"CRYING" Why It's Okay To Cry

There's so much debate if it's okay for a man to cry, if that makes them strong or weak, etc. blah blah... And not just men, women get...

Random tid bits about me, LanaDelRey25

I actually saw @Apple1996 did this and was bored so I took some inspo, hope she don't mind! I also do love making lists. <3 1. I'm a dog...

Why I Love Women

As I've grown older I've had a greater and greater appreciation for women. No I don't love them because they can be bodybuilders just...

Important Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

This is my first MyTake, and was inspired/requested by @Jjpayne and his question, Do you have any safety advice? I feel that safety is...

1000 life hacks: interesting life hacks you might never have thought of before

I was looking around for other things and I randomly found pics of these life hack facts and I thought they are so interesting I would...

The British Language Pronunciation is Whack!

My mate sent this to me and I loved it so much, the call out of our pronunciation just makes me laugh so hard!...

Dear stranger, I wish you the best

Dear stranger, I know things have been quite harsh and chaotic recently and maybe they have been affecting you to an extent. If you feel...

How often does this happen in a fight or battle?

You're fighting your opponent who is tough and difficult to beat. He's beating the hell out of you and even bloodies you badly but you...

I need some help to forget what my ex boyfriend did to me?

Hey before five years my ex boyfriend had took my virginity without my Approval it was on my birthday and now i have a new boyfriend...

What is the nerdiest thing about you?

For me I know every detail about the MCU. 😂 It's fine to be nerdy on things. 👍 So what are you nerdy about?

Who Would You A Rather?

1. Ginger or Maryanne? 2. Chrissy or Janet? 3. Laverne or Shirley? 4. Daphne or Velma? 5. Betty or Veronica? 6. Jessica Rabbit or...

Have you had a hard life?

Photo by "Jason Wong" on Unsplash

Are you looking forward to the fall season and all the holidays coming up?

I am not too excited about holidays as i don't have any real plans but i am looking forward to fall weather. I live in the south and...

Does my dog look like she’s part Labrador?

This is my dog Stormy. I adopted her about 3 months ago. She was only about 8 old when I got her. The rescue told me that she was a...

Is it wrong to lie to avoid hurting someone's feelings?

I feel like this is wrong, but most people seem to not agree with me about that.

18+ ADULTS ONLY: In your life, what do you most need “more” of (and why)?

Note: Please reply and say why you voted like you did. Also, if you want, you can list/rank your top 3.

Does conscientiousness improve with age?

Let's say the definition for consciousness here is: being efficient, organized, orderly, and task-oriented

Is it normal to dislike the girl my crush hooked up with? Ever since I found out I’ve held a grudge for some reason. Why do I feel this way?

Before I found out i didn’t feel any type of way about her but after I found out I started to nitpick her actions and started disliking...