Why Men Keep Being Weak With Women

I saw it again a few weeks ago at a festival. Another guy following around a girl he likes like a puppy. I know this girl. Friendly and...
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Men, Stoicism, and Life's Battles: The Strength of Silent Resilience.

We're in an era where the prevailing sentiment encourages us men to share our feelings, under the pretext that it makes us feel...
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The "Role Reversal" argument doesn't work because it's exactly what men want

The reality of the treatment that women receive, the condescension, the objectification, is that it is men projecting onto women how...
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Guys, Most men are lonely

It's ok boys. Time to vent and cry together . Any guy out there get so lonely It might be because of too much sex and no connection....

She Wants A Man, Not A Boy. Three Signs He's A Real Man.

Being a man if far more than being a guy. A man has responsibilities, respect, renown. A man is kind, calculated, and courteous. If you...
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The Top 7 Traits to Look for in a Truly Good Man

We all know that finding an ideal guy can be tough. Whether you’re navigating the treacherous waters of online dating or simply trying...
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Why do so many older men with nothing going for them think they’re automatically desirable to young women?

I often hear, “She’s used up any nobody wants an older woman. Older men are very desirable though!” When I really don’t see that being...
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The continuing weird discussion about masculinity. . .

Years ago, when I first joined GaG, I wanted to talk about relationships. I had hopes this was a place where I could find meaningful...
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He follows a lot of people on social media, more then 3000 thousand but he always watch my story. Why?

The guy I was with watch my every story. He follows a lot of people on social media. Over 3000thousand. But he manage to open every my...

My ex by's wife asked him to cut me off and yet he keeps sending me songs & trying to hang out? what should I do? ?

she's very uncomfortbale with our friendship and doesn't think we're just friends. she thinks things might lead on to something in the...

Male friend is getting out of hand , how do I cut him off?

So we talked for a little while and I decided to friend zone him, and he agreed. It’s gotten out of hand, there’s not a day he doesn’t...

Why do some men walk like women?

saw this guy the other day walking like a woman with a hip sway and all, are there other guys who do this?

Have you ever shown off to get a girls attention?

Girls what did he do to show off and did it work?

Guys, 22 years ago we had a thing. We both married and had families. I’m getting a divorce, he’s still married. I turned him down, now he’s ignoring?

We’ve been friends for all these years. Our “thing” was pre-marriage for both of us. Is our friendship ruined now?

What do people think of you?

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Do women actually like nice predictable?

Guys that are always sweet and kind to them. I think they get bored of this and look elsewhere
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Guys, Why did this guy turn around, giggle and say good morning in a cheerful way when I walked by?

He was standing and talking to his friend when I walked past. He turned away when he saw me coming and said good morning as if he was...

Should guys use more voice inflexion like girls do?

I notice girls say "heyyy" Or "how are *you*!" "It's so *hard*" Guys usually don't do that stuff
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Guys, Why does a guy want attention from a girl he doesn’t even like?

This guy at work is very sociable but not interested in getting to know me at all. He likes to have a chat with pretty much every girl...

Do you think $100 weekly allowance for wife is a reasonable amount?

That's what my dad gives my mom, and it's supposed to be for groceries, fast food, gas and anything she wants buy for herself, like...
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Would You Approach A Random Woman You Found Attractive Out In Public?

And NO I’m not talking about a bar or club where you go to meet people. Being upset that a RANDOM woman y’all approach rejects y'all...
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What does it mean when a guy sucks your lips too much while kissing?

This guy kissed me very aggresively, actually I kinda liked it but I don't know the reason... It wasn't a passionate moment etc. So,...

What does it mean when a guy wants to give you a hickey?

He told me that he want to give me a hickey. I know it is a kind of a kiss on the neck, but what is the difference? Does it hurt a lot?

What does girls think about slim guys?

My wife thought me that she think slim guys are better than the ones with muscular. I'm not a slim guy nor have musculars. What do you...

Do men prefer virgin girls first?

I'm just curious about your opinions: Is it wrong for a guy to prefer virgin girls?
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Do guys find it attractive when girls suck on a Lollipop?

I mean, do guys find it hot when girls suck on a Lollipop? I believe it depends on the context, who is doing the sucking, and how they...

Will guys still find me attractive even though I have small boobs and a big butt?

Do men really like women with big butts and small breasts? One of my friends told me that, contrary to popular belief, most of the guys...
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