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Be Careful What You Text A Man, He Will...


I will preface by saying this is not my work, thanks to another GAGer, I just adjusted a few things.

Be Careful What You Text A Man, He Will...

This won’t be a very long take, just a GaG short lol. Just something I wanted to quickly share with a lot of women out there from what I’ve learned out of my own experiences. As the title says, be careful what you text a male. And it doesn’t matter who it is. Whether it’s a male friend, someone you’re flirting with or interested in, even a family member. Be careful what you text them.

And why should you be careful?

Because they will show it to other people. Yes, you must beware of that. And it honestly doesn’t matter what nature you sent the message, they will still show it. I have been the girl on both sides of the spectrum, with both male friends and ones I’ve flirted with: I’ve been the girl who’s had his texts screenshot by a male and shared with others, and I’ve also been the girl who’s had male friends show me texts they got from other girls. And, yes, I have also been the one to show or read aloud to someone a text message I got from a male or someone else, but that is not common for me, and when I’ve done that it’s usually been because it was some kind of good news I got from the other person and wanted to share it with others. If it was a bad or weird text, I will just talk about it casually with someone but not really show them.

Yes, I’m sure some girls do this as well, but men do this much, much more. I actually have rarely had any of my female buddies, co-workers, associations, or even my sister show me texts that they got from guys or anyone else. Occasionally a female buddy will show me screenshots of some debate he was having with someone else, but that’s really about it. Male friends of mine and exes, however, have shown me screenshots or shown me in person something that someone texted them many times. And as I said, it doesn’t matter in what nature you wrote it, if it is directly sexual, flirtatious, or even angry, emotional, etc. a male will still show that to his girlfriends, boyfriends, or beta simps that he keeps on hand just as a substitute girlfriends.

So why do men do this?

1. Simply because it’s their gossipy nature and they want to show people what you said especially if there are some juicy bits in your message.

2. Because they didn’t take you seriously on something you texted her, especially if you were emotional about it, so they thought it was funny and they want you to laugh at it too.

3. You said something very sexual, dirty, or flirtatious in your own way that she thought was “weird” or made hi, uncomfortable, so he shares it with others to privately humiliate you.

4. Something you said actually was very sweet and heartwarming to him and he felt like he wanted to show the world, but this is much rarer because men ever mostly want to show other people’s text messages to you if it puts the other person in a weird or negative light. Which is the biggest reason. Because it isn’t just other guys' messages they show to you or anyone else, but they will also show you messages they get from other females as well, especially if it’s some kind of drama or an argument.

Sometimes a man will show you someone’s texts claiming they don’t understand what they meant by such and such and want your advice/input - which sometimes they are being legit about - but in most cases they are not doing it for this reason, rather they’re trying to make you think ill, lesser, or weirded out by someone in their inbox so that the male can feel vindicated, validated, or like they have an ally (if it was a text argument), supported and comforted, and to humiliate the other person (if it was a “creepy” sexual text), or want you to eat popcorn with them (if it’s a gossipy message). They are basically looking for your agreement and support.

So, girls, that’s why I’m advising you to be careful about what you send a man in DMs. They are still reading it even if they don’t respond. And they are often sharing it. So don’t let something you say become any kind of joke he can laugh at or a tool to use. Don’t say everything in DM, but wait to say some things to her in person. I do this a lot with certain details of a discussion I have with a man. People need to remember that not everything is important to say in a text message, rather it is better to be said in person.

As I said, men are also showing you DMs they get from other men, but my focus here is on how you as a woman need to be hip and careful with what you text.

