myTakes: Break Up & Divorce

Revenge on my ex! How I put my lying cheating ex in her place.

I first met my ex about 7 years ago, she was 26, pretty, slim, short with short red hair and a nice big pair of tits. We started up hot and heavy and seemed to be a good prospect for something more serious long term as...
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Missing you - a tribute

This is about a thing similar to a relationship I cared about a lot. If something like this happened to you too, feel free to share below. I shouldn’t feel like this, you ended things and I know it’s better this way. It...
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Knowing you're the one that got away

This year, I was cheated on in a very miserable way because he acted like it was nothing, although he started fucking her soon after I told him I'd leave if he didn't end it. He's the first guy I ever kissed. The guy...
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I can't do this anymore

I have done a lot of wrongs and I am at a point where I feel alone. What has happened is my fault, I am doing my best to take it but my mindset is just wanting to.... give up.... I can never escape or get out of my past...
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Everything You Need to Know About Financial Settlements After Divorce

It is easy to overlook the essence of sound legal advice when you are going through a life-altering situation. Getting a divorce is hard. The process is filled with emotions as it leads you to a new part of life. When you...
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Tips for Girls, On How to Break Up With a Guy...

You know it's got to be done. But if you're like most girls, you're feeling a little chicken. Could you go to Antarctica and call him from there? Or what if you pretended you have amnesia and you don't know who he is?...
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Letter from my Ex

Letter from my Ex Dear Sweetheart, I've gone over in my head a million times what I wanted to say to you. There is just no perfect way to say it. What I did to us was wrong. I was wrong for hurting you. I knew three days...
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Songs to comfort someone going through a breakup

The Three of Swords Sing me a song of a lass who is gone/Say can that lass be I... A wistful song about remembering good times. Don’t you even worry pretty darlin/Cause I know you’ll find love again... My first boyfriend...
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Want to break up with your girlfriend but not do it yourself? Here's how to make it happen harmlessly

Breaking up with a girlfriend will 80% of times bring her to tears and she will likely cry and be in pain. Most of the times no normal man is ever proud of it but only misogynists and sadists. Making girls cry is really...
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What It's Really Like for Many Fathers After a Separation or Divorce

1) His rights are heavily dependent on cooperation from the kids' mother Fathers are often illegally denied even court-mandated visitation. A father can't simply file a police complaint if he's denied visitation. He has...
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Be careful dishing out an unqualified diagnosis on your Ex and what Personality Disorder you "feel" they have. This is dangerous..

This is a response, (previously posted as guidance and subsequently blocked), to an individual, who posted a vindictive person's "false victimhood narrative" to explain why consecutive ex-girlfriends removed him from...
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My experience after having heartbreak caused by a woman!

It's been a long time since my ex left me. And recalling all fun dates I had with her, I can't help but blame myself for not fighting for her. At first, I wondered how it feels rewarding to win a girl's heart and be their...
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True off my chest: I mindfucked myself for 5 years

This is just my personal drama, I have to get this off my chest...going through a divorce at 23 has totally wrecked me. And rebuilt me. I was in a BAD relationship for 5 years, from 19-23. I convinced myself over the...
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Letter to My Ex

Letter to My Ex Dear, Mr. Lying Deceiving Piece of Pure Shit EX of Mine I Wish Things were Different Granted, I now understand what you're trying to say, and also understand that you are simply just a horrible cold...
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An open letter to my ex.

It's been months since we broke up. I've been looking back at the times when we we're still happy together, and how you loved me. You were always there for me whenever I was sad and you showed me how I deserve to be...
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A Message To My Ex-Girlfriend

As many of you know, my ex-girlfriend and I met here on GAG and are both once again members after a short hiatus. This myTake is a message to her and I decided to compose it while on a run this morning. 1. The Good Times...
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I dumped him for being sensitive.

He was crying because of financial losses, hardships and his friends betrayed him. And instead of being a man, he became a little boy in which I lost my attraction to. So I dumped him and told him to never come back...
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How my exes made me become a good girl gone bad

I used to believe in love. I used to believe in happy endings. All l ever given them was love. I did the best I can, given everything, yet still not enough. Now, I don't believe in love. In fact, I think love is stupid....
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Getting Over An Ex

After seeing the same question repeat itself several times a day, I thought I might write something about it. So I had my first break-up recently and learnt quite a few things from it. Getting over her wasn't too easy but...
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What I learned from my first break-up

I promise this won't be long. Not even two weeks ago, after returning from my trip in Bulgaria I simply finished packing up my stuff, told my girlfriend and my sister I was done with them, and walked away. The...
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