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Welp, I'm an idiot...

Woman disappointed.
Woman disappointed.

OMG! He did like me.. Wtf... he was just really subtle and shy. I was shy too and he just never knew that I liked him because there were times I just couldn't look/approach him and when I had perfect opportunities to talk to him alone at places he knew I would be, I bailed on them.

He wasn't ready to make a move yet because it was too soon. That's why when I asked him out for coffee (I didn't even imply as a date, just to hang out) he said yes but wasn't looking for anything serious right now and it's also why he was hurt that I decided to resign -- because he wouldn't be able to see me around anymore. He never said that he wasn't interested. He just wanted to slowly but surely know me better. He hides his emotions so well but I just now figured it out. I have to be more open and approachable! *facepalm*

All the signs were there but I thought if he didn't make a move it's because he wasn't comfortable doing it yet. His exact words were "If we dated we would have to let HR know and it would be awkward af". He's a private person so that makes sense. He would get so nervous around me, I really thought he hated me even though I haven't done anything at all to him. Acting so awkwardly that it's something I've never experienced in my entire life.

My crush played it so cool when we talked. But he was also always gazing at me, getting tongue tied, looking down even when I'm wearing something really nice... Nonverbally giving attention, sighing like he didn't have a chance, froze up and just scared that he might say the wrong thing to me.

It may take a while to get this to work, but once he's ready and confident enough (hopefully I will be too) things will follow through and definitely change. If there's any big progress I'll post them here! Hopefully I'm not too late!

Welp, I'm an idiot...
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  • Ascarymanasks
    That’s what I thought is that this girl I like (90% sure she likes me back) knew that I liked her than started to get more distant (like wanting me to chase her) but instead I have started to move on and missed my chance. The problem with your scenario is you HAVE TO act like you like him by either telling him or being obvious about (flirting) because than he will think he gets a shot at you AND he doesn’t think that your trying to just hang out. The key to not getting friendzoned is making your intentions obvious by showing signs like for example: flirting. To show you have romantic interests instead of friendship interests
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  • LightOfTruth
    Not sure what, “he is not ready” means. Are you sure it is a guy? This does not sound like one.
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  • bgreek

    Well, men aren't mind readers
    You have a mouth, if you like someone say something
  • Tabasco25
    I've been there
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    • Anonymous

      Ahhh I'm really scared he might have forgotten about me and moved on due to him thinking I wasn't interested. 😔 I hope once he sees me again and I explain my actions (that it was never his fault), his feelings will either still be there or come back because my feelings for him definitely never left.