Ever told someone to let you down slowly

LET ME DOWN SLOWLY Loneliness!, a big word in the world today. But what is loneliness? Some say it's a strong emotion when you feel...
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Have You Been Having Recurring Dreams?

I cannot believe I’m up so early AGAIN but Im so tired of this recurring ending to my dreams. It always ends where my mouth is full of...
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Forgiveness and How To Do It - Life Changing!

For if you forgive men of their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: But if ye forgive not men of their trespasses,...
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It's Good to Be Judgemental.

Christians are often accused of "being judgmental", as though that's actually something to be ashamed of. It isn't. The only people who...
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Fingerprints 🤞🤘

#fingerprint These lines began to appear in the fingers of the human body when the child was 4 months old in the mother's womb, these...
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Being a DA female

I'm a DA female. I just want to rant about being so misunderstood..my whole teenage years I was called a bitch and cold. A prude because...
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Happiness and what really matters

https://www.youtube.com/embed/dstuitW8PWM I think these topics are highly controversial and if you know me pretty well you know when you...
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You don't seem to be killing yourself... You show up day after day. So what keeps you going, what do you live for, could you say it in a few words & why?

I bet all here can answer this question, and it's a very good way to take stock of ourselves and our lives, which is something we rarely...
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Would you agree with a father who became wealthy and threw his children out to fend for themselves?

It's one thing to say okay you're past an age in which your dad should be supporting you it's another one to figuratively literally say...

Is it normal that I found love from a dog that I couldn’t find it in human?

I went to pet therapy and the dog was so loving and caring. I can feel him and now I feel like a different person. Is it normal?

Around when did you start caring about “height”— a certain age or school level?

This question is for guys AND girls. I avoided making a poll in hopes of some verbal interaction.— When I was younger, I didn’t care...

If you had to give your life up until now a letter Grade what would you give it?

When you look back at your life up to now how do you think you've done? what letter grade would you give your life? Indicate in the...
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Why am I attracted to my cousin?

To begin with, I have lost track of how many cousins I have in total. I was in touch with my maternal cousins until when I was a 5 year...
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If you don't have a tattoo what is the reason holding you back from getting one?

more of a poll question , but yeah if you don't have a tattoo and wanted one , what was holding you back from actually getting one done
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Cows or Horses?

I choose cow's. They are huge but something cute about them.. plus they taste good💀✌🏻
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If someone walked up to you with a camera & asked you to rate your looks based on a scale of 1-10, what would you say?

I'd go the safe route & say 5/10. If anything, I'm only slightly above average looking but I'd prefer to rate myself lower on camera so...
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Tell me you are getting older without saying you are getting older?

I'll go first. Just started receiving spam emails about setting up a prepaid cremation plan.😏
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What are the most fuckboy-ish names you can think of?

You know what I'm talking about, fuck boy names! When you hear these fuckboy names , you can literally smell the Axe body spray and hair...
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Does a big nose make guys ugly?

Personally I think it looks good on them

Ladies, what is your most masculine trait? And men what’s your most feminine trait?

Trait could include something you like to do, something about your personality, your job, something about your appearance etc.
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What are YOUR bad habits?

I asked this question because it seems like people are always so quick to point out other people’s bad habits without admitting or...
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