It's a two way street for a conversation to work!

gag wouldnt let me share my take without a pic
gag wouldn't let me share my take without a pic

I have to express this and I can only speak on the male pov (specifically my pov). When I'm online and dm'ing (direct messaging) I feel like it's a job interview or pulling teeth. It feels like I'm asking a bunch of questions and talking to a brick wall and I know I'm not the only one who's had this interaction. Some ladies do not know how to carry a conversation, like it's okay to reply and then ask a question back or some type of feedback. Don't just answer a question with no way for me to comment with something personable back. I'm not even talking about those who "leave on read", that's a different can of worms. I'm talking about those who actually get a guy who can have an intriguing conversation and still like to give short answers. Short answers to open ended questions I might add. Any guy who's asking yes or no questions should get short answers, but if a guy has the mind to ask you open ended questions, like who's your favorite band and why is that OR how did you get into *insert topic* OR anything where a guy can get any personal information about you that makes you unique from the other pretty faces.

Yes for us guys, we can find one beautiful thing in a woman to make them attractive to us (I'm going to just generalize now lol). I would say most women have something beautiful about themselves. Guys don't get the same benefit of the doubt, but I'm not sharing my take on how women truly screw themselves over from their own shallowness/biases and how having "a type" is really counterproductive when it comes to dating. It's important to have good conversation because if you want to be seen past having a nice body or a pretty face, you gotta help a guy out and show your personality through conversation...if you have one. If you don't have a personality...well you can't be mad at guys who literally only comment on your physical attributes. Can't be mad if most of your pics are you in a bikini or your butt/boobs are center of attention in your shots. I'm NOT saying you can't take them I'm just saying if you are, have pics of you doing something that shows your personality and not just your ASSets.


It's a two way street for a conversation to work!
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