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I am older and wiser, but . . .

I'm not the oldest user on this web site and I don't think I am the wisest. My user name means that I am much wiser now than I was when I was a young man, not that I am wiser than everyone else on this site.

I have been practicing law in Florida since 1986. I have a general practice. I do not handle criminal law. I volunteer time working with college students, I sing in my church choir (but I am not "holier than thou,") and I am a church leader.

I got divorced a few years ago and have moved on. I used a few online sites to meet prospective partners and I have dated a few very nice, decent, and attractive women. In February 2018, I met a lady who I thought was The One. We have lived together since August, 2018. She has stopped hiding her alcoholism from me and everything has deteriorated. I expect to be single again very soon.

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