"CRYING" Why It's Okay To Cry

There's so much debate if it's okay for a man to cry, if that makes them strong or weak, etc. blah blah... And not just men, women get...

Belief: The power to move forward

What is belief? The answer to this is different for different people. What or whom do they believe in is also different like some people...

It's just a dog , get over it!

Under any circumstances you shouldn't tell a pet owner whose pet just died That it's just a [any animal] That's just rude and...

Why I Love Women

As I've grown older I've had a greater and greater appreciation for women. No I don't love them because they can be bodybuilders just...

Important Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

This is my first MyTake, and was inspired/requested by @Jjpayne and his question, Do you have any safety advice? I feel that safety is...

1000 life hacks: interesting life hacks you might never have thought of before

I was looking around for other things and I randomly found pics of these life hack facts and I thought they are so interesting I would...

The British Language Pronunciation is Whack!

My mate sent this to me and I loved it so much, the call out of our pronunciation just makes me laugh so hard!...

Whats a good amount of money to move out with?

Im 19 and wanna move out by the time I turn 22, maybe 21. I plan to have at least $15-20k saved up. I live in SD, CA. Can you guys...

Tips for living by yourself for the first time?

My grandparents passed away a little while ago. My grandmother died last year and my grandfather passed away earlier this year. We...

Are you Turkish?

Hi, I am from Turkey and just wanted to see who else on this website is from Turkey.

Why are some people troublemakers?

They talk big and even can get in your face but as soon as someone meaner floors them (either with a punch or hard slap) suddenly they...

Swimming pools, pizza bikinis gym?

Where are you 🤧🤧

What reasons do people have to keep living?

I'm trying to find a reason myself but can't come up with anything.

I can't sleep, how cringey of a teenager are/were you?

So I used to roleplay online when I was in like middle school to early highschool. I once cried because my fake boyfriend broke up with...

If you could go back to a time in the 2010's era what year would it be?

Id go back to 2013 or 2012 because those were some of the happy experiences I had and when i was in middle school. Id do literally...

When you ask someone if they're okay, do you want them to tell you that they're not if they aren't okay?

... or would you rather they lied, and say they're okay, even if they're not? In the past, whenever I felt sad or I was going through...

Do you believe the mainstream media or are you a conspiracy theorist?

of course you can have your own opinion without it being a conspiracy theory but it seems in the public discussion, everyone who doesn't...

Should men be forced to pay child support?

I was reading something related to abortion recently, and under that an American argued that if women were to have the right to an...

If someone invented a bolt action rifle that fired tank rounds, could soldiers handle it?

I personally think that if you were to make something like that, it would be too much recoil to handle and you would have to put more...

Do you make more money than your parents?

I at 25 years make much more money than my parents. Tells a lot about how poor I grew up.

For everyone here, what do you prefer?

Before you start to think dirty, I was talking about the weather temperatures, like on summer and winter

Who would you take home and take care of? You can choose only one?

You better think twice because you can take only one and save it Once you have chosen , the other will suffer and die. They are both...

Do you think China should be sued for compensation because of Covid 19 ?

All around the world we have felt the effect of this virus. I have lost 2 people close to me and now am worried about the financial...

If you had to choose, would you rather lose an arm or a leg?

That is above the joint. Above the knee or above the elbow.