What It's Really Like for Many Fathers After a Separation or Divorce

1) His rights are heavily dependent on cooperation from the kids' mother Fathers are often illegally denied even court-mandated...

Everything You Need to Know About Financial Settlements After Divorce

It is easy to overlook the essence of sound legal advice when you are going through a life-altering situation. Getting a divorce is...

Tips for Girls, On How to Break Up With a Guy...

You know it's got to be done. But if you're like most girls, you're feeling a little chicken. Could you go to Antarctica and call him...

Letter from my Ex

Letter from my Ex Dear Sweetheart, I've gone over in my head a million times what I wanted to say to you. There is just no perfect way...

Songs to comfort someone going through a breakup

The Three of Swords Sing me a song of a lass who is gone/Say can that lass be I... A wistful song about remembering good times. Don’t...

Want to break up with your girlfriend but not do it yourself? Here's how to make it happen harmlessly

Breaking up with a girlfriend will 80% of times bring her to tears and she will likely cry and be in pain. Most of the times no normal...

Be careful dishing out an unqualified diagnosis on your Ex and what Personality Disorder you "feel" they have. This is dangerous..

This is a response, (previously posted as guidance and subsequently blocked), to an individual, who posted a vindictive person's "false...

Would you tell your ex if there was a serious circumstance that happened to you?

Such as if you gotten into a car accident or developed cancer or you're going through some heavy times?

You are confusing me?

Why do guys tell girls they love them and leave them after?

My boyfriend still loves me but he wants to break up?

My boyfriend and I are together for 1 year and half, few days ago he made a conversation with me saying we have some fundamental...

I feel like my Narcissist is watching me?

The Narcissist which is definitely a perfect word for him discarded me because he felt like when I don’t pick up the phone every second...

What did he mean by this?

I dated this guy since freshman year in high school, and we dated for 8 years. We broke up after i cheated on him and i was devastated i...


How the hell does a man ask for a threesome, then become intimidated by the participant (the other WOMAN) and cause his own relationship...

I don't know what to do?

Me and my ex really like each other but the situation doesn't allow us to be together, mainly distance and then some other stuff. I...

What's the best way to forget someone you have feelings for?

For those who have experience with heartbreaks, how do you manage to forget a person who left you? If this person invades your mind at...

What it means to have dreams about ex?

Does it mean he thinks of me?

He came at night again?

As I figured out he’s still on Tinder, everything started making sense to why he was acting that way. I moved out, threw key in the...

What is it that makes you want a person even after they fuck you over?

Been with this chick for a few months an she's running back to her x I think

Is he just trying to show off?

My ex and i broke up almost a year ago after 5 years of dating. I met a new guy and we married 8 months later. Its been good. I work for...

Should I block my ex on instagram to finally put an end to never ending nonsense?

My ex keeps posting (specific) instagram posts and stories to catch my attention and spite me despite having being broken up for awhile....

Getting ex back?

Would you go back to an on and off ex of 9 years if that ex had been with the same sex during the time apart?

Should I text my ex?

I wanna text him for some reason to talk about our relation even though we broke up a year ago and I see him a lot

Is it wrong to miss someone that hurt you?

I have broke up with my ex for several months now. She cheated, lied and used me but for some reason I still miss her, her smile, her...

Is it better to break up with someone a week before or after their birthday?

I'm done with this relationship but his birthday is soon. I know it's terrible timing but I'm not happy anymore.

After a breakup, how long does it take for you to get over someone?

This is for average, not if you had one person that took longer to get over than the rest.