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Musical Skills are HOT 🔥

You see someone at an event who catches your eye. They are attractive. Suddenly, they are introduced as a performer. They start to sing. 🔥🔥🔥 Singing. Playing an instrument. Any instrument—as long as you play it...
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Simps are pick me girls are the same concept but girls and guys want to talk differently about them. Recognize this or try to change my mind.

They both tolerate anything to obtain attraction from the opposite sex. They both put down their gender to make themselves look better. There are also people who defend simps and pick me girls in the same way. They both...
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How To Intrigue A Man

How To Intrigue A Man There are some women who attract men to themselves like honey attracts bees. If you want to be one of those women then you have to act magnetic and intriguing to men. You have to stand out in his...
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The most effective way to get a girl to crush on you

90% of the time, it worked every time. And it's quite simple actually. Assume that girls are attracted to guys naturally to a certain degree just because of being a boy, so your job isn't to pursue them but to make it...
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12 Super Helpful Tips to Get Your Crush to Fall For You !!

1. Ask them to do you a small favor : If they perform a minor act of service for you, they will unconsciously associate feelings of approval and positivity with you. 2. Laugh at their jokes : “The more we laugh with...
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What to do when you see a hottie looking at you [BRO YOU'LL FEEL GOOD WHETHER SHE REJECTS OR NOT]

Dude, have you ever seen a cutie, or any gal look directly at you for a few seconds when you're shopping, at school, On the street, waiting for a light, at a party or almost A-N-Y-W-H-E-R-E? Well I know you all have you...
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Ugly people I think are hot

Yup, I'm weird. It's what makes the world go round, having differences. 1. Boris Johnson AKA Prime Minister of the UK(even though he looks like a crazy potato) Yeahhhh he's ugly 2. I guess Christopher McDonald AKA...
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Communication skills; Do better!!

Fixing Communication Skills :How? Here are a few tips and tricks I learned in highschool that you may or may not find helpful... [For shy teens as per request] 1. Go with the flow Following the group is perhaps the...
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An old, reliable, alternative to pick-up lines: Poetry!

Reciting poetry to girls is how I got all of my dates since I started doing it. It's incredibly effective, and has a higher success-rate with my experience than using pick-up lines. People have been doing it for centuries...
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Flirting Life Hacks For Guys

This myTake was inspired by a previous one from @Jjpayne, who so kindly "passed me the torch" ~ a code word to say he's busy watching Netflix. Respect! LOL Life is full of daily tests and momentary difficulties and the...
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Difference between catcalling a woman and complimenting a woman.

Please read everything before you comment. Be respectfull and open to other opinions. Thank you There is a big difference between catcalling a woman and giving a compliment. I really hope that everyone who reads this,...
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Game is good for pickup and one night stands but I don't want to "game" my future girlfriend

Men need to be strong, be winners, in order to deserve anything. I fully believe that. I believe self esteem is critical for taking action as men and winning. I don't believe men or women inherently deserve anything, if...
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Getting flirted with by older men at work, what do you do?

Hi everyone, I want to discuss something which has been at the forefront of my interactions with men in the past years. As a young woman, I cannot ignore the fact anymore that I'm getting looked at, checked out and...
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Harrassment isn't Flirting

Harrassment isn't Flirting Harassment Harrassment doesn’t happen at random! It doesn’t happen because of unfortunate timing and coincidence. Harassment has intent behind it and not “ha ha, I’m going to make this person...
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The Art of Female Seduction

The Art of Female Seduction Introduction I see so many girls and guys on here saying things like, " I'm shy and can't get a date", "Flirting is so hard", even " I don't know how to ask someone out or for their number"....
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Flirting for shy people

The only thing that you need for flirting is very simple, it's just a matter of tactics. You place yourself physically nearby and start commenting about whatever random thing is happening on the place, call it weather...
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The Dangers of the Flirt (Or my experience with my flirty coworker)

By now I guess you may have seen the past questions I've asked about a coworker who vents to me and stuff. Well, Turns out there is more to stuff than what she's telling me. Turns out she has revealed very personal info...
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How to Know If He's Flirting

Girls can sometimes be unsure of whether a guy is flirting or just being friendly. This Take is intended to provide a few pointers to the girls who sometimes find themselves puzzling over a guy's intent. The focus will be...
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How to Flirt Effectively

It's impossible to cover flirting in every possible dimension, but I thought I'd give a few pointers to those who aren't completely comfortable with it. The focus here is on flirting in real life, not online and does not...
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The body language project, picture slideshow

I noticed that there are a quite a number of pictures for this site that are all hidden when you go on but show up on google searches so I decided to highlight nineteen pictures and spark...
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