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Money or Love? My thoughts

Hey everyone! It has been a while since I came in gag. My phone won't work anymore and my parents won't bring other phone till I pass 10th grade so I wasn't active. I will continue with my computer and Tab. About the...
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Why your smile is important

One of the first things I tend to notice about people are their smiles. It immediately lets me know a couple of things about them. Are they a kind person? Do they have good hygiene? Do they same easy going? Now some...
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How to Defend yourself Against a WOMAN. Self-defense for HUMANS.

My Take on this subject! Be aware, that i am not an expert, nor a martial artist. So this is simply My Take on it. We are allowed to have opinions, share them and unveil limited/taboo information. Why am i writing this?...
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Why some people shouldn’t have animals

Ever been out on a hot summer day and saw a dog tied up with no water and sometimes no shade? Two years ago in the dead of winter I saw a dog sleeping outside the door of the owners house in freezing temperatures. He...
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How Much Do I Achieve on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs?

I don't think I've ever really made it a secret to let it be known that the world sucks and we're all living in a Dystopian nightmare, but few can realize that thanks to the bread and circuses. But we are. And now, more...
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What things or events are you older than?

I was born on April 4, 1968, and it was the same day Martin Luther King Jr was killed. The average price of a house was $24,700 The average price of a new car was $2,822 Gasoline cost 34 cents a gallon A loaf of bread...
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Your Odds As an Average Man of Getting A Woman, Based on Height (according to one dubious study)

These are your odds of getting a woman, according to one dubious study. I DO NOT AGREE WITH THE DATA! Just thought it'd be worth sharing, regardless of me agreeing with it or not. Ideal Male Height for Average sized...
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OH! So you think being tall is so great, do you?

Well, let's start by's NOT! Sure, you can deter people from a confrontation. Sure, you have an advantage of reaching things from the jar of peanut butter to the other guy's jaw. Yes, tall people can often...
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Quotes relating to life

Have you ever sit there wondering about quotes and how it can relate to life. Well I am here to tell you that quotes can relate to life and it can be interpreted differently by different people. I am here to share some...
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It's Not Drama, It's Trauma

Most people have been called dramatic at least once in their life. Some people seem drawn to drama and others seem to love creating it. But what is drama? According to Merriam-Webster, drama is defined as a state,...
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How Did The 80's Not Kill (Most Of) Us?

My friend is a teacher and she was lamenting to me how her school had recently completely shut down recess for the entire school. One of the kids from a different class had been cut by a fence that surrounded the school...
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Eternal life in You

Humans are special because we control our own evolution. This idea is written into the bible as the first sin as having the knowledge of Good and Evil. The first evolutions of humankind was the inventions of clothing,...
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What the experience of a Furry Convention feels like!

There have been quite a number of people who have always wondered what it would be like, to be surrounded by a large crowd of people, dressing up as their own furry (anthropomorphic animal) characters! For many of us,...
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Dawn on the beach with a skunk named 'Sharp'

Just visiting... I woke up early. So, I decided to explore parts of Kiawah Island despite the chilly ocean breeze and passing showers. I was dressed for the moment... wearing my raincoat over my wet suit. I sought shelter...
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Being a Minister During COVID, and what it Taught me about Living, Loss and Grief

What I really want to talk about right now is grief. The grief we feel when friends, family, mentors or people we care about die. I want to talk about the grief we feel when someone we don't care about, or don't want to...
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The Lighter Side of the Funeral Business, Notes from Kids

Dealing in death care day in and day out is not all gloom and sadness. We sometimes get thank you cards and letters from children, usually on one of the thank you cards we furnish families (to write notes to those who...
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FYI…I Will Always Try to Help Those with Suicidal Tendencies

For starters, if you are having suicidal ideations or active suicidal thoughts please, please reach out to your local suicide support. More than likely you are in need of a life-changing psychiatric evaluation. In the US...
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The road not taken: Dealing with the choices in life we regret!

My apologies ahead of time for those who had a mini panic attack thinking they had been whisked back to high school English courses and needing to write essays on Robert Frost. I assure you that while there will be an...
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The Power of Story Telling

How do you see yourself? How do you comprehend what happens to you daily? How do you justify rejection? What do you tell yourself when you make a stupid mistake or when you fail? What if people had opinions about your...
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ShaTTered Discussions: The Thin Line Between Confidence and Cockiness/Arrogance

Let me just start by saying that there is nothing wrong with being confident! I feel like everyone should be confident in themselves. But the line that separates confidence from cockiness and arrogance is a thin one, and...
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