheek and told me that I am beautiful, at the beginning I thought that he had this...

Shy guys, do you like when a girl shows she cares about your health?

It is too cold here and people are getting sick. What if a girl says to you "take care"?

Why would he make me feel horrible after sex?

After 3 days of not seeing him (FWB) because I didn't want to my dumb self gave up thinking we would only talk and once again we ended...

Things should NEVER been said to a man?

"You're my bro." ? "I think you're cute." ? "I'm not emotional." ? Or... sending a meme like this to him? Would any of these triggers...

Do you ever get the feeling that someone is talking about you behind your back, AKA: backbiting? Do you care?

"The best way to know your faults is to notice which ones you accuse others of" ~James Richardson I try to never say anything behind...

Is 5’7” short for a male?

5’7” = 170cm Would you consider 5'7 short for a guy?

Guys, would u kick a beautiful lady?

and beautiful ladies... how would u feel if a guy kicked u?

Would you be annoyed?

When I talk to this guy he usually crashes out early and then apologies for doing that to me then he would do that again. He would take...

Do you think he genuinely likes me or is he just saying these things?

I have been talking to this guy for a month, we've been on one date. We have some things in common and connect on a certain level....

Does being high (on weed) alter your feelings/actions towards people?

I had a guy friend snuggle with me for maybe 10 hours after smoking and he didn’t smoke again the rest of the night, he was being all...

Do girls believe a guy can change?

If a guy did something horrible, mean, or just plain unthoughtful... Will be always be a terrible person... Or do you believe that if...

Should I ask the guy who seems to be reconsidering me if he is interested?

He and I had feelings but turned me down citing his complicated relationship. I could tell he wanted out and something was off about the...

Guys, What does it mean when a guy you like notices your new changed look and compliments it?

Guy:Did you get a new hair cut? Me:Yes. Pause... Guy:Looks Good Me: Thank You