I've Never Had Alcohol

I've literally never had an alcoholic beverage. Never been drunk. Never bought alcohol. Never tasted it. N-O-T-H-I-N-G. I made the...

My 2020 recap - glowup edition

2020 has been a very busy year for me with many ups and downs. At the end of 2019 I got in an argument with my best friend, with whom I...

How getting pierced changed my life for the better

I went home over the holidays and while is was there I decided to get a helix piercing. Here’s the thing – I had been dying to get one...

Highly Sensitive Person (HSP): Have you heard of it, or do you identify with it?

Yes, this is an actual thing. When people often say "you're so sensitive" - perhaps you are. There is nothing wrong with being that way....

Is everything just matter?

The most prominent view in today's society is that there is nothing but matter. It's all matter and nothing else we have moved on from...

How I spend a typical day

6:45 a.m. – My alarm goes off. It’s a Wednesday morning. I wanna cry since i usually didn't get enough sleep. Usually, I hit snooze,...

Be comfortable in your own skin and stop asking for society's approval.

We are all unique in our own way. So many people think they need society's approval to be happy. I don't understand why? Being part of...

Where did you Hide your "Stash" growing up?

Remember all that stuff your parents FORBID you to have as a kid... that you had anyways... Yeah, That Stuff! Personally, I hid mine in...

My period is late. am I pregnant?

here's what’s happening. So i had sex a few days before Christmas. I was supposed tk get my period this week normally, around jan 9 but...

Do you feel happy when it snows?

This is a happiness that will never change for me but it's not snowing here for a long time 😥

What's gonna happen on 1-20-2021?

Everyone seems to have something to say. So what's really gonna happen?

Alone and bored, any ideas on how to kill boredom?

alone and bored in the house, any ideas, tv is kinda boring and so are the video games, but if you have any tv recommendations toss em...

If you got paid afterwards, would you volunteer to be wrongfully accused of a crime and serve prison time for it?

Would you volunteer to get falsely accused of a crime and serve time at a medium security prison for it? Your record will be cleared...

What's something you don't know at your age?

I am 20 and I don't know how to use a washing machine or how to park in line.

What is your race?

Just curious about fellow GaG users. Only have room for seven choices. If your wasn't listed, feel free to state it in the comments....

Am I a bad person?

I'm going to turn on the anon feature on this one, anon answers are appreciated.

Are shock collars cruel?

I adopted a new dog back in June. She is 8 moths old now. She’s a mix between a Labrador and a pitbull and so she’s a pretty big dog....

Have you or anyone you know changed their personality?

I really want my husband to change. He smokes He is always sounding annoyed He has no empathy. When i get angry he just judges me......

Should we have baby licenses?

Have to be a certain IQ and social standing to have kids

Would you be willing to be an embalmer?

Embalming refers to treating corpses to delay decomposition, typically to make the body acceptable to view at a funeral. Embalmers...