A Little Take About the Chinese Zodiacs

I know not everyone believes in Astrology, be it Western or Chinese but I thought it would be fun to write about the Chinese zodiacs....

Why won't the sun go down already

I know a lot of people don't like how early the sun sets this time of year, today the sun will set in my town in MA at 4:19 PM A lot of...

10 Fun Facts About Penguins!

Who is a penguin's favourite family member? Aunt Arctica! I'm kidding, but here's 10 facts about the most loveable tuxedo-wearing bird...

Life as an Aspie: A short narration of how we experience the World, Pt 1

Life as an Aspie: A Short Narration of how We Experience the World , pt 1 I want to start out by saying that I am not going to be basing...

Make everyone happier: Give compliments!

It seems so simple, if someone is looking good or doing something great, you tell them you like it. You compliment them. But if it's so...

Just a small wave of existentialism.

When I was a kid, astronomy was my life. I used to stare at the stars all the time and point out the constellations in the sky. I used...

The Line in the Sand, Respect My Boundaries!

https://www.youtube.com/embed/5zshYe6Agzk The House Always Wins, but Why? There are times in life that things are lost in translation....

Can someone please explain this?

There is this guy who has years of being alcoholic and drinks very much everyday Last year he was diagnosed with an infection in his...

Which habit are you the most proud to have?

Habits are things you can do without thinking - the default. Like looking in the fridge when hungry, even if it was empty 15 minutes...

Diaper lifestyle?

What do you people think about diaper lifestyle where the adult wear diapers basically I’m talking about me i do wear diapers 24/7 for...

How can I sell clothing?

I sell clothes on an app where I have now almost 9k. But I also sell bundle of used clothes all for $12 & people only buy that & don’t...

Do you like the sky? What do you like about it?

My last post was removed in like 3 seconds. Can't remove this one though 😏

Would you give up your seat for a pregnant man?

Would you give up your seat on public transport for a pregnant man?

Would it be more risky to go to jail with your hair dyed super bright red pink?

Have to do 6 months in the county jail for violating my probation. I just recently bleached my hair then I dyed it super bright red. I...

How was your day today? Was today / is today a good day?

tell me about it because i am bored!!😅😆😅

Degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius?

So quick lesson Celsius is based off the temprereture of water while Fahrenheit looks at how the human body feels closest to waters...