Secrets of a Ladies Man: 5 Secrets No Man Will Ever Tell You

1. Yes, Men Cry Too Did you know that all of those vulnerable, sad, and hurt feelings that you have as a woman are felt by men in the...
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My stalking experience

This is actually a question of how to get rid of a stalker and why does he stalk me? I just couldn't fit in a question because it's a...

My personal steps on being a real man.

Hello guys, this will be my first myTake! It's my first time to write about something so I hope you like what I'll be discussing! So...

How I socialize

Hey Everybody! :) I wrote this mytake a while back and I think I managed to convey one of my struggles pretty well. The thing that sucks...

Reasons Guys Do Not Date Today

Reasons Guys Do Not Date Today The guys today that say ever women is evil or a gold digger. The guys who can't figure out why ever woman...

Why Men SHOULD Express Their Feelings To Us and My Personal Story Of Why It's NORMAL For Men To Cry!

I realize that a lot of men feel like they can't express themselves to or in front of females because they are afraid of looking like...

Men's Attention: Valuable and Humbly Appreciated OR Worthless?

I've seen a few posts about this by separate users the past week or two. So let's get it straight. Is male attention worthless? Guys, do...

Why would he lie about his name?

A guy I was getting to know for 2 months told me his name and down the road I figured out from someone else that’s not his name. I would...

Why did he ghost me?

So i thought i was coming across a nice guy on bumble and we both matched and i started messaging him and we asked what we were seeking...

My fiancé spanked me. Abuse or problem solver?

So he is 32 and I'm 26. I don't consider myself the most mature person in the world because I kept my soul young and sometimes I do...

Signs a guy is obsessed with a girl?

What are signs a man is obsessed with you? Body langauge or just by what they do?

Guys, is it true that if you genuinely like a girl you'd tell her?

there's this guy at work who's been giving all the classic signs of liking me and its been going on for a month now, like staring,...

Is it a thing that some guys suddenly want you when they feel like they lost you or see you with another guy?

I’m wondering if this is a thing, if girls have noticed that a guy may start to drift and then suddenly he’ll come back when he senses...

Why do boys do this?

Why do boys act like they like you and then block you and make girls feel dumb?

The guy I am dating is still active on dating apps and flirting with other women. Pls see details. How should I react?

I am dating a guy since 3 months. We had decided in the beginning that we will go with the flow. And he said that he won't see others...

I told him I need to move on and he said if I want to move on I could go?

Does that mean he doesn’t care? he said I keep telling him I have to move on and that if I want to I “gooooo”

Why do guys save pictures of random girls?

I saw some of my guyfriends saving my photo from whatsapp story and even found a classmate doing that. I don't think any of them is...

If a guy text at 5am, is it a booty call?

Im interested in a guy He texted me "Hey how are you?" At 5am

How to know when I guy likes you but has commitment issues or is just stringing you along?

I have known this guy my whole life. His mum has been friends with my nan since before we were both born so we are family friends. He is...

Is it creepy if I keep checking a women’s instagram profile every single day just so I can see if she has put her profile on public?

I use to follow the girl around a year ago but she removed me as a follower (probably because I kept looking at her stories really...

Guys, long or short hair when it comes to girls?

Personally me, most times I like long hair better. However I have seen some girls with really cute short hair as well. I want to hear...

Why do guys look at a girl's photos?

I met this guy at my friend's birthday He asked for my number and facebook So I gave it to him since he's attractive We were texting...

It perplexes me how quite some guys are more complicating than women. Am I the only one?

I mean like men usually say "women are too complicated" or "women can't be understood" but when I see some of their opinions, I am...

Would you still go all the way with a man if you found out he was trans at the end of the date?

You go on a lovely date and are about to part ways with "her" when she reveals to you that you are trans. During the date you had hoped...

Can this teen girl send this teen guy to jail for what he said to her?

The second pic is what he looks like by the way.

Why would you block someone?

I was dating for over 4 months and this guy and he knows I love chewing ice. When we were watching a movie I was chewing ice and he made...

Would you report someone to police if he would use your old photos to harass you?

There’s this one guy that made 23 instagrams to bother me. I blocked him every time and found out he asked about me here and he is...