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Why You Should Genuinely Love Beautiful Women

By love i dont mean you love them being sluts and love them liking you Lets face it, women are on the BPD spectrum like men are on the autism spectrum Women can genuinely love you today and hate you tomorrow Dont focus on...
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Here's What I Like About Men, Part II

I like when you are... So there's a lot of negativity in the world, a lot of things to feel negative about. It's legit, I know. There are some topics I want to tackle, and eventually will; I've got half-written...
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This is why I don't interact or try to meet people.

I wasn't going to write about this but it just pissed me off majorly. Yesterday after work I needed some stuff from the store, so I put some music on and walked to the store. On my walk to the store some lady walks...
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Secrets of a Ladies Man: 5 Secrets No Man Will Ever Tell You

1. Yes, Men Cry Too Did you know that all of those vulnerable, sad, and hurt feelings that you have as a woman are felt by men in the same and equal measure? Did you know that men can be just as scared and lost as you are...
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My stalking experience

This is actually a question of how to get rid of a stalker and why does he stalk me? I just couldn't fit in a question because it's a very long story so bare with me. This goes all the way back to when I was 15. It was my...
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My personal steps on being a real man.

Hello guys, this will be my first myTake! It's my first time to write about something so I hope you like what I'll be discussing! So firstly, I am a highly sensitive male and I only have a few friends, most of them are...
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How I socialize

Hey Everybody! :) I wrote this mytake a while back and I think I managed to convey one of my struggles pretty well. The thing that sucks the most about being autistic But I wanted to also write about some of the good...
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Reasons Guys Do Not Date Today

Reasons Guys Do Not Date Today The guys today that say ever women is evil or a gold digger. The guys who can't figure out why ever woman alive doesn't want to have sex with him? Yes, those guys... Here are a few of many...
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Why Men SHOULD Express Their Feelings To Us and My Personal Story Of Why It's NORMAL For Men To Cry!

I realize that a lot of men feel like they can't express themselves to or in front of females because they are afraid of looking like less of a man. Emotions don't determine masculinity. All humans go through some kind of...
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Men's Attention: Valuable and Humbly Appreciated OR Worthless?

I've seen a few posts about this by separate users the past week or two. So let's get it straight. Is male attention worthless? Guys, do you think modern women's dating standards are too high? Is his attention to a woman...
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The Silent Struggle of Male Vulnerability and Women Who Dont Care

Every have a wife or girlfriend that comes to you with her vulnerability guys? Men are culturally expect to comfort them and show strength and understanding. Be her rock, as they say. Ever notice that when a guy opens up...
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Beware of FAKE nice guys!

There are certain types of nice guys you shouldn't trust ! Our generation is having more fuck boys who are adapting to cover their real faces behind 'fake nice guy' persona to catch a nice fish! Not so good looking guys...
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Don’t Be A Jerk! You Jerk! 10 Things Only Jerks Will Do!

These are my thoughts. Comment whatever you want, I don’t care. Mainly talking about guys, but I guess this can apply to anyone of any gender and sexuality. 10 Things Only Jerks Will Do 1. They Raise Your Self-Esteem....
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Men are PATHETIC on dating apps and in Real Life

I was speaking to my best friend and a girl that I have started dating. I have been told horror stories about women seeking to find love out there on apps and in the real world. What the hell is wrong with you men out...
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What is a simp and what is simping? The ugly practice now defined for you

SIMP The word I heard first a few years back but didn't get into my head because of it's often unclear usage usually posted by incels and angry misogynists in their "red pill rage". This word can be seen as an...
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Being a Better Man, Part 2

Be sure to read Being a Better Man, Part 1 Being a Better Man, Part 2 A better man is always aiming for success and never surrenders. As a better man, every word you speak is as valuable as a promise you make. You will...
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Being A Better Man

Here are some of my thoughts on how one can be a better man. To be a better man you must be true to your word. If you make a promise, keep it. But this also means that your word is very valuable. Do you go tossing bars of...
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Extremely Vivid and Lucid Dreams

I've often heard it said that, for most people, the dreams they have usually take on a rather fantastical, abstract nature. People describe being chased, flying through the air like Superman, or walking through walls -...
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I now know how women feel when overly eager guys hit on them!

So tonight, I had this guy come up to me and wouldn't stop talking at the bar. He seemed REALLY eager to be my friend. In a really weird, awkward way, like it was his mission or something. All I can do is be nice,...
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Why older men are the BEST and younger guys can suck it!

Older meaning: age 40 and up Obviously this doesn't apply to every older man or every younger guy, but whatever! 1. Who wants to see acne on a boy going through puberty?! NOT ME 2. Boys think they're cool, even if...
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