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Why I'm proud to be a sensitive guy.

Hi guys, so in this Take there will not be much relevance to other myTakes that are popular but I just wanna share to you why I'm not ashamed to be a highly emotional guy. Firstly, I'm a socially awkward shy dude and I'm...
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Confident VS Stuck Up: The BIG Difference!

This one's for the guys who all try to say that confident and conceited are the same, that is, yep, because conceit doesn't get the women but confidence will win us over, and they wonder why 🤔 It's not hard to tell that...
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Is tolerating abuse/disrespect the best way to show just how much you would put up with for someone you really care about?

I had been dating this guy. Who I cared about a lot. I still do, but I had to part ways. So much I did anything for him. He’s an artist who does tattoos so when he asked me to get him a tattoo kit so that he could do them...
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The Way of The Strong Man

The Way of The Strong Man I wrote a Mytake about the two types of men in the world today Strong and Weak. There's Really Only Two Types of Men Last time, I mainly focused on the weak men and their qualities, or lack of...
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There's Really Only Two Types of Men

There's Really Only Two Types of Men. When I say two types of men I don't mean alphas and betas, I don't mean good or bad, I mean the strong and the weak. On this MyTake let's talk about the weak ones and their actions....
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Stop being arrogant and boastful

I've noticed that many guy (sometimes women) feel the need to constantly brag. They often boast about how smart they are, how much money they make, how many sexual partners they've had, the car they drive etc. All to...
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Mens Secrets and why we do them

Okay okay, let me just let off some laughter beforehand when making this I also want to say that this is going to be an awkward post because it will have things about guys that have been listed as their secrets by Reddit...
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I tell myself this every day, and it changed my life. Well, "it" didn't change my life, I did.

I am not a product of my circumstances; I am a product of my decisions. My own thoughts and actions, while they may have been of good intention, define(d) the outcome(s). My excuses and blaming, while arguably accurate,...
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Problem Solving Men

Yesterday I had a puzzle to solve. A problem. At 12:05am, with the crowd-sourcing help of fellow male gaggers, I figured it out. I'd love to say that after that celebratory moment I fell into a heavy and blissful sleep...
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Why I am a "Nice Guy"!

Wait! I promise that it isn't for the reason you think. Read the entire mytake to understand. The term "nice guy" is being thrown around the internet a lot these days. They refer to guys who pretend to be nice to a girl...
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The misfortune of having paranoia and how it affects daily life even in little ways

Okay, so there are obviously different levels of paranoia and anyone should know that of course, there are also types of paranoia that are triggered by different situations which therefore changes the frequency of a...
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When you think about it women should be the biggest advocates of masculinity.

Women lead the war on masculinity and it seems dumb. I should make it clear that I'm not the stereotypical macho guy; I'm not the progressive soy boy either, so I don't really have a dog in this fight but it seems odd to...
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Response: Why some girls prefer brooding guys?

This one's another question I hear often. "Why brooding men considered 'hot' and not smiling guys"?, "Why do girls go for bad boys"?, and the likes of it. Seriously though aside from guys, I'm sure these questions have...
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The Many Faces of Misogyny

THE REJECTED This is the guy who is angry at the world because he has been rejected so many times by women. He is self-defeating and sees the world as a miserable place where women have the parts he needs to get off with...
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Girls of GAG: The Truth about Cat-Calling

The Truth about Cat-Calling This MyTake was inspired by a question. I asked about Cat-Calling. I was simply amazed at the amount of guys who falsely believe girls actually like it. So, maybe hearing from multiple girls...
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What I am Willing to Do for My Bros

Here are 4 things my bros taught me throughout my life time. 1. I Will Turn Down Date from a Girlfriend- Material Woman I am willing to turn down date from a wife-material woman because I don't have time for a girlfriend...
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Number One Thing That All Women Crave In A Man: Masculinity

Women don't find many men attractive anymore because most men become too nice, submissive, timid and weak. Men became like women. Men became insecure, needy and weak. But what women find sexy, what women really crave is...
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Confessions and Revelations of a Caged Man

I'm going to tell you a story. "Here's a story, about a man named Brady, who was busy with three boys of his own..." Just kidding. "Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip, that started at...
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Remember Gentlemen, YOU are the prize

Why sit around and wait for her to text you back? Why agonize about her truest feelings for you? Why place her on a pedestal as if she is a goddess and poops out flowers? No gentleman. Hold your chin high. Dont let these...
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Online and Abused

Online and Abused What is Online Abuse? Online abuse includes a diversity of tactics and malicious behaviors ranging from: sharing embarrassing or cruel content about a person to impersonation, doxing, stalking and...
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