Top 5 Movies to Help You Get Over a Break Up

So you're depressed because your boyfriend broke up with you. He broke your heart and you are left wondering if there are any good men...

Revenge on my ex! How I put my lying cheating ex in her place.

I first met my ex about 7 years ago, she was 26, pretty, slim, short with short red hair and a nice big pair of tits. We started up hot...

Missing you - a tribute

This is about a thing similar to a relationship I cared about a lot. If something like this happened to you too, feel free to share...

Knowing you're the one that got away

This year, I was cheated on in a very miserable way because he acted like it was nothing, although he started fucking her soon after I...

I can't do this anymore

I have done a lot of wrongs and I am at a point where I feel alone. What has happened is my fault, I am doing my best to take it but my...

Everything You Need to Know About Financial Settlements After Divorce

It is easy to overlook the essence of sound legal advice when you are going through a life-altering situation. Getting a divorce is...

Tips for Girls, On How to Break Up With a Guy...

You know it's got to be done. But if you're like most girls, you're feeling a little chicken. Could you go to Antarctica and call him...

Should I be mad at my ex?

I've been planning on taking my son to Disneyworld for about two years. The ex decides she wants to take him last year, and was...

Do I hide from my abusive ex boyfriend forever?

My physically abusive ex boyfriend and I dated in another part of the UK for about a year but I know he had plans to move to London...

Boyfriend broke it off with me and then said he needs space? Is not answering his calls showing self respect?

After he broke it off he called me and I didn't answer. Is not answering showing self respect?

Guys, Is it bad I never begged or pleaded after the breakup?

When he broke up with me all I said was k and left it at that. He has blocked me and never looked back as so I thought. I mean yeah...


We have been dating for 18 months and for some reason (stress, college, external issues) I've been noticing that I might be a bit mean...

How did you handle you're first heartbreak?

did you move on fast did you meet someone else were you depressed you didn't care

What was you worst break up like? How did you get over it?

And how long did it take you to get back to the dating game?

Did I get stabbed in the back?

Okay so when me and my ex were together we had our issues but what didn't help was her best guy friend hearing her rant after a fight,...

How do get better at texting girls?

I’m horrible at texting but good at talking in person or over the phone but most people only text how can I become a better Texter and...

Could you forgive a guy who right when you dumped him, sent you a message about how he wants you back, but was still adding/talking to other girls?

Can you forgive a guy who right when you dumped him, sent you a message about how he wants you back (which you opened a day later) then...

What should I do for my next relationships?

After two breakups in "serious relationships" in 2019, i wonder if i should keep trying to search for a woman to marry, or just go smash...

Ex Relationship issues?

Why did my ex post a photo of us in his whatsapp status. What does it mean after 8 months of calling it quits?

Do you block all your exes, some or none? And if some why not all or none?

None of my exes are blocked except 1 he wouldn’t leave me alone and I keep him blocked because I never want to hear from him again. The...

Is this still cheating?

Let's say your spouse cheated on you and left you for another person. Then years later your ex spouse stars having sex with you again....

My girlfriend might be pregnant but we are broken up?

this has nothing to do with her being pregnant, we both consented to me ejaculating in her, but after i found she lied to me about...


If you are broken what will you do?

Do I have reasons to ignore my ex?

We had an amazing relationship and ended on friendly terms and decided to stay friends but she has done a few things that upset me after...

If you have defamed your ex, would you just apologize to them or would you waste time wondering if you'll be sued?

Knowing the ex would accept an apology in the same forum you defamed them (and even apologize to you in the same manner)?

Do I owe him an explanation?

I was dumped a few weeks ago. Now he wants me back and I don't want to go back. He wants to know why and I don't think I should explain...