A Beginner's Guide To Essential Camping Gear

1. Tent (image courtesy of Mountain Leon) Choose a light one because it gets a lot heavier when you walk for long time carrying it on...

How To Properly Bath Your Cat - The facts you never knew

Some people say that cats never have to be bathed. They say cats lick themselves clean. They say cats have a special enzyme of some sort...

English accent variations

This post is dedicated to @SALIM28 and it will be a series of posts with different accents from different parts in England, including...

I don’t recognise myself.

This take is about body dysmorphia and not recognising yourself in the mirror. I have Aspergers, which may contribute to me not being...

Its an odd and possibly insulting thing to be jealous of but I can't help it sometimes.

I'll start off with a picture of West Yellowstone at Sunrise because this take is going to get dark. Its something I can't tell people...

Ferrets and why I love them

I love these little guys so much. They are just little furry balls of energy. While they prefer to be not held as much they really love...

Why blend in when you're born to STAND out. -Dr. Seuss

Ladies and gentlemen. Being like every other girl or guy is not fun, because no one sees you for you, putting a mask on your true self...

Can you speak the language (s) of your ancestors?

According to the various DNA tests I've taken, they all share Spanish/Basque, Portuguese, French, Italian/Sardinian, and Ashkenazi...

How to know if a tattoo shop is a clean place if some states don't require inspections on them?

I read that some states don't have laws of inspections over tattoo shops. So how can you know if a tattoo shop is clean and won't...

What's your favorite burn (insult) that you've ever given or received?

Because sometimes you have to acknowledge that a BURN is a good one, even if it was on your behalf....

Is stage fright, contagious?

If someone has cold feet, does that mean that someone else can get it

Dating or hook up?

Is this a hook up site

Do you know anyone that kisses with their eyes open?

i dont im just asking but thats gotta be weird no lie 😂

OCD'ers: How do I stop... ?

So this is probably the weirdest question I've ever asked on here. How do I ignore, and stop thinking about, this plastic bag in the...

Do you agree with this statement: White Men are the pinnacle of the human species?

White men invented most of the important things in the world

Do you think our deaths is how we're meant to die?

Some people die young and others much olders. Many people die in accidents, getting murdered (ex: Selene Quintanilla, shot to death) or...

Do you like hearing someone tell you "good morning" when you wake up?

I'm never in a good mood in the morning, so I don't like hearing anyone say anything to me when I first wake up. 😂

Which is the best angle for this photo?

I did a family photoshoot thing with my mum and grandma last year and people keep saying this photo would look better with a different...