What to do if you've been dumped by your girlfriend!

You've been dumped by your one and only love and she was the perfect diamond in the rough you have ever found. It was hard finding her...

5 ways to deal with a breakup

https://www.youtube.com/embed/gtSUHpuxYxw Break ups are hard. I went through one myself at a young age and cried for days. But there are...

Not all dad's are dead beat and not all women deserve to be mothers

I understand with every situation there's different circumstances for both men and women and reasons for leaving or staying or leaving...

Was I wrong for saying goodbye?

Please be ginuine and kind with your comments. My ex was a wonderful human being and a wonderful man. I first need to start off with...

Should you hold a grudge or be thankful for your exes?

I know you already heard the song by Ariana Grande, "Thank you, next". I would always think that this song is a post-break up...

Breakup is so painful and hard even when you were in the toxic relationship. But you have to do what is RIGHT.

Please, give me your suggestions to help me in moving on. I hope that my story relieves other's pain who are facing the same. I have...

"BREAK UP" Time to Crack up

What should come after love ?(jokes) Of course break up (jokes) Breaking up is never easy... But, sometimes it's really for the best.......

Guys, do you keep your ex's nudes after you breakup?

Guys, do you keep your ex's nudes after you breakup?

Ex deleted me everywhere. im shaking and feel terrible?

I haven't talk w my ex for a month. We broken up since March. He wanted to stay friends cuz he cares, and today I just discovered he has...

Anyone got some advice for me?

My boyfriend dumped me over a month ago and he said he loved me and was super emotional and that it wasn’t anything I did and I believe...

My ex girlfriend says she hates herself because of me. We fought a lot. She and I haven’t moved on. How to proceed?

We dated for a year. It’s been 3 months post breakup. We’re still both a wreck. Clearly not a good match... But something about her has...

How long should a break be in a relationship?

Im 26 and my girlfriend Is 20 we have been dating for about 2 years already. We have recently been having problems because of our age...

What would you do if the physical custody parent denies you the right to talk to your child?

My problem is I have a communication problem with calling thoses who are family, my ex wife has physical while I have just joint with no...

I think I just broke my own heart by cutting things off, what do I do now?

Instead of telling my friend my feelings I broke things off. It’s probably for the best but now I feel like crap. We both said we...

How do you get closure when you got dumped by ghosting?

my boyfriend (or ex considering what I saw on his social media) suddenly ghosted me - like the last messages we were exchanging were...

Is it wrong to hang out with your friends ex even though they broke up in good terms?

Like the way I see it they broke up with eachother and not with me? I'm not flirting with her or anything we are just hanging out and...

Do people move on faster if they get closure?

I find that when I don't have closure it takes me a lot longer to get over someone or a situation. What about you guys?

Is a pretend break up a good idea?

You decide to break up with your SO citing some frivolous argument or trait they have they start to panic and like you 100x as much. You...

If an ex hurted u, blocked u and finally reconnect u like he didn’t do anything wrong, what would u do?

I guess he doesn’t want to get back together but he wants to be friends with me like how he was to all his exes. I feel more hurted...

If everyone in your family treats you terribly... And goes beyond the point of no return do you... ?

First of all, trolls are not welcome. You make any judgements on me or my family and you will be instantly blocked and reported, period....

Can you talk to someone close or a stranger?

I ask this out of interest Im genuinely would like to know your opinions

Is someone who knows my ex stalking my Facebook page?

He's from Philadelphia and I'm from new York. We've never been Facebook friends, in fact he blocked me and I blocked him. A bunch of...

Would you go back to him if he download back tinder a day after you guys quarrelled and said want to break up?

That day my great grandmother passed on and I was really very upset.. But we had a heated argument and he left me at the mall crying...

Would you look down on an ex for not dating anymore after your breakup?

As in they never bothered going out again, and just stayed single for 5+ years and just did their thing while you moved on, got married, etc