My birthday will suck

My birthday will suck

I turn 25 on Valentine's day and its going to be even lonelier than my 21st, when my only relationship ended when my ex broke up with me at a party I was supposed to meet her mom at, she did it by the card she gave me.

They say it sucks being single on valentines day but what sucks worse is when its your birthday and you realize no one will ever love you.

we are in the middle of selling the house I have lived in since I was like 4 or 5, so its going to be my last birthday here.

What makes this worse is that my mom has a minor surgery that day, she might be home that night she might not be, but I'll be home. I will not be surrounded by friends and family, just me, a tv, maybe a couple of slasher flicks, I'm thinking both My Bloody Valentine films and I can't fucking drink.

I hate my birthday, all it does is remind me of the Ironic fact that I will never find someone and no one will ever love me and this year is going to be the loneliest of all.

I wish I could just drink myself into a stupor and spend that whole day in a haze in bed listening to an audiobook or on the couch watching slasher films, but I can't and that makes it worse, the loneliest birthday and I have to be sober.

Sorry for the wall of text i just needed to rant


My birthday will suck
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  • spuitkaas
    I think I never had a valentine? And I think that's completely normal. Most people don't and the ones who do post it on social media. You just see what you want to see.
    Also, I don't really celebrate my birthday that much either. Not because I don't want to, but nobody is ever available on my birthday. It's at 12 December and it's the busiest, most expensive month for most and people are just preparing for exams and Christmas. The weather is always shit and I live in a small town that's not easily accessible so nobody can come.
    What I wanted to say is that nobody's birthday and valentines day is perfect. The ones that are you see on social media. So don't feel too bad.
    Perspective is important. I used to pity myself sometimes, until my down syndrome sister of 18 years old got diagnosed with leukemia. She is so positive and continues to care for people even though she's suffering so much under the chemo. She's just happy to be alive.
    And now I'm talking about her, but through the hospital I met so many super brave kids with cancer. One worse than the other. At least leukemia has a pretty good prognosis. I met kids with neuroblastoma cancer or bone cancer.
    I don't want to say that your problems are not important. It's unfortunate you feel lonely, but be grateful for things you do have. Health, stability, family etc.
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    • spuitkaas

      I still hope you have a somewhat good birthday. Take some time for yourself and do what you enjoy.
      If you don't have a nice birthday, then that's fine as well. We all have that sometimes.

  • sejla
    Last year I bought pie for my birthday. Been alone for 6 years and not loving it but every year I have on this earth is a good thing.

    I had a weird birthday when I was 27. The guy who I thought was my boyfriend (it was casual on his side I guess) invited me to a party. When I got there I had a hard time finding him. When I tried to talk to him he sort of directed me to talk to another guy. Later I found out the party was supposedly supposed to be for my birthday. I just left and never saw him again. Life sometimes sucks eggs,

    For some reason 25 hit me hard. People kept saying things like quarter of a century. I think to there's a lot of pressure to have your whole life together which I'm still trying to figure out.

    I remember sitting at a club on like New Year's with a female friend and some random female clubber who I was talking to telling me how sad it was that I wasn't with a guy at the club that night. I'm like really?

    Go do something you like to do on Valentine's Day. Just because people are paired up like the animals on Noah's Ark doesn't mean 100% of them are happy or going to last. Valentine's day is one of those obligatory holidays where even if your marriage is holding on by a thread there is going to be at least flowers and a card,
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  • BadzGoneGoodz
    if you keep thinking like that no women want a man who feels sorry for himself I hate to be blunt but your still young 25? Omg, man focus on a career, find a hobbie you enjoy you'll make more friends y pushing yourself and getting out and venturing. Be social just say hello to people things will happen when you stop worrying about a women you'll find yours I promise but better yourself and I swear women gravitate toward men that focus on themselves and are positive. Birthdays I get it but chalk it up man it's not your last one just imagine next year will be that much sweeter if you take my suggestions. It could be worse lo like being locked up for 5yrs and not seeing your mother as she's on her deathbed as you sit in a cell in regret and hating yourself for crimes you did and now can't say goodbye. Telling you man you got this my Boy!! But only you can change it. Goodluck man. Cheers
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  • Plitty-Tank
    Maybe you will find a magnificent woman prior to Valentines Day, sir Waffles731

    I assumed July 31st was your birthday due to 731. What's the deal with the 731 part of name? Relevant or random?
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    • Sort of random, ever since I saw the X-Files at 12, 731 is a string of numbers I can always easily remember

    • What about X-Files made 731 easy to remember?

