The Supermarket's "Dollar Store"

Let's see what you can buy at my local grocery stores for a buck this week! Kroger Chobani Complete or Flip Yogurt, 10/$10.00 with Card, $1.00 each Kroger Frozen Vegetables, 10-12 oz, 10/$10.00 with Card, $1.00 each Fresh...
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Love is not butterflies!

It is not about how you feel, it is about how you ACT. People seem to always want the next best thing & crave that "spark". Do you really think that type of feeling is going to last 10 years? 20 years? 30 years? Etc? Give...
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Women Lie About Everything.

Women lie. They lie easily, often, and without any sense of guilt. This is all easy and rather fun to prove which I’ll show you later. The question that lingers in the air, like smoke, is how do they live with themselves...
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The Cost of the Mukbang Diet vs. Whole Foods Market Diet

We all know that mukbangers love to eat huge quantities of food, and huge quantities of food do add up in costs. We also know that Whole Foods Market has a reputation for "whole paycheck". If the amount of money used for...
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Election Time- Time to decide

It is sad when the President of the United States is first putting doubt on the election. Saying that the only way it is not rigged is if he wins. He states that "we: should just get rid of all of the ballots, then there...
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COVIDCON, Comicon in the age of COVID-19.

Yesterday, September 26,2020. The state of North Carolina had it's first comiccon since March before the shutdown. As we return to a new normal people wonder how are events like Comiccon going to work. This is my Comiccon...
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Why I'm pro choice and you should be too.

I saw a YouTube video of the cutest little baby boy drinking milk from his bottle. He was adorable, but it seemed like no matter how cute, loveable, and innocent the baby was- I was still pro abortion and nothing could...
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Halloween Reality myTake - Why I believe Joe Biden may have unwittingly succumb to the dark side and is actually a real life Vampire!

First I totally love "VAMPIRE DIARIES"! ...OMG!! I have never gotten so entrenched in a horror or vampire series like this one ever before in my life! ...and it is so realistic! ...I mean it makes you question yourself...
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Guys, Let's Talk About Dick Pics: To Send or Not to Send?

So I saw another question. About dick pics. "Girls, is it true that nudes don't really turn you on? I read somewhere that some girls get lots of nudes of some random guys and that they've never been turned on by a single...
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Government Regulations in Medical Transactions: A Side Effect of the Treatment for the Sickness (With a WAY Better Alternative).

OK, anyone can tell that there's something very wrong with our healthcare system. The US has 17% of its' GDP going to healthcare costs while other countries only have ~11%. Those on the left has said that other countries...
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Strangers block you because you harass them on the internet? Cope.

Cope. I was going to ask this as a question, but decided to turn it into a MyTake because when thinking about it I just answered my own question. So here I'm sharing my knowledge with you. It's one thing if someone in a...
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New Zealand Bands To Add To Your Playlist

I Am Giant "I Am Giant is a rock band based in London, United Kingdom. They formed in Waitakere, New Zealand in late 2008 and released their debut album The Horrifying Truth on 1 August 2011 in Australia and New Zealand,...
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How to maintain passion in a long-term relationship

I just answered someone's question on here and without even realizing it, I learned that I had some good advice, so I decided to share it here. Her question was whether love should be comfortable or passionate/exciting....
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Women are not oppressed in the United States! Change my mind!

My premise on this is that women in the united states are the most protected, most privileged class of people. I challenge anyone to name one single legal right that men have, that women do not have. One single solitary...
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LanaDelRey25's favorite vintage memes

Cause I love old stuff! Hope you enjoy, this is what I do in my spare time....we all have our outlets. I'll be doing more later
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Think of the positive side of the COVID-19 pandemic!

If you are still staying at home, unemployed, and reading this, then your head may already be filled with so many negative thoughts. When can I safely go back to work? How am I going to find another job that will pay the...
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Let's all trash the planet and bring on the apocalypse!

Feast on as much meat as you like! Gorge yourself on a wild-caught seafood mukbang or have a large platter of beef steak every day! Who cares if the environment is polluted or if anthropogenic climate change is under way?...
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What to avoid if you don't want to attract evil people - Bible talk

Three Things that attract evil are 1 - Suspicion 2 - Self Hatred 3 - Selfishness SUSPICION - The bible says that evil comes to those who search for it - A pastor at a bible study I used to go to is very very suspicious of...
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How To Eat Less Meat

In American mainstream culture, meat and dairy products take up a lot of space in the diet and are sold at a relatively cheap and affordable price because of intensive animal farming. If we didn't intensively farm these...
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How I understand the rebuke of a John the Baptist in Matthew

In the bible, John the Baptist rebukes the Pharisees and Sadducees by referring to them as a brood of vipers The Pharisees are a symbol for religious egos The Sadducees are a symbol for religious and non religious vanity...
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An old, reliable, alternative to pick-up lines: Poetry!

Reciting poetry to girls is how I got all of my dates since I started doing it. It's incredibly effective, and has a higher success-rate with my experience than using pick-up lines. People have been doing it for centuries...
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