10 Signs she is about to leave you.

10 Signs she is about to leave you.

1- She stops bringing issues to your attention this. does not mean that she has suddenly become the cool girl and has changed her thoughts on what she needs or wants in your relationship. No it's actually a sign that she's giving up on communicating because she doesn't plan to stick around for much longer.

2- She starts focusing on herself more. This might be a tricky one to spot because she might just be going through a time of self-improvement. you know like a change of life kind of situation, but if she does it in a way that doesn’t involve you, like she's not excited to tell you about her new diet or about the new breathing technique that she learned in yoga class, that's a bad sign, because she's improving herself which is a really cool thing and she should want to impress you honestly unless she doesn't care to impress you which is a bad sign.

3- She stops putting any money towards you. This is something that she may not do a lot of in the first place. if you as her man are typically picking up the bill, but She stops paying for whatever she normally would pay for it’s probably because she doesn't want to invest in something that she knows is about to end tops.

4- She stops talking to your parents and your other family members this is because she's slowly severing the ties with them that's so that it's an easier adjustment on her when she gives the final blow to you.

5- She starts prioritizing work and friends over you. You might miss this one if you both have slowly drifted apart, but pay attention to the things that used to be important to her, like celebrating birthdays with each other or Valentine's Day or New Year's Eve if all of a sudden she is totally okay with spending that special time away from you it's because you are no longer a priority in her life

6- The little things she no longer does for you, like picking up your misplaced sock, bringing you a drink, fixing your plate at dinner, asking you if you need anything when she goes to the store. these are all little things that take effort, and a woman that does not plan on being around for much longer will see these efforts as a waste of time.

7- Whatever love language she uses, she no longer wants that from you. For example, if she always received love through acts of service, she no longer is asking things of you, instead she'll do them herself and she'll actually become hyper independent. If she receives love through gift giving, she will no longer tell you about the things that she wants and she may even tell you not to buy her anything for like her birthday or for Christmas. If she is a physical touch girl, she will not want to hold hands or cuddle you'll actually witness her avoiding those touches even though she may probably still be intimate with you in the bedroom which I know can be confusing but physical touch and having sex are two different things.

8- Having sex will be different, you might miss this because you might think that she's actually trying to spice things up, but she's actually doing some new things as a way to disconnect, she's kind of more in her head, she's probably not looking at you as much, definitely less eye contact and definitely less selflessness

9- She will no longer ask you about your day or at the very least she won't seem that invested in your day, meaning she won't ask you clarifying questions, she won't follow up and ask you about what happened with the thing that you told her about yesterday, and she won't really Express much of an opinion on whatever you're telling her.

10- She will stop planning things in advance, for example, vacation planning and any sort of planning that moves you towards your Mutual goals that you once talked about, whether it's Financial or a progression of your relationship, she will just avoid these conversations, or she'll just remain very vague because she already, knows that those things are never going to happen.

Come to think of it, A lot of these apply to men as well.

10 Signs she is about to leave you.
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