Attraction Tips! 5 ways to become more attractive.

Attraction Tips! 5 ways to become more attractive.

1. Be confident. At the root of all comedians, actors, talk show hosts and more is their confidents and their smoothness. A few ways to do this is to be 1 energy level higher everyone else, make more expansive gestures, have the mindset that whatever is ok( this doesn’t apply in real life but in talking/social situations it can, as most social situations it’s how you react that people care about, so if you nail the reaction something embarrassing won’t be that bad).

2. Take care of yourself. No matter how many people tell me that being malnourished and skinny or being fat and obese is attractive, I will never believe it. Humans want partners that look healthy so they can carry their children, this doesn’t mean you have to be Arnold Schwarzenegger or Dwayne Johnson but just being physically fit is enough. Also take care of your skin keeping it clear and free of pimples, acne, etc. ( my theory on a attractive face is that everyone is born pretty or handsome, just some choose not to take care of themselves making them warped and ugly).

3. Learn how to flirt. Flirting is a big part of building attraction and finding a partner as it is the poking fun with the other that helps you learn more about them that will help you find a new partner. So some ways to playfully flirt is to tease them on things they aren’t sensitive about, which is a great way to poke fun at someone without them taking it as an insult.

4. Have fun. Learn to have fun because people naturally just want to gravitate towards you because THEY want to have fun themselves, so go and be yourself get wild it will help you:).

5. Be yourself. NO ONE likes someone that acts fake just to get you to like them or be around them, it doesn’t work, so be yourself because people that actually like who you are will be pulled towards you and want to be around you.

I hoped this helped please let me know if there is anything else I left out.

Attraction Tips! 5 ways to become more attractive.
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