Flirting Life Hacks For Guys

This myTake was inspired by a previous one from @Jjpayne, who so kindly "passed me the torch" ~ a code word to say he's busy watching...

An old, reliable, alternative to pick-up lines: Poetry!

Reciting poetry to girls is how I got all of my dates since I started doing it. It's incredibly effective, and has a higher success-rate...

Difference between catcalling a woman and complimenting a woman.

Please read everything before you comment. Be respectfull and open to other opinions. Thank you There is a big difference between...

Game is good for pickup and one night stands but I don't want to "game" my future girlfriend

Men need to be strong, be winners, in order to deserve anything. I fully believe that. I believe self esteem is critical for taking...

Getting flirted with by older men at work, what do you do?

Hi everyone, I want to discuss something which has been at the forefront of my interactions with men in the past years. As a young...

Harrassment isn't Flirting

Harrassment isn't Flirting Harassment Harrassment doesn’t happen at random! It doesn’t happen because of unfortunate timing and...

The Art of Female Seduction

The Art of Female Seduction Introduction I see so many girls and guys on here saying things like, " I'm shy and can't get a date",...

I've never been catcalled. Am I ugly?

Lots of women get catcalled. Or maybe I just dont dress sexy I don't know.

Does my professor have a crush on me?

He looks at me all the time, and he likes to get very close to me when showing me something. He also noticed that I was looking at his...

How to know when a guy is flirting vs just being nice?

I'm not that good at telling the difference or I just miss the hint. Most of the time, I assume that he is just being nice. Help me out,...

Do you ever feel physically drawn to someone? Does that happen only if there is attraction between those two people?

Almost like magnetic pull. This happens to me with this guy I'm rather close friends with. For example, today we were standing next to...

How do you know when someone's flirting with you?

For years now I have been oblivious to people flirting (and still am). Many times my friends have had to straight up say "hey dude they...

How can a person become better at flirting?

I always either over-do it and scare the guy off or am so subtle that he doesn't notice that I'm interested.

Why do some people flirt with everyone?

Some people flirt with everyone irrespective of age, or gender. And most of these “serial flirts” are straight...

What have you done to try and get someone you like to notice you?

I'm guilty of taking walks around my community in the morning in the hopes my crush will see me. I don't even know if he's seen me...

Do you ever hold out hope for somebody when you no longer have a way to connect with them that you think works?

I liked a co worker and he liked me too but would not give me his contact cause he was a manager and it was against the rules he would...

Have you ever simped?

This applies to both girls and guys. I know I have lol Anyways I do want to do a mini opinion on this. Most people have simped in one...

Can these just be signs of close friendship and not necessarily romantic chemistry between 2 shy people?

- prolonged eye contact with each other - whole body facing each other for example when waiting for a train at the station - sometimes...

Older woman coworker attracted to me?

-has bought me a nice birthday card -always calls me over when i walk by her office - says she misses me a couple times - said happy...

Would you send a friend request to a guy/girl you like on social media if you've met and talked to them in person already?

I'm contemplating sending a friend request to this guy I'm crushing on because I want to get to know him, and it could open the...

How Weird/Inappropriate Is This Scenario?

This is a fictional story only. (Weird, silly, story and question) So... story time! When Rob (married) and Mayla (single) were alone...

Do people actually like sarcasm?

Some people think sarcasm is a sign of intelligence but I'm not sure if that's true.

Guys, Do You Prefer To Be Called Handsome OR Sexy?

When you are receiving a compliment how do you want to be described? And yes... The orange and black color scheme was intentional🎃

How can you tell the difference between flirting and being nice?

I feel like women’s flirting is very passive I Can’t tell the difference between the 2. I ripped my pants at work.. My coworker...

Whats your favorite part of his/her body?

I look at the arms, jeans 🥵 and hands lol im weird.