Wonder Why Men Cheat?

Wonder Why Men Cheat? Many women who have been a victim of cheating wonder about this very same question. Men sometimes seem...

Being A Better Man

Here are some of my thoughts on how one can be a better man. To be a better man you must be true to your word. If you make a promise,...

Extremely Vivid and Lucid Dreams

I've often heard it said that, for most people, the dreams they have usually take on a rather fantastical, abstract nature. People...

I now know how women feel when overly eager guys hit on them!

So tonight, I had this guy come up to me and wouldn't stop talking at the bar. He seemed REALLY eager to be my friend. In a really...

Why older men are the BEST and younger guys can suck it!

Older meaning: age 40 and up Obviously this doesn't apply to every older man or every younger guy, but whatever! 1. Who wants to see...

5 points on what it really means to be a Gentleman, in my view!

The term of gentleman in today's society may prompt many different images in your imagination. A courteous man of good social standing,...

Life: Your Story your Choices

According to me our life is our story . It's not just any story it is an "Interactive Story". Now for those who do not know what an...

Do men age better than women?

Does anyone out there believe that as men age a lot better and they become a lot more good looking as they grow older. Are men...

I've got a feeling this shy guy has a crush on me. Should I go up to him to initiate conversation first?

Would he like it if I talk to him first? Or would he get creeped out?

Why doesn’t my boyfriend of 8 years treat me like I’m not good enough, cheat, lie, etc?

My boyfriend and I have been together since 7th grade. We are now 21 years old. We’ve been through a lot our 8 years relationship. For...

Boyfriend bought his ex a necklace and i'm getting gift cards?

I'm not usually the selfish or jealous type so i'm unsure why this has been on my mind or bothering me lately. But a month or so ago was...

How does a guy get hard just by being around me?

I don’t understand guys that well. There’s this guy that gets hard; even if we’re not even doing anything sexual. Is that normal? He...

Ladies how do you feel about the word simp?

Once I hear a dude calling a man in a successful relationship a simp it’s a dub for me. Why you invested in what he’s doing? As long as...

Guys, what makes you feel manly?

My Dom says he feels manly by protecting me and providing for me 🥺 he also said that my respect for him and submission to him make him...

Why do men hide their feelings?

Do they think it makes them appear weak?

Do you think he was jealous or else what?

So my recently broke up ex saw that I was talking to few guys and when he saw that he was looking at me with a very frown and not liking...

Do men generally look better at 19-25 or when they’re above 55?

Do they really age like wine? 🤔 Apparently Leo wasn’t a good example for my last question so let’s be more clear. Sorry, my bad 🤦🏻‍♀️

Are men getting worse?

of poorer quality or lower standard; less good or desirable.

Give up or keep trying?

I'm in a weird relationship with a guy. Two years ago we had an emotional affair. Still things feel unfinished. We called it off years...

Men, how does it feel to be avoided?

Men, I have a question for you (and ladies can join in too.) How do you feel when walking outside, mostly at night, that some people see...

My internet crush ghosted me and I got too attached and it's hurting a lot should I text him?

I've been talking to this guy that I'm really attracted in and it was reciprocal. But all of a sudden he stopped liking my pictures and...

Do you all think that my crush fancies me back?

He’s a cafe owner and I’m a regular customer. We have known each other for a while. We do flirt together quite a lot. Sometimes the...

Guys, if a girl you are attracted to majorly offended you, why would you get someone else to find out why?

I royally offended this guy by accident. He had a friend quiz me as for basic reasons why. It was such a backassed approach that he...