How I stay happy single - or how I deal with the need to love someone ❤

it was a long working week for me number... I lost count. it's number over 200 for sure. Love and relationships are according to Maslows...

Sexual assault is never the victim’s fault ever

Sexual assault is NEVER the girl’s fault. (When it happens to a female, likewise with a guy but I’ve seen many boys victim blaming) It...

Why Saying Nice Guys finish Last is the wrong mortally!

A anonymous user posted a my take a few days ago saying Instead of being nice to people you should play dirty and treat people like...

When You're "The Girl" Of The Group

Surely, you've heard of that girl (who's pretty cool) who hangs around with the guys and is "just one of the guys?" Well, that isn't me....

Lessons Learned at 23 About Life

I'm the first to admit that I got a lot to learn but making this list seemed like a fun idea. If not for myself to look back on or for...

Nice Guys Vs Gentlemen

There are confusion between the 2 and honestly, they might sound similar but when you look further, nice guys and gentlemen are...

Self Care For Men

I saw the following link and was inspired: Men Need to Do Self Care More Often Self-care was the trend of 2018, and while more than half...

It's international men's day today (November 19)! Thoughts?

So everyone always complains why there is a women's day and not a men's day. Here am I to remind y'all that it exists and it is today....

Mommy’s little boy 😂?

I find it hilarious why are some guys mommy’s sons even after they are adults? Their mom will text them every second, she will prepare...

He rejected me, so why does he keep staring at me?

I confessed to him a year ago and got shot down. He just said he's not a relationship material. I was fine with it and we continued...

Am I missing something else everyone else is seeing?

So at work there's a guy who I know really likes me at this point because he is being beyond persistent. But for me right now, I just...

Was fighting with ex accidentally hit him and kicked him he wants one of the cars and is acting like a delusional liar How do I fix?

I got no sleep last night or the night before he says my friend is harassing him when he is trying to sleep we are sleeping in separate...

I really need help?

So my crush just sent me a gif which has the word "bro" in it. Should I be worried that he has friend zoned me or was it just...

What should I do? Asking the question or not (consider the consequences)?

I have crush on this guy, that i've known while travelling. We live in different country. And somehow I can say that we become fuck...

Does it mean anything?

If a guy fiollows you and likes 4 pictures both old and new? you know the guy and has been subtly hinting that he wants your attention irl

Is he flirting?

There is this guy in my class that looks at me and bites his lips at meand he almost never does it to anyone so him and my friend liked...

My guy friend gotten the wrong impression from me smiling at him? Did I lead him on?

I was in a meeting for student council with my guy friend, I have only known him for slightly over a month, we get along well, no...

Why would a guy say this?

I've met a guy who I find amazing, he has his flaws but I see past them. I'm naturally a caring person, he has been stressed lately and...

Guy's, have you had a good International Men's Day?

Yooooo guys! :D Have you enjoyed today? I myself wished every guy I saw a happy International men's day and got some from some girls...

Why do you think he's adamant about staying in a relationship with me?

I'm 10 years older than him and I'm pregnant with both our first child. I told him many times we could breakup and co parent but he...

What should I do?

I think a guy is really hot but I don't really know if I like him but I talk about him a lot tho anyway my friends told him that I like...

GUYS! What's the first thing you notice in a girl?

When you meet a new girl or when you meet up with a girl even just as friends, whats the first things you look at? BE HONEST

Why is this guy making jokes about us having sex?

I have a guy friend who regularly makes jokes about us having sex. He's done it pretty much the whole time I've known him. He can be...

Is there a less than beta male?

Like you never will have a chance (even betas have a chance)

Would you be okay with two guys hugging and holding hands in front of you?

Let's say you find out two of your male friends are gay. sometimes they hold hands, cuddle and hug in public, would you be okay with...

Do lads Snapchat each other through out the day?

I’m trying to figure out is my boyfriend cheating on me, he’s snapchatting others through out the entire day

Do you think men are becoming too feminine?

A couple guys on my last question said that men are too feminine and weak nowadays. What do you think?

Do you think it was normal I did not think this was creepy?

This guy I barley knew but personally thought was good looking said to me he wanted to see me naked. I actually did not think it was...

Does it mean he likes me when he does this, or am I wishful thinking?

Today, the guy I like found out it was my birthday. He's always rubbing my arm, and playfully punching me. When he found out this new...

Is it a good sign when your one night stand texts you?

Just in general not as relationship or whatever.