15 Ways A Woman Wants To Be Treated

15 Ways A Woman Wants To Be Treated

1. Be present in all your interactions

2. Ask about her Day

3. Always check up on her

4. Tell her the things you are passionate about

5. Be perceptive

6. Care about the things that are important to her

7. Empathize with her

8. Make her meet your friends

9. Cook her dinner once in a while

10. Be vocal about what you like about her

11. Know what her dreams are

12. Make her feel sexy in your encounters

13. Value her unique ideas

14. Respect her space

15. Remember the little things
‘‘Wasn’t your first dog’s name, Peaches?’’ or “You don’t like olives on your pizza, right?’’ are random sentences that can bring a smile to her face. To show a woman that you truly love her and have made a space for her in your life, you should try to remember the silly, little details she tells you.

15 Ways A Woman Wants To Be Treated
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