A Little Take About the Chinese Zodiacs

I know not everyone believes in Astrology, be it Western or Chinese but I thought it would be fun to write about the Chinese zodiacs....

Cliche pics you have to have in your album... or phone.

If you were to look through everyones life in photos it appears everyone is living the exact same life. Here are some of the pics you...

5 simple ways you can help our dying planet

Our planet is our little oasis of life in such a vast cosmos full of empty space and unhabitable rocks and planets, it's time we took...

Some Ways to lift yourself up from bad situations

Ok, so there is always gonna be something in everyone's life that puts them down in the dumps and sometimes can make life seem...

Why being an Introvert is not a bad thing.

Many of us are familiar with the Introvert-Extrovert spectrum. And we all fall somewhere within that line. I myself am an Introvert....

“Your life isn’t a film, don’t end it”

Hey guys. I just wanted to tell anyone here who is considering committing suicide or is just going through a tough time. I know the...

Can we please stop hating on optimists?

By Optimist I mean someone who is happy, enjoying life, smiling, being cheerful, positive, or really just anyone that goes by being an...

Why people still don't understand that hardship is a gift?

People still believe that hardship makes you worst, but they don't like to see the reality, hard work and overcoming hardship makes you...

If you had a chance to send one message (s) to your past self 10 years ago, what would it say?

1st and obvious one would be to save up as much money as you can, especially in $ 2nd would be to start learning Code as soon as...

Have you ever been?

Have you ever been to jail? If you have, for what?

What should I choose? IAYP or editing?

My indecisive self needs a second opinion. IAYP is an award where students need to do camping , community service, sport and a skill and...

Is there a certain time frame when I have to take my driving test?

The very next day after I take my DMV written test, can I take my actual driving test? Cause I don't want to take the writing test, then...

I recently heard the funniest joke that I absolutely must share?

There is a chair... the chair walk. Like, with shoes! The chair go lalalalalala, he walk on the street lmao. The chair is walking!

How is your mood?👀👀?

Are you feel sad or happy? Why are you feeling like this? Comment below 👇🏻👇🏻

What does it mean if an object has a positive velocity but a negative acceleration?

Like will the object decelerate or move in a constant velocity?

How much did you spend on Prom?

How much did you spend and what was it on? (Clothes, car, misc, etc)

Which one would you prefer?

You have only 2 choices

What would you assume?

I had this guy come up to me and was like, hey I’m from uk. Then he talked about careers. He says, I’m becoming a dentist and my whole...

What would be 1 thing you would be shocked to see happend to your home?

after choosing comment on your choice an how you would feel an what would you do

What do you do when you receive a text?

I always prefer to answer as soon as I can, but I know of some people who like to wait several minutes to even several hours to answer...