"CRYING" Why It's Okay To Cry

There's so much debate if it's okay for a man to cry, if that makes them strong or weak, etc. blah blah... And not just men, women get...

Be comfortable in your own skin and stop asking for society's approval.

We are all unique in our own way. So many people think they need society's approval to be happy. I don't understand why? Being part of...

The Men In Black: A Weird And Creepy Experience That I Once Encountered

The Men In Black When my friend and I were 14, we were hanging out in the park around 6pm. We were just chilling out, sitting and...

My Second Take on Puerto Rico and My Culture & Heritage - Expanded

If you know me by the kinds of posts I write, especially as answers to questions, then you know that I'm very cultural and that my...

To be smart is to be sad

You've heard smart before, and alongside that you've heard wise, brilliant, and/or intelligent, which usually means someone with perfect...

"It's not what you hear, but how you listen to it." She said to me.

So, I have this older female "friend" so to speak. (She's actually kind of a stalker who works at my university campus as a registration...

Belief: The power to move forward

What is belief? The answer to this is different for different people. What or whom do they believe in is also different like some people...

Do you think suicide is cowardly?

Please no religious answers or comments. my question is just do you think suicide is cowardly. Just keep in mind some people do have...

I'm 22 but I have no interest in partying like ever. Anyone else relate?

I can't stand when people say"you need to get the fun out of your system." "You should go to a club" "why not try it?" "Oh but you're so...

Would you forgive a person who raped you when you were a child?

I have a relative who constantly raped me when i was a child. I grew up with several mental issues. I am 21 now and I’m finally talking...

I need some positivity in my life right now. What are you thankful for?

A friend died yesterday and I’m having trouble with it. And of course all the stuff that’s happened this year. I’m having trouble seeing...

What do I do about loud upstairs neighbors?

My sister and I just moved into a second-floor apartment last week and so far, it's been an absolute nightmare. The people upstairs have...

Have you seen a good looking gag user?

To be honest. Just by looking on their profile pictures or even "how do I look" questions, made me just realize that only people who...

Which is your favorite Turkey?

The Wild Turkey lives in mostly in the United States while the Ocellated Turkey lives in Mexico and Central America!!

Genie granting wishes?

Would you prefer to meet a genie that grants you 3 wishes Or become a genie and grant other people’s wishes but never your own

Are You Doing Anything For Thanksgiving And/Or Thanksgiving Weekend?

BONUS ROUND! "Quarantine Paradise" Written by @NYCQuestions1976 Performed to "Gangsta's Paradise" by Coolio As I walk through my house...

Did (do) you feel sad when you were about to turn 30?

I'm nearly 30 in about 4 years... It makes me sad thinking about it

Is the Grinch initially a commie bastard who hates Christmas?

The Grinch is initially a character who absolutely hates Christmas and even wants to “cancel” Christmas. Furthermore he...

Can you buy happiness?

I think that you can buy things that makes you happy.