From Phone to Table: How to Get That Guy To Stop Texting and Ask You Out


It’s a moment every girl knows and dreads. You notice you have a new text from that super cute guy you’ve been chatting with ever since you swiped right last week. You start imaging the perfect first date you’ll be going on, full of shy glances and soulful stares. And then you see it; yet another “Hey, how’s it going?”.

From Phone to Table: How to Get That Guy To Stop Texting and Ask You Out

Online dating has led to some awesome advances when it comes to meeting prospective partners, but one serious downside is there is no surefire way to get from the girl on his screen to the girl in his arms. We all have a thousand stories about that guy we’ve been texting nonstop until he suddenly ghosts for no reason. While there may not be a foolproof solution, there are definitely a few ways you can step over that hurdle and make the fantasy date a reality.

1. If you find yourself texting this guy for 8 hours every day, learning all about his favorite TV shows and crazy exs and beloved childhood pets, STOP.

I know it seems like you’re getting to know each other, but that is what the first date is for. If you skip right past that to the “already know everything about each other” step without ever actually meeting, you may find yourself skipping even further forward, to the “break-up” step.

2. When you’re chatting, start mentioning a few activities that you would enjoy.

Maybe a restaurant or bar you’ve been hearing good things about or a movie you can’t wait to see. Hopefully, he’ll pick up on the hint and ask if you want to try that bar or see that movie with him. And, best part, you’re guaranteed a date you’ll actually like rather than forcing him to have to guess the perfect spot.


Would Mindy Kaling, or Lena Dunham, or Beyonce wait around for some guy to finally ask them out on a real date?

From Phone to Table: How to Get That Guy To Stop Texting and Ask You Out

It’s 2015 ladies, take the leap. The worst thing that could happen is he can say no, and you just saved yourself a few more weeks of texting leading to nothing.

So there you go. Hopefully a few of these ghosts will turn into real boys and you’ll find yourself sitting across from one at a romantic table for two soon!

From Phone to Table: How to Get That Guy To Stop Texting and Ask You Out

From Phone to Table: How to Get That Guy To Stop Texting and Ask You Out
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  • Azara
    eh just ask him out and get it over with. he's interested or he isn't. if you know you're interested then there's no reason to continue texting back and for for ages.
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  • BrianSmith
    Would give out your number early in the texting phase and talk over the phone. At that point use #2 into the conversation. Identify if compatibility is there early on so you don't waist your time with duds.
  • fiego
    @AskJK Another suggestion would be to ask him specifically what his plans are for the upcoming day and then "hint" that you enjoy one of them.
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  • mishiii
    I cannot stand texting. If a guy is texting you 8 hours a day – drop them
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  • AllThatSweetJazz
    Basically, number 3. Just do it.
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  • Anonymous
    #3 girls. Just do it
  • Anonymous
    I gave this guy who I like my number and he never contacted me
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    • tyber1

      You have your answer then.

    • zmonman

      why dont you contact him...

    • Anonymous

      @zmonman because he is not interested

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