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6/15/23- My life: I hear echoes of violins 🎻 like the halls of the great cathedrals, & Sinatra is singing about me.. I live in music & luxury. Alone.

05/07/23- “We can be anyone &do any thing; it’s only a matter of going.” - Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation 🎥 🎞️

05/11/23- 4 people I loved, never loved me... But that's their fault; not mine. -->

'Lower your expectations for others, & raise the expectation for self. Some things only you can do, but no one else.'
C'est la vie

05/16/23- I lost my virginity to the party rockers :p

(the things we want in life may offer us real demands as a condition- we either come up with the means to supply that, OR improvise/ compromise: NO IS NEVER AN OPTION).

No one will ever make you sad, if you're truly happy with your life. They'll just be an addition (temporary/ or not).

Art, philosophy, & mechanics may not go together, but there is an art found in both philosophy & in mechanics. Something messy. Something routine. It just proves there is beauty in the things we do not yet understand, & the things that seem ‘set in stone.’

[It’s okay to have fun sometimes. Actually, you need to. It’s the only thing that keeps us young ❤️. Clarity in life can be some seriously heavy stuff. Fun is the simple that keeps the ball bouncing. Keep playing the game & cherish it while it lasts. ✨💕]

Well, now I know what I know.
Dream on.-Aerosmith
Carry on.-Kansas

& so the feeding circle shrinks.. Those I dined with are just rusty faded links ⛓

🖤❄️🖤 Adele said it well: “hello from the other side…” so this is what it’s like to be so full-on invested; emotionally attached to someone who doesn’t love you, at all. I never knew I could feel the hug of death upon my heart. Yet here we are, & there on the other side, are all the things I have called.. for a thousand times..

I know the color of my heart. It is surely black. Charred from over used passion. Bruised by betrayal

Never give up on YoU. 🗼🗽

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