    • There was an episode called 731

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  • Apple1996
    Your turning 25 and still have a lot of life left to live. You really worry too much
    • No i just enjoy my life

    • But every year time accelerates. I. e. it will be hard to change your life in the future if you start doing that too late.

  • Moonchild714
    Poor Me Poor Me Pour Me another... Why can't you Drink you obviously Don't care About Anything but your Poor Me Pity Party, what's a Party especially a Pity Party without Booze? Drink Yourself into Oblivion you have Nothing going on No one cares what happens not even you so go for it...
    • Because I promised my family I'd get sober

    • Woah there. I think you might need to step back and have a real think about your actions and what you say to other people. If you think that this is an okay response to someone's pain then you need to stop and look at your own life and issues. You've obviously got some stuff to sort out without lashing out at others.

    • @Waffles731 First Step to a Relapse is Staying Sober for Others and Not Yourself!!!

      So do yoy want to be Sober, Sane m, and Healthy or Drunk, Insane, and Dying a SLOOOOOW Death? Because your post is All about the Later... Not a Damn thing in your Pist about WANTING. to be SOBER, SANE, & HEALTHY!!!

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  • 007kingifrit
    so as i said your entire life is miserable and you are incapable of joy which is ofc why someone would leave you. its also why you hate trump so much because it fills your sad empty existence with something to fight

    get help... and get off of social media you can't handle it
    • Waffles731

      A. I hate trump because he is a bigoted fascist.
      B. My depression is one of those that is due to a chemical imbalance in my brain, I was diagnosed and have been on medication for it since I was in fucking elementary school.
      C. I have help.
      D. You are still a fascist

    • everything trump does has downsized the authority of the federal government. infact it was democrats who yelled at him for not imposing nationwide lockdowns. something a real fascist would have loved doing

      but calling people fascist isn't a logical pursuit for you, its your therapy. autistic people should not think about or have opinions on politics, you aren't capable of knowing what is going on

    • Wow. Just wow. Sorry you have to see bullshit lile this, waffles.

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  • Peanut127
    If sober to support ur mothers recovery? That's very kind of u. U can still go out, don't drink but talk to people. Even guys who r alone or buy a girl a drink iand tell her ur sober to support ur mom after her surgery. That's a sweet thing a girl cud admire in u. :) try not to feel to bad. Ur mother needs ur loving support that day :)
  • DizzyDesii
    Aww this sounds like a combo of my bad bdays in one. I’ll be turning 25 that same week. We were almost twins. This will be the first vday/bday in a long time where i dont have a Valentine nor a boyfriend. So i feel your pain. But i’ll manage. Gonna enjoy Fantasy Island at the movies, go shop, and hit up the casino. I hope a distraction comes along to make you feel better. I also hope your moms surgery goes ok. And please dont drown yourself with a bottle of alchie
  • Mickey9999
    Negativity draws negativity. If you want to do something for your birthday then ask some friends. Just because it’s v-day doesn’t mean you have to be with someone romantically. It’s just a Hallmark holiday. It was even mine and my late husband’s anniversary. Sometimes we have to learn how to be happy alone.
  • Ianto
    I know life can seem bleak, and hopeless.
    Consider, I am a short, fat, bald, 64 year old. I separated last year with every expectation of a lonely old age. Interestingly, life is good. I have met a number of amazing women, and although nothing permanent yet, I am convinced it is possible. So, do not despair, you don't know what might happen tomorrow, but you can improve the chances by not being a negative washout.
    • roland77

      Love yourself first, then you are being loved. Same with penis by the way.

