Why don't more men learn how to flirt?

One of the weird aspects of hearing guys here talk about their struggles with dating is that almost none of them seem to know how to...
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Physical Signs of a Man In Love With You

Eye contact A partner who looks you straight in the eye when you speak and who does not look curiously around him is a man already in...
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FLIRTING 101 in 2023

Flirting is a way of expressing interest in someone and showing that you find them attractive. Here are a few tips for flirting...
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Just Because They're Staring Doesn't Mean They Like You

*Gasp* My crush was staring at me! Does (s)he like me? How many times have you heard someone apply this same logic to staring. A lot,...
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It's a two way street for a conversation to work!

I have to express this and I can only speak on the male pov (specifically my pov). When I'm online and dm'ing (direct messaging) I feel...
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What I like about basic men

I'm not attracted to super models or perfect faced young guys. I'm not saying I don't think they look good but personally if I had the...
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My latest rejection story

So being a single women in her 30's alone in the new country not having any friends, I became a local at this one very fancy cannabis...
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Oblivious flirting? Or not - may be. Awkward moment for sure.

There was a post in this group asking if the members were oblivious to flirting at any point of their lives. Here's my take on that....
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If a guy says “this city is so much better with you in it”, is he flirting or just being nice?

I moved to a new country a few years ago and recently my boyfriend’s friend told me that. Does it mean anything or not?

What to do with my gym crush?

I started going to a new gym in October, and ever since December, I've noticed this guy who I've formed a crush on. I think he notices...

Have you ever admitted feelings to someone?

If so, how did it go? 👀
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There is a girl at work I'm really attracted to. I rarely see her and almost always she is on the go. Should I go for her number?

There is a girl at work I'm really attracted to. Unfortunately, she works in a different department. So, I rarely see her and almost...

Guys, He calls me 'old hag' and 'that thing"?

What does he mean by that? Is that flirting or being playfully mean? He says it in a way as if we were married for 20 years bur we...

How can I approach a girl if she shows interest?

So like i remember a girl smiling and staring at me but i was too awkward to say anything and i got scared and looked/walked away. I...

Is it bad if I send him sexy pics to try to get his attention?

So I met this guy last weekend, he clearly found me attractive and we ended up making out and adding each other on social media. Well he...

I have a serious crush on this one guy I met at work. He brought his mom in to meet me, literally after a week of knowing me. How to proceed?

He is an exclassmate, an old friend of my best friend, who was once her guy best friend, (he has had a hard glow up, and i still look...
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Have you ever just randomly thought of an old crush of yours from way back and suddenly caught feelings again?

I just had a random dream about this crush i had back in grade school and somehow still got some feelings lol. Pretty random. I have no...
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Flirting at the gym! Is working out next to you flirting?

Or does she need to do more for your attention like pick weights next to yours?
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If someone called you pulchritudinous how would you feel?

‘You are looking very pulchritudinous today ;) ‘
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I'm 32 She's 18 am I a bad person for thinking about her?

I'm a supervisor at a visitor attraction. Recently, the daughter of one of the managers in the on site restaurant has started working in...
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Guys, Would you be annoyed or disappointed if a girl you liked started flirting with you without genuine interest in you?

If you could tell that she was just flirting out of boredom or for validation

Have you ever lost your mojo?

I'm just not pulling in the girls like I used to. I think I lost my mojo.
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If a girl seems angry at you, even though you are not dating, does that mean she has "feelings" for you?

If you are wondering why she she seems mad at me, its because I though that she didn't want to talk to me at all because she would...
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Do girls play mind games with the guys they like?

I am in a situation where I have no idea if she has a boyfriend or if she is making me jealous. I am confused because I find it stupid...
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My crush wished me a happy Valentine's day?

I have a crush on a guy at work and I'm sure he knows I'm interested in him I've dropped plenty of hints. He even matched with me on...

What screams, "I have a crush on you"?

how can you tell %100 that a person likes you
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Do “flirty friends” ever lead to anything?

So I’ve been messaging this girl for a few days and she said that we’re better off friends because I don’t know how to be dominant. Then...
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