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Physical Signs of a Man In Love With You

Eye contact A partner who looks you straight in the eye when you speak and who does not look curiously around him is a man already in love with you! It's his way of staying connected and establishing an emotional and...
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Why don't more men learn how to flirt?

One of the weird aspects of hearing guys here talk about their struggles with dating is that almost none of them seem to know how to flirt. It seems like every time a guy talks about his issues, everything is super...
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FLIRTING 101 in 2023

Flirting is a way of expressing interest in someone and showing that you find them attractive. Here are a few tips for flirting effectively: Be confident: Confidence is attractive, so try to relax and be yourself. Try...
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Just Because They're Staring Doesn't Mean They Like You

*Gasp* My crush was staring at me! Does (s)he like me? How many times have you heard someone apply this same logic to staring. A lot, right? Well, here are 9 other reasons why someone might be staring at us besides...
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It's a two way street for a conversation to work!

I have to express this and I can only speak on the male pov (specifically my pov). When I'm online and dm'ing (direct messaging) I feel like it's a job interview or pulling teeth. It feels like I'm asking a bunch of...
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What I like about basic men

I'm not attracted to super models or perfect faced young guys. I'm not saying I don't think they look good but personally if I had the opportunity to date them I just wouldn't. I for some reason like men who have a more...
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My latest rejection story

So being a single women in her 30's alone in the new country not having any friends, I became a local at this one very fancy cannabis club near my home. Apparently here is legal. I tried marijuana couple of times before...
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Oblivious flirting? Or not - may be. Awkward moment for sure.

There was a post in this group asking if the members were oblivious to flirting at any point of their lives. Here's my take on that. There may have been many oblivious occasions in my life which I still don't know they...
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5 of the Biggest Turn-ons for Girls

01. Compliments One of the best non-sexual ways to turn a girl on is complimenting her. Make her feel good by acknowledging or complimenting her. Even if you give her a smile and a wink—she’ll love it. Whatever...
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How I know she's into me: It's all in the eyes!

As a man, it's always been hard to catch onto a woman's actions and behavior. I know it, we all know it, because we've all been there. You meet a woman who you're instantly into, you spend days if not weeks building up...
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The dangers of crushing! My experience!

Have you ever felt like the person you like is the one and only? But then you realize that the person you liked actually isn't the one for you after you looked at his attitude and behaviour? Well, this is my experience! I...
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3 ways to help land that perfect partner

I wrote this for people that want to improve some aspects of their personality instead of improving looks so you can still improve on relationships without having to improve your looks. 1. Be clear about your intentions...
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Guys don’t waste your time with someone that pretends to be interested in you first. The things that I Relux47 have learned.

1. They will have you thinking that everything that they say is what they actually mean but they don’t 2. Never talk to someone that is talking to someone else. Regardless of if they’re single and talking to someone or...
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Attraction Tips! 5 ways to become more attractive.

1. Be confident . At the root of all comedians, actors, talk show hosts and more is their confidents and their smoothness. A few ways to do this is to be 1 energy level higher everyone else, make more expansive gestures,...
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Welp, I'm an idiot...

OMG! He did like me.. Wtf... he was just really subtle and shy. I was shy too and he just never knew that I liked him because there were times I just couldn't look/approach him and when I had perfect opportunities to talk...
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Be Careful What You Text A Man, He Will...

I will preface by saying this is not my work, thanks to another GAGer, I just adjusted a few things . This won’t be a very long take, just a GaG short lol. Just something I wanted to quickly share with a lot of women out...
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Musical Skills are HOT 🔥

You see someone at an event who catches your eye. They are attractive. Suddenly, they are introduced as a performer. They start to sing. 🔥🔥🔥 Singing. Playing an instrument. Any instrument—as long as you play it...
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Simps are pick me girls are the same concept but girls and guys want to talk differently about them. Recognize this or try to change my mind.

They both tolerate anything to obtain attraction from the opposite sex. They both put down their gender to make themselves look better. There are also people who defend simps and pick me girls in the same way. They...
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How To Intrigue A Man

How To Intrigue A Man There are some women who attract men to themselves like honey attracts bees. If you want to be one of those women then you have to act magnetic and intriguing to men. You have to stand out in his...
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The most effective way to get a girl to crush on you

90% of the time, it worked every time. And it's quite simple actually. Assume that girls are attracted to guys naturally to a certain degree just because of being a boy, so your job isn't to pursue them but to make it...
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