Oblivious flirting? Or not - may be. Awkward moment for sure.


There was a post in this group asking if the members were oblivious to flirting at any point of their lives. Here's my take on that.

What shes up to?
What she's up to?

There may have been many oblivious occasions in my life which I still don't know they were flirting but I have been in tough situations for sure, like I can see that person is flirting with me but I can't do anything about it because timing was awkward. I've mentioned this story before but who cares I'm gonna say it again.

So I liked this girl who is really nice and charming but when I first met her she was apparently with someone else so she didn't want to proceed even though she looked like she's interested in me.

And then several months later, she came to meet me and while I was chatting with her it became obvious that she's free now and wants to proceed, but I wasn't free at the moment. It's a bloody shame because my entanglement I mentioned hasn't ended well in the end either. I was a complete different person after I came out of that hell hole.

And then after a couple of months I met the first girl I mentioned, but I wasn't in a great mood to start something again. That was the last one seen her. She was apparently still single then. The last thing I heard about her was she has gone back to her home town leaving the capital. That's a shame.

I know one thing for sure even though she's the nicest girl I've met, after that toxic connection I've become someone who is following a different path than her. She's more of a conservative person and I respect her view and now I'm a little bit more of a liberal person with different goals.

So I know in the end it won't work even if we meet today and make a connection. #life

Oblivious flirting? Or not - may be. Awkward moment for sure.
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