Things that were invented by women

Just to clarify things,if women did like how some men say (that women must stay in the kitchen) we probably wouldn't enjoy half of our...

Can we please stop hating on optimists?

By Optimist I mean someone who is happy, enjoying life, smiling, being cheerful, positive, or really just anyone that goes by being an...

Serious people=boring?

I can't laugh at every little thing anymore which i think is a sign of growing up. sometimes people think i'm rude or that i don't like...

The most Terrifying Serial Killer You've Never Heard Of

Please exercise caution while reading this my take it can be upsetting and graphic for some. Our story begins on February 1st, 2012, in...

To whoever was bullied, watch this! Remember these things, you matter, there will always be people to love you, you will always be...

Scorpio Star Sign: Is It At All Like Me?

So, I don't really believe in astrology or anything because I don't think it's reasonable to predict someone's personality based on when...

Breeding Rabbits for Meat and Manure Part2

The next thing I need to tell you all about farming meat rabbits is how you cage them. We build our own cages ourselves. 1. You stack...

Is there a texture or sound that makes you cringe?

I really hate the feeling of cotton balls! 😣 Photo by Spencer Backman on Unsplash

What percentage of Gag profiles are catfish?

I'd probably put about 70%. Like AilsaGourly is a complete catfish. She's pretending to be some instagram chick from Michigan.

Organization to help plant trees?

Do you guys know any websites? I googled but it keeps asking for donations, I want to actually help plant them.

Why are a lot of older black women so bitter and childish?

Some 55 year old black woman and her friends started attacking me just because I said I was a virgin. This is what happened. Some black...

Which (super) power would you like to have?

You have to choose a (super) power that can't help you become a superhero or villain. I'd choose the one Starfire has - learning a new...

If your inner voice was an actual person and talked to you the way it usually does, would you enjoy the conversation and keep in touch with them?

It might be interesting for a bit there but I probably wouldn't be close friends with him. Casual or Work place friends would be as...

Are these good pictures?

Like are they upload worthy?

Clingy friend/girlfriend?

Do guys like when a girl is clingy and wants to spend time with them?

Are THOTS taking over the world?

Every where I go I see hoes... I walking into a Walmart - boom!!! Hoes in the makeup isle , in the electronics sections in the shoe...

Is it ok to let your cat play with your hamsters?

My cat is nice and my hamsters super chill I think they would be good friends...

If a former bully's child gets bullied, would you say that's karma?

Scenario: - David the former school bully (grade, junior and HS) has reformed and made amends with all his targets. Years later he's a...

What are the secrets of the universe?

Pick one, or more, questions to answer... 1) Why are other planets with life so far away, if there are any? 2) Why is space black? 3)...

Cat or dog? Minecraft edition?

This is very important