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She Wants A Man, Not A Boy. Three Signs He's A Real Man.

Being a man if far more than being a guy. A man has responsibilities, respect, renown. A man is kind, calculated, and courteous. If you want to have a healthy relationship with a guy, you have to know is he a boy? Or a...
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The Top 7 Traits to Look for in a Truly Good Man

We all know that finding an ideal guy can be tough. Whether you’re navigating the treacherous waters of online dating or simply trying to figure out if the guy you just met is worth your time, it can be hard to know what...
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Why do so many older men with nothing going for them think they’re automatically desirable to young women?

I often hear, “She’s used up any nobody wants an older woman. Older men are very desirable though!” When I really don’t see that being the case, other than when grooming high school girls or freshly graduated teenagers....
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The continuing weird discussion about masculinity. . .

Years ago, when I first joined GaG, I wanted to talk about relationships. I had hopes this was a place where I could find meaningful discussions on the issues men and women have with forming meaningful bonds. I was and...
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Nice Guys Are Not Actually Nice!

(DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT REFERRING TO ALL MEN, MEN ARE AWESOME, I'M ONLY REFERRING TO THE ONES SIMILAR TO WHAT I'M ABOUT TO DESCRIBE!) I try to use this site as a form of therapy until I get actual therapy, but I need to let...
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How men can start taking control of their life!

Men these days, I’m sorry to say are being inhibited by all these different groups claiming that masculinity is toxic. I am a firm believer in not trying to fix or alter something that has worked for generations. The fact...
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If a man doesn’t want to pay for dates, he doesn’t get to complain about “modern women”

A lot of men complain about “modern women”. how promiscuous they are, how much better than them they think they are, how masculine they are, etc. They go to incredible lengths to mourn the loss of “traditional” women, who...
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15 Ways A Woman Wants To Be Treated

1. Be present in all your interactions 2. Ask about her Day 3. Always check up on her 4. Tell her the things you are passionate about 5. Be perceptive 6. Care about the things that are important to her 7. Empathize with...
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If you're a guy and your name is this, this is probably your personality (REDUX).

This is my 100th MyTake! So I'm going to go back to an old MyTake and update a little bit for 2023. If this is your name, this is likely your personality and who you are. IT'S NOT SERIOUS. DON'T TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. IT IS...
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The Red Pill Community Is a Disaster And Nothing But Mysogyny. (Ex-Member speaks out)

Hello everybody how is your day been going, I have been in quarantine for 10 days and got infected with Covid-19. I have been vaccinated about 3 Times and so having mild symptoms from feeling like I have a cold. But...
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Just Like Dancing

"No matter what happens let's lets always be friends." His green eyes sparkled with a mix of mischief and so many untold secrets. If I had to describe Sam, I would have to say that he is like an open book, but with hidden...
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"Why I Push Women Away": How One Man's Personal Revelation Linked Back to His Father's Affair

This is the real-life story of one man, and his journey to discover why he leaves. I listened to this last night, found it very interesting, and thought I'd share it with you today. "Why did I leave?" "Why did I lose...
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The Friendzone Phenomena

As a college girl, there has been a cycle I've noticed over and over again that some guys tend to get themselves into. I call it the friendzone phenomena. Let me explain: ~ The Friendzone Phenomena 1. Girl meets guy. Guy...
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When will bitter men to get over the fact that we are no longer wanted or needed by women?

I see so many bitter men that sit and complain online all day. The fact of the matter is that men need to understand that women have higher rates of education and do not get as lonely today with the internet. They can log...
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Why Redpill Is Bullsh*t

So we all might have stumbled upon the occasional manosphere videos with the clickbait-y titles and the attractive thumbnails, by now. Or some other similar looking weird rich dude who loves talking out his ass pretending...
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The 5 internal traits to help you realise, you've now become a valuable Man.

You are a Master in the Paths Of Life . This trait in a man is what every woman craves deepest in the masculine nature, whether she's aware of it or not. Many men will claim that money is the most important thing to...
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5 Reasons Why A Guy Won't Confess Even If He Likes You

So I've seen this question circulating around G@G for a while now and multiple girls have been wondering the answer. Lucky for you, me, being a guy, have the answer to your question. Here are 5 reasons why a guy may not...
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What I’ve Come To Realize Over 30+ Guys

I consider myself to have a lot of experience with guys. I've made a list and have counted over 30 guys where there was something, labeled or unlabeled, happening. From age 14 up until my age now here are some truths I've...
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Girls, I hate being considered attractive by girls, even though I am a straight man.

I was once an overweight and, frankly rather shitty person. An arrogant guy who thought I was the hot shit as a 12-13 year old. I used to think I could just pull girls by being a jerk as many guys often do. Various...
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The upside down shampoo bottle

When there is not much shampoo left in the bottle, I put it upside down on the shower caddy. This make it easier to get out every last drop over the course of several days, or a week. If it lasts well over a week, it...
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