Secrets of a Ladies Man: 5 Secrets No Man Will Ever Tell You

1. Yes, Men Cry Too Did you know that all of those vulnerable, sad, and hurt feelings that you have as a woman are felt by men in the...
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My stalking experience

This is actually a question of how to get rid of a stalker and why does he stalk me? I just couldn't fit in a question because it's a...

My personal steps on being a real man.

Hello guys, this will be my first myTake! It's my first time to write about something so I hope you like what I'll be discussing! So...

How I socialize

Hey Everybody! :) I wrote this mytake a while back and I think I managed to convey one of my struggles pretty well. The thing that sucks...

Reasons Guys Do Not Date Today

Reasons Guys Do Not Date Today The guys today that say ever women is evil or a gold digger. The guys who can't figure out why ever woman...

Why Men SHOULD Express Their Feelings To Us and My Personal Story Of Why It's NORMAL For Men To Cry!

I realize that a lot of men feel like they can't express themselves to or in front of females because they are afraid of looking like...

Men's Attention: Valuable and Humbly Appreciated OR Worthless?

I've seen a few posts about this by separate users the past week or two. So let's get it straight. Is male attention worthless? Guys, do...

Why do you think an ex would text every couple of months?

We broke up years ago but since then he keeps messaging me. Every couple of months. I barely respond. The last time I did it so I can...

Do you like to be shy or proactive?

Questions for male friends, do you like proactive and generous women or shy and gentle women?

He said he won’t ask me to be his girlfriend till I stop talking to other guys. Reasonable?

He was like “I’m not playing anymore. I told you if you want to go do ur thing then do it. When I see you talk to these other guys and...

Guys, you walk into the bathroom and?

see a young guy posing with his hand on his hip and checking out his butt, jutting it out, what would you think?

Why Do Girls Get Borderline Harassed For Pictures? IT'S SO ANNOYING?

Ever since I went on the internet I've always been harassed for photos by a good number of dudes I come across. I like sending selfies...

What should I do? I’m hurt and I don't know if I could trust him again?

There’s this girl that I didn’t like at all that tried to get between my boyfriend and I that made me not trust him at all. I explained...

Does he not care?

Been seeing this guy for a month but our schedule never seems to match up but he slowed down asking to see me. So today i texted him and...

How long would he have kept me as his friends with benefits, if it wasn't for me to finally cut my ties from him?

So long story, short. So this is old, like last year shit, but I I'm just a bit curious. But I was Involved in a situationship. I met...

Does my sisters best friend like me?

My sister and her husband have a really close friend. We all hang out pretty often. Recently we both became single. He started liking...

How long does it take a guy to ask a girl out that hr likes?

there's a guy that I met about a month ago and I see him once a week when I volunteer at the animal shelter. He has showed signs that he...

Good or bad guy?

If a guy from Tinder is talking to you for a week kinda through the whole day, before he meets you, is he more into dating than hookup?...

Does it sound like this confident ladies man likes me for real?

He says im awkward but its endearing and attractive to guys... And he's hit on me before... stares at me a lot even when im eating at...

Do I need a man I dont need to use qords to impress?

I realized the man i want at work. Its the handsomest man at work. Not the sexiest Or the most charming & popular (confident ladies...

Why did this trucker honk at me?

I was just walking out of the store and this trucker guy decides to honk at me. Wtf was that about? 😒

My new ish boyfriend just bought me an insanely expensive present. Do guys do this?

This guy is always splashing his money on me and he doesn’t even earn that much. He buys me the most expensive things. We’re talking...

Are some guys more "sexually picky" than women?

As in if a woman doesn't want to do a certain act, she's "undateable" to many men.

If a guy is hot & cold, is he not interested?

One day he messages me and talk throughout the day And the next day/s he doesn't message

Why does a coworker feel comfortable touching flirting and even expressing jealousy over me to me?

He acted jealous cause i didn't tell him who im texting. He also keeps like touching me lightly on my side or upper arm as if he's...

He was like 28 and I'm in my 30s why did he address me as ma'am?

He worked at cvs at the pharmacy and addressed me as ma'am. I live in new York not the south.

How to know when I guy likes you but has commitment issues or is just stringing you along?

I have known this guy my whole life. His mum has been friends with my nan since before we were both born so we are family friends. He is...