For Guys, How to Know If You're Handsome

Before I begin, I would like to tell you that since this myTake is from a guy's perspective, some signs shown by girls may be...

MEN 101: Why men are quiet and do not easily reveal what they are thinking or feeling.

Why is it hard for men to show their emotions or what they are feeling? Women are often confused by men's lack of communication as is...

Reason why men chase you when you don't give a f***.

Men like it if you ignore them and ghost them. They will swoon over you and they will go fight over you if you do this....

You Young Men Here Are SIMPS - Pay Attention

This vid pretty well sums up what's wrong with you young men that whine about your dating performance and how you interface with women....

A different type of "growing pains"

It seems like no matter how hard I try to surpass youth and grow up whether it be reluctantly or with full acceptance & desire to want...

So this is growing up... sort of

A few months ago I was hanging out with some friends, we were discussing the well-being and life choices of a mutual person we all know,...

Why am I writing this...

Why am I writing this? I have no reason to, I rarely/never come to this site, it's 2:35 am (and counting), I should be in bed, but...

It's ok for my friends with benefits to talk to girls, but he won't let me talk to guys...why?

I've just asked the girl he's flirting with does she have any cute guys for me to get his own back

Guys, is this guy interested or no?

I met this guy on tinder. I've only known him for 12ish days. we talk a lot and he asks what im doing regularly. he asked me to go get...

Does he need more time?

So this guy been staring at me everyday when I am talking to my friends, teachers, etc... or just at me in general. Whenever I look at...

Why is it when I talk about men to men they seem to freak out and leave?

Everytime I talk about men with guys they seem to block me? Why is that

Guy says he loves me but is still all close to his girlfriend?

Ok so I've been getting close to this guy for a while and I knew that he had a big of a crazy ex girlfriend situation but I'm a bit lost...

Does he like me, Find me attractive?

So i know this guy in my school we don't talk that much I see him here and there but when we switch classes in the halls he looks at at...

Do weak men change?

I love my boyfriend and I am aware that he has many good qualities. However I am regretful to say I am no longer attracted to him at all...

Girls, What do you think of emotionally cold guys?

Like it’s hard for me to feel affection anymore

He has a girlfriend- but does he have feelings for me?

So I have known this guy for a while now. He works at the coffee shop I go to often. I know he has a girlfriend and he knows that I know...

Serious question for men?

Serious question: When first starting to date a guy who you have know for awhile when you get into a fight and you’re only dating not...

Did I do the right thing?

I had been speaking to this guy I met through mutual friends (usually through Instagram) for about 6-7 months. We met once but it was...

A guy asked for me Snapchat, what do I do?

I just started working at a job, the second time I saw a guy he asked for my Snapchat. He is also leaving soon. What is your opinion?

Do men really prefer no makeup?

Or just only like light natural looking makeup

Does this guy sound interested in dating?

So I went out once with a guy back in July 2019. After we met up, he followed up with me about a week after and checked in on me. He’s...

Is this a fair trade?

My boyfriend was drunk and he hit me twice in my leg. I don't know why he did. Guess I was getting on his nerves. I punched him back and...