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In case my question feels too ridiculous, it is trolling.

I can follow back but only if you introduce yourself.

Retired uber mod.

My very first post on GAG
Pregnant and worried! ↗

My first MHO
Is Heaven a Celestial North Korea? ↗

My first post with more than one likes
What's the use of dating a guy who is not rich? ↗

I used to have a list of people who blocked me but I took it down a couple of years ago because some complained that it was too petty. Well, f that lol, now (may 2018). it's starting up again:

CandacePerry, legalboxers, Littleinfamous, Pamina, abundantlyrich, Astoriana, Decentguy, Pink2000, Leafpool2, Secret6620, SimpleRhubarb, supercutebutt, Browneye57 (last added 29.04.2021.)

You bunch can vacuum my phallic protrusion.

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