The history of men buying women drinks

Many of you may not know this, but the cultural phenomena of men buying women drinks actually began as a form of exploitation and...

Nueroticism and what you bring to the table: mindset, making a move and follow through.

So I went out on a long hike today in a state park located on the coast of San Francisco, and while out there I realized something...

Six Reason Why I Prefer Mediterranean Men

I am myself Mediterranean and I have always have found Mediterranean me very attractive. They are very attractive: Mediterranean men get...

Tinder is full of fake profiles!

Seriously, meet ‘Lola:’ She claimed to be from Minnesota visiting her sister in Modesto, Ca. She eventually asked for my number and...

Be careful with girls that are afraid of confrontation...Red Flag!

Long story short, this girl I know acted as if attracted to me for a while, then the moment I started caring for her she just kept...

The day I had finally restored my faith in men!

Just over a year ago I had just started my first job and was a month away from turning 18. I recently stopped partying, boys and...

11 Tips to Get Your Crush to Like You

These tips should all be helpful in your crush become interested in you. All of these things played a huge part in me being able to have...

Do you get teased a lot by your partner?

Or would you love to tease your partner

Have you ever did something and stopped and thought "oh my god im turning to be like my parent"?

I was behaving a certain way with a woman then I realized that I took all my mother's issues on her. I feel just awful and I don't know...

How can I understand if a guy being nice or flirting?

There is a guy in my class and our families are close. when we talk he always talking about him going to gym and fitness once he told me...

How do you show a girl you are interested?

What signs do you give when you like a girl? Do you make more physical contact or do you joke around more? I noticed some guys make...

Was trying to catch a girls gaze and then this happened?

I was having breakfast at my college's cafeteria while trying to catch this girl's gaze. When I did, I briefly smiled at her, to which...

Why does he act weird around me?

I met a guy and he was friendly and said he wanted to be my friend. We were from different labs and we hung out during lunch. He never...

How To Communicate With A Mono syllable Person?

aka people who have one word reply and maintain a 1:10 ratio with you while talking. people who talk very little seem unapproachable.

I like my co-worker?

I have a co-worker I like and I think she flirts with me but im not sure if she's just being nice she always asks if I want a cookie...

So if you broke up with somebody recently and his/her brother/sister is intrested in you and trying to flirt you? What would you do?

If he/she is around if you show intrest or lessen the intrest you may fall in depression as usual...

What the fuck am I getting myself into / back into?

So, a while back, almost 2 years now, I met this girl via Tinder, we talked for a week or so, then went on a shitty date, yadda yadda...

Women, have you ever catcalled a man? Men, have you ever been catcalled by a woman?

I don't think I liked being there back in 10th grade, nor did I sweat it too much.

Has anyone experienced a catcalling before, and actually confronted the person?

I have seen on social media some stuff about a catcalling, I believe I have been through some of them before and ignored it, but how...

Me and girls and relationships?

I have noticed like no girls ever like me mainly saying im ugly so obviously im looking for a girlfriend long distance doesn't matter...

Choose the One you would entertain?

Simply on basis of what you see, with whom would you talk to in a bar?

Is this incredibly sweet or should I run?

Hey all. I am a single woman who is 31 years old. I do want to settle down very soon. I was on instagram and I added this man who is a...

Would teenage boys date adult women?

If you are a teeange boy and adult woman ask you out, would you accept it?

Help me elucidate this situation?

I think this boy likes me (both yr10) but every time I swear he does, I think it’s too good to be true because I like him too. I’ll list...

Girls, what would you think if a cashier gave you his number?

So i work at some small local shop and there is this girl which i think is amazin cute face and a pretty smile, i was thinking of asking...