How to deal with a single mother as a man

There's a right way and a wrong way to deal with single mothers. First one should reflect on their own life decisions before trashing someone else for a mistake or a miscalculation. Sure there are single mothers out there...
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Respect Everyone

A benefit of respecting everyone is how it eliminates your own ego Remember when you were 17-18 applying for college? That was your ego. Because there's no purpose anymore for you to go to an unknown uni to study things...
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Have you ever imagined yourself as the main character of a book you read? I have!

I have imagined myself in a almost every book I read... It is like you are in the pages of the book and the fate of the character is your own fate. It feels good cause it it faraway from the reality. All those...
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Being a woman is so much more better and fortunate

As a male I personally feel being a female is so much more better and fortunate than being a male. There are so many nice things being a woman 1.) You don't have to deal with beard / coarse facial hair. You...
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What the bible says about risk taking

The book of Ecclesiastes says Invest in seven ventures, yes, in eight, you do not know what disaster may come upon the land. The way I view that verse is, to pursue every reasonable opportunity and try to maximize your...
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Florida is manipulating its covid death numbers!

The CDC site shows Florida had 361 deaths over the last seven days, which means their state shows up a pretty light blue compared to the dark blue in all the states around it. Success! Right? Wrong. The total deaths in...
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Sears Had Everything: The decline of an American institution

Sears had everything. Sadly, today I learned that the retailer Sears will close another group of stores, leaving only 30 retail stores remaining. This is from a peak of over 3000 stores. Sears had always been the go-to...
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Why it’s almost impossible for men and women to be “just friends”

Disclaimer: This myTake will discuss the topic mainly about heterosexuals. Some points discussed such as sexual attraction can apply to people who aren’t heterosexual. Other than that, I can predict that this Take is...
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Patriarchy is Real and Why you Should Care

Disclaimer: If there is rude, unproductive, hurtful/harmful, combative or disruptive activity in the comments I will report the comment and block you. Period. This is not a debate, this is not an invitation to debate me,...
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Never marry the enemy!

I clipped the quoted comments from a different message board, but I think it defines what most men want in a wife, but modern women are largely uninterested or incapable of providing. "A man is looking for a partner, a...
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Why you should treat everyone well, no matter what they do/did to you

I'm not gonna tell you how to live your life. That's your business. This is just a suggestion to you and definitely to myself to start. Gods modus operandi needs to be known first, so let's give a little bit of that...
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Why music genres die

Let me just use classical music as an example. But it applies to all art styles. Early early classical...if you can call it classical.. from the 17-18th centuries was pretty much trash. All of the music was composed using...
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When Did Being Naked Become The New Formal?

After a year of cancellations and lack luster attendance due to Covid, Hollywood seems to be roaring back with The Emmy's, VMA's, and Met Gala just recently happening and with that, came all the red carpet fashions we...
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How liars get caught - Bible talk

There are two ways that I catch liars and identify the motives of fake people - in their poor multi tasking ability or in the priorities they reveal about themselves when they involve themselves in choices where multi...
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What I think causes depression in people

The bible says the sorrows of those who have bartered for another God will increase and that the christian will not be active social components of their life. King Solomon warned about passion, unrealistic expectations,...
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Why some nice girls get ignored - my take on it

There was a high profile medical student in my school that must have had dozens of girls he could have dated and he married a decently looking but highly normalized person with seemingly extremely ordinary personality...
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Why the bible says what is crooked cannot be straightened

The bible says what is crooked cannot be straightened meaning a bad deed cannot be converted into a good one, and something that starts out bad, cannot end with good results. A few years ago, there was a disabled girl who...
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What I think differentiates the saved from the sons of religion

Jesus said many people would feast in Heaven with Abraham and Isaac and Jacob but the sons of the kingdom would be thrown outside where there would be weeping and gnashing of teeth, so what does that mean? To me the sons...
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How to serve a better God - according to God

Lately, I’ve been reading a library book where the author talks repeatedly about how God pursues and woos him and I realized that not everybody has that experience, not everyone views God as the sweet man in the clouds...
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What I believe Jesus taught about leadership and obedience

Jesus talks a lot about humility in the 4 Gospels and I believe Jesus meant that the followers of the human religious leader, are just as important as the human religious leader because without people who follow the human...
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Why Jesus taught the type of prayer that He did

In Matthew 6, Jesus says that God knows what you need without you reminding him about it and if you try to serve God, God will give you the things you need, it doesn’t mean you will never struggle, but it means you will...
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