"CRYING" Why It's Okay To Cry

There's so much debate if it's okay for a man to cry, if that makes them strong or weak, etc. blah blah... And not just men, women get...

Belief: The power to move forward

What is belief? The answer to this is different for different people. What or whom do they believe in is also different like some people...

It's just a dog , get over it!

Under any circumstances you shouldn't tell a pet owner whose pet just died That it's just a [any animal] That's just rude and...

Why I Love Women

As I've grown older I've had a greater and greater appreciation for women. No I don't love them because they can be bodybuilders just...

Important Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

This is my first MyTake, and was inspired/requested by @Jjpayne and his question, Do you have any safety advice? I feel that safety is...

1000 life hacks: interesting life hacks you might never have thought of before

I was looking around for other things and I randomly found pics of these life hack facts and I thought they are so interesting I would...

The British Language Pronunciation is Whack!

My mate sent this to me and I loved it so much, the call out of our pronunciation just makes me laugh so hard!...

I'm a 2/10 looking guy. What should I do about myself?

I can't seem to get my mind off being a virgin If you think this is funny and insignificant to me then you're one sick and cruel person...

Were you ever made fun of because of bad hand writing?

Like, some kids took penmanship so seriously in 8th grade and I had to hear about it all the time.

Do you have dreams that you are running from someone?

Do you have dreams that you are running from someone? And for some reason the whole dream is in tension, you run, you run, but you...

What were you like growing up :)?

What were you like growing up? :) Were you hyper, shy, talkative etc.

Should I buy another cat just for my animal?

I have a cat at home, who I adore a lot. Almost as if, she's my child. Though, she is.. It felt like I birthed her. She's attached to my...

Do you have a disturbing photo of yourself?

I have one where i was so thin, after being kicked out young. Still shocks me.

If you could manipulate anyones body without their mental consent, who would you manipulate and what would you make them do?

you could probably make them do evil deeds such as murder or theft but the problem is that they can still speak whilst you're...

If you ran the world, how would you change it?

How would society be? How would you influence the civilians morals? If their are. Would you run it under complete chaos and destruction...

How to Stop questioning something, you obviously will never get the answer to?

because been trying So hard to get answers, it's not working. I need to know, but, at the same time, it's wasting my time because no...

Do you believe the mainstream media or are you a conspiracy theorist?

of course you can have your own opinion without it being a conspiracy theory but it seems in the public discussion, everyone who doesn't...

Do you make more money than your parents?

I at 25 years make much more money than my parents. Tells a lot about how poor I grew up.

Who would you take home and take care of? You can choose only one?

You better think twice because you can take only one and save it Once you have chosen , the other will suffer and die. They are both...

Do you think China should be sued for compensation because of Covid 19 ?

All around the world we have felt the effect of this virus. I have lost 2 people close to me and now am worried about the financial...

If you had to choose, would you rather lose an arm or a leg?

That is above the joint. Above the knee or above the elbow.

Would you live in a haunted house?

Basically, lets just say you were offered a house that's dirt cheap and easily fits within your budget, without really putting a dent in...

Should moderators be able to behave like other members on here?

They join with community, make comments. Also make harsh comments. But when they hear it in return they are going to remove you comments...

Do you think that the pursuit to live longer will ironically cause the end of humanity?

I honestly don't think humans are supposed to live to a hundred years nor do I want to live that long. I believe 50 to 60 is a decent...

What should I do right now?

I’m so bored need ideas on what to do right now

Who would win in a fight bruce lee or michael jai white?

Please try to answer as impartial as possible. Bruce lee stats height 5'5 weight 130 pounds, no official black belts. Michael Jai White...