  • secretgirl4u
    It sucks that all those bad things happened one after another and on the day which should be a happy one and romantic one ( given it's Valentine's day as well as your bday.. sometimes shit happens.. don't feel like the lone ranger that kind of stuff has happened to me too just a clusterfuck of unplesents that ruins your day just remember it doesn't just happen to u..
    Sorry to hear that you are lonely. I wish everyone had at least one close friend. I am wishing you a very happy birthday, and sending you positive thoughts.
  • bellapizza
    You saying "no one will ever love you " is you putting of people. You have to learn to be positive, women don't want someone who is negative in their lifes. They want a man to encourage them. Learn to love yourself so others can love you
  • Guanfei
    Dude, you're 25. You have plenty of time to find friends and a girl.
    Even I, who look like shit and never had a girlfriend, still have hope it will happen.
    You're alone at home? Well fine, take your ass outside and go to a crowded place, chances are you won't end the night alone.
    • roland77

      Hope dies last. See, I'm not #BradPitt or any other beautiful male, I'm just, average. :-) But still I got a girlfriend finding me handsome.

  • anon1903
    I feel for you, bud — I myself am not a big fan of birthday celebrations.

    About your tiny problem, can't you surround yourself with single friends? Every group has em.
  • Usernamesrdumb
    There are 2 types of people in this world, participates and spectators. Try being a participant rather than a spectator. You're lonely, hire a hooker, your 25 and living at home, get an apartment. People need atop expecting everyone else to do things for them. you're an adult, Go adult!
  • somesaythat
    Mate to mate, Valentine's day is an excuse for flowers to be sold, your birthday is one of the most important dates for yourself.

    My opinion see a therapist or start reading self help books, doesn't mean your weak it means you want to change circumstances.

    All in all I love you man, no one is 100% alone, and if you need some one to lend an ear Chuck me a message
  • adidas0169
    All my birthdays sucks and Valentine's and most christmases. this past one sucked even more so bc i was laid off and pretty much my wife didn't even of me for Christmas but yet she wanted something so nothing for our anniversary which is the eve nor Christmas from her. so i know how you feel. your still young dont be so down on yourself being with someone isn't always fun or the best. it will get better trust me.
  • I spent many lonely Birthdays on the road playing music and I was always getting offers to make more money but I moved to Florida and eventually met my Wife and you are young don't be in a hurry with your life you have time to meet someone else to be your one and only and be right for you and you will you'll see I have been in your shoes and I know that you will be happy so Happy Birthday and take your self out and have a great meal and enjoy the moment you deserve it.
  • trustmeimpolish
    Sound like you need a nice birthday present to yourself, i see a 6 speed mt mustang in your future. Ladies love mustangs you know
    • A man who is more like a father to me than my actual father has a 64 mustang, its the coolest car I've ever ridden in

  • Most people have this training thought at some point in their lives wether they voice it out or not wether they show it or hide it, it happens to most but the moment will pass eventually.. people who truly don’t want to stay alone, don’t. All you have to do is knee trying regardless how many fail attempts it takes..

    nobosy knows the future so don’t make things up and set a failed future for yourself before you even try.. you’re not even there yet..

    maybe the person that was I love with you, you never noticed and only noticed the one that did you wrong... life is strange but if you try, you make it work. :)!

    stay positive be in the worst situations and you’ll be happy!
    Don’t let negative people and pathetic comments affect you the wrong way.. take everything in as a motivation to be better. always!
    🥳 🎈 Happy early 🎂Birthday🥳🎈!! And I hope you achieve what you aim for!! Aim to the happy place! Just do it! 😜!!
  • Bman4907
    hate to break it to you, after 21, your birthdays are usually gonna suck. it's the whole you have to be an adult. You'll know that they have turned against you when you get your first set of socks as a gift. You slowly die inside as you get older.
  • goaded
    It's old, but it's nearly always true: where there's life, there's hope.

    Congrats on staying sober, keep it up. I hope your mum's surgery goes well.
    • No there isn't, I honestly wish my mother hadn't found out about my plan to off myself before zi turn 25

    • goaded

      Dude, she loves you. You'll hurt people if you do something stupid.

