Eight Life Lessons: Told By A 23-year-old Girl🎀

I'm writing this as a catharsis but I'm also I'm hoping that it will be helpful for someone. Life is so very hard and sometimes we get...
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Are you unsure about living on your own? Well here are some pros

The pros to living alone Living alone has plenty of benefits whether you’re an introvert or a social butterfly. Here are five...
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Stanley Cup Mania: Why Do you NEED a Stanley Cup?

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! The squeals of mainly women and young girls were heard this past Christmas as plenty...
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Tips for Christmas Preppers

If it's only October, and you've already bought a few Christmas decor items or you'd rather be prepared for the season long before the...
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Have You Been Having Recurring Dreams?

I cannot believe I’m up so early AGAIN but Im so tired of this recurring ending to my dreams. It always ends where my mouth is full of...
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Forgiveness and How To Do It - Life Changing!

For if you forgive men of their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: But if ye forgive not men of their trespasses,...
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It's Good to Be Judgemental.

Christians are often accused of "being judgmental", as though that's actually something to be ashamed of. It isn't. The only people who...
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Fingerprints 🤞🤘

#fingerprint These lines began to appear in the fingers of the human body when the child was 4 months old in the mother's womb, these...
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What is the rarest car color?

Let the guess begin! I think it might be pink or green..
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To the people who were actively watching WWE in the Attitude Era, how would you rate this current era to that era?

Personally, in terms of business, this is their absolute peak. They just sold out like 15 shows in a row (and are still counting). We...


I hate my life everything is always fu**Ed up, IM f****Ed up, I'm so da** pi**Ed I could just break something, I feel like nothing...

If you could create your own world to escape to anytime, what would it be like?⭐️?

mine would have hogwarts, tons of snow & mountains everywhere, id be able to change the climate, food anytime anywhere at the moment i...

As a kid, what's something funny that you were afraid of?

I was afraid of dogs that weren't my own... and there was this Mario game with ghosts.. I was legit scared of the ghosts 👻. I was...

Why everyone is anonymous on that platform?

Anonymous questions and answers 😅

Why do some people feel the need to insert themselves into other people's conversations?

Nobody was talking to you, yet here you are -- being nosy and butting into someone else's conversation. 😫
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Do you see the 1990s as an ancient time, far away? Or does it seem recent to you? ?

It's still kinda recent, even tho it was before the war on terror and iphones. Just because it was before that time, doesn't mean it's...
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Do you sleep every night?

How frequently do you slumber?
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Do you believe that humans are animals just like other primates?

I compared us to primates and someone got triggered. It doesn’t go against religion in my personal view, since god created life
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When preparing to shower, do you turn the water on before you get undressed?

In what order do you do things when you're about to take a shower?
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In order to win $10 Billion, would you rather be imprisoned for 1 month in a Lion's den or 5 years in general population with violent humans?

What would you do-ou-ou for $10 billion? There's only 1 lion in the Lion's den. You gotta avoid those sharp teeth and claws for a...
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"Bund marao bhen chod" meaning?

Can anyone tell me the meaning of this? This is in punjabi language. Please translate it for me

What so good about latinas?

I think there too overrated. And I hate when people say white girls are plain but Latina women look white. White skin straight hair....

What do you guys think of Latina Women?

What are your honest thoughts of Latin Women? Would you date a Latin woman?
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