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Why I broke up with my cute but abusive boyfriend after 2 weeks of dating

Prelude I am and always have been a writer. My purpose in sharing my story is to entertain you but also shed some awareness through some...
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When I reflected about my ex boyfriend, I realised I should have left way earlier. I have realised that love really blinded me from his flaws.

In my past relationship, I had so many insecurities. I disliked his past and the risky behaviours he had taken when he was single. I...
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My very first love story from uphill to downwards!

Hello everyone, I hope you have had a great weekend so far :). I want to share you my very first love story at the age of 21 when I was...
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When you part ways with someone on good terms, that door stays open..

Whether it's a mutual breakup, they move state or country, or any other circumstance when you can't see or talk to them anymore, that...
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Curry Tabanca (1988) : Getting over a breakup

This is my take on how to get over a break-up with the help of an amusing culture. Firstly, we can all acknowledge the influence music...
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He used to be mine

How do you say goodbye to the ones you love? To know your life has a much shorter expiration date. They have, with lots of luck, decades...
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A brake up. What are your thoughts?

Y: You left me broken in the hospital, you didn’t even tell me we were done, you just left. X: I didn’t leave you, I just gave up on...
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What do you usually do when you miss your ex?

I find myself thinking a lot about him these days. Our breakup was not exactly amicable, and our relationship was not healthy either....

Advice for a girl who keeps getting ghosted by guys who seemed to seriously like me?

Part of unpacking why I was ghosted the first or second time came with over explaining myself and suddenly having a spotlight on me to...

Should I break up as my girlfriend has small boobs?

I feel no long satisfied with them, is it wrong to break-up due to this?

How to get out of a narcissistic relationship?

I’ve been with my boyfriend for around a year and a half. We live together. I still love him but know this relationship is not good for...

How do you breakup with someone that doesn’t text back?

Me and my boyfriend haven’t spoke in like 3 weeks. I reached out to him like 2 days ago on two different platforms and he didn’t reply....

Why do some men not give the real reason why they broke up with you?

Dated a guy for a couple of months we still in contact sometimes I ask him why he wanted to break up each time it’s a different answer...

What does it mean when your ex posts an instagram story and once you view it she removes it?

She didn't hide her stories from me just the one she removed.

If you got divorced would you advertise it?

Would you tell everyone or keep it to yourself? Your views?

Shoudl I divorce my husband for going to the club?

Husband and I have been having problems and he wanted to separate for a bit but we didn’t get. This was a week ago and he’s been out...

What’s worse after a ex dumps you: having them hate you or treating you with cold indifference like you don’t even exist?

I’ve had both of them happen to me in my life. Honestly I found the callous indifference much more horrible and long lasting. It felt...
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Who is more likely to see an ex as less than human after breaking up with them when no major violations were committed (e. g. cheating, abuse, etc.)?

I am not talking about “hating” your ex. I’m talking about complete indifference. Like they never existed. Curious about the results.
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Am I Considered a Fickle Pickle in this Relationship?

**My Fiance (Not sure I should Call him this now) Took a Break (Not even sure If IT Wasn't just a Break-up instead) For I had just Moved...
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Is it time to break up if you're still fighting over the same issues?

I say I'm over the issue but I feel like deep down I'm still not over it. Hmm 😒
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Is it okay to dump someone that suffers from severe depression?

I want to break up with my girlfriend but she suffers from depression and I’m worried about this putting more of a tow on her.
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Do people treat other better or worse when they have been through a bad romantic situation but later find themselves in the reverse position?

Over my life I’ve had to deal with all sorts horrible incidents with women. Being ghosted. Being (unannounced) friendzoned. Being stood...
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If I was your girlfriend will you love to brake up with me?

my boy friend broke up with me because I told him I won't have sex till I am married to him, what do you think about the situation, am I...
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