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I hug myself because no one else will. I understand what it means to hold a deep thought and comprehend it- no one else knows it but me, and that leaves me in the void. 👾🪐✨ I can’t run from my reflection can’t run from fate, but I am my own worst enemy… because I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure I live my best life, even if I don’t want to live. ❤️❤️‍🔥🖤❤️‍🩹 -Xoxo

(the things we want in life may offer us real demands as a condition- we either come up with the means to supply that, OR improvise/ compromise: NO IS NEVER AN OPTION).

At some point, I'm going to stop feeling things the way I used to. I hope I won't regret it. I hope it will all be okay. I'm gonna miss it because it's all I've known, but I've got to see.

No one will ever make you sad, if you're truly happy with your life. They'll just be an addition (temporary/ or not).

Art, philosophy, and mechanics may not go together, but there is an art found in both philosophy and in mechanics. Something messy. Something routine. It just proves there is beauty in the things we do not yet understand, and the things that seem ‘set in stone.’

[It’s okay to have fun sometimes. Actually, you need to. It’s the only thing that keeps us young ❤️. Clarity in life can be some seriously heavy stuff. Fun is the simple that keeps the ball bouncing. Keep playing the game and cherish it while it lasts. ✨💕]

Well, now I know what I know.
Dream on.-Aerosmith
Carry on.-Kansas

And so the feeding circle shrinks.. Those I dine with are just rusty faded links ⛓

🖤❄️🖤 Adele said it well: “hello from the other side…” so this is what it’s like to be so full-on invested; emotionally attached to someone who doesn’t love you, at all. I never knew I could feel the hug of death upon my heart. Yet here we are, and there on the other side, are all the things I have called.. for a thousand times..

I know the color of my heart. It is surely black. Charred from over used passion. Bruised by betrayal

Never give up on YoU.

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