G@G Community Guidelines

Happy G@G means:
  • Be friendly and fun
  • Don’t hate and harass
  • Share your opinion to help; inspire and incite
G@Gers always...
  • Use their powers for good. We’re proud to provide a place where people can go to get help, even with embarrassing or painfully private situations we all find ourselves in. Being anonymous allows us to be honest and candid without every day judgment.
  • Share openly. When you’re dealing with things you’re not comfortable discussing with your family and friends, your G@G friends are here for you with honest opinions and advice. Share your experiences to help others, that’s why we’re all here.
  • Stay helpful and respectful. We’re all here for the same things; to help and be helped. Be kind to those trying to help you, and try to be understanding of those in need.
  • Take out the trash. We have our fantastic Mods, Supermods, and Ubermods to help keep the environment fun and safe, but you can help too! Report bad behavior when you see it to ensure we all enjoy our time on GirlsAskGuys!
  • Have a blast. While people are often here because they’re freaking out about something, we still want everyone to have fun, and even make a few friends.
G@Gers never...
  • Use and abuse. Any post that is offensive, insulting, hateful or threatening will be removed. We’re not here to be hated and harassed, we’re here to help and be helped… let’s keep that alive.
  • Share inappropriate photos. We’re not cool with G@Gers sharing nude or violent photos, through posts or private messages. If you’re not sure if it’s okay to share, chances are it’s not.
  • Spam the site. Don’t bring your spam here. Don’t advertise yourself or your business, this isn’t the place for it.
  • Troll. People are here for sincere opinions and advice. Be helpful and don’t pick fights… we’re all friends here.

For more information on what GirlsAskGuys is all about, please check out our FAQ page.