Singles, Embrace Valentine's day for your own!

Singles, Embrace Valentines day for your own!

Lately a couple of questions on here have called for the boycott of Valentine's day due to sexist views of the holiday and anti commercialism. However, February 15th is Singles Awareness Day. If you're single, don't feel bad about not having a valentine. Be your own! Take yourself out to eat, do something fun like go bowling or a movie. Hell, ladies go to a spa or salon and treat yourselves. Buy yourself some candy as well. You also don't have to spend money. Go take a long walk in a park or find free events to meet people, binge on your favorite shows, or read a shit ton. You can find Valentines day can be just as much of a day for self love and mental health awareness like any other day. Plus you can do this any day of the year and not just on February 14th or 15th.

Singles, Embrace Valentine's day for your own!
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  • Ianto
    Much like other festivals, any meaning the day may have had is lost in the overweening capitalist drive to get everyone to spend. Roses are obligatory, so florists triple their prices. Restaurants cram as many as possible in, knowing that most are never going to come back - so what does it matter if some tables are by the toilet door. And, of course, the vast sums paid for folded bits of card...

    Why not rebel constructively? Ditch the normal, take her for a moonlit swim, or up a mountain, or whatever. Refuse to buy plastic, glitter, junk, etc.
    And if you are single, do the same sort of thing; have fun without feeding the corporate beast. A couple of years of making a loss will change the economics of the day.
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    • Ianto

      Thanks for the MHO. 🤓

  • SirRexington
    Bullshit. Eating by yourself? I always feel bad those people. Going to the movies alone? No. That's what a truly lonely person would do. I will not subject myself to that.

    Going to the park sure. Meeting people, maybe friends, that's a good idea. But bowling and eat and going to the movies by yourself. There are few things more sad and depressing than that.
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    • Do you need someone to accompany you to the bathroom? There is no shame in going out by yourself. Who are you trying to impress? Doing thing by yourself isn't sad. lol Some people can enjoy life without needing someone elses approval.

    • Dude, relax. There are more than 30% who are singles in the world. Are they going to hung themselves lol? No, they won't (with few exceptions). Also 40% of Americans feel lonely , means half of population. So, learn to be alone and try to have good time

    • Aj619

      I think it's because people look at you like your weird when you go out on Valentines day alone. I know I go do shit on my own every year. Trust me you listen close enough. You will hear the comments. I have had people call me a loner as I walk by. Or asking whoever's they're with what's wrong with me going out alone on Valentines day. I 've even have had people say shit like what you can't find anyone.

      I find if you go out alone as a man on Valentines day you are looked down on and treated like shit. Doesn't mean I don't go out. I just treat the couples like they do me ahit.

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  • Cynicaldreamer
    Thank you!!! Couldn't have said it better myself. The bitterness on here lately regarding vday is pathetic.

    I've been celebrating SAD (singles awareness day) for years now: I treat myself to my favorite meal or something nice, buy a ton of half priced candy, and have a "me day."

    You don't need an occasion, partner, or even a specific day of the year to feel good about yourself. And as I've said on so many other threads: if you've been single the other 364 days, why does this ONE particular day bother y'all so much? Don't like it? Do something to change it.Singles, Embrace Valentine's day for your own!
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    • Good girl. Same for me, I usually forget and consider myself not concerned. But people remind me haha

  • ScarletJean
    I love the day after Valentine's day! The candy thats on discount in the store!! Lol Even if you have a Valentine's date, going out to dinners sucks.. everywhere is crowded. .. yuck lol Its a holiday for businesses/corporations to pressure you into spending money on bullshit you could get anyday of the week. I really am a romantic. just not crazy impressed with society/tradition feeding the masses that you are missing out if you dont have a date/partner for this one day! Lol
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    • Can I ask you a question

    • Is this going to be about your penis?😂

    • I just want to know if you would end a potential great relationship if the guy doesn’t have a big penis

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  • HayleyMarie
    I was discussing Valentine’s Day with my friend recently. I pointed out that, even if you are single, why can’t you enjoy it? I understand it’s heavily marketed towards couples, but I think it should just be about love. I always say “galentines” (meaning my girl and I who are single can celebrate)
    Most of us grew up sharing valentines with classmates and it was obviously not a romantic gesture.
  • Unit1
    Thanks for the reminder. I do have plans already :)Singles, Embrace Valentine's day for your own!Singles, Embrace Valentine's day for your own!
  • Saviiiiii
    I don't have a gal for some time now, never cared the day usually. Stayed home and gaming, cooking as I like most. But this year is different. Things are not the same and this body is requesting some romance. Doesn't matter if it's physical. Just, words and attention, the only thing I can treat myself by my own.
  • FatherJack
    It's only a reminder I am another year older in 2 days time... never paid any attention to this day , it's not a public holiday , with time off work , or other positives. Pure indifference... business as usual for me !!
  • openminded60
    Valentine's day is the busiest time of my life very stressful I'm running around all over the place putting it together, but like my girlfriends faces when they get the flowers and their gift. I do it because if I don't do it I will be yelled at
  • LightEnd
    Hell ya, I'm gonna buy myself something and tell me I love me.
  • notatrap
    I'm probably going to just forget about it, like.. forget its Valentine's day until the day after, like I do most years 😑😑😁 until I meet the right gal i guess
    • notatrap

      Strong point and mytake though

  • Titanic1912
    My girlfriend and I are going out for dinner and I got her a beautiful stuffed bear with a heart and a card.
  • Syrian_survivor
    Okay the idea of treating and loving yourself is nice but it's kinda silly to have a singles awareness day, do we really need an awareness day to make people feel better about themselves? Dunno man, sounds unhealthy to me.
  • NatalieKeller95
    I'm playing shooting cupid games online,

    and is anyone seeing Sonic the Hurthog
  • Gary888818
    That's cool. Honestly I'm married and we dont really do anything for Valentine's day. Our Valentine's day is our anniversary (far more important).
  • Catlover1999
    Taking yourself out to eat sounds like the saddest thing ever.
    • You never craved you favorite restaurant on Valentine's day and thought, "damn I just wanna go in by myself and eat some good ass food"?

    • Aj619

      Well I guess I'm sad then. Lol piss off your 20 you have no idea about life or anything yet. How is feeding yourself sad?

  • 13IsALuckyNumber
    Or just don’t go out on Valentine’s Day and enjoy some you time, alone with your thoughts.
  • igiem
    Personally, I’ll be wearing my sisters dress and crying my eyes out.
  • Thanks for the encouragement! :)
  • elite665
    We should have a singles awareness day
  • ChiPaPa
    Cute take. (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)
  • Wowgirl30q
    its horrible I die inside
    • Robertcw

      Haha. I wonder how many of these you experience single. (I'm guessing not many).

  • McLaughlin1991
    Well said
  • Good take.
  • anametouse
    Do you want me to cry?
  • Plitty-Tank
    Yes. I value Valentines Day.
  • ALewis30
    I have to work on Valentines day.
  • alperenreis44