How To Gain Respect!

Dress Appropriately. The reality is people judge, and people make both conscious and subconscious judgments about you within seconds of...
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I want to stop wagecucking in the lands for so-so money and OK living standards. Instead live a relaxed lifestyle like in paradise in the Bahamas.

I was born with zero money. I was wagecucking ("relentless" labor for very low money) like a slave and skinny and coughing away my...
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Rant from a Gen X'r

This isn't a question, but why do most of you millellenials expect somebody to do things FOR you? when I was growing up in the 80s its...
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People need to get this through their head

I know many people who care way too much about others. And I know that may sound wrong at first but there is a fine line, when you care...
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Do zombie's exist?

Hear me out, because I've been thinking about this topic in a logical way lmao. Please be open minded haha. I'm not saying I believe in...
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New Weapons & Equipment of the US Military 🪖

The US military is undergoing the biggest rebuild since the 1980s with most cold war era designs and equipment being replaced,...
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Advice for Guys: Avoiding A Sexual Harassment Case

Gotta tell you guys this has been in the works for the last 4 or 5 years now, something I’ve worked on here and there but finally...
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Can you choose up to seven special perks given to you, based on who you already are?

Here's an old Reddit post I did. This is the remastered version of that for GirlsAskGuys. You get these perks based solely on you being...
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If someone you were in love with died, and you had sexual footage of them, would you delete it?

I asked a question inspired by this thought last night it’s been removed maybe due to just asking it rather than showing how the...

Do u believe in fate?

What are the odds of getting an STD that was transmitted by a mosquito?

I haven't been bitten by a mosquito in years but I'm wondering now lol

Is it fair to get in trouble for punching a bully (after giving 3 warnings)?

I only had one bully in 10th grade. Both me and the other girl got suspended for 3 days. All I did was hit back once, giving her a...

Are you a good speaker or good listener?

Well, I'm a good speaker, yes but instead of venting out and telling my story I listen other's story and them venting out more and...
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What your reaction would be if your girlfriend/boyfriend comes out as transgender?

i want to come out as trans to my boyfriend but I don't know how to
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Do you think dogs all bark in the same language?

Humans have 100s of different languages and accents.. Do you think dogs are the same, or they all have one "universal" bark? 🤔😄
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Is 30 still relatively young?

For a man. Me personally I think upto 50 is a good age. Then 50 is middle aged, then 60 is getting on a bit and 80 is old. What do you...
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What Do You Think About Parents Who Buy Their Teens Luxury Cars?

How do you feel about parents(who can afford it) who buy their teenagers luxury cars such as Ranger Rovers, Lexus, BMW? Why...
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What is difference between slut, whore and hoe?

I'd like to know the difference between these terms, slut, whore and hoe. I don't want to be offensive. This is something I just wanted...

I got this message on Omegle?

"NOTICE TO PARTICIPANT: The Federal Bureau of Investigation has logged a record of this chat along with the IP addresses of the...

Who was your favorite character in the Disney movie Bambi?

Here's a question no one expected lol. If you've watched Bambi what character did you like most? Others: Friend Owl Great...
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Girls, do you like your guy to massage your feet?

Girls, do you enjoy it when your boy massages your feet? Including variants like tickling, carressing, or just holding them.
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20 Cute Ways to Carry or Hold a Girl

I believe that one of the cutest, most romantic things is when a guy holds and carries a woman, so here's a compilation of some cute...
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