The Top 7 Traits to Look for in a Truly Good Man

We all know that finding an ideal guy can be tough. Whether you’re navigating the treacherous waters of online dating or simply trying...
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Why do so many older men with nothing going for them think they’re automatically desirable to young women?

I often hear, “She’s used up any nobody wants an older woman. Older men are very desirable though!” When I really don’t see that being...
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The continuing weird discussion about masculinity. . .

Years ago, when I first joined GaG, I wanted to talk about relationships. I had hopes this was a place where I could find meaningful...
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Nice Guys Are Not Actually Nice!

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How men can start taking control of their life!

Men these days, I’m sorry to say are being inhibited by all these different groups claiming that masculinity is toxic. I am a firm...
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If a man doesn’t want to pay for dates, he doesn’t get to complain about “modern women”

A lot of men complain about “modern women”. how promiscuous they are, how much better than them they think they are, how masculine they...
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15 Ways A Woman Wants To Be Treated

1. Be present in all your interactions 2. Ask about her Day 3. Always check up on her 4. Tell her the things you are passionate about 5....
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If you're a guy and your name is this, this is probably your personality (REDUX).

This is my 100th MyTake! So I'm going to go back to an old MyTake and update a little bit for 2023. If this is your name, this is...
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Is there something wrong with a guy wanting a woman for companionship?

i was talking to my old boss one day before he got fired. & i was saying how i want a woman for companionship. & he said never say that...

Do men feel more comfy in a good way around women who wear modest skirrs?

Knee or lower length skirts that aren’t sexy. I feel more comfortable

He came back after 2 months?

This guy I was hooking up with came back after 2 months saying his brother and uncle died that’s why he was distant? What should I do...

Do you guys think he was only using me to forget about someone?

He started treating like a girlfriend after 3 months and confessed “his love for me”. I mean he was going slow and then after 3 months...

Why does a female coworker act more interested and talkative towards guys when they are in the same room as us but when it’s just me and her?

She seems to have less to say. I find it weird. I tried to talk more but it feels like I’m pushing it so I just stop.

Why would guy want to text me daily?

We’ve been exchanging 1-2 text for almost a month.

Why do men feel the need to comment negatively on woman’s appearance unprovoked when I didn’t even ask?

Like I was telling him about this guy I liked but he seen me leave with another guy and he said “two guys one night” your punching above...

Would you be offended if someone asked how much they would need to pay you, to see your boobies?

This happened to me during my working day today. Still trying to process 😂😂😬😵‍💫
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Girls, Why do women always expect the best guys?

Like me. None of you deserve guys like me that have everything going for them. Looks, money and status. At the max you’re just girls...

Do you think there are more men who have to be less creepy or more men who have to take action with romantic prospects?

In everyday life, what do you think? I'm not against women taking action either by the way, but what do you feel about the men?
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Is it a red flag if a man actively avoids/ignores children?

I'm not rude to them and will respond to them but I try my hardest not to be around them because I think they're annoying and not like them

Isn't it weird to look at a pets genitals to find out it's gender rather than asking the owner?

My dad's friend was round and he was petting our dog and he turned it around and lifted up its tail and said "oh he's a boy" and I...
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Are men weak because they don't know real pain like what childbirth or periods feel like?

Yippeee a controversial question. Inspired by this question here: Guys, what would you do if you have a period for a day? Do you know...
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Should I be worried about his phone behavior?

boyfriend of four years for as long as we been together always took his phone with him to the bathroom and slept with it. I always...
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Why is he hinting at hanging out but he hasn’t directly ask me out?

He’s hinted twice at hanging out. We’ve been chatting daily for 3 weeks. Yesterday I mentioned him that I used to play basketball. He...

If a guy touches your shoulder slightly does he like you?

And if he does it more than once? Question says it all.

What does it mean if a guy has a playboy logo tattoo?

My boyfriend has this tattoo on his right arm outlined in black.

What is the meaning of "awwww" in text messages?

The guy that I like just texted me "awwww, thanks" after I told him that I enjoyed hearing from him. A couple of my girlfriends say that...
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If a guys face lights up when he notices you, what does that mean?

I mean like the whole raised eyebrows, big eyes, smile etc thing

Guys, What does it mean when a guy jokingly says "I hate you"?

So... I've known my friend for over a year now and he's only recently been doing this. he's clearly joking because he laughs and smiles...
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