How I stay happy single - or how I deal with the need to love someone ❤

it was a long working week for me number... I lost count. it's number over 200 for sure. Love and relationships are according to Maslows...

Confused Af: I Don't Know What To Think... Help?

Something happened today at college which got me like: In a confused kinda way. Basically I got to know this kid in one of my classes...

Stuff My Guy Friends Don't Understand

This is another humourous (or at least attempting to be) MyTake. I wrote a similar MyTake about a week ago, about being "the girl" of...

Sexual assault is never the victim’s fault ever

Sexual assault is NEVER the girl’s fault. (When it happens to a female, likewise with a guy but I’ve seen many boys victim blaming) It...

Why Saying Nice Guys finish Last is the wrong mortally!

A anonymous user posted a my take a few days ago saying Instead of being nice to people you should play dirty and treat people like...

When You're "The Girl" Of The Group

Surely, you've heard of that girl (who's pretty cool) who hangs around with the guys and is "just one of the guys?" Well, that isn't me....

Lessons Learned at 23 About Life

I'm the first to admit that I got a lot to learn but making this list seemed like a fun idea. If not for myself to look back on or for...

What would you do if your 11-year-old son asked you what does it mean to be gay?

Let's say you have a 12-year-old son, he says at school he hugged a boy and people said it was gay, and he wanted to know what it meant.

He wouldn't look away. Why?

Why do guys like keep staring when you already looked back

Guys, Does a big age difference mean a big difference in wanting sex?

I am 26 and my lovie is 57... Just wondering if it's normal that he doesn't want to be intimate with me anymore... He used to love it...

Why is he doing this after ghosting me?

A guy who ghosted me since September, looked back at me when he heard my voice while I was talking with my friend at school today. He...

Does my friend like me? why is he so protective of me?

i just met him this year, and we started to get along recently. he all of a sudden seemed very nice and he would always say very...

Any good suggestions for this situation?

In almost three months. This guy texts me every day good morning then nothing else. When I talk about something else, he will reply but...

Hey, what are your thoughts on this?

My ex boyfriend and I broke up 2 years ago, but we've never ever cut contact because we wanted to get back together when he was ready as...

What do guys mean when they say "just the tip"?

can you actually get off with just using your tip?

Guy's, have you had a good International Men's Day?

Yooooo guys! :D Have you enjoyed today? I myself wished every guy I saw a happy International men's day and got some from some girls...

Guys, Do guys like you more when you work full time?

I switched from part time work to full time work this week - it's going to be tough but I think this challenge will prepare me for the...

Is it hypocritical for a woman to tell a man to be a man when she has no man being skills?

I find it bizarrely weird when a woman sees a man who she may deem as effeminate and does things that seems unmanly and tells him that...

Guys, what does this mean?

there's a guy that I've been hanging out with When we sit next to each other and talking, sometimes he would lightly touch my thigh and...

Which seems too formal/forward?

A couple days ago had a misunderstanding with a guy that led to him saying talk later then no more, goodbye. Being annoyed made an...

Guys who flirt with loads of girls, except one particular girl? - What's the logic behind doing this?

Do they hate that one girl? 😂 or is it the complete opposite? Guys, have you done this before?

Why would a guy (who's a virgin) always flirt with loads of girls?

I've also noticed that he's ONLY friends with girls. But he's definitely not gay, so i dunno. 🤔 He rarely hangs around guys, and when...

Does he like me?

I have posted a similar question in the past but that was a couple of months ago and a lot has changed since then. I have a crush on my...