What It's Really Like for Many Fathers After a Separation or Divorce

1) His rights are heavily dependent on cooperation from the kids' mother Fathers are often illegally denied even court-mandated...

Everything You Need to Know About Financial Settlements After Divorce

It is easy to overlook the essence of sound legal advice when you are going through a life-altering situation. Getting a divorce is...

Tips for Girls, On How to Break Up With a Guy...

You know it's got to be done. But if you're like most girls, you're feeling a little chicken. Could you go to Antarctica and call him...

Letter from my Ex

Letter from my Ex Dear Sweetheart, I've gone over in my head a million times what I wanted to say to you. There is just no perfect way...

Songs to comfort someone going through a breakup

The Three of Swords Sing me a song of a lass who is gone/Say can that lass be I... A wistful song about remembering good times. Don’t...

Want to break up with your girlfriend but not do it yourself? Here's how to make it happen harmlessly

Breaking up with a girlfriend will 80% of times bring her to tears and she will likely cry and be in pain. Most of the times no normal...

Be careful dishing out an unqualified diagnosis on your Ex and what Personality Disorder you "feel" they have. This is dangerous..

This is a response, (previously posted as guidance and subsequently blocked), to an individual, who posted a vindictive person's "false...

He says he wants me but won't leave her?

My ex and i broke up 4 months ago and he is seeing a new girl. He still wants to stay in contact with me and see me because he still...

What should I do after get into arguments with boyfriend and he started to ignore me?

So last night before I departure to visit my boyfriend and somehow we had a argument and he thinks that I yelled at him and make...

How do you get over a break up or deal with getting rejected after youve been lead on?

Just as the title states was just wandering what y’all do to maybe try out some of you peoples remedies for a broken heart.

My ex boyfriend broke up now how should I response/ take it?

Me and my ex had our rough time, we had only knowing each for 5 month and only been dating for 1 week. 10 days so be more correct. 1...

If an ex blocked you on Facebook, would you be triggered to block them back on Instagram and LinkedIn?

Well I noticed he blocked me when I didn’t contact him in over a year. I blocked his ass on Instagram and LinkedIn as he used to stalk...

Why do have a negative memory of my ex-boyfriend?

yes I did feel very weird about when I saw him when I was in my job on Tuesday. why can't I never get way what I wanted. I have a...

Help me guys it's urgent?

Am going through a breakup please help?

What should I do?

So my ex-boyfriend and I have been broken up for 7 days now, and we were together for 2 months. He is apparently talking to some new...

Why did my ex do this?

my ex date unfollowed my instagram? so he was following my instagram for many years recently i posted my birthday photos of me on ig...

He came at night again?

As I figured out he’s still on Tinder, everything started making sense to why he was acting that way. I moved out, threw key in the...

What is it that makes you want a person even after they fuck you over?

Been with this chick for a few months an she's running back to her x I think

Is he just trying to show off?

My ex and i broke up almost a year ago after 5 years of dating. I met a new guy and we married 8 months later. Its been good. I work for...

Should I text my ex?

I wanna text him for some reason to talk about our relation even though we broke up a year ago and I see him a lot

Is it wrong to miss someone that hurt you?

I have broke up with my ex for several months now. She cheated, lied and used me but for some reason I still miss her, her smile, her...

After a breakup, how long does it take for you to get over someone?

This is for average, not if you had one person that took longer to get over than the rest.

Should I block him to move on or leave it to prove that I don't care?

I told him I was gonna block him to move on which i did a few times but then I'm thinking i should leave it to show that I don't really...

Please be quickly responsive: EX is confused about his decision?

EX broke up last month. Came back+said he didn’t want to lose me&thought he could get over me, but started drugs to feel better even...