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Getting flirted with by older men at work, what do you do?

Hi everyone, I want to discuss something which has been at the forefront of my interactions with men in the past years. As a young woman, I cannot ignore the fact anymore that I'm getting looked at, checked out and...
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Harrassment isn't Flirting

Harrassment isn't Flirting Harassment Harrassment doesn’t happen at random! It doesn’t happen because of unfortunate timing and coincidence. Harassment has intent behind it and not “ha ha, I’m going to make this person...
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The Art of Female Seduction

The Art of Female Seduction Introduction I see so many girls and guys on here saying things like, " I'm shy and can't get a date", "Flirting is so hard", even " I don't know how to ask someone out or for their number"....
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Flirting for shy people

The only thing that you need for flirting is very simple, it's just a matter of tactics. You place yourself physically nearby and start commenting about whatever random thing is happening on the place, call it weather...
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The Dangers of the Flirt (Or my experience with my flirty coworker)

By now I guess you may have seen the past questions I've asked about a coworker who vents to me and stuff. Well, Turns out there is more to stuff than what she's telling me. Turns out she has revealed very personal info...
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How to Know If He's Flirting

Girls can sometimes be unsure of whether a guy is flirting or just being friendly. This Take is intended to provide a few pointers to the girls who sometimes find themselves puzzling over a guy's intent. The focus will be...
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How to Flirt Effectively

It's impossible to cover flirting in every possible dimension, but I thought I'd give a few pointers to those who aren't completely comfortable with it. The focus here is on flirting in real life, not online and does not...
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The body language project, picture slideshow

I noticed that there are a quite a number of pictures for this site that are all hidden when you go on but show up on google searches so I decided to highlight nineteen pictures and spark...
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How Do you Turn Down a Boy?

"There's a boy at school, and he's really weird. Nobody really likes him. He makes weird snorting noises. I always have to sit next to him. Today he asked me out. I don't want to hurt his feelings, What do I do? - Scared...
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When a Woman Rejects You:

1 Accept it In western society at this point in History women are the choosers. They often are rude, hostile or mocking in rejection but some guys cross a line and deserve it. Maybe you didn't, but women are often...
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Charm School: Lesson One SHE-VALRY

Charm School: Lesson One SHE-VALRY SHE-VALRY. Chivalry might not be all the way dead, but it sure is making room for SHE-VALRY. Girls today have a problem interacting or (flirting) with boys. These girls are so nervous...
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Guys-- What it means if she never, ever texts first.

This shouldn't take too long. Boys. Fellas. Guys. If she does not text you first, she is not interested in you and is just being friendly. Now, is that a generalization? Yes. Are we talking about literally. each. and....
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Why Guys Can't Get a Girl Anymore

Why Guys Can't Get a Girl Anymore. This site is famous for men whining about not having sex or not being able to get a girl to date them. These guys can't seem to pinpoint the problem they are facing with females or why....
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The history of men buying women drinks

Many of you may not know this, but the cultural phenomena of men buying women drinks actually began as a form of exploitation and manipulation. The entire premise behind this idea was that alchohol reduces inhibition, so...
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Nueroticism and what you bring to the table: mindset, making a move and follow through.

So I went out on a long hike today in a state park located on the coast of San Francisco, and while out there I realized something profound. And this is: we shouldn't let our own nueroticism overshadow our legitimately...
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Six Reason Why I Prefer Mediterranean Men

I am myself Mediterranean and I have always have found Mediterranean me very attractive. They are very attractive: Mediterranean men get most beautiful facial features beautiful skin tone dark hair eye color ranging from...
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Tinder is full of fake profiles!

Seriously, meet ‘Lola:’ She claimed to be from Minnesota visiting her sister in Modesto, Ca. She eventually asked for my number and then unmatched me. Red flag number one. Then, I got a text from a ‘269’ area code...
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Be careful with girls that are afraid of confrontation...Red Flag!

Long story short, this girl I know acted as if attracted to me for a while, then the moment I started caring for her she just kept leading me on because she was afraid of the "talk". She lived in this ambiguous state of...
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The day I had finally restored my faith in men!

Just over a year ago I had just started my first job and was a month away from turning 18. I recently stopped partying, boys and getting myself into so much damn trouble and decided it was best. I cut off everyone who...
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11 Tips to Get Your Crush to Like You

These tips should all be helpful in your crush become interested in you. All of these things played a huge part in me being able to have almost all of my crushes like me from my mid teen years to now. I wrote this guide...
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