Why don't more men learn how to flirt?

One of the weird aspects of hearing guys here talk about their struggles with dating is that almost none of them seem to know how to...
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FLIRTING 101 in 2023

Flirting is a way of expressing interest in someone and showing that you find them attractive. Here are a few tips for flirting...
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Just Because They're Staring Doesn't Mean They Like You

*Gasp* My crush was staring at me! Does (s)he like me? How many times have you heard someone apply this same logic to staring. A lot,...
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It's a two way street for a conversation to work!

I have to express this and I can only speak on the male pov (specifically my pov). When I'm online and dm'ing (direct messaging) I feel...
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What I like about basic men

I'm not attracted to super models or perfect faced young guys. I'm not saying I don't think they look good but personally if I had the...
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My latest rejection story

So being a single women in her 30's alone in the new country not having any friends, I became a local at this one very fancy cannabis...
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Oblivious flirting? Or not - may be. Awkward moment for sure.

There was a post in this group asking if the members were oblivious to flirting at any point of their lives. Here's my take on that....
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5 of the Biggest Turn-ons for Girls

01. Compliments One of the best non-sexual ways to turn a girl on is complimenting her. Make her feel good by acknowledging or...
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What physical feature gets you the most compliments from the opposite sex?

Men have told me that I have nice lips. 😊

He only flirts over text and barely talks to me in person?

So this guy got my Snapchat two days ago, we’ve been snapping constantly since then (like my snap score went up by a thousand!) sending...

If a girl likes to annoy me, she likes me?

Is this a form of flirting?

What excuse to start a conversation worked for you?

The real cause why dating these days is so hard is just because people don't interact face to face. Hence the ability to strike a...

Ladies would you like it if a guy hand wrote you a letter?

If a guy likes you, how would you feel if he hand wrote you a letter? Would that be something you would like?

How many women drive like this?

Why not just pull up the chair, I don't understand lol, they just hover their head, no leaning back or anything, guys I know you've...
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Do guys still tease as a way of flirting?

It’s been happening to me recently by this guy. We challenge each other a lot, which leads us to making fun of each other but we also...
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Is it disrespectful for someone to allow flirty comments when they are taken all over social media?

They have flirty comments on their comments of their pictures. They are taken though.
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Do you agree that it is your responsibility to let someone know you're married if they're interested in you?

Suppose you're flirting with someone and they're reciprocating and are clearly showing interest in wanting something more with you isn't...
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Would you be offended if a person used ChatGPT to impress you?

If someone impressed you over text, but you later found out that they were using ChatGPT to reply to your messages, would you mind or...
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Eye contact around someone you find attractive...?

Do you stare and try to maintain eye contact? Or do you give quick glances because you find it hard to maintain eye contact? Also state...
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Do girls like if a guy plays with their hair while cuddling?

Do girls like if a guy plays with their hair while they're just cuddling, watching a movie? What about if she is giving him head?

Gym manager is into me but I’m nervous as hell and can’t seem to have a proper convo with him? Does his actions seem like a f*ckboy type?

Gym manager is attracted to me, but can’t tell if he’s a f*ckboy that does it w everyone. He’s extremely attractive til the point that...
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How do you tell the difference between locking eyes out of mutual attraction, or because one caught the other looking at them?

I can't tell the difference. How do you know if you caught each other's eyes, or one person caught the other looking and looked back?
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If a girl asked me for my number and I gave it to her , what does it mean?And when is she going to call?

I was walking past a beautiful girl...Giving her this mysterious look.When I went to my car in the parking lot, Her friend came up to me...
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