Men vs. women making mistakes

I don't know if it's only me, but it seems to me that guys get away with making mistakes *early on* more than women do. In the sense of...
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Cynicism: how to deal with utter poverty and dejection

If cynicism were a person, it could say "Before stoicism, I was." Cynicism is a derivative of Socratic/platonic philosophy. It's...
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Why Men Keep Being Weak With Women

I saw it again a few weeks ago at a festival. Another guy following around a girl he likes like a puppy. I know this girl. Friendly and...
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Men, Stoicism, and Life's Battles: The Strength of Silent Resilience.

We're in an era where the prevailing sentiment encourages us men to share our feelings, under the pretext that it makes us feel...
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The "Role Reversal" argument doesn't work because it's exactly what men want

The reality of the treatment that women receive, the condescension, the objectification, is that it is men projecting onto women how...
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Guys, Most men are lonely

It's ok boys. Time to vent and cry together . Any guy out there get so lonely It might be because of too much sex and no connection....

She Wants A Man, Not A Boy. Three Signs He's A Real Man.

Being a man if far more than being a guy. A man has responsibilities, respect, renown. A man is kind, calculated, and courteous. If you...
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The Top 7 Traits to Look for in a Truly Good Man

We all know that finding an ideal guy can be tough. Whether you’re navigating the treacherous waters of online dating or simply trying...
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My crush calls me by a name only his friend call me by?

Suddenly, my crush became close to a boy that I was close to in the past, yesterday I heard my crush telling that new friend that I was...

My online boyfriend coerced me to showing my cleavage and grabbing my breast on webcam then he orgasmed and now he’s distant barely texts me. Why?

I asked If he ok. He says he’s bust with a medschool project for a few days i feel so haywire

Guys, what makes you visit a woman's Instagram profile after you've unfollowed them?

Out of curiosity: I've come to notice there's a guy I used to talk with when we were in class together. At first he 1) followed...

Guys, would you rather your girlfriend be honest with you or act like she didn't want an expensive gift?

Are men in their 40s/50s attracted to women in their 20s?

Also would you date someone THAT young?
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Why is a guy who is attracted to both girls touchy and very flirty (almost sleazy) with one girl but more cautious and distant with another?

Does he find one of them more attractive than the other and/or does he have a different kind of interest in them for instance one just...
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Is this colleague genuinely interested in me or just lusting after me?

I know he’s been attracted to me for a while but we never got to interact as we’re on different teams but a chance encounter led us to...
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Should I continue to speak to him?

I video chatted this guy I met. We were talking, and he asked about my toxic trait. I told him and asked what was his. He said it's...
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Why would a teacher/tutor/professor be nervous around their students?

He’s much older than me but his hands were shaking when he saw me outside of lessons and he seemed very nervous… he also seemed quite...
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Don't know whether he likes me or not?

So honestly tell he never goes against me... he asks me to play arm wrestle with him.. compliments me but doesn't compliments other...
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Doesn’t have time to fully commit?

Can a man (27) be genuinely too busy to fully commit to a serious relationship rn with me but want to keep seeing me? He works full time...
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Girls, do men "hit the wall"?

I got my sights on "the wall" and it's closing in towards me like a Jigsaw trap. I got only one year left until i "hit the wall" and...
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Do guys like cuddling and why?

I myself love cuddles and hugs because it makes me feel loved.
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What is your definition of a female player?

Just wondering what you think a female player is? Question too short. La de dahhhh.

Why do men only notice me when I have makeup on?

when I don’t wear makeup I get 0 looks 0 attention and when i do my makeup I get slight more. I like my face without makeup but now that...
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How come middle-aged men aren't as scared of dying alone as women are?

I mean, while women are doing everything they can to make sure they have friends and partners around them when they're older, men don't...
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