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Speedcubing: Best Single Solves

Speedcubing is an activity that engages in solving tangible and mechanical puzzles within the fastest time possible. The most popular puzzle is the Rubik's cube invented by Hungarian engineer Ernő Rubik.

I'm a beginner speedcuber. I'm not alone in the speedcubing community (of course) so, like all speedcubers, I want my times to drop!

Here are my fastest single solves for different events:

2x2x2 puzzle - 00:00:05 secs (YJ 2x2x2)
3x3x3 puzzle - 00:00:30 secs (MoFang JiaoShi MF3RS)
4x4x4 puzzle - 00:03:56 mins (QiYi WuQue 4x4x4)
Pyraminx - 00:00:10 secs (X-Man Design Bell Magnetic Pyraminx)

I'll add more events as my puzzle collection expands ✨

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