Surviving the Valentine’s Day being a single pringle!


Hello and Welcome everyone! It’s your boy Hal and we’re gonna talk about something that all you *single and ready to mingle but still single* people hate a lot. Yes you guessed it right- Valentine’s Day! So let’s start-

Surviving the Valentine’s Day being a single pringle!

Feb 14th isn’t Doomsday

If you clicked this take, trust me you’re a psychopath. Before I recieve tons of flip-flops flying from nowhere, I just wanna ask you something- “Why do you wanna survive through Valentine’s Day?” It’s no Apocalypse man! If you’ve got a significant other, it’s all bed of roses. If you’re single, who gives a shit? This is just a normal day. Live it like you do with all the days out there. Why is their so much hype about V-Day?

Surviving the Valentine’s Day being a single pringle!

If you understood my point up there, Great! but if you’re gonna say “Hal! All my friends have a SO. I’m all alone. I don’t have a date.”

So my answer is - What the *Hal* were you doing this whole year, huh? This thing didn’t cross your mind for the whole year. You were probably too shy/ hesitant to ask that hot girl/guy out and now you’re crying like a spoilt child. Either try or don’t cry! Plus, you’re not really sad because you’re single. You are sad because *All your friends have a date and you don’t.* Why should you let others influence you?

Surviving the Valentine’s Day being a single pringle!

Hal! I just went through a breakup. Exactly before V-Day!

You need to go to some spell-caster then😂 Okay Okay, you need a break. Calm down! Let’s make this one an exception. You can check this if you want though- 5 Good Things You Can Do After a Breakup

Surviving the Valentine’s Day being a single pringle!

The Real Pro Tip

Listen nibba! This isn’t your first Valentine’s being single. You’ve been single before in several Valentine’s Days and see! you’re still alive. It’s not like CJ comes out of GTA and shoots every single person’s ass. You’ve been there, done that. It’s not something new to you. Stay strong, drink BournVita (in paid partnership with Cadbury😇).

Surviving the Valentine’s Day being a single pringle!

I know this is gonna receive a lot of hate but still😂

Thanks for reading

See you guys in the next take XD

Surviving the Valentine’s Day being a single pringle!
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Most Helpful Girls

  • CutieRingoJoy
    I’ve always been single my whole life, because being in a relationship you might have to sacrifice some things to be with you’re partner. I’m too lazy to leave the house.
    Do I have a problem seeing others touchy touchy during valentines time day?
    No I have no problem, there are single people who go full out against valantines day ( sorry wrong spelling).
    But I never have a problem with Valentine’s Day. I just like heart shape and all and but for myself. Self love. I think it’s just full depressing when people hate on valentines because their single, like if other people are a couple just leave them alone you don’t have to ruin their fun Gosh.
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  • CatherineUK20
    Looking for an e boyfriend to spend valentines with. Hmu hermanos
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Anonymous
    I’m almost 20 and I’ve never been in a relationship before , and I’m a hopeless romantic so I need love, but I’m having trouble finding a girl because my standards are too high but I’m not willing to lower them. But yeah right now Valentine’s Day is just an excuse for me to smoke weed and be depressed
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  • Rangers
    I'm mostly sad because I still have no real life friends to spend the day with, nobody on snapchat wants to hang, and I'm extremely frustrated.
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What Girls & Guys Said

  • emmily2396
    If i see more posts about Valentine's day I am truly gonna die of being too annoyed
  • Single Pringle! Ha! love it.
  • KaraMcNulty
    There's nothing wrong with being single, and there's no need to be jealous of what other people do on Valantines day either. If you really want to be showered in chocolates and roses and you're single, then you can go out and spoil yourself. It's all a farce to me, an over commercialised day where company's make a killing of, well, shit really. I personally don't like Valantines day. It's great for newly couples, stalkers, crushes and high school teenagers... but, that's about it. You gotta look at the bigger picture... it's a day to show the one you love, that you love them. Shouldn't that be every day? I've been in relationships where I've not celebrated Valantines day, for that very concept. Everyday should be Valantines Day and it doesn't have to be about showering someone with gifts. Just showing you support them, spending time to listen, appreciate and being affectionate should be enough. As for it being Doomsday, some people are really over dramatic. You're single, big deal. A relationship is a 'Want', not a 'Need' and the world won't end if you don't get to celebrate Valantines Day. You should also not want a relationship just for Valantines Day. A relationship should be for the long haul, unless you're the kind who drops them every two weeks and hops into another.
  • AbsoluteCutie
    Nah, you’re good. I saw the title and was like “What’s to survive? If you’re single grab some chocolate 🍫 and watch a horror flick. Or since it’s on Friday do whatever you’d normally do. If you got a SO just enjoy your night together.” Nice take. Some people take themselves too seriously 😁
  • kespethdude
    Best way to handle it is to pretend it doesn't exist and treat it like any other day. That's less money to the Corporate Masters of Dumbfuckistan, anyway.
  • JudgmentDay
    All I really know is that I'm just glad I don't have to buy more shit on another over commercialized holiday just like any other holiday that has become too commercialized for so long now.
  • HobisSunshineXD
    I would love to be in a relationship, but I don't do intimate stuff until marriage, so its hard to find someone who respects that nowadays.
  • I can't stand holiday. I've been hating it since I was 11 years old. No body wins. If your single, you have nobody to spend the holiday with. If your lucky enough to be in a "healthy" relationship, you have to spend a lot of money on your spouse so he\she won't be upset.
  • stellakay
    Now where is the middle ground where i feel both sad seeing all these happy people, and annoyed that Valentine's is worshipped like a real holiday lol
  • CasaNorba
    on the countrary it is doomsday for your wallet and bank account if you're not single. so guess whos the one that really needs to do a lot of surviving in this day
  • Eryxx
    People are always gonna hype this day to shit and so am I.. ahm ahm.
  • BrianMerritt
    Maybe spend the day trying to find someone special.
  • spear35
    Hit the gym and go party with friends who are single
  • NovissimumVirorum
    You go out and hit women with broomsticks thereby increasing the chance of them conceiving
  • UI_Vegeta01
    You always have porn my dude. No one is single on Valentine's day.
  • WhoDatGuy
    I'll be spending tonight with my girlfriend but I'm going to be miserable I got fired today.
  • Ordinarygurl_
    Good 👍mytake
  • Secretgardenblood
    Good take
  • Gopnik
    i just want to die
  • Tyliah
    Good my take pumpkin head
  • UnknownGagsUser
    Thanks for the surviving tip
  • ChiPaPa
  • Nikki1989
    It is just another day, ignore it.
  • Marti434
    Interesting morning read thanks for sharing
  • Anonymous
    Surviving the Valentine’s Day being a single pringle!hehe
  • Anonymous
    I've been single & will until I drop

    It's never bothered me since I couldn't get along with my family so electrical signals like LOVE are a waste that I never got to fulfill & frankly IDC
  • Anonymous
    Sadly, millions of people have been brainwashed by this consumerist propaganda
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    why does everyone care about valentines day like seriously its starting to piss me off