How to Improve Your Masculinity

How to Improve Your Masculinity Traits traditionally viewed as masculine in society include strength, courage, independence,...

Regarding the myth that "guys aren't allowed to talk about their feelings"...

So I've heard the claim (exclusively from women) on more than one occasion recently that "men are shamed for talking about their...

Living a Single Life. My knowledge about it.

Part one. Living single for so long feels good for me. Sometimes I am 50-50, meaning I am sad though Happy. Being Single, you got to...

HEAVY METAL and the INFLUENCE that come with it?

I really need to point this out. People are starting to point finger at metal because they are under the impression that due to...

Censorship is preventing desperate people from hearing perspectives that could bring them hope.

I’ve never been a violent person. But I do know what it’s like to be a hopeless, angry, hate-filled young man and how hard it is to find...

5 things I like from Asian Men!

If you allow me to put K-pop bands aside and talk from experience, I'm going to let you in why the most underrated dating male group is...

Alpha Males = Myth, Socially Dominant Males = Fact

Alpha Males = Myth. Socially Dominant Males = Fact. I get so sick of hearing about Alpha, Beta, and Omega Men on this website. I would...

How can a pretty girl make guys feel less shy/intimidated?

Does it work if the girl asks for the guy's help? Like it makes the guy feel needed or feel more masculine when helping her?

Is a gentleman of a boyfriend supposed to tend his girlfriend at a gas station?

I was getting driving and decided to get gas late at night with my boyfriend. The whole time my boyfriend sat in the car while I was out...

Why does he stand behind me and doesn’t want me to know?

This guy keeps standing behind me and doesn’t want me to know. He stands behind me while I’m working and I can feel someone behind me. I...

Why do guys open up to a woman?

Do guys ever open up to a woman they don't particularly like? Do they ever open up to a woman they aren't attracted to? In other...

If he knows I have feelings 4 him, why does he want me 2 go work w/him? we share the same interests & work in the same field n he wants me 2 join him?

I’m pretty sure he is aware of my fondness towards him and my interest in him. We have so much in common, it’s crazy... we work in the...

Is he attracted to me or not?

He always stares at me (but not in a creepy way) but he looks away when I look at him, he always fiddles around when I’m around him and...

Guys, if you are interested in a girl and she kinda ignores you, does it make you want to chase her more?

There is a guy who is interested in me. I dont play hard to get, but my friend said I have to ignore him for a while. I dont know... I...

What to do when my boyfriend is ignoring me?

I called him and texted, but no response. I look on Instagram and he is active. What should I do, or what would you do in this situation?

Why do only white boys like me?

I'm a black girl in highschool and for the past few years, I've noticed that I've only had romantic moments/been the subject of a crush...

Curious, are most guys afraid of?

Are most guys afraid of showing their emotions to a girl? Like have you either been told not to be emotional that's a girl thing or is...

What body type do guys find more attractive?

So I guess I’ve always had the mindset that skinny is what guys want. I’ve gained a a few pounds, like 5-8, in the last year which shows...

When was the last time you measured your penis?

Tired of all these size questions here!

Should I wait for a guy who said he doesn't like me but he doesn't want to hurt me either but he still stares at me?

Should I wait? I don't find anyone fit for being my partner except him... I just don't get attracted to anyone except him. He doesn't...

Is it okay for me to assault him?

This guy is literally out of his mind. I was at the canteen HE SPITTED ON MY F***ING SHIRT AND THREW WATER AT ME RANDOMLY BECAUSE HE...

I need the truth?

Why do guys think us girls like d**k pics when we probably just want a face pics and get to know them and not get treated like a peace...

Guys, on what part of your body do you want a girl’s hand to be?

Whenever you and the girl get close to each other, where would you want her hand/s to be on you?

Guys with smart alic comments?

So I am curious why my boyfriend when I ask if he wants to see me says I don't know?

Is it an indication of insincerity if a guy says he loves you in the first month of dating?

The relationship feels like nothing I've ever been in, just "right" (for lack of a better explanation) but I can't help but be...