So from all of us here at the DHARMA Initiative, namaste, and good luck

Be Careful What You Text A Man, He Will...
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  • loveslongnails
    I guess when you're 17 to whatever age it ends up being that you grow up, you eventually learn that sharing personal texts is not a smart or good thing. I heard a quote today and I'm glad I can say this about myself:
    "I'm the guy - where secrets go to die ". Yeah, I'm the vault. Sometimes my S. O. tries to convince me that we're one in the same when it comes to secrets and I just say "no effin' way". I don't want to know what your friends tell you in confidence, and I don't want to see their texts, or what's on your phone.
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  • ChrisMaster69
    One you missed out.

    guys do it to get recognition from their male peers for chatting to a girl.

    it’s often ‘hey am in here look what’s she said’.

    it’s a semi annoyance when out, other guys pretty much bragging they received a text from a girl 🤦
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    • Subarugirl

      I know but I wanted to leave it as close as possible to how the original author wrote it, I just changed the pronouns. Just to prove a point.

Most Helpful Girl

  • loves2learn
    Be careful what you text a man, he will send you an unsolicited dick pic!
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    • Always a naughty lady eyyy miss loves2learn 🤣🤣
      As much as you get d*ck pics double them on how much i see boobs and bums of women here?

      The most funny ones are when they ask "how do i look, am i cute?" The photo that she have uploaded is her bum in a tight legging without a fave or a tummy or legs, just her bum 🤣🤣

      Another type of girls who posted "do i look innocent, do i have a beautiful face?" She took the selfie from upside and the majority of her huge hooters are out, each boob bigger than her head and she's asking drooling guys and sexual predators if her face is beautiful and innocent, come on 🤣🤣

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  • TonyMetal___86
    Well i don't know if what your saying is true or not!
    Personally i never show the messages that i receive from men and women because i consider such things to be private and i respect the person who's sending me the message because if they wanted everyone to see than they wouldn't have sent it in a PM...

    Many girls send me private messages and tells me very sensitive things about themselves and their secret is kept with and no one will know about it and that's why the majority of girls in real life and even here on GAG trusts me blindly and they vent for me everything that they have on their chest...

    Any person who sends me a PM will always remain PRIVATE...

    There are some girls here on gag whom i can ruin them in just a simple move, after telling me everything about themselves, i can just repost what they have posted me and play a dirty game because they had an argument with me later and some of them had blocked me but i'm a man of honor, no matter how much a girl will hate me or even become an enemy with me, i'll never play this dirty game to squash her by revealing her life secrets that she once have told me, i'll never use such things to hurt someone who have trusted me in the past...

    One of the girls told me that she couldn't believe that i didn't show everyone what she wrote me even though she attacked me and at some point said degrading words about me, i told her that no matter what she does, i'll never become a dirty person who uses others in their weak moments to be able to destroy them, she thanked me a lot and have appologized and now we are friends here on gag...

    Maybe i'm very rare but i'm real which means that NOT ALL MEN are like this!
  • Phoenix98
    A man child maybe.

    Out of all the guys I know only one has ever shown me his texts with his girl and that was only because we were discussing some issues he was having in his relationship so he showed me so I could get a better idea of what he was talking about.

    Other then that I've never had any man show me any texts from a girl or in general and I myself am a very private person and don't show my private messages to anyone.
  • IAMNathanael
    Ah. Did you just switch the pronouns? Because I was about to say I'm pretty sure it goes both ways. Just be careful in general. No matter who you're talking to, you know?
  • exitseven
    I must be too old for this shit but I would never even think of sharing a private text with anyone. Does this mean I have to worry about other people doing it to me?
  • Andres77
    I guess men and women aren't so different after all...🤔
  • alance99
    I agree with you on this but all men aren't same, i have never shared my personal life with my friends i keep it to myself only even after breakup
  • Mangospacho
    Bottom line: Be careful about whatever you put in writing. 😊
  • Neilbud
    It's kind of a good rule around. I've seen girls do this as well. #justbeinghonest
  • Jouth
    men bad

    • Subarugirl

      Honey, this is a post I took that was written by a man, I just switched the pronouns

    • Jouth

      lol I was making fun of the kind of person who would make fun of that kind of person.

      Double irony.

  • Anonymous
    I disagree with the take, this and the gossipy behavior stems as more particular to girls.
    • Subarugirl

      idk… locker room talk is a thing though