    • Yeah living is hurting me, I have no hope whatsoever

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  • Sutol
    Me too Buddy 😓 I've learnt to enjoy my company and not expect much from others. It only ever leads to disappointment, learning to be happy for myself and celebrate me is one the greatest lessons I'll forever treasure! I'll be glad to celebrate your special day with you and others of they're willing to join!
  • zk27e
    I'll be alone in the middle of a dark field at work with none around for miles. I'm not involved with anyone tonlove or get love from so at least I'll have comfort knowing I'm not the only lonely one... maybe we should chat to pass the time on Valentine's
  • OfDeath
    It shall be my birthday on Valentine's Day too. I have a toxic relationship which forces me to do things I don't want to. So same but opposite to you. At least you have freedom to do as you want.
  • Oh my God! Call out the Marines. Do you think you are the only person who will be alone? ( as in no opposite sex?) It feels worse when you are 31. Do what I do. Go out with the girls/boys and just have some fun. I will tell you one thing. You will be noticed more and be found more interesting to the opposite sex when you are having a roaring good time instead of sulking. Keep your negativity to yourself and not showing it to others or they will not be drawn to you but will avoid you instead. And smile a lot, even when you don't feel like it. I'm sure you have heard it before, but it takes more muscles to frown than to smile and a smile is just a frown turned upside down.
  • Unit1
    Story of my life. I got used to it by now since like 15 years 😐 🤷

    if only i could get some drugs 💊 that would be fantastic!
  • itss_dakotaa
    just go out by yourself and do what u want! u can find someone and if u dont then its not the right time
  • Likes2drive
    It’s just another day, it’s what you do with it that counts, many of us will be single that day also I just have hope that next time will be different
  • zagor
    As Dave Barry says, there is a certain age when you should stop expecting people to make a big deal about your birthday. That age is 12.
  • GabrielsMinds
    Happiness is life without expectation. Unburden yourself of expectation.
  • LittleSquid
    Well I always have to spend Valentine's day at my aunts and cousins birthday... But sorry to you
  • justcurious2019
    so what if your birthday sucks do what i do and treat your birthday is if it were any day thats what i do with my birthday and all holidays
  • loveslongnails
    Since no other guy is saying this and everyone seems to be coddling you, I will say this. Snap out of your own pity party and at the least, go get some counseling!! You sound like a child.

    This kind of stuff... "the ironic fact that I will never find someone and no one will ever love me..." is bullshit. And look up the word "irony" ... there's nothing ironic about your situation. You're feeding your own negativity and helping it become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Do you LIKE hearing "oh, I'm so sorry" all the time?

    Do something about it. Change your path, your mindset. Whatever happened in your youth, or recently, can be overcome. Obviously, you need help doing that, so go get it. That's the best birthday present you can give yourself, and get out of this prison of your own design... DUDE !!
  • yongsik
    Well you had girlfriend at least bro im 19 and still alone sometimes feel like shit but meh hope this makes you feel better
  • KrakenAttackin
    Sorry brah, but you need to suck it up. You can't make your happiness about being in a relationship or not being in a relationship.

    This time in your life right now is precious. You don't have a wife/kids and you can pursue whatever dream you want. Once you do have a wife (marriage is a mistake every man should make once), you will have zero free time. When kids come along, not only will you no free time, but your baby-mama will run you ragged.

    Enjoy this time, learn a real skill, travel, get a damn motorcycle and haul ass down the back roads. You are only young once and it goes by like a warm summer day.
  • Robertatlarge
    Only if you want it to suck or it could be the best time of your life 🤔😇😈.
  • cdmdallas69
    That sounds like a pour pitiful me party , get over it, go for something new and exciting...
  • you will be ok. Reach out if you need an ear!
  • misterxxxxx
    Dont worry a birthday on 9/11 now thaT suck
  • Potatocream
    oh shut the fuck up you sorrow sack of shit lol
  • Snickermarstwix
    Sucks for you
  • Clarke498
    We all have these moments. Stay strong bro ;)
  • Good take
  • asault
    Just move on and make someone else
  • Ricerrocketrider
    Have you ever thought of masterbation ,,?
  • Anonymous
    Stfu, I was literally homeless on my birthday and still had a pretty good time. I mean damn be thankful for what you have fuck
  • Anonymous
    I am sorry. All of this will pass. Please have a happy birthday!
  • Anonymous
    You're putting too much stock into birthdays bro. They mean almost nothing.