I've Never Had Alcohol

I've literally never had an alcoholic beverage. Never been drunk. Never bought alcohol. Never tasted it. N-O-T-H-I-N-G. I made the...

Stop generalising people based on their genders.

I literally see it all the time "Why are men so ... ", "Why do women do ...", and then there are questions about why people hate either...

My 2020 recap - glowup edition

2020 has been a very busy year for me with many ups and downs. At the end of 2019 I got in an argument with my best friend, with whom I...

How getting pierced changed my life for the better

I went home over the holidays and while is was there I decided to get a helix piercing. Here’s the thing – I had been dying to get one...

Highly Sensitive Person (HSP): Have you heard of it, or do you identify with it?

Yes, this is an actual thing. When people often say "you're so sensitive" - perhaps you are. There is nothing wrong with being that way....

Is everything just matter?

The most prominent view in today's society is that there is nothing but matter. It's all matter and nothing else we have moved on from...

How I spend a typical day

6:45 a.m. – My alarm goes off. It’s a Wednesday morning. I wanna cry since i usually didn't get enough sleep. Usually, I hit snooze,...

Do you carry any kind of self defense weapon?

I mostly carry a couple of knives, they work well to get my points across and treat some difficult clients. What about you?

I never had friends or a girlfriend or anything and it's all because of my ugly face. What should I do to feel better?

Psychologists were so evil to me. Gaslighting me and telling that's all in my head and it's my "personality" but it was not. I've always...

"Autistic Child Area"?

The other day, I was running a Delivery to a residence within a Neighborhood, and stumbled across a sign I've never seen before! Now, I...

Why do you think there are only 2 genders?

people who believe there are only 2 genders: why do you think this 1. im literally a non-binary 2. learn difference between gender and...

Anyone know why some videos aren’t on pornhub premium but are on regular pornhub?

To offer more context to my question... I bought the lifetime subscription to pornhub premium when it was offered around Christmas time....

What's your worst existential crises?

Mines that one day gravity will stop working and slowly the atmosphere will deplete to nothing slowly freezing and suffocating humans.

What is your opinion on those women pictures above urinals in men's restrooms?

Personally I do not like these and I find them disturbing. It's just not the right place and not the right time. Luckily I know only one...

Should I go or not?

So I went shopping yesterday and when I left the store for my car, I found a note under the wiper saying: "meet me at (a specific place)...

Are 20-21-year-old people adults or children?

People born in 2000 are 20 or 21 years old now. Do you think are 20-21-year-old people adults or children?

Lose your hands, feet, nose, ears, eyes or tongue? (or Death)?

Hypothetical here. Let's say you had some gang/mob, cult, enemy soldiers (let's just call them bad guys), captured you and dragged you...

Have you ever…?

Honestly I'hv taken shampoo, conditioner, soap from hotels several times...

Is the universe random or predetermined?

I’d say random with apparent patterns.

Is every day the worst day of your life?

Like every day is worse than the previous and the previous day was the former worst day of your life?

What can I do about an auto repair shop that took my money, & didn’t fix my problem?

I spent 377 Bucks at an auto repair shop & they literally did nothing to fix my problem. They kept my car for almost 2 weeks They...