myTakes: Break Up & Divorce

Don't Try To Make Sense of Your Ex

So I wanted to make a follow-up to my previous Take Walk Away From Confusing “Signs” After A Breakup to further encourage everyone who is in this situation to keep staying strong. And to give more insight on specific...
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I loved him with my whole he left me

I loved (love?) him with my whole heart. He was my most favourite thing, he was my safe place and he made me feel so good about myself. I know we’re young, but I wanted to marry him and I wanted to make it work. I wanted...
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Walk Away From Confusing “Signs” After A Breakup

A lot of people struggle with this. I did too after a breakup once. So many people tend to think their relationship is not really over and that there are telltale clues that their ex is still thinking about them or wants...
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How to deal with a Break Up

Breakups can be difficult, and it can take time to move on from a relationship that has ended. Here are some tips that may help you to get over your ex: Give yourself time to grieve and process your emotions. It's okay...
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Which one of these ex-girlfriends seems the most interesting to you?

This is an interesting post I've had on my mind, for a while. A post of my ten exes. I'm curious what GAG thinks about this. I'm deciding to post it now, because I won't use real images of them and their names are...
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If you’re going through a breakup, here’s an open letter from me to you.

Hello. I do not know you personally, but yet fate draws us together. I’m glad you decided to take the time to read this letter and begin our healing journey together. This is a letter from me to you. I know there are days...
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Men Walking Away From Abusive Relationships

For the longest time, I have seen and heard so many times of men staying in abusive relationships, whether it be physical, emotional, sexual, verbal, etc. And yet I hardly see anyone try to reach out to them to tell them...
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Four Characteristics of a Fuckboy

Fuckboy: someone you're dating casually or someone you're having sex with who is not that interested in you Characteristics of a Fuckboy Inconsistency Not making plans in advance Excuses to why they don't want a...
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Don't be that 30+ year old woman that runs back to an ex, even if he does happen to be single at the time

A recent G@ger's question inspired me to write this MyTake. There are several reasons why it makes women look bad when they run back to their exes after several years have gone by, as I will explain in this MyTake:...
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Distracting yourself with hobbies isn't enough: How the way you mourn your ex determines the likelihood that you will run back to him

How many of you women break up with men who didn't measure up to your standards personality-wise, just to find yourself regretting breaking up with him, whereby the next thing you know, you're coming back with your tail...
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Guys take breakups/ losing a girl harder then the opposite

Something I've been thinking about recently, after my most recent breakup, is that not only do guys feel emotions as acutely as women (especially negative ones, like sadness and depression), but the loss of a romantic...
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When I reflected about my ex boyfriend, I realised I should have left way earlier. I have realised that love really blinded me from his flaws.

In my past relationship, I had so many insecurities. I disliked his past and the risky behaviours he had taken when he was single. I projected my dislike to him and it caused a big strain on my mental health and...
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My very first love story from uphill to downwards!

Hello everyone, I hope you have had a great weekend so far :). I want to share you my very first love story at the age of 21 when I was passionate about something and then let it loose for a short amount of time. All I...
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When you part ways with someone on good terms, that door stays open..

Whether it's a mutual breakup, they move state or country, or any other circumstance when you can't see or talk to them anymore, that door stays open.. meaning it's really hard to get over them. When you end something on...
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Why I broke up with my cute but abusive boyfriend after 2 weeks of dating

Prelude I am and always have been a writer. My purpose in sharing my story is to entertain you but also shed some awareness through some of my experiences. If you are triggered by abuse or violence, please read at your...
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Curry Tabanca (1988) : Getting over a breakup

This is my take on how to get over a break-up with the help of an amusing culture. Firstly, we can all acknowledge the influence music has on us. Especially when it sounds really good. WHAT NOT TO DO: Don't listen to...
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He used to be mine

How do you say goodbye to the ones you love? To know your life has a much shorter expiration date. They have, with lots of luck, decades yet to live? You have moments of sharing everything.. You have moments of not being...
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A brake up. What are your thoughts?

Y: You left me broken in the hospital, you didn’t even tell me we were done, you just left. X: I didn’t leave you, I just gave up on you, you were the one who wasn't there anymore. Y: Exactly you gave up on me, it’s the...
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How to know you're over them

The first guy I loved treated me miserably and eventually broke all ties with me because being in touch was harming both of us. Him blocking me was the main reason I made an account here, on G@G. So much has happened...
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What I Learned From My 9 Ex-Girlfriends (Part 1)

So, me being the inferior F-grade height I am, combined with being ugly, dark-skinned, having hypothyroidism (thus effortlessly overweight), as well as having had a Precious Puberty, which lead to at least two of these...
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