7 Ways Guys Can Make Themselves More Attractive


1. Get a haircut that works well for your face

Most people care about the face so let's start with how best to maximize it. You can get a haircut that works well with your face and help make you more attractive. Obviously, this will differ from person to person so it's best to experiment around a bit and find which style works best for you.

7 Ways Guys Can Make Themselves More Attractive
7 Ways Guys Can Make Themselves More Attractive

If you're going bald I recommend embracing your inner Mr. Clean.

7 Ways Guys Can Make Themselves More Attractive

2. Treat your acne and get rid of any acne scars

I know some of us were plagued with acne and got pimples which left some of us with scars. This brings down your facial aesthetics a little but there are some remedies you can use to fix this. For example, makeup can be very useful in covering those nasty scars.

7 Ways Guys Can Make Themselves More Attractive

Power of makeup

Another remedy is laser surgery which can help get rid of the scars for good

7 Ways Guys Can Make Themselves More Attractive

3. Work on your body

Your face only makes up 10% of you but your body is 90% and is even more important overall. A nice face with a mediocre body will overall lower your appearance of being masculine and powerful which attracts women. Also, when you do have sex with a girl she very much would enjoy moving her hands through a body that is nice,toned and muscular compared to one that is flabby, soft and out of shape.

7 Ways Guys Can Make Themselves More Attractive
7 Ways Guys Can Make Themselves More Attractive

7 Ways Guys Can Make Themselves More Attractive

The body type that you should try to aim for is a swimmer's build as this has been said to be most attractive body type that women like in men. So focus on getting broad shoulders, define abs, bicep, tricep, V tapered narrow waist, and most importantly don't neglect leg day.

4. Wear clothes that fit you well

Women like men who overall looks like he's put together well. Wearing nice clothes for men is like the equivalent of what lingerie is for women it boost your attractiveness. In the current atmosphere we have today where so many men dress like slobs, this will make you stand out.

7 Ways Guys Can Make Themselves More Attractive
7 Ways Guys Can Make Themselves More Attractive

7 Ways Guys Can Make Themselves More Attractive

Get clothes that match and suit your size and don't wear clothes that are too tight or too baggy. You won't get a full wardrobe within a short time, it might take years to find the right wardrobe that not only fits your right but looks well on you. Also,Dress well and for the occasion but don't wear fancy stuff every time you go out as people would just think you are a try hard.

5. Put on some cologne when you go out

Studies show that smell and memory are often linked together. A familiar and pleasant smell can cause people to go back to a past memory. This is something you want to bring out when interacting with people especially girls you like. It's for this reason you should probably use cologne brands that are popular because chances are some guy this girl banged in the past used the same cologne. However, do not over do it and spray yourself heavily.

7 Ways Guys Can Make Themselves More Attractive

6. Improve your social skills

If you have social anxiety around people and tend to fumble with your words when in straight face to face conversation you'll need to change that as it doesn't cut it for men.

You can start out baby steps at home by communicating with those who you live with, maintain eye contact when talking to people,converse frequently, get rid of speech impediments by training yourself and see if you can keep a conversation with people rolling. Once you are comfortable with those at home you can venture out into the world and apply the same principle but start off small like asking someone for the time before moving upwards.

7 Ways Guys Can Make Themselves More Attractive

7. Read, Learn and constantly learn new skills

The more knowledgeable you are about the world around you the more topics you can discuss with people and you'll have a better chance of appealing and befriend a wider scope of people because you share interest in the same things.

7 Ways Guys Can Make Themselves More Attractive
7 Ways Guys Can Make Themselves More Attractive
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Most Helpful Guy

  • bvictor
    Very much agreed but too much knowledge could put you in crossed path with people who hold different points of views. While having an intellectual conversation is great it is best to respect the other person's point of view even if you think or know it is wrong. There are more tactful ways of getting your point across without calling them an idiot.
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  • Gnana
    8. SMILE!!! Lot of men don't smile, even on pictures to look cool.
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  • smileyface27
    COLOGNE!!! honestly you could wear a garbage bag but if you smell good, DAMN im hooked ahaha
  • vnmcwedsdecentguy
    all this won't help, you are just giving the finishing touches, its like putting a good frame when the problem is in the painting.

    maxillofacial surgery, mewing, face pulling is what is needed if the face structure is bad

    to fix features face yoga method is recommended since it directly works on the facial muscles

    for the outermost layer, the epidermis/ the skin, some of your points are applicable

    what u say is what is to be done when everything else is fixed

  • giggleswilmington
    Differentiating girls from gold-diggers:
    1. Tell her you're excited you got a $350 check this pay period!
  • EggYeol
    #1 amazed me, he upgraded his style and phone as well lol
  • ProbablyTooMature
    Holy Christ don't use make up. Embrace that you have scars, so the fuck what. If a girl has an issue with it she isn't the one for you.
  • anonman32
    I have one critique. When you build a body the most confidence csn be gained from what you think is best not what others think is best. This take was a good read and very informative, thanks.
  • Prettyapathetic
    Im a little nervous about guys who dress and smell like the typical asshole.
    • This is exactly why I like uncommon and more masculine smells. Oud is where it's at.

  • John_Doesnt
    What about making tons of money and getting penis extensions?
  • Alex88F
    died on the part "embrace your inner mr clean"
    on point tho, bravo!
  • YourFutureEx
    All I lack is #6
  • Cccgala
    Great Take!
    4, 5, 6, and 7 are on point.
  • somebodysaycheese
    Agree. But cologne... Im picky about cologne.
  • candyaurora
    Love cologne on men!
  • PlzJustDie
  • Anonymous
    Great take. I love the swimmer guys. They're so hot!
  • Anonymous
    Does a good body include having height? That's where I'm lacking.
  • Anonymous
    Number 6 is the only problem for me, and it can't be learned :(
  • Anonymous
    Perfect 👏
  • Anonymous
    Great Take. Repped.
  • Anonymous
    I like this list, especially number 3 and 5