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Happiness and what really matters


I think these topics are highly controversial and if you know me pretty well you know when you say "yes" I will say "no". Basically I like to argue. Also if you know me, you'll know that I've had a small problem with depression. Something that should never be taken lightly. Recently I've been extremely happy with someone I've found online. We are pretty good friends, I'd say. You know who are ;) But today has really been a day of reflection for me. I've been thinking more and more how screwed up this life is and what we really need to be happy in this life. What and how we can improve our life to make things better for those who are struggling and how we can help them.

One of these things is confidence. Saying I am who I am, and nothing can change me through that. Sometimes confidence is hard to find and it often takes others to help see and gain confidence but once we get it we can be unstoppable. (just don't become a asshole because of it, getting to cocky isn't a good thing) Another thing is just doing things that push us out of that comfort zone with people who will support you through anything. I've found several people who are like this, but I won't mention them because I didn't ask if I could add them and I'm too lazy to ask at this point.

Doing things that push us that little bit can help us discover new things that we enjoy and things that can make us happy. Another thing, is just the obvious doing things we love with the people we love. While this may seem easy peasy lemon squeezy, it's not always. Sometimes we have family problems or something has shifted and things aren't the same as they where. So if things are going good, grab your loved one and please tell them you love them. It helps a lot. Trust me.

Last thing because I am at 1776 characters and this is a lot more than I wanted. The last thing is honesty with ourselves. (hey person that I mentioned at this beginning of this, I'm talking to you) Sometimes we need to be honest with ourselves. And you where right (you have no idea how much I hate admitting I was wrong) I was harsh on myself. But some of it was true. We also need to be honest to others. If something is going on we need to tell those who we trust. Keeping it to ourselves isn't going to help the end result. I sadly found this out the hard way. I promise I'm not an idiot but I can be hard headed because once again I love to argue. So I know some of this I probably got off topic and it might not make sense but this is everything I gotta say.

Happiness and what really matters
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