My latest rejection story

My latest rejection story

So being a single women in her 30's alone in the new country not having any friends, I became a local at this one very fancy cannabis club near my home. Apparently here is legal. I tried marijuana couple of times before and I saw good reviews about this place for meeting new people, various events, international, or just to chill by yourself because it's really quiet and relaxing.

There works 6 people in 2 shifts, I think; the reception, the weed bar and the drinks bar. I met this guy at the reception the first time I came to register as a member. I liked him instantly. Not the 'omg I'm in love' kinda thing but his happy personality and very cute eyes made my day. He was very friendly, showed me around and got me my 1st free joint + drink. I met couple of other staff that day and one woman. Ever since then, which is like 4 months now, I've been going there regularly like once a week to get weed, but unfortunately I didn't see this guy often because of shits.

Fast forward to a week ago, I went there in the evening to have a drink and a smoke. It was surprisingly empty, and "my guy" was working at the drinks bar. He was very surprised and happy to see me, I sat at the bar stool next to him the whole evening and we had a great conversation and good laughs. He told me I should come more often, suggested certain events and time, and I guess at that moment my flirtyself awakened and I said "I will come when you are here!" which sounded a bit bad but okay, he laughed at it and gave me his schedule.

I was feeling pretty confident about him liking me back, and I wanted to go again as soon as possible. So few days later I went again (on his schedule, of course) but this time was very crowded and he was super busy at the weed bar. I asked him if he could recommend me something new to smoke and he said he has something special for me but will make it later when he finds time, because it's not in the bar right now. I told him not worry about it that I see he's busy and maybe some other time. Nevertheless , he did make it in the end and brought it to my table with a huge smile and on his knees (like a wedding proposal joke). At that point I think I was in love hahaha! What can I say, he got me. I thanked him and hugged him and told him I'll definitely enjoy it. Later I realized he draw a smiley face on the blunt haha.

I wasn't sure how to advance at this point, knowing very well that bar staff's job is to act like this to get tips and customers. I wasn't sure if to him I was just another customer or there's something more. I paid attention on how he was with other customers and it seemed to me like he doesn't talk to them as much as with me.

The next day I sat on my balcony and lighted the joint he made me, and it really was special! Very good stuff and very professionally rolled, almost too good to smoke it. I decided to find him on social media (which wasn't so hard, he was on the Club's following list on Instagram). I followed him and he followed me back, and then I sent him a DM to thank him and that I have never smoked better joined. He replied that he's glad I like it, but that he thinks there are better stuff. I assured him this one was best for me so far (mostly trying to indicate that it's because HE made it, like hellooo dude I like you! haha). Then I told him I'll drop by later to pick up some and asked him if he could make me one more of those. He said of course and that was it. Feeling very positive about everything, after dinner & drinks with my colleagues, I went there in hurry for closing time. When I got there they were about to close, and it seemed like he wasn't really in the mood; he wasn't as goofy as before. When he saw me he just said "You're late". I asked him how he was and he said he's fine, asked how I am and I told him about my dinner with colleagues. There was a brief moment of no one being around so I gathered all my courage and asked him about his plans after work. He said he's going home nothing special, and I asked him if he maybe wants to hangout together a bit.

"Naah". That's what he said. Lol. I was trying to find the words to respond to that, but all I think of was "Oh, okay" to which he said "Sorry" and I only said "No worries, see you!" taking my stuff and heading out.

Now I'm on the balcony smoking his joint again and just recalling all the stuff. So cringe, I feel so embarrassed. I guess my intuition about him was wrong... and I'm definitely not going there again!

My latest rejection story
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