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Body language: The experience and actions when a guy is using a girl and not interested in her

Hello everyone, in this MyTake I’ll be sharing with you from my experience of going through of guys using and not fully interested in me. Just by how their body language and actions acted around/towards me. Also,...
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Why Short Guys Should NOT Be Upset Due To Their Height! As you all have heard that most girls want a guy who is tall and might have heard 6' or above. Well as a short guy who is anywhere 5'6 or 5'7 and who also has high metabolism, let...
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What Became of My Teenage Crush...

I didn't notice him at first. He seemed nice but a little bit odd. But when I fell, I fell. It was the most intense feeling in the world. My palms were sweaty my heart beat out of my chest. He wasn't gorgeous but he was...
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What is your Social Market Value as a Man (2022 Edition)?

It's back again, for 2022. Although the last time, the data was skewed because she didn't know what she was talking about. What is your sexual marketplace value as a man (in 2022)? 220 points is a "passing grade",...
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What women do understand about men

So you want to find a man that is caring and loving and yet not wimpy. You want that cool, good looking man with a nice salary. You can say you don't care about that, but we know you do. He's tall and charming and works...
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If a guy constantly has a problem with girls, he has something wrong with him.

I mean, okay, if a guy says he hates all women, fair enough, no big deal. If a guy says "I didn't like her, she was mean, she treated me badly," sure, okay. But if he has a complaint list of this bitch and that bitch,...
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Five things young men should do for themselves in their Twenties

1) A young man should grow to learn who he is , all of himself the good , the bad, and the trivial. He must learn it is good to be him. To like himself. He should bond with his peers, and learn from them the ways of men...
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Are men worth it?

So men, are we worth it? Most women say no. I have seen a lot of negative flack for Men online lately. Especially European men. Sure a lot of men have made mistakes, but never was there a movement by men to hate women to...
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Thoughts on relationship from a 30 year old virgin.

So I have for the first time in my life made a serious attempt at creating a romantic and sexual relationship for myself and it has surfaced a lot of new thinking and lessons learned through those efforts that I wish to...
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Conversation Tips! 3 Conversation Tips that will help you in ANY Conversation (especially in flirting)

1. Be more confident . I’ve talked about this A LOT recently and I still can’t stress how important confident is in any situation. Confidents let’s people see that you know what you are doing and you have things under...
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Hello setbacks my old friend... I've come to wallow with you again!

I guess I'll start this off with - I hate that I'm writing this but I'm feeling pretty apathetic & numb to everything at the moment... not in a depressing & sad way just more so in a lacklustre & defeatist kind of way....
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The difficult first love of a teenager :) Just a basic vent where I let out my emotions. Thanks for listening/reading.

There is this guy that I really like, but he has a lot of strugles and things going on in his life. He flirts with a lot of different girls, but that's like his personality. I have been talking with him for 9 months and...
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Taking on too much Responsibility in one go, and how to slow down!

Recently I have been feeling like life is flashing by, I am now in my 30's! All I do is stay at home, I would rather be at home with my mother knowing she is ok, and has the best life she can have. i kicked my step father...
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Guys never get lost, we just take interesting ways of getting there.

Guys rarely read instructions, and when we're heading somewhere, we never get lost. And we never ask someone for help. We just work out where we are and how to get where we're going. Consider it taking a unique trip to...
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About the Guy Who Didn't Wear a Costume

Some things are universal. At every workplace, where there is a Halloween costume contest, there is always that guy who didn't dress up. He says that costumes are for kids. He thinks his co-workers should act like...
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My Experience Struggling with Depression, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, and Never Being "Good Enough"

This is just me getting my personal thoughts out of the way. For a very long time now, I've felt depressed about my physical appearance and the way I looked. I had something called Precocious Puberty, to where for some...
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Straight Guys Being Friends With Girls Is Very Possible And It's Way More Common Than You Think!

This Mytake is just a response to this Mytake: Why it’s almost impossible for men and women to be “just friends” because I just got blocked as soon as I just gave an argument. I'm talking about true friendship not the...
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Top 8 guys to avoid!

Hey Gaggers I'm back with another Mytake I've been gone for a minute but I'm back! Please enjoy and respect each other's opinions thanks for reading .😘 Guys that get offended by know your guilty. 1. The in...
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Why Ed Harris is a better man than you (and me)

This is Ed Harris, and he's way more man than you can handle or you or I could ever be. He's the only man who can tell both Tom Cruise and Nick Cage to go to hell onscreen (twice). And he's proof that you don't have to...
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Mental Health Acuity: It Begins With The Physical (And virginity is not the problem, fellas, it's the symptom)

My dear fellow gaggers, over the recent months, actually close to nearly 2 years now since this whole pandemic thing began, I've found myself forced into some sort of profound journey where I tamed a rather fierce...
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