A Little Take About the Chinese Zodiacs

I know not everyone believes in Astrology, be it Western or Chinese but I thought it would be fun to write about the Chinese zodiacs....

Cliche pics you have to have in your album... or phone.

If you were to look through everyones life in photos it appears everyone is living the exact same life. Here are some of the pics you...

5 simple ways you can help our dying planet

Our planet is our little oasis of life in such a vast cosmos full of empty space and unhabitable rocks and planets, it's time we took...

Some Ways to lift yourself up from bad situations

Ok, so there is always gonna be something in everyone's life that puts them down in the dumps and sometimes can make life seem...

Why being an Introvert is not a bad thing.

Many of us are familiar with the Introvert-Extrovert spectrum. And we all fall somewhere within that line. I myself am an Introvert....

“Your life isn’t a film, don’t end it”

Hey guys. I just wanted to tell anyone here who is considering committing suicide or is just going through a tough time. I know the...

Can we please stop hating on optimists?

By Optimist I mean someone who is happy, enjoying life, smiling, being cheerful, positive, or really just anyone that goes by being an...

If you could redo something over again, what would it be and why?

For me, I would do college over again. Just to strive for straight A’s.

Does anyone have any ideas of activities I should try?

Most of my life has revolved around school, work, military or helping others figure out what they want/need out of life. I love working...

Is there picture adding website that works?


How do I let go of angry bitter thoughts toward women?

I want to change. I really do. But it's very difficult when I still have thoughts of anger & resentment towards them. Thinking they're...

Does anyone hate life so much knowing it won’t get better?

I freakin hate my life and what it has become! I’ve tried so hard to improve and get on track with life but nothing has worked, it feels...

What types of people talk on GAG?

Like, of corse I do because I'm talking not here right now, but I would just like to have a bit of a scope for the other people who use...

How do I overcome beating myself up?

I often regard myself as stupid and have a hard time having any confidence in social situations. How can I know if I’m seeing an...

What does it mean that I feel sad but not exactly depressed all the time?

I dont know recently I haven't felt depressed just a bit sad all the time and I dont know whats wrong and advice?

Do you think that saying sir/ma'am is polite or rude?

I'm just interested, because recently when I called a woman ma'am she shouted at me and told me that it made her feel old. I come from...

Are you racist? If so, who are you racist against the most?

Explain why you hate that certain group of people. Let's have a healthy discussion and hopefully resolve any issues that we might have...

You get hit by lightning an you live an get 1 power what would you want?

after choosing say what power you think would be great to have an why

What are your TWO all time top favorite Halloween Creatures?

This is a really important survey! Last year I did a Halloween myTake and I want to do another one this year. The one I did last year...

Did this guy even want to buy my laptop or other messed up intention?

So I advertised my laptop on facebook for $200 This guy messaged me and wanting to meet up today after work around 5pm Then I waited for...

Did you get drunk on your 21st birthday?

I turn 21 in December, and my stepmom said it's tradition to get drunk on your 21st birthday.

Wouldn't it be cool if our youthful years lasted more?

Imagine being in your 20's or 30's for much longer. This means you would age at a slower pace. Example: You age every 5 years. If...

If you could live in an under ground city what 1 thing would you enjoy?

after choosing say what you think it can be any thing or choose from list

What race do you think of sexiest?

What race do you find attractive? What do you think?

Was my cousin's punishment (6 yrs) too much or not?

My younger cousin is now 19 years old. Do you think her punishment of 6 years was still too much? Background: She and her friend (ages...