How honest should you be with a girl?

I think its the very key for non-couples, especially for boys. No pointing fingers here but as everyone knows girls are complex. And as...
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FLIRTING 101 in 2023

Flirting is a way of expressing interest in someone and showing that you find them attractive. Here are a few tips for flirting...
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Just Because They're Staring Doesn't Mean They Like You

*Gasp* My crush was staring at me! Does (s)he like me? How many times have you heard someone apply this same logic to staring. A lot,...
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It's a two way street for a conversation to work!

I have to express this and I can only speak on the male pov (specifically my pov). When I'm online and dm'ing (direct messaging) I feel...
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What I like about basic men

I'm not attracted to super models or perfect faced young guys. I'm not saying I don't think they look good but personally if I had the...
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My latest rejection story

So being a single women in her 30's alone in the new country not having any friends, I became a local at this one very fancy cannabis...
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Oblivious flirting? Or not - may be. Awkward moment for sure.

There was a post in this group asking if the members were oblivious to flirting at any point of their lives. Here's my take on that....
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5 of the Biggest Turn-ons for Girls

01. Compliments One of the best non-sexual ways to turn a girl on is complimenting her. Make her feel good by acknowledging or...
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If a guy teases you a lot, is it usually flirting?

If a guy always teases you, is it flirting usually? For example, this guy is from a different state than I am, and he will always tease...
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Coworker making weird jokes?

My male coworker is kinda flirting with me and has started making jokes about "making me pregnant" ... I wonder why.

Does it turn you off if a guy is nervous when approaching you?

I don't mean like trembling and stammering over words, but just has a visibly slight nervous facial expression?

Why is my coworker always saying my name?

I have this male coworker (upper management). Every time we cross paths or I’m near him he always says my name. I get that it’s nice to...

Is it a good thing if a girl reacts well to a compliment?

I've had girls just give me a blank stare after giving them a compliment. I don't know Maybe those are the ones that get hit on left and...

Am in university— if I want to meet a girl the “old fashioned way”, what would be an acceptable place to do so?

I’m a university sophomore (19 going on 20 in May, so no bars and I don’t plan to get a fake lmao) who’s just starting to grow more...

Guys would you reply to a girl messaging you if you didn’t like her?

Why would you bother if you didn’t like the girl? Would you reply to be friendly/bored or just ignore her? This guy responds but doesn’t...

Shy or Not Interested?

So my guy friend and I have been lowkey talking ever since high school. I say lowkey because it’s only ever been light conversations and...
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On valentines day - hotel, bubble bath, movie night + edibles, or message? What is best thing to surprise a girl with I fancy?

More for the girls but any gender can answer as these activities I suppose can go both ways sometimes.
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Do you want compliments or honesty when you share a pic?

Obviously you want compliments. But If they aren't genuine do you still want them vs someone being honest
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When shaving torso , should guys also shave arms and legs to match it?

When shaving torso to keep it smooth hairless should guys with VERY HAIRY Legs, thighs and arms also shave it to look uniformly smooth...
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If females accidentally hit you is that flirting?

I've had females bump into me, or flick their hair and hit me with it the only thing is is I'm not flirting back with someone who's that...
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Young guys, would you frequent a gym where you are hit on hard by older women?

Like, the women are really aggressive... What kinda line would win you over?
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Girls, Would you think it'd be fun if your boyfriend was ok with you flirting with guys at the club?/bar?

Say your boyfriend thought it was fun and hot to see you flirt, and even encouraged it, even if you're out together at the bar/club,...
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