Three Reasons why Dogs are Better than Cats

Before I start, I just want to say I am a massive animal lover of all kinds of animals. I have both cats and dogs as pets and love them...

How To Properly Bath Your Cat - The facts you never knew

Some people say that cats never have to be bathed. They say cats lick themselves clean. They say cats have a special enzyme of some sort...

English accent variations

This post is dedicated to @SALIM28 and it will be a series of posts with different accents from different parts in England, including...

I don’t recognise myself.

This take is about body dysmorphia and not recognising yourself in the mirror. I have Aspergers, which may contribute to me not being...

Its an odd and possibly insulting thing to be jealous of but I can't help it sometimes.

I'll start off with a picture of West Yellowstone at Sunrise because this take is going to get dark. Its something I can't tell people...

Ferrets and why I love them

I love these little guys so much. They are just little furry balls of energy. While they prefer to be not held as much they really love...

Why blend in when you're born to STAND out. -Dr. Seuss

Ladies and gentlemen. Being like every other girl or guy is not fun, because no one sees you for you, putting a mask on your true self...

Does anyone else think that a large percentage of the questions being asked here are self explanatory or just plain rediculous?

I understand asking simple questions to gain reassurance on what you may be thinking, but to paraphrase some of the doozies on here......

Is constantly being early rude?

So I am curious what everyone thinks about this. Is constantly showing up for a appointment or get together at least 30 minutes early...

How do I get rid of my guilt (I did something terrible)?

As a now 24 year-old, it still bothers me. An older couple lives in the same area. I know them. They own several pets. They used to have...

Why do I like wearing girls shoes?

Why do i like wearing girls shoes?

Is riding a motorcycle more enjoyable than driving a car?

Is riding a motorcycle more enjoyable than driving a car?

What's the weirdest thing you've ever seen in the bathroom?

the weird thing that happened to me is that I don't answer questions from the other cabin, but he's on the phone.

Which one of these animals would you trust the most around your baby?

Let’s say it’s your animal and your young baby. Pick from the list provided pleaseeee. I’m curious about these two.

Do you find the word asylum offensive?

Just wondering. A relative worked at a former asylum turned mental health hospital. Thing is, is when they say mental health hospital...

Who will loose the most money due to stock market drops?

say what you think it can be anything on the subject or choose from the list to comment on after you choose

Do you have ADHD?

I want to see how many people have ADHD on this app there is also I thinks as an answer if you have not been diagnosed. (Please answer...

Should I tell my family if I want to move out of state?

I am thinking about moving to a different state because I can't afford anything where I live. I live in Northern California and the...

Why do we have swear words?

What I mean is, why would someone make a word and then say "Right, no-one say this or you get punished" I mean, take Shit for an...

Being too hot or too cold whats worse?

Not dangerously but in a uncomfortable sense.

What will happen to countries if their economie loose money in 2020 ?

say what you think it can be any thing on the subject after you choose or choose to comment on one from the list