myTakes: Break Up & Divorce

Is this an obsession or what?

Despite breaking up with my selfish and uncaring ex for the final time after 10 years on/off I can't get him out of my head. I dream about and think about him nearly everyday. This has been an issue that I haven't been...
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Why Women Dump You After the Winter Holidays

Valentines Day Defines a Relationship Often times breakups happen around Valentines Day. It creates pressure on new and even old partners because it forces people to define what the relationship is and what it means. A...
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The Top Signs that a Cheater CAN CHANGE

Accountability They show complete accountability. They dont make excuses. They don't say stupid things like "it just happened". No No No. A sign this person can change is if they are direct without excuses. They Know Why...
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The Number One Reason Why You Should Be Hopeful About Getting an Ex Back

People breakup and get back together all the time before marriage and being with that person the rest of their life. Don't let people accept hookup culture where you swipe right and move on just because of a fight with an...
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The Top Reasons Why You SHOULD Be Willing to Date Your Ex Again

Here is a good quote for exes dating someone new after they breakup with you: The grass isn't greener on the other side. The grass is greener where you water it...We cultivate relationships. They aren't given to us. We...
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My ex dumped me years ago... why am I still heartbroken?

I'm so sorry I feel like I have no one to talk to. Even though I wake up smiling and go about my day, I still feel empty inside. I miss waking up next to him. He motivated me to become a better girl/woman(we grew up...
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To those broken by unrequited love.

Today he announced his engagement. Held her hand tightly as they stood up on stage at church smiling. A warm applause ringing out for them and their future. You'd think that after liking him for 6 years I'd be devastated....
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Yes, the guy/girl who dumped you sometimes misses you... A LOT.

The other day I broke up with a girl I had been dating for nearly three months. Sometimes I wonder what she thinks I am thinking. Sometimes I am curious whether she understands my feelings. The truth is I dumped her and I...
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Do You Need "Closure" From Your Ex? I often hear from someone who has been broken up with that they want/need closure from their ex. For example, I read one person commenting on a message forum that her ex boyfriend...
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More than a year after, I still love you

I don't know why I still love you - all I know is that I do, not at all as strong as I used to, but you were with me for three years and somehow I cannot quite manage to cut you out of my life. It's my boyfriend who told...
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Heartbreak Songs: For those who Still Believe in Love

The following are some songs I have personally cried to. The yearning in the voices, the message they send the intended, the sorrowful melodies… if you are looking for songs that you might have forgotten, or may not have...
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Coach Lee Is the Best Relationship Coach I’ve Ever Heard

I share this Take because what I myself have learned from Coach Lee has been quite powerful, and I would like the rest of the GaG community to get the scoop on him and check him out yourselves, especially if you are...
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5 ways to deal with a breakup Break ups are hard. I went through one myself at a young age and cried for days. But there are ways to mentally prepare yourself for a break up before and after. One way is the...
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Not all dad's are dead beat and not all women deserve to be mothers

I understand with every situation there's different circumstances for both men and women and reasons for leaving or staying or leaving their kids behind or letting them go. but I've also watched men, especially men, get...
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Was I wrong for saying goodbye?

Please be ginuine and kind with your comments. My ex was a wonderful human being and a wonderful man. I first need to start off with saying that. He was really good person and a good partner. He made me laugh and I was...
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Should you hold a grudge or be thankful for your exes?

I know you already heard the song by Ariana Grande, "Thank you, next". I would always think that this song is a post-break up song...about moving on, finding someone new... Until now. I realized there is a deeper meaning...
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What to do if you've been dumped by your girlfriend!

You've been dumped by your one and only love and she was the perfect diamond in the rough you have ever found. It was hard finding her and you ended up losing her, what's worse is that she left you. And what's more...
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Breakup is so painful and hard even when you were in the toxic relationship. But you have to do what is RIGHT.

Please, give me your suggestions to help me in moving on. I hope that my story relieves other's pain who are facing the same. I have been with this toxic manipulator, liar and selfish maniac who wanted me because nobody...
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"BREAK UP" Time to Crack up

What should come after love ?(jokes) Of course break up (jokes) Breaking up is never easy... But, sometimes it's really for the best.... So here's some jokes (or funny truths) about break ups... Hope it puts a smile on...
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Still not over it after 6 months - advice?

Half a year after the breakup, I’m not even close to being over him and that disappoints me. I used to be a lot faster when it came to getting over guys, but I guess I just never felt this way before. I genuinely feel...
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