What I'd Like to Have in the Future

I had a really good dream last night and it got me daydreaming about my future and I thought I'd share a bit about it. It's nothing wild...

What it's Like to Have a Terminal Illness: Living While Dying

Living with a terminal illness. Here's what it is like. 1. What is the Meaning of Life? Knowing that you don't have much life left to...

The Bullying is Getting Ridiculous...

It's not a secret, everyone knows it. A lot of kids get bullied these days. And not only that, but kids and teens are becoming more...

Orchids That Don't Want To Be Flowers

Naked Man Orchid Ballerina Orchid Flying Duck Orchid Laughing Bumblebee Orchid White Egret Orchid Hooker’s Lips Orchid

You Don't Have to Either Like a Cat or a Dog, You Can Like Both!

I've never understood why some people either like one animal or the other. Personally, I love cats and dogs! They're both so cute! In...

Skinny People Are Body Shamed Too

I've been put down my whole life for being too skinny. I was bullied for having really thin legs. People would say that I was chicken...

My favorite Wild Dog Species (Part 2)

Raccoon Dog/Tanuki/Mangut - They're a smaller canine species. Native to parts of east Asia. -This species not only looks like, but has...

Would you say this is a stupid purchase?

I watched the movie coco with my niece the other day and I loved it. I want to get the guitar from the movie coco because it’s cute....

Arab or Turkish Men?

Which one would you prefer? (No answers like neither or both if it is possible please)

Which situation would you rather die in?

Would you rather die alone at sea or would you rather die jumping out of a plane? Explain why.

Guys/gals post a picture of your celeb alter ego?

Whose your celeb alter ego post pic of them and im what situations do they come out?

Would you rather?

Would you rather save the entire world and no one knows. Or would you rather do nothing and everyone sings your praises?

You shouldn't use more than 30% of your income towards your monthly rent?

Is it true? How much of monthly income goes towards your housing/mortgage/rent? https://youtu.be/wxyDP_dS3EU

Black, blond or ginger hair?

If you had to choose between one of the 3 which one would you choose?

What do you think a son needs from his mom?

In your opinion what do your son needs the most from mommy?