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The dangers of crushing! My experience!

The dangers of crushing! My experience!

Have you ever felt like the person you like is the one and only? But then you realize that the person you liked actually isn't the one for you after you looked at his attitude and behaviour?

Well, this is my experience! I am sure a lot of you experienced the same thing! In my life i had over 16 crushes on different guys and i handled my emotions differently with each one of them! Not gonna lie i fucked up with some guys because i am inexperienced with guys and literally am very shy and awkward with them! Most guys i liked weren't even my type it was just an infatuation and the fact that they looked at me and i was flattered!(stupid me) .The thing with crushes is that sometimes you get addicted to them or obsessed happened to me once and i regret that he didn't even treat me right didn't want to talk to me in real life only said hi and yeah that was mean! It was like he didn't respect me at all! It was my fault i should have left him since day one and the idea of dating him as well! He had a girlfriend after all!

The second experience with crushes is that some guys only stare but you don't know why they do so, they don't start up a conversation with me ever and i feel very inadequate! I won't bite anyone! I just really want to get to know a guy and see how it goes! I am not gonna go further with them i just really want to experience first love u know? The danger of that is that you will speculate the reasons behind his staring or smiling or touching or whatever!

I for real don't see any reason to like anyone anymore most guys don't seem serious anyway! I just wanted to share my experience with crushes.I don't know if you experienced something similar or i am the only "lucky" one😂 Thanks for reading!

The dangers of crushing! My experience!
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  • OlderAndWiser
    When you have a "crush," you don't know the person. You have a vision in your head, or a fantasy, about who they are but there is no reason to think it's accurate at all. So when you finally get to know them, they are almost always different from what you had imagined.
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  • Bl0n6eguy
    I've got a big crush on a really nice girl I know; but I'm quite a shy guy, and it started off with me just looking. Eventually I've lightly conversed with her, and found out she's a really nice person - so nice in fact, that I felt inadequate.

    It's not that we (shy guys) aren't serious, it's that we can feel insecure about ourselves and no know what to say. You don't want to do something that will make your crush reject you, because that would end the crush.

    It's a bit like Schrödinger's Love, it's there until you open the box to check. Therefore, the Opening of the box is the most scary part - Aka approaching and asking them out.

    I haven't had many crushes, and I've felt so inadequate lately that I've booked freckle removal treatment. Men with good intentions don't know what to do anymore, you can't act all confident and approach women like in Rom Coms anymore - but there isn't any widely known replacement either... So we just look from afar, hoping to see signs it's mutual.
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  • Medhat-M
    I never had a " crush "... It was always girls were into me and that pressured me sometimes ( for various and stupid reasons lol ) to like some of them back even though I don't.. last time that happened I realized after a long time ( when clarity hit ) that there were tons of stuff I can't stand about her... And " crushing " and stuff is now a toxic thing when I think about it...
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    • Yeah i also dont crush on anyone anymore every guy at my school seems immature and entitled...

    • Medhat-M

      Lol same... Most of the girls that stand out for me are always older... most of girls around my age and younger are silly and passive with generic personality... They're just so blah lol

    • Yeah not all girls are like that but i get your point maybe there are guys who are cool I don't know

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  • Laura456
    I have also experienced this. I have had over 30 crushes my whole life (been counting). But that's as far as I've gotten in relationships. I haven't had the time or chance to explore relationships at a deeper level. Maybe I'll have time next year who knows. But when I do have crushes, I also have the tendency to fantasise things and this makes me blinded, I forget the fine line between what's happened in reality and what is a fantasy. Most of the time, it leaves me wondering if there was anything happening between me and the guy at all. I think some of my crushes have been one sided, it's so sad. I have a big heart with lots of love to offer :)
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    • Yeah i agree with you! I have never imagined doing things with my crushes though.. i just really liked some of the guys and waited them to approach me but they never did I don't understand why..

  • Twalli
    You expect something from crushes, that's not how they work.
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  • emperor90
    Wow that is true i had the exact thing happen to me
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  • Jouth
    shut up ok
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  • Gwenhwyfar
    I totally agree with you
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  • JohnK123
    I’ve had too many crushes haha
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  • Anonymous
    I think my biggest mistakes in life involved crushing. You set yourself up for disappointment and it causes you to be blind to the reality, that you are a complete stranger to this other person and they don’t share these feelings.
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  • Anonymous
    I experienced something way way worse. I don't know if it just a crush or fell in love with him..
    Anyway, I had been chatting with a guy that I met on this site for 7 months. At the beginning he seemed really sweet and nice and felt like we had a connection. We've been talking for several hours a day, exchanged photos, personal information, phone numbers etc. He claimed he loved me that I was the most beautiful girl on the site and that we should meet in real life and move in together, be his girlfriend, even with the prospect of marriage (!)
    After New Year's Day the guy started changing his behavior.. The replies started becoming shorter and less frequent.. Then the guy started pressuring me to send him pictures in underwear and have phone sex with him, although I told him I don't feel ready for something like this... Then I accidentally found out that the guy was at a dating site and had been talking to girls there. When I confronted him about this, the guy attacked me with horrible names and insults, said we're over and blocked me on all social media just yesterday
    I feel brokenhearted, betrayed and like an idiot
    I wish I could alert other girls too on the site, so that they don't fall victim of this terrible person and ruin their mental health (the guy has been going after girls on the site for quite a while. There have even been complaints about him...) Now I learned my lesson.. Always be very careful and never fall for easy love oaths by guys... Especially online. Never share your photos with anyone, some people know how to manipulate young and naive girls, they are experts in psychology

    Anyway, sorry for the rant. I just saw this MyTakes and felt the need to share my thoughts with someone else
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    • You know what? I really feel sorry for what happened no one deserves that! You are a sweet girl i am sure just get over him u will find someone better🥰

    • Laura456

      Thanks for sharing this. It's a good reminder of how unsafe online chatting can be.

    • @Laura456 true but i am curious to know who he is to avoid him!!

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