Wonder Why Men Cheat?

Wonder Why Men Cheat? Many women who have been a victim of cheating wonder about this very same question. Men sometimes seem...

Being A Better Man

Here are some of my thoughts on how one can be a better man. To be a better man you must be true to your word. If you make a promise,...

Extremely Vivid and Lucid Dreams

I've often heard it said that, for most people, the dreams they have usually take on a rather fantastical, abstract nature. People...

I now know how women feel when overly eager guys hit on them!

So tonight, I had this guy come up to me and wouldn't stop talking at the bar. He seemed REALLY eager to be my friend. In a really...

Why older men are the BEST and younger guys can suck it!

Older meaning: age 40 and up Obviously this doesn't apply to every older man or every younger guy, but whatever! 1. Who wants to see...

5 points on what it really means to be a Gentleman, in my view!

The term of gentleman in today's society may prompt many different images in your imagination. A courteous man of good social standing,...

Life: Your Story your Choices

According to me our life is our story . It's not just any story it is an "Interactive Story". Now for those who do not know what an...

Do shy or introverted guys ignore girls they like?

I follow my crush on instagram. I've few times reached to him by commenting on his story updates. He has done that too but only couple...

What would you think if a guy said what attracted him to you was that you were going to college and working?

And used the excuse you stopped doing both as a reason to separate from you?

My boyfriend follows so many girls on his Instagram, they are a mixture of models and normal girls, I have spoke to him about it before?

He stopped for a while and then we decided to block eachother so I didn't see it anymore because I used to check up on him and it caused...

Would a crush talk about a girl negatively behind her back?

would he do this if he liked the girl? he shows all the signs of interest. touching, flirting, caring, texting right away, spending...

Why would a handsome and confident guy hesitate to make a move?

Make a move on a girl he has a huge crush on. But he is very hesitant to do it.

Will u Help meeeeeeeee?

Okai so I have a crush on my guy friend, and how to know if he loves me/something. Pleasee tell me and he is a kind of person who tries...

Would you consider a guy immature or a coward if he broke up through message chat?

Would you consider a guy immature or coward if he broke up with a girl through message chat, not via phone call, considering they were...

When a guy says that he is not the right guy for you?

I don't know how to interpret this. So... guy says I deserve a relationship but we'd never be more than friends due to working together...

Is he a pedo for speaking to me?

If I’m 14 but i boobs and butt, is he a pedo for speaking to me? He’s 25. My friends say it’s weird

Do you think he may still be into me?

So 6 years ago I met this guy from university We were attracted to each other so started seeing one another We have kissed many times...

Guys, As a man, do you respect women?

I met many disrespectful men in my life who I did nothing too that were super respectful to other women. I even respected them. I...

Girls, is opening up or showing vulnerability as a guy endearing or weak?

Basically, do you like or do you not like it. Manly or unmanly. Please give me your input in the comments below :p I'll appreciate it...

Do you think being a beta or alpha male is taught/learned or were you born that way?

I’ve come to think of this based off of the transition between today’s guys whom I’ve had the pleasure to know. Some went alpha after...

Do some really get upset over men crying?

Disclaimers: I've never had a relationship, been rejected, nor have I recently lost anyone recently, everything I mention are just...

Guys, would this disgust you?

Let's say you're in highschool and there's a guy in your class who glances at you every once in a while. Even at the urinal he looked...

My crush's friend may like me, and they're best friends.. help?

So basically I'm in a high school band and every day after we have a game we go out to a restaurant. This game I was allowed to stay out...

Are all Male suicides logical?

(Not my opinion, just a debate)

This guy left me as soon as I made it clear that I wanted to be just friends. Should I feel bad?

This guy and I met yesterday on reddit, he was the one who texted me first. We talked a bit and he was a bit flirty. I would say 'Stop...

Does society keeps guys from growing hair or boys just like having short hair?

girls love having long hair but also gets so excited to cut hair short aka we girls like both but majority guys have even no problem...