What Love ❤️ Means To Me (Sailing Souls) ⛵️

I saw the GaG contest for Valentine’s asking users what love meant to them, and though I wanted to share. I didn’t want any chance of...
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Why Valentines Day doesn't matter!

I have seen many posts this week about valentines day, women worried they won't get anything, men thinking it's just a day made to spoil...
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Reruns When Lacking Valentine Fun

Here is a few films and television episodes that often come on for V-Day. I like to cuddle up on the couch with my basket of Valentine’s...
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Another Look at Love with Charlie Brown

I did something with this last year but I wanted to try again with hopefully all new points. 1. Love can come from unexpected places...
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My birthday will suck

I turn 25 on Valentine's day and its going to be even lonelier than my 21st, when my only relationship ended when my ex broke up with me...
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The Valentines Day Survival Guide

Yay, Valentine’s Day is here …aren’t you excited? Candy, dinner, roses and sadness in any order of your choosing. I believe couples are...
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10 Things That Could Be Good Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine's Day gifts can be so boring. I did some digging and found things that are actually worth buying for Valentine's Day. 1....
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Singles, Embrace Valentine's day for your own!

Lately a couple of questions on here have called for the boycott of Valentine's day due to sexist views of the holiday and anti...
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How would you feel if your partner went to visit their opposite sex family friend at night?

I’ve spent the past few days with my boyfriend since it was valentines day and he went home today. I went to sleep for a while and woke...

Who still has Christmas decorations up?

I was driving around last Friday night and noticed that many people have not taken down their Christmas lights. If they re still up is...

A guy bought me flowers. What is he thinking?

My best friend’s brother got me flowers 3 days after Valentine’s. He said he was going to get me some on the 14th but there wasn’t any...

Was I wrong for not wanting a relationship?

This guy asked me out for a relationship he said he really liked me etc but I said no because he doesn’t have his life together he’s 21...

I had talked to this guy on a dating app he ghosted me and he came back 9 months later on facebook after I have a boyfriend, is he flirting?

when I send him pics of me he calls me gorgeous and beautiful and said he bets I looked stunning for valentines day. he randomly found...


Did you groom yourself prior to sex on Valentine's Day?

Particularly the ladies I'm curious if you went to any trouble going the extra mile for any grooming/beauty care prior to Valentines...

Do you celebrate pancake day?

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How does Valentine’s Day make you feel?

For me it’s a mix of ehh/I don’t care and sad.
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Is this true or false, if a man gets his woman roses 🌹🌹for valentines day he is cheating on her?

I've heard this before and I'm just wondering if there is any truth to it or not 🌹
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Give me your best 'Roses are red' poems. What do you think about it?

In honor of Valentine's day post your funniest, strangest, or sweetest 'Roses are red' poem~

When should you ask someone to be your Valentine?

When is the best time to ask a girl/guy to be your valentine?
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GAG CONTEST: What Does Love Mean To You?

Hi everyone! Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and love is in the air! For this Valentine's Day Contest, Tell us what love means to...
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