What Men Like More Than Sεx — But Won’t Tell You?

What Men Like More Than Sεx — But Won’t Tell You

What is up with this and is this a scam or fetish?

So earlier, I had some guy message me on messenger saying he was asking for volunteers and that he'd pay $20 for each. After asking what...

How to know if my dating app match is trying to use me?

- mentions that he is moving / wants to move - is busy for moving and packing up - constantly asked to meet up and asked out on...

How do you make friends with a guy you’re attracted to?

(He’s in one of my classes)

Guys what extent would you take if you found the girl you really liked?

What actions in particular. Would you go above and beyond?

Guys, my boyfriend texted my bff derogatory messages after I stormed out after a fight. When confronted he first lied then said he was just mad?

We rarely Ever argue. It’s literally the last thing i ever expected from him. He raves about me too his family and friends. We are...

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