I can't take this anymore!!!

There is this boy who bullies my little brother and on Saturday he decided he would follow my brother around. I promptly stopped him and said. ''take your chair and stay with your sister and leave my brother alone.'' He...
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If someone hates dogs let them be.

As a dog owner, I can't even blame why some people hate dogs. if you're still confused why then I guess I'll list the reasons: 1: They beg even though they just ate and they'll break their neck or nearly break something...
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The Fake Feminist

Rant : I failed the university exams. Funny. And I've passed all the subjects. It's just that during regular exams, I gave all the written papers, except the last exam which was practical. Few weeks later, I appeared...
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Unnecessary control of urine and it's complications.

Urinary incontinence should be taken seriously. It can also be caused by a urinary tract infection or a serious disease of the kidneys, bladder or prostate. It is also difficult to control urine in prostate...
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Cyberbullying Needs to stop - do we need an internet police?

Hi guys it's dennis, I know that you have heard about me a lot, if not. I know that some or a lot of you guys find me unattractive because of my sarcastic jokes, sexual topics or vulgar language. So the today's topic is...
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Milestone Birthdays

I had a shitty childhood. It wasn't really anyone's fault, I went to Disney a lot and my parents loved me and I was a good looking kid. But I was always lonely. Psychologists say that a kid has until the age of 4 to learn...
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Just Like Dancing

"No matter what happens let's lets always be friends." His green eyes sparkled with a mix of mischief and so many untold secrets. If I had to describe Sam, I would have to say that he is like an open book, but with hidden...
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Everyone wants a honest, sincere and genuine person so what does that mean when it comes to texting habits?

Simple statistical fact is most people read a text within 3 minutes of receiving it. Receiving it means, within 3 minutes of them seeing and then reading a message. The important thing is that some people are genuinely...
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Catfish victims are people too: Why I distrust the online dating platform.

Call the victims what you want. Stupid, naive, gullible. There I said it..... For what? Putting their heart in the right place with the right intentions? The level of online romance scams has been exponential since covid,...
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My decision in going back to college in my 30s

"Life always offers you a second chance, it's called tomorrow" - Stephen King When I graduated High School in 2009, I enrolled at East Tennessee State University to major in Elementary Education, which in hindsight was...
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Cringe - What is Cringe?

Hello everyone it's dennis, So I was wondering about this word "Cringe" that became so trendy and I was looking it up on the almighty internet of the meaning. I found out that it was about awkward moments in social...
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Luck or Hard work: What matters more?

Sometimes you blame yourself for not putting in all the efforts required. The other times all the hard work that you’ve put in seem less when compared to others. There is always a goal-directed behavior that directs our...
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Going through it all, just to be strangers again. A letter to the one who mattered the most.

I met you in my dreams last night. I looked at you from a distance, and you smiled right back at me. Something about you felt like home. You whispered to me “where have you been?”, to which I replied “I’m sorry I was...
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Lessons In Video Game History- The Ultima Saga, Part 11- The Follow-Ups!

My first encounter with the Ultima series was with VII. My brother had been given the game, and was so enthusiastic about it, so amazed by the depth and possibility, that he HAD to show someone. But Dad was at work, Mom...
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Mama's Boy, Is It Time To Cut The Cord?

Alright guys, I know that a mother is entitled to have an opinion of who her so is dating, but if your mother is dominating your life and the decision making, you might be a mama's boy. Okay ladies, if you suspect your...
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Why joining a gym will improve your self esteem, regardless of your size

I've recently joined a gym, I always thought I didn't need one, but that changed when I moved out and realised that it's pretty difficult to move enough when you don't have many friends or opportunities nearby. I was...
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On "Love is Blind" (Netflix)

I just finished watching the new episodes of the second season of "Love is Blind" and wanted to share my thoughts, spoilers ahead! ********** SPOILERS *********** Natalie is making it harder and harder to like her I...
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The Little Mermaid isn't White. Just Like Jesus.

Ok there's been a lot of moaning on GAG about the black Ariel so it's time for a poppy slapdown. We all know jesus wasn't white but artists have turned him into a white guy, just like they've done with Ariel. ARIEL IS...
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I hate when people automatically assume I am something because of my gender./How to make the world a better place

I hate when people assume I am things. Such as: (*Bullshit train*) Excessively afraid of sa, Afraid of men, Afraid of bugs, Weaker personality, Weaker physically, More emotional than men, ALWAYS WANT SYMPATHY FOR PAIN....
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Why I think the Dems will lose in the upcoming mid terms and why more people who never voted Republican before will and should.

Decline of White Majority In 2000, Whites made up 76% of the voting population in the United States, by 2018 that they only...
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