Trying to Survive the Texas Snow Storm

For those of you on the outside looking in, you're probably like what the hell is going on down in Texas and you'd be right because...

5 Most Useless Inventions That Are Pretty Funny

Hello everyone, I haven't wrote a myTake in a very long time.. but today is the day! I hope you all at least get a good laugh from this...

20 of the many German inventions and innovations

Every country has it’s great inventors and innovators. However there is one country and ethnic group that rarely gets credit for their...

Held Up At Gunpoint

In my head I was rolling my eyes as one of my last customers for the day asked to see the price of one of the home decor pieces high on...

Im kidding I was just joking. This does not absolve you from anything.

This was posted at one point on this forum as a Q&A.. One thing you never will see me do. And that is smile. I dont smile. I can't smile...

Stop generalising people based on their genders.

I literally see it all the time "Why are men so ... ", "Why do women do ...", and then there are questions about why people hate either...

My 2020 recap - glowup edition

2020 has been a very busy year for me with many ups and downs. At the end of 2019 I got in an argument with my best friend, with whom I...

How are you really feeling?

I'm feeling pretty good right now. Pretty relaxed.

What Is My Purpose?

Why was I born? For what? Just to suffer all the time?

Who is fed up of this?

Who is fed up of Covid? and just wants to go back to normal?

Has riding a bike ever made you like you were gonna throw up 🤢 ?

So it’s be more than a decade of me riding a bike. That since this whole plandemic, all the bikes were sold out in stores and were...

You suddenly travelled back in time to medieval age, how useful would you be?

Your memory stays but you are in the medieval age. With knowledge you know from the current world we are in what can you offer? Would...

What do you think of guys who collect toys?

what do you think of guys who collect toys as a hobby. I collect die cast cars I don’t really play with them I open them review them and...

Can guys and girls be just friends with no feelings of attraction towards the other?

My definition of friend for this scenario would include a person who you can spend a lot of time with one-on-one. I think it is possible...

6 months on 3 dating apps, 0 match? Why? And how to avoid loneliness?

I am 21, and want someone, loneliness kills more Then thought. I don't even force it but I am running out of things to district myself...

Where do you usually get and then immediately lose your best ideas?

Just wondering. Most of mine are lost on the road.

Birthday Present.. Samsung Galaxy NOTE 20 Ultra or Samsung Galaxy 21 Ultra?

My best friend's birthday is coming up. Trying to figure out which to give him. I gave him the Note 9 two and a half yeas ago for...

Can media be objectively bad?

Can art, movies, music, etc. be considered objectively bad?

Which of these negatives would be the least terrible to permanently live with as a male?

You (or the closest male in your life) will have one of these horrible negatives inflicted upon him. They will be stuck with this for...

Do you feel that you are significantly different from your contemporaries? Do you not quite belong or fit in?

I remember my teen years well. They were filled with huge self-doubt, anger, alienation and anhedonia, but at least by the time I...