God created me. He made me a beautiful and special woman. I will not fake my existence. I will not pretend to be a man. I have no reason to!

I am myself. I live my life true to myself. My female appearance makes me happy. My breasts make me happy. My cute clothes and makeup...
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Can you choose up to seven special perks given to you, based on who you already are?

Here's an old Reddit post I did. This is the remastered version of that for GirlsAskGuys. You get these perks based solely on you being...
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Focuses for 2023

1. My physical health. Over the last couple of years I haven’t been in the best shape. I swear I lost 10 pounds because of work...
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MCheetah December 2022 Journal Entry to Vent

This is just a journal entry for me and me alone. I don't expect anyone else to possibly understand it or get it, but writing helps me...
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Habits are a direct factor and link to intelligence

I’ve done some thinking… and after a question I had posed not too long ago, I figured I’d share my conclusive thoughts on the matter....
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The way to unlimited power: do it easy

I recently had an epiphany, and I'm assimilating what it means: As weird as this may sound I have experienced the way of reaching...
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Pointers to drive cars in the correct manner. Common mistakes I have noticed people making. Important points/tips while manoeuvring on slopes.

This myTake is intended for manual cars only. Let's start from the basics. The Steering Angle. Most of the roads are naturally like a...
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Live life your way! It's yours's not anyone else's.

I know I'm young but I also know that life is unpredictable. So I'm gona say that life is like a river full of twists and terns, it can...
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Do you still wear your socks if there is a hole in them?

Doesn't it bother you to wear them? Today, I saw a man in socks and crocs and noticed a hole in the heel of his sock. I know him from...
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What's the pronunciation of "data"?

Is it only correct to say "day-tah", or is " dah-tah" also correct? I always heard "day-tah" but then in one tv series I heard they...

Why would he try to sell me this coffin?

First of all relax, I'm not dying and don't plan to for a very long time. But I do work in an industry with a high accident rate so it...

Would you display this door mat at your front door?

And do you think it would really keep anyone from trying to break into your house? N ow the real question is, would you be so bold as to...

Who here is getting hogwarts legacy on February 10th and which edition are you getting?

If you pre-order the game you get all of this in the picture

What keeps you going?

I'm currently thirty two, having recently been through cancer surgery and feel like living hasn't been worth it. I've done everything...

What do you DISLIKE the most about RAIN?

We all know it rains from time to time. What don't you like the most about rain?
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Which do you want for me?

What do you want for me. Be completely honest
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Showers, when are we taking them, in the morning or at night?

We all know that cleanliness is next to Godliness and that being squeaky clean is important for our day to day interactions with other...
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POLL- How much do you spend a week on groceries/toiletries?🌮💰🛒?

I’m trying to spend only $50 a week on food but then I have to pay for toiletries so that’s about $100 a week. I live alone so toilet...
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How many times a week do you clean your house? 🧽🧼🧹?

It never ends my studio apartment is small but gets so dirty always. Wash dishes, vacuum crumbs off floor, broom hair from bathroom...
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Off grid housing options?

What housing options do you recommend for someone who has kids? I'm looking to purchase a tiny home this summer where I can garden
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