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Tips for Christmas Preppers

If it's only October, and you've already bought a few Christmas decor items or you'd rather be prepared for the season long before the chaos starts, you're in the right place. Big retail and decor stores don't think like...
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Have You Been Having Recurring Dreams?

I cannot believe I’m up so early AGAIN but Im so tired of this recurring ending to my dreams. It always ends where my mouth is full of long whitish pasta noodles which look like parasites but isn't! I keep trying to pull...
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Forgiveness and How To Do It - Life Changing!

For if you forgive men of their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: But if ye forgive not men of their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses. Do you really know what forgiveness...
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It's Good to Be Judgemental.

Christians are often accused of "being judgmental", as though that's actually something to be ashamed of. It isn't. The only people who don't like being judged are those who have very low, or no, standards. They want to...
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Fingerprints 🤞🤘

#fingerprint These lines began to appear in the fingers of the human body when the child was 4 months old in the mother's womb, these lines began to form on the flesh in the form of a wave. DNA also gives a message to...
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Being a DA female

I'm a DA female. I just want to rant about being so whole teenage years I was called a bitch and cold. A prude because I never dated and it used to hurt me a lot though I pretended that it doesn't. I was...
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Happiness and what really matters I think these topics are highly controversial and if you know me pretty well you know when you say "yes" I will say "no". Basically I like to argue. Also if you know me, you'll...
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Ever told someone to let you down slowly

LET ME DOWN SLOWLY Loneliness!, a big word in the world today. But what is loneliness? Some say it's a strong emotion when you feel unwanted. I decided to say it differently, loneliness is a emotional feeling where your...
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You don't seem to be killing yourself... You show up day after day. So what keeps you going, what do you live for, could you say it in a few words & why?

I bet all here can answer this question, and it's a very good way to take stock of ourselves and our lives, which is something we rarely get a chance to do. Guess it's a good way also to get ones focus on the primal...
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Gender Reverse Universe: a though experiment.

The multiverse is real, and we manage to establish a connection with one Earth 2 ! When explorers make contact, they find that it is very similar to our own Earth 1 . And luckily, the people there are willing to...
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I want to stop wagecucking in the lands for so-so money and OK living standards. Instead live a relaxed lifestyle like in paradise in the Bahamas.

I was born with zero money. I was wagecucking ("relentless" labor for very low money) like a slave and skinny and coughing away my health over time as the years have passed. Some bystanders have considered calling the...
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Rant from a Gen X'r

This isn't a question, but why do most of you millellenials expect somebody to do things FOR you? when I was growing up in the 80s its was go get it (damn) yourself Example: expecting someone to cook for you because...
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People need to get this through their head

I know many people who care way too much about others. And I know that may sound wrong at first but there is a fine line, when you care and take care of others that's good loving them with all your heart. But there are...
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Do zombie's exist?

Hear me out, because I've been thinking about this topic in a logical way lmao. Please be open minded haha. I'm not saying I believe in zombie's, I just like to fantasize about the 'what if'. First: What is a zombie? "A...
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New Weapons & Equipment of the US Military 🪖

The US military is undergoing the biggest rebuild since the 1980s with most cold war era designs and equipment being replaced, completely overhauled or given away to US Allies like Ukraine. 1. M5 and M250 This is the new...
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How To Gain Respect!

Dress Appropriately. The reality is people judge, and people make both conscious and subconscious judgments about you within seconds of meeting you or seeing you from a distance. Your clothing style says a lot about you...
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Advice for Guys: Avoiding A Sexual Harassment Case

Gotta tell you guys this has been in the works for the last 4 or 5 years now, something I’ve worked on here and there but finally decided to complete it when we recently had a big situation with a guy and girl on my job....
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Can you choose up to seven special perks given to you, based on who you already are?

Here's an old Reddit post I did. This is the remastered version of that for GirlsAskGuys. You get these perks based solely on you being you! These apply only to those reading this post! You can choose up to seven of...
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Focuses for 2023

1. My physical health. Over the last couple of years I haven’t been in the best shape. I swear I lost 10 pounds because of work stress/not eating right, so I’m 5’10 165 now. My goal is to gain 10 pounds of muscle, and run...
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MCheetah December 2022 Journal Entry to Vent

This is just a journal entry for me and me alone. I don't expect anyone else to possibly understand it or get it, but writing helps me vent. I'm going to type until I feel better or reach the character limit....
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