The Truth About Happiness

The Truth About Happiness

The Truth About Happiness

At least once in our lifetime we find ourselves asking a question somewhere along the lines of....

“Why can't I be happy?”


“Why is it so hard to hold onto happiness?”

For some the answer is simple and others not so much, but the answer is simple really. You have to realize that:

- Happiness is not something to be held onto.

- It's not something you should seek out.

-The more you seek happiness or try to hold onto it, the more unhappy you'll be.

When you seek out happiness, you look for superficial things to fill the void. Happiness is something meant to be spontaneous. However, you should focus on the positive things in life. I believe in the "law of attraction", like attracts like, when it comes to energy. When you focus on negativity, negativity invades your life. When you focus on positivity, positive things shall enter. Instead of seeking out the superficial things you think will make you happy, focus on the good things that are already there and eliminate the negative aspects that aren't necessary.

You must make the decision to be happy! Things will naturally fall into place when you make the choice to eliminate the pain and focus on the gain.

As humans with the capacity/ability to feel emotion, I don't think we were meant to only ever feel one thing, so we must make the choice to be happy when we can but not aspect it to be the only thing we ever feel.

. . . Thanks for reading! . . .

I hope this short take motivates you all to simply focus on the positive things in life.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • To me happiness is an outlook not a destination. You can't seek it out because it can't be found like you said. Happiness from material possessions is only temporary.

    I get happiness from the bonds I share with my loved ones. I get happiness from experiencing the world around me. Both those things enrich my life.


Most Helpful Girl

  • "Happiness" -- in terms of general satisfaction with life -- is much more constant than most people think. It's actually pretty solid, like a personality trait.
    If someone is a happy person in general -- and tends to be satisfied with life, and to see the positives in most experiences -- then, that person will *almost certainly* STILL be a happy person... even if serious misfortune or tragedy strikes.

    The VAST majority of people have what's called a "hedonic set point": Their overall level of happiness -- and satisfaction with life -- is CONSTANT.
    Big swings in the vicissitudes of forture -- whether events of unbelievable good fortune, or unimaginable grief -- do surprisingly little to change this "set point" level.
    Hence why drama queens (and kings!) tend to be so full of drama and dissatisfaction... and why chillers tend to chill.

    This, by the way, is why you should NEVER enter a relationship with a "difficult" person thinking you're going to SATISFY her/him... because the kind of people who are generally unsatisfied with life will ALWAYS be unsatisfied with life.
    It's also why the most relentless overachievers -- whether in school, or in business, or whatever -- also tend to be restless, perpetually UNsatisfied, and always wanting more. "Ambition" is just another form of "perpetual dissatisfaction with life"... and, indeed, you'll notice that most of the world's billionaires and power players rarely ever seem happy or content. That perpetual DIScontent is what drives those people to achieve more and more and more.

    If you want to read an extensive discussion of this, see here:

    So... yeah. If someone is ALREADY a generally happy person, then -- after a certain amount of time for the tragedy to sink in -- she/he is going to stay that way.
    If someone is ALREADY an UNhappy person, then she/he will stay *that* way, too.


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