The road not taken: Dealing with the choices in life we regret!

My apologies ahead of time for those who had a mini panic attack thinking they had been whisked back to high school English courses and...

The Power of Story Telling

How do you see yourself? How do you comprehend what happens to you daily? How do you justify rejection? What do you tell yourself when...

ShaTTered Discussions: The Thin Line Between Confidence and Cockiness/Arrogance

Let me just start by saying that there is nothing wrong with being confident! I feel like everyone should be confident in themselves....

Debunking the “HEMA fanatic” biased analysis of Samurai vs Vikings

The “Historical European Martial Arts”(HEMA) community has been around for a few decades, it has only risen in popularity within the...

The Road To Forgivness

What is the occasion for writing this text on here? It is difficult to explain. Like most things are, I suppose. But I will try my best....

Lessons from 27 years of life.

I started my young age with so much passion for the things I am going to witness, the places I will go, and the wisdom I will learn. I...

5 Most Useless Inventions That Are Pretty Funny

Hello everyone, I haven't wrote a myTake in a very long time.. but today is the day! I hope you all at least get a good laugh from this...

What would make you happy right now?

As your temporary genie, I ask you what would make you happy right now?

Have you ever wanted to punch someone in the face?

I f*cking hate this guy from the site. I wish I could punch him in the face

Do you know anyone whose help is more of a hindrance?

The type of person who comes to lend a hand but you really wish they wouldn't.

Why aren't the covid testing free anymore?

They charge 180 dollars to get tested, so now for my job i gotta waste 180 to get the proof i was sick and then another 180 that proves...

What is the most tragic name you've ever seen (*≧▽≦)?

For me its got to be Richard Suckle bc a common nickname for Richard is Dick. Imagine his school life ! 。゚ (TヮT) ゚。

Finish this sentence: It's so damn hot_________?

I just saw Methheads put the copper wiring back in the AC Units 😂😂

Is a person truly humble if they don't know their worth?

Take me for example. I'm an immensely humble person in general. But if I didn't know I was as profoundly humble as I truly am, yet I...

Guys, which would you rather have?

Which would you rather have? More stature or more bedroom points? I'm completely unsatisfactory in both, but I'd EASILY rather have six...

What side of the bed do u sleep on?

Interested to see if its equal between male/females. (Sides based on standing at the foot of the bed, l

Sometime I wish I could get pregnant, are any men like this?

Sometimes I wish men could get pregnant just like women, they often complain about that and say nature is unfair to them, which I...

Do you think it is possible for a guy and a girl to keep remain as friends?

they spend many good times together , and both of them are straight and single

Ever felt like.. you are born to lose?

No matter what u do... what you touch.. the results the same!