How to Know If He's Flirting

Girls can sometimes be unsure of whether a guy is flirting or just being friendly. This Take is intended to provide a few pointers to...

The Dangers of the Flirt (Or my experience with my flirty coworker)

By now I guess you may have seen the past questions I've asked about a coworker who vents to me and stuff. Well, Turns out there is more...

How to Flirt Effectively

It's impossible to cover flirting in every possible dimension, but I thought I'd give a few pointers to those who aren't completely...

The body language project, picture slideshow

I noticed that there are a quite a number of pictures for this site that are all hidden when you go on...

How Do you Turn Down a Boy?

"There's a boy at school, and he's really weird. Nobody really likes him. He makes weird snorting noises. I always have to sit next to...

When a Woman Rejects You:

1 Accept it In western society at this point in History women are the choosers. They often are rude, hostile or mocking in rejection but...

Charm School: Lesson One SHE-VALRY

Charm School: Lesson One SHE-VALRY SHE-VALRY. Chivalry might not be all the way dead, but it sure is making room for SHE-VALRY. Girls...

Do you enjoy if they flirt with you at work?

For me it depends. If it's someone from corporate or an important associate, I enjoy it and may play along since refusing could have...

Do boys only like to grin at girls they're into?

I know smiling isn't a big clue but if a girl approaches you would you smile at her out of respect or keep a serious face?

Fellas what do you do when a girl pulling on your strings like a puppet?

For instance a girl say she likes you and you like her back but when you try flirting she tell you not to flirt with her and to not...

How can I score a ONS?

I need some help peeps of G@G. Having a ONS is something that's on my bucket list. I want to have a ONS at least once with someone I...

Would someone lie that he/she is married to avoid people flirting with him/her?

I know some people did that in order to avoid people flirting with them while they were just single. Does that make sense to you?

Is he interested, and how to approach him?

TLDR, we both work at this busy firm, where I'm a first year and he's in a high-ranking position, although not the boss. He rotates...

Is he manipulating me?

So my boss is a really nice and kind man but lately he started getting more touchy and with touchy I mean he sometimes touches my...

Is it normal and why for few guys to take a year to ask a girl out? Does he not like me?

This is when the signs are pretty clear we both like each other and flirt back

Why do some men don't get contented to their partners?

I know a lot of men who isn't contented to their partners and would always look for another.

I'm Shy, is He attracted to me or just friendly?

I’m introverted and suffer from social anxiety and lack of self confidence which makes me believe that no guy would ever find me...

Do guys easily notice when a girl kinda blushes randomly?

I sorta blush naturally even when I'm smiling , I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing but I like it. But when I talk to a guy I...

How do you feel about girls who aren't very flirtatious?

Not that they refuse to be flirtatious, but maybe it's not really in their nature or maybe it's not their strong suit?

Do girls like guys who get straight to the point?

Is it fine walking up to a girl on campus and getting straight to the point and ask, if they would like to have coffee or lunch...

Does he like me?

The past couple nights I’ve been hanging out with this guy and the first night I was drinking; so, I put my head on his arm. He adjusted...

Tinder is so annoying?

So I have been off the app for months now, honestly. It's been great for mental stability and happiness. I mean, how couldn't Tinder...

Should I just ask her out and get straight to the point?

Should I just get straight to the point and ask the girl out to coffee or lunch, and ask for her phone number? It would safe myself tune...

Does a girls voice make her more attractive?

whenever I talk it sounds like i'm gargling rocks, I hate it

Girls, I need your perspective on my situation at school?

For example, say I want to approach a girl, that I think is pretty, but she’s with a group of friends. What should I do in the...

Guy asked me to hangout sometime but he never replied?

I noticed a guy looking at my insta but he never followed. I liked his posts and then he followed me. I messaged him. We've been talking...

Do people honestly think that the opposite sex thinks using completely different patterns of thought?

I get there are some unique quirks and things to consider, but do you children really think that the opposite sex is a completely...