Shy Guy 101 - Day One

I intend for this to be the first in a series of myTakes that discusses why guys become shy, what can be done to overcome that shyness,...

Shy Guy 101 - Day Two

First, in last week’s installment of Shy Guy 101, you were told to give yourself a homework assignment. What was your assignment? Did...

Three Things That Make A Man Undeniably Attractive!

Heylo! A Quick Disclaimer: I know I am not the best writer---nor am I a good one---but still, I decided to share my unwanted opinion in...

The Problem With "Nice" Guys!

Unfortunately I have had to deal with a few 'nice' guys in my life and I am sure will stumble upon more through out my life. If your...

For the guys, Crying and being openly emotional is 100% okay <3

1- Guys are VERY rarely taught that it is okay to be open with their emotions when growing up 2- They are also led to believe in society...

No woman will ever like me. Why?

I am an Introvert with Epilepsy I am quiet and can fall at anytime. I am still a good liking guy who never smoked and drink. I am scared...

Why A Lot of You Guys On Here Can't Win

First I want to say that this is just a view on this. It's not intended to cause riots, and after I post it I am not debating with...

TRUE or FALSE: As Men Get Older, They Care Less About What Others Think Of Them?

Like they don't worry about the pressure from others (mostly younger people I am thinking of) to "be cool" and what the say, do, and act...

Should I tell him?

I have been seeing a guy casually for about a year. He has a friend that is trying to take me out on at date.

What do guys think of fangirls? Ur crush is a fangirls?

I'm a fangirl myself and most of my friends are fangirls too, so I want to know: Are we annoying? Do you find us weird? Would you ever...

Why would a guy take deep heavy breaths around you?

Like he’s blowing out steam? He’s done it a few times when we’re alone

Is there really such a thing as a "sweet talker"?

Can a guy be sweet without being called a "sweet talker"? (I'm talking about the one where people say "becareful of the sweet talkers")...

Does my crush like me back?

So, in short, we met in high school. We joined the same extracurricular, but we BARELY talk. We both are introverts. But, strangely,...

Guys, Have you ever asked a girl to sleepover and not have sex with her?

Have you ever asked her to sleep over with either no intention of having sex or that it just didn't happen? What were your thoughts?

Why is he acting like this after rejecting me?

Told my shy guy friend I have feelings for him. He got nervous and said "I dont know what to say" and then he said he enjoys my company,...

Why he doesn't like me to see him in pictures instead video call?

he likes video call and doesn't like to send pictures, while me in opposite way. I typically hate video call, it make me feel so ugly...

Who can Tell me the biggest lie?

Here are the rules. The lie can be about anything The lie also has to believable and conceivable That's it just 2 rules Now have fun...

What race are southern Africans called in the West?

Are coloured south Africans similarge to Any American ethnicity? The skin tone of colored south African ranges from dark brown to an...

When a guy acts this way, is it: sexual tension, love or crush?

Preens clothes or hair Eyes glisten or sparkle, maintains eyes contact briefly and looks away Smiling, giggling and blushing Begins...

Have you ever wondered WTH do men grow beards?

Guys and girls have you ever wondered why the heck do men get beard/facial hairs unlike women , it's totally useless messy , sometimes...

Does it mean a guy really likes you if he tells you he wants you to stay over?

This is more specifically what he said in response to my telling him I'm trying to be more transparent in relationships as I hadn't...

Do you feel that a guy is not masculine if his shirt size is a small?

I wear medium, but I heard a group of girls talking about this today and referred to those guys as gays.. basically if a guy wears size...

Would you be disgusted with your brother if he did this?

Lets say you have a 12 year old brother named Justin. He's a straight A student, is in a after school science discovery club and he is...

Can men really spot a gold digger from a mile away? Let's see?

Which woman is the gold digger? And please share why you assume one or the other is or isn't.. I'll give the answer in the end.

Is this natural makeup/ light nonheavy makeup?

If my hair looks bad i’m sorry lol

What ethnicity so this in inches Hispanic community?

So there' many ethnic groups in the Latino community what ethnicity is this in the Hispanic race

Do the mulatto still have a place in the Hispanic Latin community?

the following question is geared more toward the Latin community mulatto are members of the South American Latin community but in North...