Things that were invented by women

Just to clarify things,if women did like how some men say (that women must stay in the kitchen) we probably wouldn't enjoy half of our...

Can we please stop hating on optimists?

By Optimist I mean someone who is happy, enjoying life, smiling, being cheerful, positive, or really just anyone that goes by being an...

Serious people=boring?

I can't laugh at every little thing anymore which i think is a sign of growing up. sometimes people think i'm rude or that i don't like...

The most Terrifying Serial Killer You've Never Heard Of

Please exercise caution while reading this my take it can be upsetting and graphic for some. Our story begins on February 1st, 2012, in...

To whoever was bullied, watch this! Remember these things, you matter, there will always be people to love you, you will always be...

Scorpio Star Sign: Is It At All Like Me?

So, I don't really believe in astrology or anything because I don't think it's reasonable to predict someone's personality based on when...

Breeding Rabbits for Meat and Manure Part2

The next thing I need to tell you all about farming meat rabbits is how you cage them. We build our own cages ourselves. 1. You stack...

Do you mind getting dirty or wet outside?

Do you like going outside in the rain or in the forest at night alone and mess around and jump in puddles and such? I don't see how it's...

Lazy but creative?

You think if I leave this hot pocket out over night, by the time I wake up it won't be frozen anymore so I could just eat it? Has anyone...

Why does Armenia hate turkey?

Why does Armenia hate turkey? I'M ARMENİAN

Could not texting for 2 years make you into a boring texter?

The last person I frequently texted everyday was my ex in 2017. Since I've never texted anyone so frequently. I rarely texted. If people...

Should I tell my ex from 4 years ago that I had a miscarriage?

I was with my ex for 2 years and it was extremely toxic. It was the beginning of my senior year in high school when I left him, though...

Important: Seizures in cats?

My almost 2 year old cat had a seizure tonight. My brother and I were going outside to play laser-tag in the dark, and on the way out,...

Do people hate it if you wear headphones at the mall? More specifically the cashiers and workers at stores?

Just wondering. When I’m by myself it gets boring walking around the mall

Do you think I should try to fix my car or send it to the junkyard (details below)?

So after my mental breakdown, fit of rage, and a bit of crying. I decided not to give and try to fix my car and get some use out of it....

If an 11 year-old girl does this how cruel is it?

I caused my mom to cancel her wedding. I got help from my 2 older friends (both 14) and one of the girls' brother, a then HS sophomore....

What's your opinion on age regression? do you approve of it?

age regression is when someone regresses into a younger mindset, or acts younger than they actually are. most people, including myself,...

What's 1 thing people most wouldn't want to pay more for if the world was completely green?

after choosing say any thing thats not on the list or choose from the list an say what you think

How often do you try to avoid seeming creepy?

How often do you act differently when around others because you don't want to be seen as a creep?

Girls, Say you accidently sent a sexy text and picture meant for your significant other to the wrong person, who below would you be most embarrassed?

The text would be about what you hoped to do with him and the picture would be of you in lingerie or topless. Play along for those of...

Do You Sleep With The TV On?

Personally, I can't sleep without the TV. It's been like that ever since I was a kid. I don't like being in the dark with no noise. It's...

Would you hire a bathmaid?

A bathmaid is a woman who gives (Male and female) clients a bath for money, it's not a sexual thing, she just gives you a bath to clean you.