How men can start taking control of their life!

Men these days, I’m sorry to say are being inhibited by all these different groups claiming that masculinity is toxic. I am a firm...
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The continuing weird discussion about masculinity. . .

Years ago, when I first joined GaG, I wanted to talk about relationships. I had hopes this was a place where I could find meaningful...
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Nice Guys Are Not Actually Nice!

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If a man doesn’t want to pay for dates, he doesn’t get to complain about “modern women”

A lot of men complain about “modern women”. how promiscuous they are, how much better than them they think they are, how masculine they...
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15 Ways A Woman Wants To Be Treated

1. Be present in all your interactions 2. Ask about her Day 3. Always check up on her 4. Tell her the things you are passionate about 5....
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If you're a guy and your name is this, this is probably your personality (REDUX).

This is my 100th MyTake! So I'm going to go back to an old MyTake and update a little bit for 2023. If this is your name, this is...
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The Red Pill Community Is a Disaster And Nothing But Mysogyny. (Ex-Member speaks out)

Hello everybody how is your day been going, I have been in quarantine for 10 days and got infected with Covid-19. I have been...
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Just Like Dancing

"No matter what happens let's lets always be friends." His green eyes sparkled with a mix of mischief and so many untold secrets. If I...
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Does a guy unblock you for your attention?

I noticed a guy I dated years ago unblocked me and is posting stories but I won’t view them. Is that what he wants? To see if I’m...

How do you know if a guy who has a girlfriend is low-key interested in you?

I think it is really weird but sometimes I have seen it happen, that a guy is interested in a girl although he might already have...

He said the damage is done? is he hurt?

I was friends with guy for almost 4 years we end up having sex for 3 days. I was to terrify that he wouldn’t like me or ghost me. I...

Can someone please explain?

What does it mean if you’re talking to a guy you’re sort of crushing on? And he gets a little upset that you texted him back late and...

Is this student-teacher relationship normal?

So in October I found this private cello teacher because I have always wanted to learn to play this instrument. I am a 25yo woman, he is...

Is loneliness on the rise for men?

I'm not lonely lol, women want me so bad. They want me for my charm, my humor, my looks AND my money
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Girls, Do you think a man has his life straight if he’s strong 💪?

When a you meet a guy and he’s strong physically do you think he probably has his shit straight in life. Motivated and ambitious perhaps...
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Do guys compliment?

Will a guy compliment a women if he doesn’t really mean it? Especially if he knows that sex is off the table with this woman.
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🎮 Gamers Spill The Teabag 🍵 Beans lol?

Why do guys choose ‘girl characters’ as their player? is it to: (All images sourced from Google)
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Do men actually prefer blonde?

I see perfectly beautiful girl with brown and black hair and they dye it blonde it don't even suit them. It don't make sense to me
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How do I know as a female if I’m actually attractive on dating apps?

Do guys just swipe and super like everyone? Don’t know if I should feel special or not
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Are guys more gentle than they let on?

Or sensitive, but I'd say gentle is the right word here. What I'm talking about is they act all tough, sometimes to the point of seeming...
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