The Struggles Of Having High Standards

First off this isn't about dating . This is about having high standards in life. Obviously it isn't all bad , it means I only accept the...

How I Stopped Hating My Name

Although my name is easy to spell and pronounce, I never liked it because it is so common among millennial females that I have always...

I Love Myself Without Permission

When I look in the mirror, what do I really see? Do I dare tell the truth or am I just supposed to say what everyone secretly wants to...

A Special on Christmas TV and Christmas Specials

Let's see how far I can get and what I can dig up :)

Present v. Past. You can not question statute.

A Guide For Confidence

1. You have to truly want it. I've come across many people who complain about how their low self-esteem is blocking them from achieving...

Why We Can't Live Without Generosity and Greed

Generosity, to give Greed, to take "If there was only a world of generous people they would never accept something from the other as...

Is sacrificing yourself for a loved one taught or innate?

At this moment, people I would sacrifice myself for would be: - My mother - My 12 year-old kid brother - My best friend Rachel -...

Are you waiting for something?

I feel like I am waiting for something. It's just things are not going right in my life and I know that I can change everything for the...

Would you rather?

If you were given this choice, no other options available, which would you choose to change?

Body hair on men?

Do women (some) like facial hair or it doesn't matter where the hair is just as long as there attractive to them

Is this cool or what?

You see a handsome smart dressed guy vaping, blowing some nice clouds, cool?

Which name is better? (Baby girl name)?

I can't pick between the two, which one do you guys like more?^-^

Does god smoke weed?

does he? cause looks like he doesn't give a f about anything.

Would u rather #1?

U gotta chose at least one

Why would a TA do this?

I am a HS senior and go to a vocational school. There is a TA from another trade that seemed off right away. Well she’s 16 years older...