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When you part ways with someone on good terms, that door stays open..

Whether it's a mutual breakup, they move state or country, or any other circumstance when you can't see or talk to them anymore, that door stays open.. meaning it's really hard to get over them. When you end something on...
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Why I broke up with my cute but abusive boyfriend after 2 weeks of dating

Prelude I am and always have been a writer. My purpose in sharing my story is to entertain you but also shed some awareness through some of my experiences. If you are triggered by abuse or violence, please read at your...
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Curry Tabanca (1988) : Getting over a breakup

This is my take on how to get over a break-up with the help of an amusing culture. Firstly, we can all acknowledge the influence music has on us. Especially when it sounds really good. WHAT NOT TO DO: Don't listen to...
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He used to be mine

How do you say goodbye to the ones you love? To know your life has a much shorter expiration date. They have, with lots of luck, decades yet to live? You have moments of sharing everything.. You have moments of not being...
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A brake up. What are your thoughts?

Y: You left me broken in the hospital, you didn’t even tell me we were done, you just left. X: I didn’t leave you, I just gave up on you, you were the one who wasn't there anymore. Y: Exactly you gave up on me, it’s the...
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How to know you're over them

The first guy I loved treated me miserably and eventually broke all ties with me because being in touch was harming both of us. Him blocking me was the main reason I made an account here, on G@G. So much has happened...
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What I Learned From My 9 Ex-Girlfriends (Part 1)

So, me being the inferior F-grade height I am, combined with being ugly, dark-skinned, having hypothyroidism (thus effortlessly overweight), as well as having had a Precious Puberty, which lead to at least two of these...
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How to not fail and feel sad during break up!

Hi guys . Well I want to share my experience I believe it will help guys out there who may feel sad and struggling how to get out from that break up bad feelings . 1. Take your time to accept it's done Yes it important to...
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A Vent About My Heartbreak - If Anyone Can Advice Would Be Great

Last year this time, I had taken back my ex fiancee who had cheated on me. He cheated again and we broke up, and I blocked him and never looked back. For reference: we were LDR (met before obviously) and he was sleeping...
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Why stringing along hurts so much and why you should avoid it at all costs.

After 5 years of chasing a man who I was deeply in love with, I messaged him after not hearing from him for a while to find out that he was now in a relationship. Immediately then was a rip of pain in my heart. I started...
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I reached out to my ex

After realising that my life would soon change completely, I reached out to my therapist and my ex, mainly because those were the most important people in my life at one point. Why my ex? I had high expectations with my...
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Is this an obsession or what?

Despite breaking up with my selfish and uncaring ex for the final time after 10 years on/off I can't get him out of my head. I dream about and think about him nearly everyday. This has been an issue that I haven't been...
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Why Women Dump You After the Winter Holidays

Valentines Day Defines a Relationship Often times breakups happen around Valentines Day. It creates pressure on new and even old partners because it forces people to define what the relationship is and what it means. A...
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The Top Signs that a Cheater CAN CHANGE

Accountability They show complete accountability. They dont make excuses. They don't say stupid things like "it just happened". No No No. A sign this person can change is if they are direct without excuses. They Know Why...
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The Number One Reason Why You Should Be Hopeful About Getting an Ex Back

People breakup and get back together all the time before marriage and being with that person the rest of their life. Don't let people accept hookup culture where you swipe right and move on just because of a fight with...
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The Top Reasons Why You SHOULD Be Willing to Date Your Ex Again

Here is a good quote for exes dating someone new after they breakup with you: The grass isn't greener on the other side. The grass is greener where you water it...We cultivate relationships. They aren't given to us. We...
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My ex dumped me years ago... why am I still heartbroken?

I'm so sorry I feel like I have no one to talk to. Even though I wake up smiling and go about my day, I still feel empty inside. I miss waking up next to him. He motivated me to become a better girl/woman(we grew up...
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To those broken by unrequited love.

Today he announced his engagement. Held her hand tightly as they stood up on stage at church smiling. A warm applause ringing out for them and their future. You'd think that after liking him for 6 years I'd be devastated....
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Yes, the guy/girl who dumped you sometimes misses you... A LOT.

The other day I broke up with a girl I had been dating for nearly three months. Sometimes I wonder what she thinks I am thinking. Sometimes I am curious whether she understands my feelings. The truth is I dumped her and I...
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Do You Need "Closure" From Your Ex? I often hear from someone who has been broken up with that they want/need closure from their ex. For example, I read one person commenting on a message forum that her ex boyfriend...
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