Self Care For Men

I saw the following link and was inspired: Men Need to Do Self Care More Often Self-care was the trend of 2018, and while more than half...

Why Saying Nice Guys finish Last is the wrong mortally!

A anonymous user posted a my take a few days ago saying Instead of being nice to people you should play dirty and treat people like...

When You're "The Girl" Of The Group

Surely, you've heard of that girl (who's pretty cool) who hangs around with the guys and is "just one of the guys?" Well, that isn't me....

Lessons Learned at 23 About Life

I'm the first to admit that I got a lot to learn but making this list seemed like a fun idea. If not for myself to look back on or for...

Nice Guys Vs Gentlemen

There are confusion between the 2 and honestly, they might sound similar but when you look further, nice guys and gentlemen are...

Shy Guy 101 - Day Two

First, in last week’s installment of Shy Guy 101, you were told to give yourself a homework assignment. What was your assignment? Did...

Shy Guy 101 - Day One

I intend for this to be the first in a series of myTakes that discusses why guys become shy, what can be done to overcome that shyness,...

If a shy guy knew I like him is there a chance he’ll approach me? I like this quiet shy guy, we smile at eachother & I get clearly nervous around him?

I would wanna approach him but i think it’d be weird since he’s a guy and in my country girls usually don’t approach guys

He kissed the top of my head?

My guy friend and I have been friends for years and we're pretty low PDA people, so side hugs are about it. I hung out with him a few...

Why does he get jealous if he’s not my boyfriend?

Friend of mine claimed that I was flirting with other guys and giving them the “flirty eyes” at this party that we where at but he...

Do you ever get jealous of other guys that can get girls or relationships?

I've been single my whole life and watching other guys get what I know I can't really sucks. Makes you feel like a complete failure. I...

Guys what is your biggest turn on?

What's the thing you love a girl to do?

Am I an optional for him?

its so hurt when someone act like he still care and pay attention to you but in fact I know he doesn't care and pay attention to me...

Is this a typical college dorm roommate?

My boyfriend lives in a dorm and got this roommate for this semester. I don't live in the dorm so I didn't witness but I guess this...

Guys, what does it mean if a girl makes you nervous?

Does it mean you're scared of her?

Do You Think He Likes Me?

Okay so basically he always tries to take my phone and wants my password, he also acts rude to me but the funny way where we both do it....

Anybody else despise desperate men?

Men who are so desperate for ass and chase women around like puppies. Always on dating apps. Always complimenting women and putting...

If I have to tell a guy to message me in the morning I’m making him do something he doesn’t want to do?

If I have to tell him that means he doesn’t want to do it himself. Basically you can’t force anyone to do anything they don’t feel like...

Do you think its a good thing if a guy still gives you a chance after all the back and forth?

I have been back and forth with him a lot for some reasons and there's been times where he said lets move on and i tell him otherwise....

Which scenario would you prefer to be in?

If your man who is very hairy and used to shave his groin area and chest hair... Scenario 1.) Now he shaves EVERYTHING face to toe that...

'Why men great till they gotta be great', do you agree?

A popular verse from Lizzos song 'Truth Hurts'.