Why Guys Can't Get a Girl Anymore

Why Guys Can't Get a Girl Anymore. This site is famous for men whining about not having sex or not being able to get a girl to date...

How Do you Turn Down a Boy?

"There's a boy at school, and he's really weird. Nobody really likes him. He makes weird snorting noises. I always have to sit next to...

When a Woman Rejects You:

1 Accept it In western society at this point in History women are the choosers. They often are rude, hostile or mocking in rejection but...

Charm School: Lesson One SHE-VALRY

Charm School: Lesson One SHE-VALRY SHE-VALRY. Chivalry might not be all the way dead, but it sure is making room for SHE-VALRY. Girls...

Guys-- What it means if she never, ever texts first.

This shouldn't take too long. Boys. Fellas. Guys. If she does not text you first, she is not interested in you and is just being...

The history of men buying women drinks

Many of you may not know this, but the cultural phenomena of men buying women drinks actually began as a form of exploitation and...

Nueroticism and what you bring to the table: mindset, making a move and follow through.

So I went out on a long hike today in a state park located on the coast of San Francisco, and while out there I realized something...

How do I flirt with my boyfriend?

I don't know how to flirt and the normie memes are upsetting to him

What am I missing?

So I've been having bad luck in trying to get a girl. I get to talk to some but then it all stops. I try to flirt and seems to be going...

Does he like me?

so i matched with this guy on tinder. we snapped for a bit and then he told me to meet him at the club that weekend. i saw him there and...

What are some BOLD moves I can make?

So im really feeling confident with my crush, so what something really bold i can do to make him want me even more? Like flirting wise,...

Everyday life talk?

Is it ok for a woman to approach a guy she finds attractive or should she wait on the guy, how will he know you interested in him if he...

Could my manager be flirting with me or am I reading too much into small things?

she always makes slight sexual references I always always assumed she was just taking the p*ss. she said, I will arrange a joint...

Isn't what she said somewhat weird?

Been chatting with this girl for a few weeks now, lately we have been flirting here and there and we talk almost everyday. We are both...

Why is this guy trying to get my attention just to say hi and nothing else?

Whenever I’m talking to someone and he’s passing by the will stop and stare until I say hi. Even when I by myself he will stare and not...

Why would someone look at you more then once & pay attention to what you do?

Let's say your in a place with a bunch of other people, & this one person just focuses on you instead would you take it as a compliment...

Meant as a flirty text or not?

Comming from a guy that is super aware of what might be seen as a flirty and what is not, he sent me a chain message (not his style)...

Would you still initiate a kiss even if you're not attracted to that person?

Just say you're on a blind date And you dont find them attractive Would you still initiate a kiss?

Good or bad idea?

I have a crush on my coworker who is in a loving relationship already. I don’t flirt or make any moves and I filter everything I say...

Who I am that I am always asking self?

If you are try to get me... then I will try to again escape ☺️☺️☺️

💕🌺 sent in text from guy friend.. flirt or simple friendly gesture?

long time guy friend previous brief intimate history he’s on vacation at the moment.. we chatted a few weeks back and he replied to...

What is your goal here?

What is your goal here?

Body or brains?

As a woman, would you appreciate a compliment more of it were about your body or your personality? Or if it were something you could or...

Do you find it easy to tell when someone likes you?

Do you find it easy to distinguish between friendly flirting and romantic flirting?

Ladies if you had a crush on your bff and he tried to kiss you, would you reject his kiss?

If your male friend confess that he likes you as more than friends, he tried to go in for a kiss, would you let him kiss you or would...